Revenge and Recompense

The Best Tour Ever Ch. III

By musicalreader

Not able to believe their own eyes, Theodore and Eleanor called over their siblings. But when Simon and Jeanette saw the pictures on the magazine, they immediately ran off to go find Rob. When Rob got to where Theo and Ellie stood in shock, he instantly went into protection mode.

"Come on kids, get back on the bus" Rob instructed, when he saw that the kids were back on the bus he turned to the checkout lady and said, "and you, you shouldn't believe everything you read. Half of the shit The Sun prints is made up or photoshopped"

And so saying, he walked out of the rest stop and back onto the bus where he was greeted by six faces turning to him for help.

"Ok guys, listen up. I need you to call Dave and decide what to do about this situation. While you are doing that Simon, I'll be making a call to your lawyer and try and see what our options are"

"Got it Rob" Simon replied, and walked off with Jeanette to make the call.

Theodore looked over at Ellie and saw that she was huddled up on the couch. Sensing that she need someone to talk to, he walked over and sat down next to her, "Hey" he said, "Do you want to talk about it?"

"How could I have let this happen?" she answered, choking up a little as she spoke, "I could have called security over and this wouldn't have happened. Now there are millions of horrible pictures of some porn star with my face on her body, and I don't know what to do Theo. How did you deal with it?"

"Well, if you must know, if wasn't easy for me. When that ass hole drove you away, it was the most horrible feeling in the world. The only thing that snapped me back to normal was the thought that if I let one lie ruin my life, I was never going to be happy again." He replied solemnly.

"But that still doesn't help me" she said back, "How am I supposed to bounce back from this, no one out there will listen. And the only thing I have in my favor is that I can sic the police on that greasy creep"

"Well, you know what, that's still a lot more than I had, and besides" he said as he slid an arm around her waist, "you at least have someone that believes you, you'll always have me."

"You're right about that," she said smiling up at him, "And I know one thing for sure, you'll always have me."

"mmhhmm" Theo hummed as he leaned to kiss Eleanor.

But as the two teens let themselves become lost in the sensation of their lips practically fused from the intense emotions that were flying between them, the other kids were worrying about what they were going to do about the whole situation.

"Well I say we go ask her flat out if that was a real picture." Alvin said bluntly.

"Are you crazy?! Do you realize just what she's been through in the last week?! Ellie's had to put up with this creep 3 times now! And now you don't want to believe that that picture is a fake!" Britney yelled back at him.

"Calm down you guys," Simon interjected, "what we need to do first is find out if that is in fact, a shopped picture. And as much as I hate to admit it Britney, I think Alvin's idea is probably the best way to go" and at this point, Britney turned her angry glare to the middle Chipmunk, "When I talked to Dave, he promised that he would keep Miss Miller from seeing the magazine until all this gets sorted out."

"Maybe we should call a press conference before the show in Louisiana…" Jeanette suggested, quietly as ever

"I like that idea," Rob said, "I can call ahead to the stadium and arrange for the press conference, and while I'm doing that, you kids find out if that picture is real or not. When we know that for certain, it will make everything else a lot easier."

All of the kids agreed that the plan made a lot of sense, despite Britney's insistence that they should just leave the whole subject alone, lest they incite another breakdown from Eleanor. So the whole group called Ellie and Theo into the front of the bus to talk.

"Okay now, Ellie, you know we love you and we trust you, but we need to know if this is really you on the cover…" Jeanette started

"Of course that's not me, I mean, the face is mine from when that creep took my picture, but that is definitely not my body" Eleanor said with a touch of finality.

"I have to admit," Theo interrupted, "you are in much better shape than the model in this picture." But as he said those words, he realized that he had just said something really stupid, as all of the eyes turned on him in shock, and Eleanor turned a bright shade of crimson. Britney was the one to ask the question that was on all their minds now.

"Uh, Theodore, how the hell do you know what my sister looks like with that much skin showing?" she said trying to contain her fury at his forwardness.

"Well, a few months ago, Alvin showed me a peephole in the locker rooms, I thought everyone knew about it…" he trailed off just now realizing what he had said, "Oh, no, I didn't actually use it except when Alvin showed me, and I only saw her in her swimsuit, ah shit, I'm in trouble now aren't I?"

"Oh no, the only culprit here is Alvin." She said rounding on the oldest brother, "You and I are going to have some words later Alvin, you and all three of us" she said pointing to the Chipettes

"Ah shit," he said quietly, this was shaping up to be a bad day.

"Uh, Theo," Eleanor said under her breath, as her sisters were busy berating Alvin while Simon stood in the corner with his head in his hand as he tried to figure out just what it was that had him related to his idiotic brother.

