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By Starlite1

"So Hodgins decided all on his own that he wanted to be the baby daddy," Angela huffed, slumping down onto the couch. "And it's not as if we didn't break up for a reason. And there he is, trying to get back through the door."

Wendell sighed, managing not to let his tumultuous emotions overcome him. "Why?"

Angela snorted, "He said he loves me. That you'd try but wouldn't be able to help out. Then he said that he had the cash. I kind of think he's forgotten that I'm a working woman, and that my Dad hasn't exactly left me high and dry."

"And I'd've helped out. I mean, it's not as if-"

"I get it, Wendell. I do."

He grinned slyly, "I don't think you do. Remember a few weeks ago there was that massive jackpot in the lottery?"

"You mean the fifty million that was won by an anonymous....No!" Her eyes widened in shock.

"Yep. I'd normally not, but something told me this time just to go ahead and grab a ticket. And then I got the call. I'm waiting to make sure it doesn't end up being some sort of scam and the money's checked out as legitimate by the FBI before I start telling everyone..."

"Wendell," Angela interrupted. "I don't care. What Hodgins and I had was fantastic while it lasted. But it's over. It ended. And although there are times when I wonder what I could've done differently to stop it, that doesn't change the fact that it happened. And yeah, maybe he's still hung up on it, but I'm done. Right now, I'm with you."

"And we're doing pretty well, aren't we?" he asked, a small smile gracing his face.

"And for as long as we're together, we're together, no matter what Hodgins thinks," Angela agreed.

"Well," he concluded, picking up the beer on the coffee table. "To us, and wherever we're going."

"To us," she confirmed, swallowing from her own cocktail. "So. Really? Fifty million?"

He burst out laughing.


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