The Potter boy is at loose in London. He, the Dark Lord, should have sent for his search immediately. He should have felt exited and thrilled to know that Potter is in a muggle hotel somewhere. What was stopping him?


The green-eyed boy propped his elbows and got up, looking at the sky, he says-"Where are we?" more to himself than to his companion.

Tom contemplated on his answer then he replied a bit coldly. "Where do you think? You should know."

Harry stared at him confusedly "Well, it is a bit familiar…"

A little impatient the smaller boy snapped, "Well, what was the last thing you remembered before you got here?"

"The dragon-"

"Before that!"

Harry looked a bit turned off but answered nonetheless, "I was entering a hotel then I fell asleep."

Hotel? Tom thought for a moment, but to not appear suspicious, "Therefore…" he prompted the other one.

Harry gasped, "Does this mean I'm in a dream."

"So it seems."

"But I've never met you before, why are you here and what was that dragon and the other person who looked like me but wasn't…me?" Harry blabbered.

Imbecilic, ignorant, stupid…the Dark Lord is a very easily irritated person. Glaring, he said, "I know as much as you do."

Returning to his previous train of thought and pretending that he doesn't know a thing about Harry Potter, "Why are you in a hotel; you're young." There, Voldemort just hoped that he can still make a decent conversation after years of not having one himself.

"Just for the record, I'm of age," Yeah, yeah, the whole wizarding world knows that! "I was just left at home alone so I thought I would stay here, near my job." But the Potter boy suddenly smiled, "you look like six or seven but that's not your real age is it?"

That stopped Voldemort's thoughts. Impossible, no one should recognize him… "What makes you think that?" he demanded.

"You seem to know a lot of things and there's your way of speaking, it doesn't belong to a child but… its your eyes; they seem old." Ah. He worried for nothing. But it seems that Harry isn't so thick afterall. He gazed at the young man again... When was it, the last time he was offered such a smile…? Shaking the thoughts away, Tom properly answered.

"Yes, this isn't my age," he doesn't like talking about himself so he stirred the conversation again. "You're of age but shouldn't you still be in school?"

"It won't start, not in more than two weeks, it's a summer job."

"What do you do?"

"Modeling." What the- of all jobs?

"Yep, I work for a company- i believe I posed for a monthly magazine."

Out of curiosity, he asked what magazine but-

"I won't tell you..." he blushed prettily, "I-its embarrassing... hahah"

Thinking back on that nonsensical conversation doesn't seem to help much, so he called for a random Death Eater.

"My Lord." said a bowing man before him. Harry Potter is in a Muggle Hotel at the moment, search for him and bring the boy to me. Understand? Those words were just at the tip of Voldemort's tongue... "I want to know all that is publicly happening in London, collect all the newspapers in the Wizarding London and also in the Muggle parts- even magazines..."

His servant must think that his Lord would want to know what the public thinks about their raids but Muggle London? Voldemort has no obligation to explain himself but he did respond to his servant's questioning gaze "Perspective." Right. That's a likely excuse.

"You may leave" he ordered.

Why did he say that? What was stopping him?

"I won't tell you..." Harry turned crimson, "I-its embarrassing..." he laughed nervously.

Seeing Harry blush somehow made Tom want to tease him, "You're red, did they take a picture of you nude or something?"

The other male's blush darkened, "It wasn't like that! I just don't like attention and this job somehow doesn't suite me." Not liking attention, really? Severus says otherwise. And although Potter isn't bad looking, he isn't gorgeous either(but then, this isn't his true appearance either).

"Yeah, I hate your glasses but you must trip without those." Tom smirked taking note of the thick lenses.

"No I don't, I have pretty good reflexes." It was easy riling him up, but he hasn't mentioned anything about Wizardry, he's cautious. Just what else doesn't he know about the boy? "In fact," He heard Harry continue "I can do a lot of chores instinctively."

"Chores?" That piqued his interest.

"My relatives make me do all the work in the house- cleaning, washing, cooking..." he listed them off as if it is something to be proud of; Tom scoffed.

"Boy, that isn't a good thing, i believe it is what people would call abuse." he said flatly, with a little venom added to it. Even if it was Harry Bloody Potter, a wizard shouldn't be treated like a house elf by mere muggles.

Harry looked a him just a little surprised, surely the boy knows what abuse is...? "I guess people would call it abuse." Harry chuckled. So what on earth is wrong with you? Voldemort seethed and sent the silent question to the other one. "But I learn a lot from that place, and when I think back, i know more than most- what life is like, it isn't easy. But I learn and I have friends whom I share a lot of things. How to put it? Because I know of hardships, I can appreciate happiness more."