"Yeah Eleanor," he replied

"Do you really think I look better than that girl in the picture?" she asked nervously

"Well, yeah, I think you look great, and please don't hold the peephole against me" He pleaded, hoping that she would forgive him for looking.

"That's alright," she answered with a mischievous wink, "Something to know for the future though, peepholes go both ways, and you are really turning out quite well"

Now it was his turn to glow crimson. As the girls continued to yell at Alvin, Rob came in the back and announced that the press conference was in place to start as soon as they arrived in Baton Rouge that evening. When they heard the news, all of the kids breathed a sigh of relief.

Now that the big issue of the day was out of the way for at least a few more hours though, they found themselves at a loss for something to occupy their time now. They had rehearsed just two days ago before they left their last stop in Arkansas. So they decided to pass the time in their own ways.

Simon and Jeanette sat in the couch and talked about what they were going to do about the press conference. Simon felt that they should let Eleanor tell the group about what really happened and how the picture was a fake. Jeanette thought they should have Rob address the situation and let the reporters ask Eleanor questions when they had heard the official account from Rob.

While the middle kids were discussing all this on the couch, Alvin and Britney were competing, as usual, but this time, they were arguing over who was the biggest star on the stage.

"I'm telling you Brit, the guitarist is the biggest presence in any show, and to top it off, I'm also the best singer in the group" Alvin said cockily

"Loudest is not the same as best Alvin and you know it. Besides, I'll bet you a hundred bucks that at the next concert, I can get the crowd to cheer my name before they even start to clap for you." She responded with her usual attitude.

"Well then in that case, let's shake on it." He said back, "After all, we both have the money. First to get the crowd to cheer their name gets one hundred bucks from the loser." He challenged.

"Deal!" Britney retorted, shaking his outstretched hand. A hand, she couldn't help but notice, which had changed as much as its owner over the last few years. She had also recently taken notice of Alvin's recent growth spurt that had him almost as tall as his younger brother Simon, but Alvin had become much more muscular recently. Not that she would ever say it out loud, lest he decide that this made him irresistible, and there was no way she could afford for his ego to get any bigger.

Likewise, Alvin was admiring just how much Britney had grown since they started High school a couple years ago. He could scarcely believe that the curvy vision in front of him had once been the bratty girl who was also his best friend. And while she still had her moments, for the most part, she had become a much nicer person in the last two years. Not to mention developing quite nicely in the TNA department.

And while the older Chipmunks were lost in each other, a huge change considering their usually self centered universe, the youngest were in the back of the bus sitting on the boys bed talking about life in general.

"So, let me get this straight" Theo said, "The peephole was made by the girls?"

"Yep, it was actually Britney's idea. She got mad back there because she didn't realize that the boys knew about it" Ellie replied.

"Man, those two are perfect for each other" Theodore exclaimed, "remind me again, why don't they go out? I mean, it's not exactly a secret that they like each other"

"I think it's an ego trip. Neither wants to break down and risk being rejected, but at the same time, they both like to feel like they are irresistible to the other" Eleanor surmised.

"Wow, that was really deep Ellie" Theodore said admiringly

"You thought Simon and Jeanette were the only ones with brains around here?" she asked sarcastically

"No nothing like that, I just never pegged you for the deep thinker. I think of you more as the type of person who empathizes. Not necessarily the type who actually breaks it all down" he fumbled trying not to insult her.

"Heh heh, I know what you meant baby, I am the empathetic type, but I can also break it down when I need to" she replied cryptically, "Now is there anything else you want to know about me?"

"Actually, there is…" he answered bashfully

"Well, what is it?" Eleanor asked slightly concerned

"Earlier, you said that the peephole works both ways, and then you said that you thought I was turning out "Quite well" what does that mean?" he asked, his cheeks turning a slight pink color as he spoke.

"Oh, that," Eleanor responded taken slightly aback, "All I meant Theo; is that I like the way you are progressing as you get more involved in sports. And yes the peephole does let you see in the showers, but I swear I haven't looked, as much as I may want to some days." Eleanor answered almost ashamedly.

"You really think I look good?" he asked cautiously

"Yes, yes I do Theo" she responded bluntly

At this answer, Theodore smiled. He may not be the smartest guy like Simon, or the most popular like Alvin, but he had something that neither of them had. he had someone who loved him. And he loved her back.

"Hey Theo," Eleanor said snapping him out of his thoughts, "What was the deal with the poem? You know, back in Phoenix"

"That was something I wrote for you back when we first started going out, I just never got up the courage to read it to you"

"But you were willing to read it to a crowd of thousands?" she asked incredulously.

