Yo, the name is Batty. What goes on? Wolfie's computer is still down, so I'm still uploading like mad. Lol. This story is the product of spontaneity, the lust for writing something and watching Descendants of Darkness like a lunatic. Written by Batty, enjoyed by you, the public. Fun fact plus spoiler: The girl Rojuro turns into is actually me, Batty. I thought that would be creative and funny.

Rojuro Otoribashi lounged on a rock that seemed to be eroded down just to his standards. He lovingly tuned his guitar and gazed over the desert landscape. He had no reading material, since Love always adopted it for his own uses rather than the buyer get full satisfaction. Love was definately an alternate definition to 'buyer's remorse'. Rojuro had yet to read his new copy of ShonenJump due to that reason. Luckily, Love nor any other individual could torment him right now. He had excused himself last weekend that today he was going to be leaving for a short while. He traveled into the middle of the back desert, an area where hardly anyone ever visited. He figured it would be the idealistic place for meeting up with someone. It had almost been eleven years since he had actually confronted Watari Yutaka in person, but only last week through written word. Watari had wrote him a letter requesting that they meet up. If Rojuro's intuition was correct, Watari seemed even more excited than his natural cheerful demeanor could handle. He couldn't pass down a chance to catch up with an old friend, especially someone like Yutaka. They had been caught up in their own lives for quite some time, Watari especially taking advantage of all his time to invent new contraptions. Rojuro understood that, because fighting arrancars could totally excuse anything these days. He made a lazy smile at the thought of the reunion and tried a tune on his guitar. His brows quickly contorted into a disgusted expression.
What in the world was that? Rojuro thought. He had never rehearsed anything so horrid in his life.
"Well that's a first," a voice critiqued out of nowhere.
Comparing only to the speed of lightning, Rojuro switched his hand's disposition from his beloved guitar to his Zanpaktou, Kinshara. He jumped from the rock and in the direction of the voice. Surprisingly, the blade of Kinshara came mere inches from Watari's throat. His arms were held up like he was the victim of a robbery. In one hand he clutched a basket of beverages and snacks tighter, while the other hand was as straight as his arms. His black coat fluttered in the breeze and his orange shirt began to stick from forming beads of sweat. His eyes were widened and his glasses reflected hidden fear as he managed a subdued grin.
"I can see Kinshara is doing well."
He closed his eyes in desperation that Rojuro would recognize him. At the sight of his friend, Rojuro's face went from unimpressed to meager relief.
"Geez, Watari, you scared the piss out of me."
He sheathed Kinshara and tested a smile. Watari crossed his arms and resumed his bubbly personality. He lunged for a hug. Rojuro caught him out of an expected surprise. Both withdrew and Watari adjusted his glasses.
"Did I, now? That song you were playing scared the piss out of me. Although it's been a long time since I last heard you play the guitar, but I strictly remember you being good at it, Rose."
He winked. Rojuro lifted an eyebrow and lightened his smile. He seemed to find traces of the agitation that he tried to escape.
"I was actually practicing a song I wrote for you."
Watari scratched his head and chuckled.
"My, my if that song is meant for me, than I don't feel like a friend at all."
This tugged at Rojuro's gleeful sentiment.
"You should know better, Wat, I'm the best there is."
Watari laughed a little, "Of course, Rose, I wouldn't want anyone to write me a song other than you."
Rojuro adjusted his gaze from his friend to what he was carrying.
"Seems I wasn't the only one who concocted a present. What's that?"
He nodded at the basket. Watari tightened his orange cloth that constricted his blonde hair in a ponytail.
"Hm? Oh, you finally noticed. You didn't expect someone like Watari Yutaka to come unprepared for a reunion with a friend."
Rojuro tightened his lips and lifted his eyebrows.
"That really did not answer my question,-"
Watari interrupted, "Of course it didn't, that's why you'll figure it out later."
He laughed to his own joke as Rojuro looked to his side at his dropped guitar.
"Well, we got all day before we head back to my place. We might as well do all of our talking here," he gave a thumb in the backwards direction over his shoulder ", because once you arrive, you will be interrogated up to your well-conditioned head on any and everything."
Watari laughed. "You know I'm a scientist, Rose! I love questions and the answers that follow. Isn't that why you called me 'Wat' in the first place ?"
He smiled and revealed a red and white checker board tablecloth from the basket, the kind usually seen at picnics. As he set his basket aside and began to set up the cloth, Rojuro thought about what Watari said. It was true, Rojuro began to reconcile. Rojuro started using it as a stub of his real name, but changed the pronunciation as 'What' to make it seem like the interrogative word. He found it very suiting for him. On the other hand, 'Rose' had always been his nickname, due to it sounding similar to the flower's name and because he was a little effeminate. He took up his guitar and sat across from Watari. He immediately began tuning it as Watari uncovered different confections, plates and bottles. He set them elegantly across the cloth and adorned each plate with a luxury napkin. It seemed as if he was setting up a picnic for a god rather than for two friends. He finally looked up at Rojuro and seemed shocked, as if he had just walked up.
"How rude of me, I'm sorry. Why don't you play me that song you've been practicing so much on?"
