I'm so glad you guys enjoyed the peek at Halloween! Enjoy Thanksgiving featuring inappropriate Daddyward!


November, 2014


I hated them. I loved cooking but I hated cooking turkeys.

All the gizzards and gross stuff inside… having to stuff your hand up… there. Plus how long they took to cook. Maybe next year I'd…

"Mamaaa!" Mia shrieked from the living room.

"I got it!" Edward shouted, also from the living room.

I rolled my eyes.

Edward was probably the cause of Mia's screaming.

He thought it was so funny how riled up she got at the simple things.

I, on the other hand, had to deal with the aftermath so I didn't find it as funny.

"No, Da… Maaaamaaaaa!" Mia shrieked again.

I scrunched up my nose and went to the living room to investigate, not all that surprised at the scene I saw.

Edward had put Mia's baby doll in Lucy stroller and Lucy in the baby doll's stroller.

It was funny but Mia was clearly greatly distressed by the situation.

"Mama, Da putted my baby sister in my baby doll's stroller an' my baby doll in my baby sister's!" Mia whined as she hung on my let. I smoothed her hair, something that always calmed her down, and raised my eyebrows at my husband.

"No, no. I think you're mixed up, Mia. This is Cici," Edward said, shaking his head as he pointed to Lucy, who was asleep despite whatever torture had been inflicted before I came in.

"No!" Mia stomped her foot. "Dat's my baby sister and dat's my baby doll, Da!"

"Hm." Edward said thoughtfully, eyeing the two strollers. Lucy grunted in her sleep and clenched her fists, opening her eyes. "Are you sure? Mama, what do you think?"

"Umm… I think you better stop terrorizing our three year old before you cause serious psychological damage, Cullen."

Edward rolled his eyes and picked up Lucy, "Mama can't take a joke, can she? No, let's hope you get Daddy's sense of humor, Lulu."

Lucy sneezed in Edward's face, causing Mia to crack up. "Oh, you think that's funny, huh? C'mere… lemme show you funny," Edward thrust Lucy at me before taking off after a once again shrieking Mia. It constantly amazed me that as much as he supposedly didn't want kids, he sure did love spending as much time with them as possible.

The past few Thanksgivings had been a big production but we decided to keep it low-key this year. It would be just the six of us at home. Carlisle and Esme had gone on an Alaskan cruise while Renee had gone on some sort of spiritual retreat where she didn't have access to television, phones or internet. I told her she was crazy.

Rose and Jasper both took their families to Texas to spend the holiday with their parents. Their father had a knee replacement so he wasn't able to travel but they'd never spent a holiday apart and weren't planning on starting now.

The day flew by in the whirl-wind of cooking, hyper children and a hyper husband. On his days off, he had a seemingly endless supply of energy. By the time we sat down for dinner, the kids were starving and ready to dig in.

"Wait!" Edward stopped them, "We have to go around the table and all say what we're thankful for, remember? Mommy and Grandpa Charlie did it every year."

I smiled at him, getting that tingling feeling that I got whenever he did something that made me love him even more than I had thought was even possible. The first Thanksgiving after Audrey was born, I broke down in tears because I wished he could have met both Edward and Audrey. He held me and listened as I told him about the Thanksgivings I got to spend with my father, when Renee had a boyfriend or decided not to be a mother. Every year since then, he's made sure to honor the tradition.

"Who goes first, Daddy?" Audrey asked, scraping her fork around in her mashed potatoes.

"Youngest to oldest? Alright, Mas… go ahead."

"No!" Masen protested, shaking his head. "Lulu is the lil'est!"

"Lucy's just a few weeks old, sweetie… I'm sure she's very thankful for her sisters and brother," I soothed, reaching over to cup his cheek. Audrey had started referring to Lucy Ella, who had in fact been born before Halloween, as Lulu and everyone else had picked it up, too. I wasn't thrilled with it but no one listened to me. When Edward had started doing it, I knew it was a lost cause. Masen nodded, seemingly satisfied with my answer.

"And Mommy's boobies," Edward interjected.


"What? I am too. Nothing to be ashamed of," Edward winked at me.