"Well, it seemed like the only thing guaranteed to get you to listen to me at the time, besides, I meant every word of it" he said turning away from Eleanor, slightly afraid that she would laugh

"Oh Theo, that is so sweet!" she practically squealed with delight.

"Yeah well, it's not as sweet as you." He said cringing slightly at the cheesy line.

"Come here you" she answered pulling him in for a kiss.

The bus pulled into the parking lot of the Louisiana Superdome at about quarter to eight. With just over two hours until the show was scheduled to start, Rob made the public statement briefly. After the reporters had their statement, they began the question and answer part of the press conference. When Theodore and Ellie walked up to the podium they were prepared for just about every possible question.

"Eleanor! Ted from the Washington Post, how does it feel to know that this publicity is probably going to cause your tours ticket sales to plummet?"

Well, maybe not every question.

After a couple seconds thinking it over, she replied, "Actually, I think that this is a good thing in a way, I mean, people's reactions will let me know who my true friends are"

"And how do you feel about this whole thing Theodore, especially since you claim that you were the victim of this same malicious fan before?"

"Well," he began a little hesitantly, "I really think that when you are famous, this sort of thing is bound to happen eventually. But that does not excuse what this guy did to me and it definitely does not give him the right to hurt Ellie like this" and with that he walked off the stage to get ready for the show.

"I'm sorry folks, but if you want to interview further, please wait until after the show is over" Eleanor said to the small crowd of journalists, and so saying, she too followed her siblings and friends off the stage to go prep for the show.

After running the show once through, and being absolutely sure that there were no hiccups in the programming for the lights, the kids were ready to go onstage.

As they stepped into the lights of the stage to the roar of the biggest show since Phoenix, they were astounded to realize that they were performing to fans who would not abandon them just because of a few rumors, and this propelled them to put on their best show in weeks. They started out with a crowd favorite.

"ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR!!!" Alvin and Britney called out

"We are family!

Oh whoa-o-o-o-o-o-o
We are family!
Uh yeah-eh, uh yeah-eh-eh

Everyone can see we're together
As we walk on by

And we fly just like birds of a feather
I won't tell no lies

(ALL!) all of the people around us they say
Can they be that close
Just let me state for the record
We're giving love in a family dose

We are family,

I got all my sisters with me,

We are family,

Get up everybody and sing!

We are family,

I got all my brothers with me,

We are family,

Get up everybody and sing!

Living life is fun and we've just begun
To get our share of the world's delights
(HIGH!) high hopes we have for the future
And our goal's in sight
(WE!) no we don't get depressed
Here's what we call our golden rule
Have faith in you and the things you do
You won't go wrong
This is our family Jewel

We are family,

I got all my sisters with me,

We are family,

Get up everybody and sing!

Oh won't you sing it with me!

We are family,

I got all my brothers with me,

We are family,

Get up everybody and sing!

We are family,

We are family,

We are family,

We are family,

We are family,

I got all my sisters with me,

We are family,

Get up everybody and sing!

We are family,

I got all my brothers with me,

We are family,

Get up everybody and sing!


As they finished their first routine, for the first time in a long time, the lyrics made sense. And the crowd began to chant their names loud and proud.

"Chipmunks! Chipettes! Chipmunks! Chipettes!"

And as our young heroes take their bows and prepare to go into their next piece, there is one person who watches and does not cheer, he does not cheer because his heart is consumed by hatred. Hatred for two of the performers in particular drives him to stay calm and bide his time.

Charles was acutely aware of his surroundings as he entered the show under the watchful guards who were searching the crowd for him. He had already been thrown out from every show after Phoenix, and had finally learned which of the guards could be bought. This insight had proven invaluable as he had snuck into the show just moments before it started. His original intent was to find Eleanor again and try and convince her that they were made for each other, but after the disgusting display Theodore and she put on for the world, he knew that it was too late for her to see things the right way. And if he couldn't have her, then no one would ever have her.

After the first set, he surreptitiously crept out the same way he had gotten in, taking care to avoid the security guard that had replaced the one he bought earlier. Once he was out in the parking lot however, he was free to walk leisurely, having timed the length of their shows, he estimated he had another two to three hours before anyone came out of the stadium. This gave him plenty of time to look for their bus.

"Ah, there you are…" he said to no one in particular

Now all he had to do was get the spare key he had seen their driver hide under the fender before the press conference. After feeling up under the metal for the small raise in the material, he found the key. He smiled wickedly with delight when he saw that it was in fact the very thing he had been searching for.