Rojuro blinked in expression that read What are you talking about, Wat? but then realized that was cue for him to express his talent. He struck a single note on his guitar and was satisfied he finally found the right tone. He held his guitar close and shut his eyes, thus playing the first note to the song dedicated to his friend. It was slow with a gothic rhythm, almost like the beat of a heart. It had an enigmatic atmosphere, but begin to have a quicker tempo after a few minutes. That gave the entire song the impression of meaning to be happy. While Rojuro was playing, Watari listened while preoccupying himself with the etiquette of the picnic. His last preparation being pouring his friend a glass of a light, bubbly liquid from a dimmed bottle. He kindly set the glass next to Rojuro. He glanced at his friend, who was too deep into concentration to notice his beverage. Watari poured himself a drink out of a different bottle. He sipped casually and laid his glass next to the basket. He placed his thumb and index finger on his chin in a pondering gesture and smiled as Rojuro played on. It took a few minutes before the completion of the entrancing song, but Watari would have waited until the end of time for the end. Rojuro finally opened his eyes and stared lazily at his friend. Watari gave a mini clapping session and shed his long black coat.
"That song was for me?" He asked with pleasure.
Rojuro nodded and set his guitar gently aside.
"It made me want to touch myself." Watari commented.
Rojuro's eyes widened in discomfort at the thought and he looked aside.
"I see your sense of humor is still just as varied." Rojuro pointed out.
Watari laughed.
"Well, Rose, it may have been eleven years since our last meeting, but we haven't changed THAT much. By they way, what do you call my little song?"
Rojuro looked at the sky. " I call it 'The Song of the Owl'."
Watari added satisfaction into his mood. Rojuro knew that Watari had an affection for birds, and he remembered in one of he letters he received that Watari had obtained an owlet that he named 003 or something like that. He wondered where the little creature was, but set the thought aside when he noticed a drink in front of him.
"Oh, why thank you Watari."
He lifted the glass up and inspected the aroma. It scent was either of fruit or flowers. He couldn't be sure.
"It smells lovely."
Watari gleamed. "Taste it."
Rojuro lifted his hand in a appreciative gesture. "Not at the moment, Wat, I'm not thirsty."
Watari's smile seemed to dissipate in a slow fashion. " Oh, okay then."
He seemed disappointed by this, but returned to his happiness even quicker. He reached over to the basket and pulled out a CD case. He proffered it over to Rojuro.
"For you, Rose."
Rojuro lifted his eyebrows again and questioningly stole the CD. His face showed signs of excitement and astonishment.
"The new Prince of Darkness album?! Oh wow, Wat, thanks!"
He opened his arms in a hugging statement and Watari calmly made his way over to hug him.
"Oh, it isn't nothing. I know you have always been a fan of these guys, they simply aren't my cup of tea."
He smiled at his joke, giving a slight pun to his love of tea. He settled in his original spot and watched as his friend examined his present. Rojuro finally took his attention from the CD's back cover. "Sorry, that I only gave you one present. You set us up a picnic and then this, I'm-,"
Watari lifted his hand in a stopping motion. "You actually wanting to meet up with me is considered a present."
Rojuro smiled. Watari's logic always seemed to get the best of him, even when they were younger. He always had a respect for it, that was one reason they were such good friends. Rojuro scratched under the collar of his black over shirt.
"So, Watari, please tell me more about what you have been doing. Our friendship isn't demanding enough to maintain constant attention."
Watari laughed and sipped some more of his beverage. "But it is good enough to have survived for eleven years without seeing one another."
He refilled his glass and set it back down.
"I have been busying myself with my job,-"
Rojuro interrupted as he eyed a small cake hungrily. "Remind me again what that is, you're in the Research and Development department of The ministry of Hades, right?"
Watari nodded and passed the cake to Rojuro.
"Yes, that's right. I'm the qualified mechanist, computer repairer and scientist. Many cases as well as many inventions have been spoiling my time rotten."
Watari finished his sentence and widened his eyes. He noticed his friend reach for his drink, but he stopped to take the plate from Watari.
Damnit, thought Watari.
He adjusted his glasses. Rojuro cut a sliver of cake and set it on his plate. He turned a gaze to his friend as he applied to the cake pressure with his fork. He noticed Watari staring at him. Rojuro felt a microscopic bit of awkwardness.
"And why don't you tell me some of them, Wat. It has been eleven years since we actually talked in person. You normally wouldn't just shut up, even the letters tell that." Watari blinked at Rojuro's joke, instead of expressing some sort of jest.
"Talking about one who hasn't changed much, your tongue is still as sharp as your Kinshara. I didn't know if you had any more questions."
Rojuro chewed his cake thoroughly as he watched Watari.
"You look like you've been doing well yourself, Rose, why don't you tell me everything about you. I'm sure you don't want to hear about boring ol' me, now, do you?"
Rojuro swallowed his cake.
"That's why I came out here, isn't it? I really would like to hear in detail your recent projects, Wat."
Watari smiled. "Hm, Apart from some miniscule trinkets and the occasional Rube Goldberg machine, I've been testing some new potions, alot of,-"
Again, Rojuro interrupted him as he picked his glass up. "Oh yeah, the sex changing potion, how is that coming along?"
He raised the rim of the glass to his lips and the liquid snaked close.
Watari smiled and put his coat back on. We're about to find out, he thought.