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Bella was asleep, and everything was quiet. I sat back in the uncomfortable recliner, observing my wife. She looked peaceful and relaxed, even though she had just given birth two hours ago. It was early morning, and our mothers and Bella's friends had left shortly after the birth, saying that they would be back later in the morning to visit Bella and the new baby when they were both more alert.

Just then, I heard a little whimper and I quickly got up, walking over to our son before he could wake Bella up from her much deserved sleep. Unable to contain my smile, I picked Braden up in my arms, cradling him to my chest. Slowly, I made my way back to the recliner and sat down, looking down at my son. He was two hours old, and the most wonderful thing I had ever seen. He had thick reddish hair, a button nose, and pudgy little cheeks. And I still couldn't get over the fact that he was my son. Braden Charlie Cullen.

"Hi." I whispered, playing with one of his hands. His little fingers curled around my index finger, his grip surprisingly strong for an infant. "I'm your daddy." I informed him. Then I looked over at my wife's sleeping form, smiling. "And that's your mommy over there sleeping. But she'll be up soon and then you can see her." I promised. I looked back down at Braden and his baby blue eyes were open, hazy and beautiful. I stared down at my son for a long moment, and then reached up and touched one of the scars on my cheek, grazing it with my index finger. "Before your mommy and I decided to have you, we didn't get along so much." I whispered; a confession. "But then I got hurt. And your mommy still took care of me, even though I couldn't do the same for her. She wanted you so badly, little guy, and I took that away from her. I was selfish." I sighed, stroking Braden's soft forehead with the pad of my thumb.

He was so innocent, and it was our job to protect him. "I got in an accident." I continued, recalling what Bella had told me. I still didn't remember the accident, which was probably for the best. "And then when I was better, your mommy and I eventually decided that it was time for you to come into your lives." I paused, still gazing at my son. "It's going to be our job to take care of mommy from now on." I said seriously. "You and I, we'll be the men of the house."

I heard a soft laugh and I looked up to see Bella lying in bed, propped up on her elbow as she watched the two of us. "Giving him the facts of life?" She asked, teasing gently. I nodded wordlessly, and then stood up and brought Braden over to Bella so that she could feed him.

"Maybe." I said with a smile as Bella took Braden from me, smiling as well. "How do you feel?" I asked.

"Sore. Tired. Happy." Bella said simply, looking down at our son as he started to nurse. "He's our responsibility." She said softly. "Do you think…" She faltered for a moment, adjusting Braden in her arms as he continued to nurse. "Do you think we'll get the hang of this whole thing?" Bella asked me earnestly.

I sat down on the edge of the bed, stroking Bella's cheek gently. "I know we will." I whispered, leaning down and pecking her on the lips. "We both know it's going to be challenging, especially at first, but we've got each other, and my mom can give us a hand." Bella nodded wordlessly, focusing on Braden. I was quiet for a little while longer, just watching my wife and son. "I love you." I said softly, and Bella looked up at me, a wide smile on her face.

"I love you too."


Five Years Later:

"Look! Daddy, look at me!" I turned my head towards the direction of the commotion, laughing when I saw my three year old son, Matthew, waving his arms excitedly as he showed me the inflatable water wings Bella had just put on him. "Can we go swim now?" Matthew asked desperately, hurrying away from his mother and trotting over to my side. "Mommy said you'll take me." He added.

I scooped him up in my arms, making him laugh loudly as I walked over to wear Bella was sitting on the end of a pool chair. "Doesn't this little vagrant belong to you?" I teased, shaking Matthew gently. Bella just laughed, stretching out on her chair.

"No, that one is yours." She teased me right back. "And so is that one." She added, just as Braden ran up and threw his arms around me.

"Dad, are you taking us into the water?" He asked impatiently, yanking on my arm as I sat Matthew down on his feet.

"Yeah, yeah, come on." I sighed, leaning over to peck Bella on the lips. "You coming in?" I asked, and Bella nodded, standing up with.

"It's too hot." She complained, rubbing her swollen belly. "I probably should have just stayed inside."

I shook my head, ruffling my son's hair as we walked to the edge of the pool. "It's the last time we'll be able to use the pool until next summer." I reminded my wife, who was six months pregnant with our third child, our first little girl. "Besides, the water will cool you off." I promised, getting into the pool. I then helped Bella in, and then the boys got in. Braden could basically swim on his own, as long as he stayed in the shallow water. Matthew was only three, so he depended on his water wings, me, or Bella to help him.

The three of us splashed around aimlessly for a little while, and Matthew clung to me the entire time despite his water wings. "Daddy, what's this?" He asked curiously, touching my side, right between two of my ribs. I looked down and Bella did as well, the corners of her lips pulled down into a slight frown.

"It's just a scar, buddy. It's old." I assured him, but I gently touched the circular scar between my ribs, where I had been intubated nearly six years ago. Matthew let it drop, but when I looked over at Bella I saw that her eyes were full of tears. "Hey, what's wrong?" I asked gently, pulling her over to my side as Matthew continued to cling to me and Braden smiled in circles around us.

"I almost lost you then." Bella explained with a shrug, wiping her eyes. "I just…I guess it's just hard for me to remember sometimes." She said softly, and I kissed the tip of her nose.

"I could always get it taken care of." I reminded her softly for what seemed like the fortieth. "Do you want me to?"

Bella shook her head quickly, touching the scar with her fingertips. "No." She said simply, shaking her head. "These scars, and these," she reached up to touch the faint scars on my cheeks and jaw "remind me of who we are, and of what we've been through. And through all of the shit," She winced, looking down at Matthew "I mean, all the stuff we had to deal with, I love you more than ever."

I smiled, leaning down and kissing Bella on the lips, threading my fingers in her long brown hair. "I love you too."


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