As he entered the bus he was struck by just how lavish the surroundings were. Maybe after he was done, he could get away with some of the stuff those brats took for granted. After his moment of reflection, he sat down on the bed in the back and waited…

Theodore could hardly believe how pumped he was when he heard the chant from the crowd, "KISS HER, KISS HER, KISS HER"

As much as he wanted to though, he didn't feel like it was the right thing to do, that is until Ellie pulled him into her arms and planted her lips onto his. As the crowd began to cheer and whistle, he even thought he felt a little tongue. After what felt like an eternity of bliss, they were pulled apart by their siblings so that they could finish the show. There was only one song left anyways, so their time together would have to wait for the ten minutes until they could escape back to the bus.

As the drums brought in the classic song, the crowd became injected with enough adrenaline to last them until next week, or at least that's how it sounded to the kids onstage.

And then the lights went haywire as the guitar solo came in…

And the girls began to sing,

"Hey boys, just what was that noise

Comin from somewhere over there?

If it wasn't you and it wasn't me

Then what in the wide wide world could it be?"

Then the whole group joined in:

"You want to scream and shout

and jump right out of your skin

Don't be cryin' about

Come on and take my hand and you will understand

Everything's gonna be alright

Don't you be afraid when things go bump in the night

Get closer to me and baby hold on tight

Cause everything's gonna be all right"

And Theo led the boys in…

"Hey girl, we don't wanna rock your world

But we don't believe in that mean old boogie man

There ain't no such thing no how, no way, where

But sometimes late at night we still get a little scared

You want to scream and shout

and jump right out of your skin

Don't be cryin' about

Come on and take my hand and you will understand

Everything's gonna be alright

Don't you be afraid when things go bump in the night

Get closer to me and baby hold on tight

Cause everything's gonna be all right"

"Hey boys, just what was that noise

Comin from somewhere over there?

If it wasn't you and it wasn't me

Then what in the wide wide world could it be?"

"You want to scream and shout

and jump right out of your skin

Don't be cryin' about

Come on and take my hand and you will understand

Everything's gonna be alright

Don't you be afraid when things go bump in the night

Get closer to me and baby hold on tight

Cause everything's gonna be all right"

"Hey girl, we don't wanna rock your world

But we don't believe in that mean old boogie man

There ain't no such thing no how, no way, where

But sometimes late at night we still get a little scared

You want to scream and shout

and jump right out of your skin

Don't be cryin' about

Come on and take my hand and you will understand

Everything's gonna be alright

Don't you be afraid when things go bump in the night

Get closer to me and baby hold on tight

Cause everything's gonna be all right"

And as the song slowly faded out, the crowd went nuts, cheering for more, but the kids were too eager to get off the stage and get some peace and quiet. And as they slowly made their way to the back of the stage, one thought alone kept Theo going despite the tiring but rewarding show, the thought of alone time with Eleanor.

Likewise, Ellie was ready to get out of there and chill with Theodore. She didn't know what it was, but for some reason, the crowd had gotten her so pumped up that she had even slipped her tongue into his mouth when they kissed, and she could tell that he had loved it.

The only problem she could think of was the press conference. They had promised to continue with the questions after the show but there was no way she was going to let an opportunity like this one get away.

"Hey Simon, Jeanette." she called out backstage, when their heads poked out of their changing rooms, she continued, "Are you guys cool with taking over for Theo and Me with the press? I don't know about him, but I'm tired, I'm going back to the bus to get some sleep."

"Sure Ellie, we'll handle it, won't we Simon?" she said looking at the tallest Chipmunk as if daring him to say anything different.

"Uh, sure, no problem at all" obviously confused at her sisters suddenly icy personality. Having answered the question, he shut the door.

"UUHHH!" Jeanette groaned, "When is he going to get that I like him?" she asked her little sister.

"You have to be patient with guys Jeannie, it took Theo and me less time to figure it out because we talked about things other than classes." She answered with a slight chide that did nothing to hide her obvious joy at being able to skip out on the conference and spend some more "Stage Time" with Theo.

After changing quickly, and waiting a few minutes outside of the boys dressing room, Theodore came out and was slightly shocked to see her in the dress she had packed just in case she felt like showing off her assets. After letting him stare in wonder for a few seconds, she coughed to get his attention.

"I'm up here Theo" she said smiling.

Looking away in embarrassment for a second he mumbled, "Sorry Ellie, I just didn't realize you would be wearing that nice of an outfit. If I had known, I would have picked out something nicer" he chuckled, getting over his faux pas quickly.

"You look stunning by the way" he continued

Now it was Eleanor's turn to blush at the compliment "Well, I talked Simon and Jeanette into taking over for the press conference. And Rob's busy helping the stage crew waterproof everything for tomorrows show" she said leading him on

"So what do you want to do?" Theo asked, obviously not getting the hint

"So, silly, the bus is going to be empty, do you want to go and hang out there, alone?" she said stressing the word alone almost to the breaking point.

