Full Summary:
Isabella Carter.
Leader of the Saviors, a very powerful and famous group of vampires.
Daughter of Adam and Eve Carter, the first vampires to walk the planet, also known as the Ones.
Sister to Brian, who is 5 years older than her, and Gregoryk Carter, who is 6 years older than her and members of the Saviors.
A dear and long-time friend to Tina Hendrickson, John Arnegard, and Shawn Greenlake, who are also members of the Saviors.
She is more than 3.5 billion years old.
She is the most powerful vampire in the world, owning the powers to stop time, control all four elements. burn people from the soul out until they are just a pile of ash, which is 10 times more painful than the transformation into a vampire, the ability to turn human, a physical and mental shield, and being able to talk to the members of the Savior and the Ones inside her head.
But the Cullen's don't know any of this. They think Bella Carter is Bella Swan, a human.

Okay, so you guys will not get this story at all, in any way whatsoever, unless I tell you the backround of Bella Carter's aka Bella Swan's life. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Isabella Carter was born 1 billion years after Adam and Eve were put on this planet by something unknown to them. Six years before Bella was born, her brother, Gregoryk, or Greg, was born, with the power to...well, his power is hard to explain. It is like he can create these large, icicle-looking objects from his hands that are inpenetrable to vampires. He is able to kill a vampire with his power. He also has another power, which is the ability to block another vampire's power is they have one. Five years before Bella was born, and one year after Greg was born, Eve had another son named Brian. He has the power to heal and weaken. He can heal any wound, he can even bring people back to life, both humans and vampires. He can bring anyone back to life except Bella, but he can still heal her. The never discovered why, though... Both Greg and Brian are very protective of her.

Adam and Eve Carter love all of their children very much. But Adam has a very special spot for Bella. She is his 'princess' and his 'angel', as he frequently calls her. Both Adam and Eve share the same powers. They both have the power to freeze things, melt humans, werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters, etc.( I know that sounds weird, but...), and they both can give some of their strength, their life, to people, living and non-living, to them. They 'sleep' for about one million years every five million years, so they can gain back strength. After all, they are the oldest vampires on Earth.

Bella, like I said in the summary, is the most powerful vampire ever to walk the Earth. I have told you all of the powers she has also. She was the one to create Tina, John, and Shawn into vampires. Tina, Bella's best friend, is a teleporter. She is very protective of Bella, and loves her very much. (In a sisterly way.) John is Tina's mate, and he has the power to hold ony objects, but not humans or vampires, in place. He is also very protective of Bella. Shawn, who is Bella's closest guy friend, has the power to move things, but just like John, he can only move objects, not humans or vampires.

The Saviors, which are made up of Bella, Greg, Brian, Tina, John, and Shawn, became famous in th vampire world because they protected the vampire race and made sure no one exposed them. They were like the Volturi, only much more kinder, fairer, and MUCH more powerful. They were the ones that took care of chaotic, and phsycotic vampires, vampire wars, and vampire rebels. They were also called the Saviors for a reason. If a vampire was being threatened or harmed by another vampire unfairly, they would...take care of the situation. They were hero's in the vampire world. But some people did not agree. The people who's plans and kills they interfered with. And that is how the Saviors created enemies.

One of their enemies were named Richard, and he was very angry at the Saviors for interrupting his plan to kill a 'criminal' that killed his mate. He found and befriended a man named Kevin, who had the power to (this will sound very weird too...) paralyze humans and vampires by...kissing them. On any area of the body. The mouth, the cheek, the forehead, the neck, the hand...anywhere. So, Richard and Kevin created a plan. The plan was for Kevin to get very close to Bella, eventually become her mate, and, when he had her full trust, he would paralyze her, and kill her. So, the plan begun.

