I never thought this stupid place would ever get boring. Now that I'm growing, it's hard to pull pranks on anyone! My stupid arms and legs keep banging into things! My Son never had this problem. Mostly now, I just sit on the couch, watching TV, maybe nodding every once in a while if my grandpa was yelling at me. This was one of those times.

"James! Now that you are a teenager, you are going to have to take on some more responsibilities!"

"I man the front desk for you, what more do you want?" I took a swig of my orange juice, smirking. Oh I can't wait to see what Hell's Chef thinks about how I 'decorated' the kitchen.

"Youth is a privilege James. You won't have it for long! Soon enough you will be as old as me."

"I won't be as ugly."

"James." He sighed. "The point is that you need to enjoy your childhood while it lasts while still learning how to be an adult! Which reminds me; soon, you'll like girls!"

"Ew! Girls are gross!" I gagged at Grandpa, but he just rolled his eyes. What girls are there to like? Catherine? Katie? Not much of a selection when you are surrounded by freaks.

At that moment, the doors to the lounge opened and Cactus Girl walked in, grabbing something her brother left behind. During the time she walked across the floor, hips moving from side to side, and then giving us a small nod of acknowledgment, all I could think of was HORNY. Grandpa sighed again. Damn, he caught me. Something told me, learning to be a teenager wasn't going to be as easy as pulling pranks.