"OH!" Theo responded, realization lighting up his features as he figured out what she had been saying

Eleanor smiled at how silly he could be, "Come on," she said, grabbing his hand and leading him along the back way to the bus so that they would avoid any cameras.

When they reached the bus, they opened the door without trouble. If their minds had not been elsewhere, they might have noticed that they didn't even have to use the key. And they stepped up and into the lit bus to walk over to the couch.

"Wait a second" Eleanor's mind hissed, "The lights were off when we left, and weren't the doors locked?" too late though she realized the trouble they had stepped in as a heavy shadow fell from the ceiling and tackled her to the ground and she felt the edge of something sharp against her throat.

"This moment is just too perfect" Charles thought to himself, "The very people I wanted to see alone, and here they come by themselves." The thought of his justice being served was enough to make him cackle in delight from his perch in the luggage rack, but only for a second. Then when they came in he made sure to time it just right so that he could take out Theodore and finally get his darling El to see sense. But of course, Theodore proved to act the gentleman and let her on the bus first. Oh well, if he couldn't take him out, he'd just take her.

Almost as soon as she boarded the bus however, she seemed to sense that something was amiss. He had to act now, and without further thought, he pounced with the knife in his left hand out of harm's way, the last thing he wanted to do was damage his prize.

When he landed, he thought for sure there would be a scream, then he realized that she was probably too scared to react. But that wouldn't last, so he put the knife to her throat and said, "If you speak, you die" a threat that he hesitated to even utter to his precious Eleanor, but for her own good, he had to make her relinquish her grip on that snake Theodore.

"WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!" Theo yelled; obviously spooked by the fact that a shadow had suddenly tackled his girlfriend and was apparently ready to kill her if she spoke.

"I am Charles, I believe you know of me, not that we've officially met" He responded with contempt and loathing dripping from every syllable.

"I know who you are, but what I want to know is what the hell you think you're doing to my girlfriend?!?!" he answered, trying to contain his hate presumably for her benefit.

"I am trying to free her from your grip, and if that means that I have to hurt her, I will." Charles stated coldly.

"What the fuck did we do to you to make you hurt us like this, first the pictures now this?! What the hell is your problem?!"

"You couldn't just leave well enough alone when she rejected you, could you? You just had to go and wheedle your way back into her good graces. Well if I can't have her, then you sure as hell aren't" he said as he lunged for Theo with the point of the blade out like a sword…

Theodore barely had any time to react when the stalker who called himself Charles lunged at him with a kitchen knife. Luckily for him, he had been keeping up with his workouts and was able to dodge the first stab, but he had only a millisecond to grab a plate to use as a makeshift shield.

"I"LL KILL YOU!!!" Charles roared, taking another slash at Theo "I"LL MURDER YOU FOR DRIVING HE AWAY FROM ME!!!"

Out of the corner of his eye, Theo noticed that Ellie had silently gotten to her knees and was waiting for Charles to be totally preoccupied until taking a dive at his knees.

When she hit him in the back of the legs, he buckled, the knife he had been using flying up into the air. Without thinking, Theo lunged at the flash of silver light as it fell to the earth, and caught it just inches from the writhing heap that was Ellie and Charles wrestling on the floor. Charles may have had the advantage in size, but Eleanor had the experience and reflexes to stay one step ahead of him.

When he was sure that he had a clear shot, Theo swung down with one of Simon's bass guitars and struck Charles square in the temple. As he fell to the floor in an unconscious heap, Theo finally began to realize all the danger the two of them had just been in from this guy and was tempted to swing the guitar again. But his heart told him that if he did, then he would instantly go from being Eleanor's hero to her worst nightmare. He couldn't live with himself if he hurt Ellie like that, so he put the instrument down and helped Ellie tie down Charles with a roll of Duct Tape he found in the drawer. When he was sufficiently restrained, Theo pulled out his cell phone and called the local police.

Eleanor was having a hard time processing everything that had just happened. The officers and the ambulance workers that arrived a little while ago called it shock. She didn't care what they called it as long as it went away fast. Even though it had been just over an hour since Theodore and she were going to hang out in the bus without a care in the world. Then all this had happened, and now she wasn't even sure she felt safe anymore. The only good thing in all of this mess was that she wasn't alone in this. She had Theo to lean on now, and if she forgot that, then she was going to fall down into the cold pit in her soul that had been gradually forming ever since she had felt that creep's knife at her throat.

She was so deep in thought apparently, that she actually jumped a little when Theodore sat down next to her and spoke.

"Hey, are you doing alright now? Well, you know, considering the circumstances" he asked trying to put a brave face on for her benefit.