Kevin did suceed in becoming Bella's mate, but no one else trusted him. Brian and Greg were very upset and mad at Bella for letting Keving enter her life, along with the rest of the members of the Saviors. Her parents didn't approve of him either. But he knew that the only person who mattered was Bella. So, one day, about 43 years after Kevin met Bella and began his and Richard's plan, he finally got her alone on a date to a very secluded and private place. He thought his plan would work perfectly. But what he didn't know was that Brian followed them, with the pure intentions of protecting his beloved little sister. When Kevin and Bella did arrive at the secluded area, he kissed her hand, then her forehead, then her cheek, and finally her mouth. By then, the was completely paralyzed, and Brian was completely in shock. Just as Kevin was about to dig his teeth into her neck and rip her head off, an enraged Brian flung himself onto Kevin. It was a terrible fight, and a close one too. Near the end of the fight, Brian managed to fling Kevin a ways away, just enough time for him to heal Bella. Just as he was done healing her, Kevin jumped onto him... and killed him. Bella, who just witnessed her brother getting killed by her mate, was heartbroken and furious. In her rage, she killed Kevin...painfully. She burnt his soul. From the inside out. When Bella had his ashes at her feet, she went to find Brian's body parts, but they were nowhere to be seen. Lost and lonely, Bella ran back to her house, and fell into her living brother's arms, sobbing. She eventually choked out that both Brian and Kevin were dead and how it happened, and the whole family grieved. They also found out that Richard was in on the plan too, and killed him.

About one million years before present day, where I will begin my story-telling, and about 2.5 billion years after her brother and mate were killed, the Saviors unfortunately gained a new enemy... The Volturi. The Volturi were envious of the Saviors, mad that they were more powerful than them, for they wanted to be the most powerful. So they created a plan. Another plan to have Bella's life come tumbling down. They found and befriended a vampire named Margaret with the ability of mind control, and let her in on the plan. Unfortunately, she approved of the plan and agreed to help them. One day, when Greg was out hunting alone, the Volturi, along with Margaret, confronted and trapped him. Margaret then took control of his mind. About a day after this event occured, Bella was starting to get extremely worried. Her and the other remaining members of the Saviors went out to find Greg. And they did. They ran into the Volturi, along with Greg, on their way to her. Bella was shocked and furious when she founde her brother with them. "What have you done to him?" She shouted furiously. The Volturi told her that there was no hope for her now, and ordered Greg to kill Bella, Tina, John, and Shawn. And he followed the order, or he tried to at least. Bella and the rest of the Saviors were so lost and didn't know what to do. Somehow, Greg broke through the mind control, and said to his dear sister, "Please don't let me hurt you, Izzy. No matter what, don't let me hurt you or the rest. Please." By 'the rest', he meant the rest of the Saviors. Bella was so helpless, and didn't know what to do. By then, Margaret got her control of Greg back and ordered him to kill Tina, John, and Shawn. Just as he was about to, a grieving Bella stopped him, and the only way she could have done that was kill him. The Volturi, terrified now that they had lost their ultimate weapon, fled. The Saviors ran away from the area, for they were at a loss of what to do. Also, I should mention that during that time the Ones were asleep on their one-million-long 'nap', and they just laid down for their sleep about 2 years ago. So, they couldn't go to them. After that, the Saviors disappeared altogether, and the vampire race lost track of them. For all the vampires knew, all of the Saviors died. So, the Volturi, realizing that the Saviors hid away after the loss of Gregoryk, took leadership and, well, replaced the Saviors.

The Saviors, during all of this, went from place to place, with Bella the only one that could go out in public because of her power to change into a human, and when she was a human, she looked much different than what she looked like whan she was a vampire. Eventually, after she was done grieving for Greg's death, (she never really stopped grieving for him, but you know what I mean) she enrolled in schools, because it looked weird when she went out and bought things but didn't go to school, with her having the body of an eighteen year old girl. So, eventually, the Saviors ended up in Forks, and of course, Bella enrolled in high school too. Yep, now you know what I'm getting at.

She met the Cullen's, and just like in the book, fell hopelessly in love with Edward. It was exactly what happened in the original books, except... Bella was a vampire. Bella wanted to protect the Cullen's, for she loved them so much, so she kept her identity a secret, remaining in her fake name as Isabella Swan. The same events happened, following up to the part in Eclipse where the werewolves come to watch the Cullen's and learn the techniques to fighting a newborn, which is where I will start my story.

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