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Written for Queenriley's request on my meme on livejournal.

Felis Silvestris Catus

Dillon knew better, he really did. He liked to think he had learned how to act with Ziggy after all these years. He knew what to do and knew this was one of them. Nevertheless, he did it anyway. He looked down and right into Ziggy's big, bright brown eyes. Eyes that were currently giving him a look that made him feel like he'd kicked a puppy. He winced when he saw those eyes gain a wet glint. He knew the tears were an act but that knowledge didn't lessen the effect the sight had on him.

"But Dillon…" Ziggy whimpered, widening his eyes and allowing his lower lip to tremble. Dillon silently cursed himself for looking at the younger man. As much as he had learned about Ziggy, Ziggy had learned about him. He knew just how to manipulate him. Dillon couldn't look away now, caught by the wounded look of those brown eyes. Damn it, could Ziggy stop looking like a kicked puppy already?!

"I'm sure I could convince the others." Ziggy continued, his whimper more of a whine yet somehow it still had the same effect. Something in Dillon curled up and begged him to make Ziggy happy again. That look would probably work on the other Rangers too. Yet, he somehow doubted that it would sway the Doc. "Ziggy…" he muttered. Finally, he tore his gaze away from Ziggy's and down to the small bundle in his arms. Soft, bright blue eyes looked up at him from a face of black and white fur. The small kitten was wrapped up in Ziggy's arms, only a little bigger than one of Dillon's hands. Its coat was nearly entirely black except for its stomach and dotted around its face, all of which were white.

It looked away from him; turning its attention to the wide collar of the shirt Ziggy was wearing and bringing one very small paw up to bat at it. Ziggy didn't even seem to notice, still looking at him with wide eyes. "Dillon." Ziggy whimpered again. He sighed heavily and gave another half-hearted shake of his head. "No way." He told him.

Ziggy's eyes widened even further before he ducked his head, his shoulders hunching. Dillon flinched this time, that something in him curling even tighter. Then Ziggy looked back up at him from beneath the fringe of his hair. "Dillon, please!" he shouted.

Dillon groaned. He knew he'd lost this fight.

"Fine." He ground out. "The cat comes. But you're explaining this to the others." He turned away then, unable to watch as Ziggy's wounded expression faded immediately away into a triumphant smile. The younger man let out a joyful yell. And just beneath that, the soft meow of that damn kitten.