"Yeah, I'm just scared is all? I mean, what if there are more people out there that are that crazy? What if they decide to try and finish his job? I just don't think I could live like that" she answered hesitantly

Theo frowned when he heard this, "You think you're the only one hurting? I just saw a stalker hold a knife to your throat. If you died, you wouldn't have to live with the thought that you could have done something. Victims always think they are the worst off, but it's the ones they leave behind that really suffer."

"Theo, you know I didn't mean it like that, I was just so scared that he would hurt you, that's why I tackled him. I was scared for myself sure. But I was even more terrified that he would hurt you, and I could never live with myself if that happened"

"Yeah well, I guess all things considered, we got off pretty easily huh?" he asked with a smirk that betrayed his real emotions.

"Yeah, is Rob still talking to the cops?"

"I think so. And I know Dave is talking to Simon on the phone right now. I saw Britney crying on Alvin's shoulder a few minutes ago, so she's fine if she can do the usual Drama Queen routine. As for Jeanette, I think she's still a little shocked that you were attacked."

"Yeah, she's always been really sensitive. Not to mention the fact that she's usually lost in her own little world" Eleanor said laughing a little.

Suddenly Simon came in and called everyone over to the outside of the bus. When he saw that everyone was there, he said the words that the kids had feared would come from the moment he called Dave to let him know what had happened.

"Dave thinks that we should come home immediately" he said to sighs and groans from the kids and a shocked look from Rob.

"Isn't there something else we can do? The show must go on and all that?" Alvin suggested

"Well," Simon continued, "He did offer us an alternative, he said to vote on it and decide. We can turn around and get home within three days, or we can try and finish the tour and tough it out. But he did stress the words vote on it. And seeing as there are six of us, Rob will have the odd vote so it can be decided"

"Well I say we don't back down, a true performer pushes through" Alvin instantly said

"I think we should go home and finish the tour after a rest back at home, besides, I miss Miss Miller" Jeanette piped in.

Britney spoke up next, "I think we should keep going, but let Ellie and Theo take a break from the shows for a little while"

"I think that sounds like a good idea" Theodore said looking to Eleanor for approval.

Simon interjected, "I'd personally feel a lot better if we went back home, at least for a little while"

"I think you kids should go home myself. If something like this happens once, it could happen again" Rob commented, "But seeing as I'm just the wheel, so to speak, I'm giving my vote to Eleanor to decide" and having said his peace, he sat back down on the steps.

"Well Ellie?" Theo said, "What's it gonna be, do you feel like you can finish the tour, or do you want to go home?" he asked with concern for her in his every word.

"I think that if you can keep going Theo, I can too. But I do think you and I need to take a break from the spotlight for a little while. Let's give the others a chance to have their own scandals" she said finally seeming to cheer up a little.

As she finished casting her vote, Simon cleared his throat and said, "Well, I guess that settles it, I'll go call Dave again and let him know that Ellie feels up to it and we'll get going to the hotel, I guess" he spoke walking away.

"I think I'll go and make sure he's alright" Jeanette said getting up to follow the tallest Chipmunk into the abandoned parking lot.

"SWEET!" Alvin cheered when he realized that the tour was still on, "Come on Brit, let's go celebrate! I'll bet you ten bucks I can beat you at Rock Band"

"You're on" she answered, apparently enthused at the thought of having a competition to take her mind off the nights events.

"Well, I'll call the hotel and let them know we're on our way…" Rob said trailing off as he went up into the cab of the bus pulling out his phone as he walked away.

"Do you want to talk Ellie?" Theo asked innocently

"We have at least a week of no shows Theodore, let's talk later, right now I need to get some sleep, goodnight" she said kissing him on the cheek as she walked back to the Chipettes bed, leaving Theo alone with his thoughts.

Four nights and three states later…

Theodore was sitting outside of the boy's hotel room wondering if Eleanor was ready to get back up on stage. He had told the guys that he wouldn't go back on until she was feeling up to it, and that until then, they would have to make do with the four of them. He wasn't about to abandon Eleanor just because she was going through a rough time. All of that aside though, even he had to admit that four days seemed to him a little excessive for recovery from shock. He had done some research on Simon's laptop and had found that shock usually takes a while to recover from, but it said nothing about being stricken numb for almost a week.

"Theo?" a voice said from behind him, making him jump a little

"Oh, hey Ellie!" he said as he turned around and saw who it was that had startled him.

"Hey, I wanted to talk to you. About what happened in Baton Rouge" she said looking at the ground

"Ok then, what did you want to talk about? Are you feeling alright? This is the first time you've left the room by yourself in days" he replied worriedly

"I think I'm feeling a lot better actually, I guess all I really needed was some time to think things over. Things like us" she said

"What about us?" Theo asked now really scared of the answer, "People only say that when it's serious, what is it Ellie?"