I scrunched up my nose, ready to respond but Masen cleared his throat, not pleased with the interruption. "I thankful for my trains cuz I love 'em," Masen said decidedly, nodding his head.

"Cici and Coconut!" Mia shrieked, referring to her baby doll and the American Girl dog. I bit my lip to keep from laughing and nodded to Audrey.

She tugged a loose curl, looking thoughtful. "For Daddy cause he's silly and Mommy cause she makes good cookies."

I laughed, "That's very sweet, Audrey."

"Your turn, Mommy!" Masen said, bouncing in his seat.

"Hmm… I'm thankful for Daddy and Audrey and Mia and Masen and Lucy. I'm especially thankful for nights that Lucy sleeps for more than two hours."

Edward was about to say something when Masen informed him it was his turn next.

"I'm thankful for all of my beautiful children… and I'm thankful for Mommy for being the hottest MILF in the world and the fact that she might let me get lucky tonight," Edward said, smirking at me.


"They don't know what that means!"

I laughed and got up from my seat, going and kissing him on the lips before sitting again. He was so inappropriate but also so handsome, it was hard to get upset.

"What's Mommy gonna let you get lucky at?" Audrey asked, brows furrowed.

I smirked at Edward. He dug his hole, he could sleep in it.

"It means… she might let me be lucky and win the pillow fight."

Audrey, Mia and Masen's eyes widened.

"You're having a pillow fight?"

"Can we pway?"

"Uh… well… no… it's a special pillow fight?" Edward stammered.

I giggled and shook my head. Just as we were about to start eating, Mia spoke up. "Da, what's a MILF?"

Edward choked on the bite of turkey he had just taken. Masen, being the sweetest boy in the world, reached over and patted his back. Once his throat was clear, he stared at me with watery green eyes.

"Well, Daddy. Please tell us what a MILF is?" I raised my eyebrows at him, crossing my arms. Let's see him dig his way out of this one, too.

"It's… uh… it's a Mommy that's very pretty," Edward finally got out before taking a gulp of his drink.

Mia looked thoughtful for a moment, pursing her lips. "I wanna be a MILF when I grow up!"

I burst out laughing and Edward started choking on his drink now. Masen once again patted his father's back, a confused look on his face. Clearly, he was wondering why his father couldn't take a bite or drink without choking.

"Me, too!" Audrey exclaimed, bouncing in her seat.

Once Edward finally recovered, he told Mia and Audrey never, ever to repeat that. I was quite positive that it's all we would be hearing when they played with their dolls.

Later that night, after all the kids were in bed I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth. My hair was piled on top of my head and I was wearing a baggy t-shirt of Edward's. It was the one I stole from him the day I told him about Audrey… he constantly nagged me to get rid of it because it was sort of ratty but there was no way, this shirt had sentimental value. I tried to explain it to Edward but he still beat himself up about his reaction to his mini-me.

Edward walked in into the bathroom and leaned against the wall and groaned. I turned to him, toothbrush still in mouth and raised my eyebrows.

"Mia woke up for water and told me she wants to drink more water like you so she can be a MILF."

I giggled, turning to finish brushing my teeth. As I was swishing my mouthwash, I felt him standing right behind me. His hands were on my hips. I smiled the best that I could with my mouth full and leaned back into him. He leaned down and started kissing my neck. I pulled away to spit out the mouthwash then turned so I was facing him and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Baby sleeping?" he asked, his hands moving from my hips to my ass.

"In her crib. For another hour or so, I think," I murmured. I leaned up for a kiss and was surprised with the amount of enthusiasm that he kissed back with. Within minutes, he had me sitting on the counter and pushing my panties aside. I parted my legs wider, leaning forward to push his longue pants down. Before I knew it, we were both moaning as we came.

Once we were both cleaned up and heading back to the bedroom, I asked what had brought that on.

"Just showing how thankful I am that you're a MILF that lets me get lucky."

Up next: Christmas with the Cullens. And the McCartys. And the Hales. Will Audrey and Mia still aspire to be MILFs? How have Charlotte, Bennett, Henry, Jax, Luke grown? What's Masen's Christmas wish? Why am I ending these mini-chapters like this? All that and more will be posted on Christmas…