Title: The key to a perfect date
Rose Weasley, Teddy Lupin
Word Count:
Teach me
All dialogue.
"I want to make Scorpius happy, Teddy. Lily said you were the best at teaching this stuff."
Didn't win in the contest but I'm pretty proud of it =)

The key to a perfect date

"Teach me"

"Are you sure? I mean, doing all this just to impress Scorpius..."

"But I want to make Scorpius happy, Teddy. Lily said you were the best at teaching this stuff. If you don't want to then I could ask...I don't know...James. Though that would be more awkward since he's my cousin. But..."

"Okay, okay. Stop pouting. I'll help you."


"Did Lily really tell you I was the best?"

"Oh, take that smug look out of your face, Lupin. Let's start with Lesson One."

"Lesson One? Do you think we'll need more?"

"I don't know...I've never done it. I'll probably need practice if I want to be really good at it."

"Okay...I'm not objecting. I mean, I really love doing it. It's--"

"Great. Now, what do I do first?"

"Uhmm...well, grab it. NOT SO HARD! You'll break it! Well, not break it but...you know. Be gentle. Gentle but firm."

"Like this?"

"Yeah...like that. Exactly. Mmm...now, well...Uhmm...Use your tongue. Be careful with your teeth! That's it. Let your tongue caress its length. Take your time. There's no rush..."


"Don't waste too much time talking. Just get on with it and once you finish you can ramble all you want."

"That's so mean!"

"It's for your sake! And Scorpius will be happier. Trust me."

"Okay...if you say so. Am I doing it good? Or should I be more firm?"

"I think that's good. Maybe a tiny little bit firmer when you're finishing. You have to do it faster when you feel the time is right."

"And how do I know that?"

"Oh, you just know...trust me."

"I hope so. I'll be nervous enough...I don't want to screw it up..."

"You won't. Now, what did I tell you about the talking. Look at the little drop by the tip. It'll fall. Lick it. Hmm...like that. Perfect...Rose, you're really good at this."


"Yes, you're a natural! Okay, now's the time. Faster. Yes, like that. Oh my...so delicious...Right there. Lick harder. Yes, yes, yes... iYES/i!"

"I did it!"

"And wonderfully, if I have a say."

"Awesome! Thank you, Teddy!"

"Any time. I've benefited too with this, so..."

"I have one question though."

"Ask away, Rosie posy."

"How did you finish your ice-cream at the same time I was finishing mine? You were talking a lot, you barely had time to lick but yours wasn't melting like mine at the tip..."

"Practice, Rose. Years and years of practice."

"Well, I'm just glad Scorpius will be able to take me to a Muggle Ice Cream Store and neither of us will end up covered in my melted ice-cream."

"I always said the key to a perfect date is knowing what you're doing."

"Very true..."