Growth Spurts

"I hate growing!" I was lying in my bed, limbs hurting like a bitch, and tired too, but stubborn enough to stay awake. Grandpa giggled outside at my exclamation, but I just growled and tried not the think about the pain. Why did it have to hurt? My arms and legs are three inches longer than they were the week before, and I forgot that constantly, ending up with me bumping into things, corners, shelves, tables, you name it.

I found the energy to get up and look out side. The keyhole obscured my vision of the room, but that didn't stop me from staring directly at Cactus Girl. He lasso hung from her hip and she gripped it firmly when grandpa started talking to her.

"Hello my prickly princess! He he he."

"How many times have I told you to stop calling me that?"

"Many. But I can do whatever I want, my dear. I'm the manager!"

"I am friends with Catherine, who is friends with your mother, you do realize that?"

"…You wouldn't." I chuckled. She is so badass, scaring grandpa like that. Eventually, grandpa decided to go make his runs. I opened the door and sat on the desk.

"Hey ladie!"

"Hola Shortie!" She smirked. I frowned. She was still two inches taller than me.

"My grandpa is so annoying, isn't he?"

"Very. Now if you excuse me, I have to go see my brother."

"Hey wa- OW!" I hugged my leg. Stupid corner. I looked up from my pain to see actual concern in her eyes. She walked over and checked out my leg.

"You look fine. Get some rest. You have to grow into those new legs of yours." I pouted, well; I didn't mean to, it just happened. She walked away and all I wanted to do was rip my arms and legs right off. I hate growing.