"It's nothing bad; I just want to thank you for everything. I mean, when Charles attacked us, I froze, but you jumped right in, almost completely forgetting about your own safety. That was really brave." She said admiringly

"Well, I only did that because he was threatening you. I guarantee that if it had been me under his knife, I would have frozen too. And if you remember right, you didn't freeze; you tackled his ass to the ground! That took a lot of courage on your part." He answered.

"Well, all that aside, I still have to thank you for what you did. I mean everything you've done has been beyond what a girl could hope for in a boyfriend. You help take out a stalker, you comfort me when it feels like the end of the world, and now you're giving up your chance on stage to make sure I'm okay. There is a lot more to you than you think Theodore" she said getting a look in her eyes he had seen before.

"I guess when you put it that way, I do sound kind of brave, but what are we…" but he was cut off midsentence by her lips crushing themselves against his as a wave of passion enveloped both of them, as the heat of passion seized hold of his brain, Theodore felt all other sentient thought melt away into a pool of liquid mirth in the back of his mind.

After several prolonged minutes of sheer bliss that was enhanced only by their latent attraction and admiration for each other, Eleanor broke the kiss and said in a breathy voice that permeated with desire and lust, "Maybe we should continue this inside the hotel room"


As the two lovers walked into the room, still drunk on each other's presence, they settled onto the end of the bed and held each other, both content to simply waste an eternity in each others arms. But of course, the feelings between them were too powerful to ignore, and slowly and almost methodically, their embrace progressed back into a kiss, then into a determined effort to become closer as Theodore's arousal became all the more apparent. When Eleanor felt that he could stand it no more, she slowly moved her hands up his back and sighed into his ear, "If you want me, come and take me"

Hardly able to believe his good fortune at such an obvious invitation, he gently laid her back against the mattress and worked his hands slowly under her blouse. When he hit the little scrap of plastic in the middle of her back he paused for an instant to try and remember what he had been told of this by Alvin right before they left for the tour. After remembering, he pushed the scrap in and pushed up. After feeling the tension release around Ellie's front, he grinned at her with a lustful twinkle in his eye.

"Well," she said in a hoarse whisper, "What are you going to do now Romeo?"

"Heh heh, you'll see my dear, or rather, you'll feel…" he said passionately as his hand snaked around to the front of her shirt and undid the first button.

As she felt the tension between skin and cloth lessening, Ellie couldn't help but let out a slight gasp of surprise as his hand found the skin beneath.

As he slowly massaged the flesh beneath his hand, Theo couldn't help but notice Eleanor's motions as she slowly ground her hips into his leg, panting with desire. A desire he was intent on fulfilling.

Eleanor couldn't believe this was really happening, "This has to be a dream," she groaned with pleasure, "How could anything feel so good, I feel like I'm melting" she thought. Although she meant it metaphorically, there was some truth to her words. As the heat between her thighs grew in intensity, she did indeed feel as though she was going to melt away with ecstasy at any moment.

Sensing that something was happening, Theodore eased up for a second to try and see if Ellie was alright. When he stopped though, Ellie looked at him and said "Keep going, please"

Not being able to resist temptation of this magnitude, Theo decided to try something he had only heard about. While continuing to kiss Ellie, and trying his best to keep up the rhythm they had built up, he reached down with his free hand and groped around for the hem of her skirt. After having found what he was searching for, he proceeded to run his hand up the inside of her thigh towards the warm heat he felt radiating from the junction of her legs.

Eleanor gasped as she felt Theo's hand at the one point of her body that seemed to have a mind of its own. Even more surprising for her, was the fact that she was immediately ensconced in a feeling of joy and bliss at his touch that she had never felt before. "This," she thought, "must be what heaven feels like. Just the two of us like this forever"

As Theo let instinct take over, his hand continued to rub Eleanor at the most aroused point of her being. But when his hand moved further up the moist slit to where the lips joined, she gasped in surprise and pleasure. Taking her motions to mean that she was enjoying what he was doing, he decided to take it even further.

When Eleanor felt his hand leave her, she almost begged for him to continue, but then she realized what he was doing as she felt the material of her skirt fall away to leave her bare but for the underwear she still had on. Soaked as they were from arousal he had caused. The next thing she knew, his lips had left hers for the first time in what felt like hours.

As he slowly fluttered light caresses with his lips down the front of her exposed flesh, working his way towards the heat of her arousal, she was surprised to find that she felt a little guilty. After all, so far it had been her who had received all of the gratification and Theodore had done all of the work, not that she didn't love the end results. But all thoughts of guilt and selfishness were driven out of her head as she felt his tongue lap at the pool of liquid arousal that had gathered between her thighs and her world exploded in a shower of stars and rapture.