This boy... "Besides," Harry cut off his thoughts, "there are more people less fortunate than me... including you."

"What?" The question escaped Voldemort's lips before he could think properly.

"I can tell. I can tell a lot of things." Harry grinned stupidly. "But it will pass. I may be stupid to think so but I believe all my... misfortunes will pass," Now the Dark Lord knows that he isn't only talking about his relatives. "But I'll rely on that stupidity- knowing that I'm just not smart enough to know everything; I pray, I hope," Those green eyes took a far-off look "I believe."

He doesn't know why but in his chest, something constricted- it was painful just listening to this boy- it reminded him far too much of his past, and he had been so deep on his darkness that hope became something fearful. It was something that the boy clings on so tightly and Tom knows just how much pain that would bring. A part of him that he shut off a long time ago was brought to life- emotions that he never shared were opened to this boy..."Why?" Tom whispered. In this whole encounter, it was the first time that he sounded so young.

" Silent is the ruined land " Harry started to recite a poem.

man is brutal.

and the rain does not wash away the pain

or rid of the distant memory...

"It makes it glisten" The green-eyed boy finished looking at him.

He gets it now. The-Boy-Who-Lived can see things not as they are but he can see the beauty of it all. It would make a pretty good story but that isn't enough. The boy doesn't make sense. It was confusing how he had a child as an archenemy, much more confusing as to why. But he gets it now, only this boy could live the life like he did not going astray, not tainted- even with money, with fame, with power.

"Beauty in ruins..." He repeated his thoughts in words, "you must be some sort of a masochist."

Harry looked taken aback by that. Then he laughed really loud "No, I-haha, just optimistic. And stupid."

It was as if all the darkness had been wiped away, leaving something so clear- was it really possible...

Just as he was about to ask Harry about it, the boy disappeared. "What-" he startled.

"What happened is he woke up." A chilling voice suddenly spoke to him. It was the other Harry Potter.

"What are you?" Voldemort asked.

"You get it don't you? A person, whether he likes it or not, has two sides; the light and the dark. From birth we rely on both" he purred "and as we grow it is impossible to distinguish one from the other; or rather they become one and the same. But not for me- not for us. He never wanted me out. He never wished nor wavered and we grew apart."

Dark Harry stopped directly in front of Voldemort "In time, sometimes one overpowers the other, or" he murmured "the other willingly slinks away for he cannot bear it..."

What does it mean? Hesitation to kill an enemy can be fatal... but an existence of something like Harry Potter... is something he wants to see through.

Lord Voldemort walked slowly in his room and stood directly in front of the full length mirror. He doesn't know why he had the damned thing. But as he stared at his serpentine reflection, he had the urge to break it.

Placing his palm on the smooth surface, his blood red eyes stared at its own reflection... until it melted away and once again, he stares at the six year old version of himself. "His inner world was so peaceful," the child in his reflection says. "And I must destroy it." Voldemort replied.

"No don't!" the child pleaded. He continued in a lighter tone,"There is this clarity and peace- you've locked me up for so long now... please don't, not now. Harry will be our secret."

"I didn't lock you up; you hid away! You needed me!"

"Please not like this... I want to go back to that place in Harry's heart..." The child wasn't hearing him, only having a one -track mind. The Dark Lord stared at his own weakness. Then he broke the mirror, shards digging into his skin but before completely disappearing, he heard the child'll be a secret...

It's a feeling. Like when you meet someone and you just know that you could trust them or you become instantly wary of them. Harry knew that the child he met in his dreams wasn't innocent nor trustworthy but it was just so easy to talk to him. Like they've been doing it all their lives- a sense of familiarity.

Unconsciously, he smiled. He just poured his thoughts to a stranger when he didn't even tell his best mates his feelings. Thinking back, how is it possible to talk to someone who isn't made by his imagination? Or was he just a piece of Harry's illusion? But he was so real and in his dream world, he could feel his own magic all around but that child wasn't part of his magic- he was from the outside. Who was he? Harry wants to know- as if all the secrets of the world could be revealed if he discovers this person's identity.

But no, he won't ask anyone but Tom himself. He doesn't know why but he doesn't want to share this Tom to anyone. His world is always breaking as it is, always topsy turvy and somehow he feels that he could always go back and slink in his dreams to see Tom. Like Tom is a constant in his life for so long now, even though they just met... Harry's heart thumped at that. He will see Tom again, right?

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