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Full Description-

Edward and Bella were born in London, England. They grow up together, just as

their parents did together. Charlie ( Bella's Father) gets an offer in the

United States, Illinois, to become the chief police. Though Esme and Carlisle

love London, they don't want Bella and Edward to be apart. Esme thinks silently

to herself that they are lifelong soulmates and are meant to be. They also want

to see somewhere beside London. They tag along to the United States with Bella

and her parents, Renee and Charlie. Esme and Renee work in the same buisness as

interior designers and Carlisle is the chief of medicene at the local


Edward and Bella had moved with their parents from London at the age of

fourteen and start out freshmen at their highschool. They are brought into the

Clique that incluces shy Jasper, fun-loving and obnoxious Emmett, Hyper and

shopping obsessed Alice and Ice-Queen Rosalie, but also loves her friends

deeply. They get along amazingly and are friends from the start.

In Edward's sophmore year he starts to develope a crush for Tanya Denali, the

schools well known popular girl. She has been active with alot of the school,

but her beauty sways Edward.

Bella watches silently as the man she loves, falls slowly in love with a girl

who is constantly rude to her. Both her good girlfriends, Rose and Alice; have

no idea of her infatuation with Edward or Tanya's constant rudeness. For Alice

and Rose are great friend with Tanya, and have been since childhood. Will they

accept the feelings Bella has for their friend Edward? Will they ever find


When Edward starts acting differently, Bella has no idea how to handle the

situation. She is plagued with a horrible nightmare after a fight and Edward

soon realize's that what he has said, is what he fears. When things are peiced

back together after certain conflicts, he slowly starts to realize how much

Bella has changed over the years. Little does Edward know, that Bella is

purposly trying to get his attention.

When certain events occur and Bella has finally gotten enough courage to tell

Edward how she feel's about him. How she truly feels. Will he except her love?

Or think it's wrong because they are life long? Is he scared?

Read as Bella tells her story of love, heartbreak. And secrets that she is

hesitant to tell.



Ghandi said whatever you do in life, will be insignificant.

I have no doubt that it's not true. Everything I do, has little value and importance.

I stood before him, the chandelier's lights gleaming down on our bodies. His gaze was fierce, intense, and made me want to look away from the shining emerald green. My throat felt like it was closing and my mind was running haywire. There were too many thoughts to process and I felt as if I were going to explode.

Edward stared at me, standing tall and stiff, as if he was ready for anything that I was going to tell him. I knew him better then he knows himself. Edward hates painful truths, it's just something that gets to him. And he has weakness's.

I am one of his.

All I wanted was for him to understand. Edward always understood me, but he couldn't seem to grasp how I feel for him, how my attachment to him ran deep,. He was the only thing keeping us apart. His hesitance and confusion. I wanted to run my hands through his gorgeous bronze hair and tell him that it's okay, that I understood his mixed feelings. But I was angry. Angry that he messed with my mind, knowing that it would be simple, easy.

" Bella," he whispered brokenly, shaking his head.

" Your scared!" I accused " Your scared because you know that I love you and you don't want to love me back." I screamed, a hand running through my untamed wild hair.

" I can't love you, Bella! Why can't you just understand."

" Because your reason is pathetic." I wailed. " Why did you kiss me tonight?! How could you mess with me like that?" I yelled

He pinched the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger, something he did when he was frusterated or nervous. I stared down at my battered converse and denim shorts, wanting to be swallowed by the world.

" I can't do this anymore. Maybe when your ready then we can talk this out. But as of now, I need to get out of here."

" Bella, don't leave me. I ca-"

I scoffed " What? You can't deal with me being gone? Well, I've waited for you for a long time and now you can wait until I am ready. For once, I am putting myself first and right now, I can't be here. The beginning of Junior year you started pushing me away, and that's why I was so messed up. You took my heart and just kicked it around like a toy and then it got better and you just...confused me. I don't know what to think now."

Reaching for my hoodie, I saw my mother enter the foyer, Carlisle, Esme and my father coming in and shuffling around the area. They all seemed to look surprised, except for Esme. She knew that I loved him, in some strange way. I have never spoken of my feelings for Edward to anyone, and now I had laid everything out for everyone to see. I felt bare... exposed.

" Sweetheart-" my mother started

" I. Can't. Be. Here. I can't walk around like I am fine when I'm in love with my best friend...And he... he doesn't love me back. I need to get my head straight, and I can't do it here."

I looked at her, tears in my eyes " I'll catch a flight to London and stay with gran and pappy. Please, understand." I begged, feeling like I was going to break apart at any given moment.

" Okay, be careful." she whispered

I looked towards Edward " When I come back, you can tell me how it is." I whispered, my voice just above a whisper.

I opened the front door and took one step out. I felt Edward's hand lock around my wrist tightly, stopping me from moving further. Slowly I turned around to look at him. He looked broken, upset and very confused. I understood the feeling. I leaned forward and kissed his cheek as he stayed unmoving.

" I love you," I whispered before running down the stairs.

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