As he felt her shudder with delight under the patient attention of his tongue and lips, Theodore couldn't help but smile with happiness. And he continued to give her pleasure until she grabbed the curls of his hair and cried out in rapture as her whole body quake and he felt a wave of liquid pleasure spill forth from the flower he had been carefully tending for the past while. When she finally settled back onto the mattress, he leaned back and admired his handiwork.

Eleanor had never felt an orgasm as intense as the one she had just experienced. Not even when she had pleasured herself to the thought of this exact same scenario before he had asked her out. After catching her breath for a few minutes, she sat up and held her arms out for him. When he embraced her back, she felt something she had not felt in a long time. She felt peace.

"Theo," she said, still a little breathless from the pleasure she had just experienced.

"What is it babe? Did I go too far?" he asked momentarily scared that he had crossed a line that would ruin their relationship.

Ellie laughed and shook her head in disbelief, "Actually sweetie, I'm not done with you yet" she said with a seductive grin as she leaned forward until she was the one on top.

"What are you going to do?" Theo asked nervously, but nonetheless aroused by her sudden show of dominance.

"Now it's my turn to make you melt, but I'm not going to use my mouth, you're going to finish the job you started" she said as she ripped his shirt off and saw and felt the muscles of his chest that had been toned over the last few months…

Two hours and who knows how many times later, our love birds are getting dressed after their little foray into the jungle known as passion.

"Theodore… thank you." Ellie said awkwardly, buttoning up her blouse.

"You're thanking me? Why Ellie? If anything, I should be thanking you" he replied his mind wandering momentarily to the things they had done just a little while ago.

"I mean about the whole staying behind with me while I was in that rough patch this week" she said seriously. Then she smiled and looked at him as he slid his jeans up his well toned legs. Blushing at the thought of what they had just done, she turned her gaze elsewhere as she slid her skirt back into place.

Theodore however, didn't seem to feel the same sense of prudence, as he let his gaze fall on every move she made as she fixed her outfit back into some semblance of order; eventually giving up in the attempt at getting her hair to move back into its usual neat ponytail however, she threw the brush on the floor and walked over to the bed in a bit of a huff. The whole scene made Theodore laugh at how cut Ellie was when she got annoyed.

All of a sudden, the door to the room burst in to reveal their siblings coming back from the show, still high off of the euphoria of the crowd. Rob meanwhile, staggered into the room and fell face first onto the nearest bed and started snoring almost as soon as his head hit the pillow.

"You guys missed one of the best crowds we've had in a long time. Those Tennessee folks know how to rock!" Alvin declared, loudly as ever.

Jeanette shot him an angry glare that said his volume was completely uncalled for. Then turning to her little sister, she asked, "Are you feeling any better Ellie?"

Grinning back at her older sisters was the newly energized face of Eleanor.

"Oh yeah, I think I'm ready to rock the crowd again. Just so long as I can borrow a can of Mace from Britney" she joked

"Well, you certainly seem happier since last week" Simon noted in his usual matter of fact attitude.

"What I want to know is this," Alvin interrupted, "You guys were in here with the TV off and you were just talking when we came in"

"So?" Theo asked, clearly confused, "What are you saying?"

"What I'm saying, is you two were alone for the better part of the week while we were out doing shows, and it looks like all you did was talk. I just assumed that you guys would have been fooling around by now"

"ALVIN!!!" Britney, Simon, and Jeanette yelled in unison

"Not everyone is as perverted as you Alvin" Britney chided

"I'm just saying is all" he said quieter this time.

While their siblings were arguing with Alvin about what was and what was not appropriate, Theo and Ellie exchanged knowing glances and clasped hands in a sign of love and trust.

The next morning found the group on the bus at eight in the morning heading for their next show in Frankfort, Kentucky. All of the kids were still tired from the previous night. But two of them still had a smile on their faces. As Eleanor turned to Ellie, he spoke.

"Hey, you awake?" Theo spoke softly

Ellie stirred and said, "Yeah, I'm awake, what did you want to talk about?"

"I just wanted to say that I was sorry that this whole tour has been so rough on you. If there is anything I can do to make it better, let me know okay?" he said caringly

"Oh sweetie, you've made me so happy already. But don't worry, as soon as we can ditch the rest of the group for a few hours, I'll find something for you to do for me" she said with a devilish twinkle in her eyes.

"And don't worry about what's happened, if you must know, this has turned out to be the best tour ever" she said as she drifted back into her dreams.

"Yeah, I guess it has" Theo said to himself.

And that concludes the story of The Best Tour Ever

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