Authors Note- Okay, this is part two. REALLY, REALLY LONG! AND PLENTY OF TIME JUMPING!


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When we arrived at the church, Esme and my mother had gone inside to get seated and also make sure that everyone else was settled in. I gave them both a hug, and my mom wished me luck with everything, giving me a kiss on the cheek for extra luck. Edward and I would be taking the limo back to the Cullen's after the ceremony, and everyone had a secure ride back there so Edward and I could have that twenty minutes alone.

Alice handed me a tube of her clear lip gloss. I applied just a little bit to my lips and gave it back to her, thanking her for letting me use it. My father stood with me outside, and he pulled me aside for a short moment to talk. We were in a room between the outside and the church. Right behind those doors all of the excitement was happening.

" I want you to know that just because my little girl is getting married, it doesn't mean that you won't ever need me."

I wrapped my arms around my dad and he gently hugged me, not wanting to wrinkle my dress.

" I'll always need you, dad. Everything will be like it has been. I mean, when we move back here we'll probably find our own home, but nothing will change. I love you, dad."

" You, too, sweetie."

He kissed my forehead and I leaned against him, smiling.

I felt the nerves settling in, but Alice kept me talking for a short while, telling me that there was no reason to be nervous, and that today was going to be all perfect. Soon enough Carlisle appeared out of nowhere and gave me a hug, catching me completely off guard.

" That boy is all flustered in there, but he's happier than I've ever seen him."

I smiled and pulled away from him, " Good. Is everyone here?"

" Yes, Emmett and Rosalie arrived just before you. You're grandparents are also all seated inside. I also saw Abigail and Allen somewhere in that mix. Everybody seems to be here and happy, the inside looks beautiful."

" Is the priest here?"

" Yes, Bella. Don't be so nervous, sweetheart."

I took a deep breath and Carlisle gave me one more quick hug before I suddenly heard the familiar music starting. My breathing hitched and I felt my heart starting to race in excitement, nervousness and pure happiness. Alice blew me a kiss and linked her arm with Carlisle, giving a slight giggle and stepping through those doors.

I felt my dad put his arm around my waist and we were then alone.

" Are you ready?"

I took a deep breath, closing my eyes for a moment before opening them. " Yes."

I gripped my bouquet and looked down at my dress, it looked perfect, and dad smoothed my veil out for me, making it look perfect. I felt my dad loop his arm through mine and then the doors were opened by two men. I took a step forward with my dad as I heard Canon in D by Pachelbel start.

Around me the room was perfect. Instead of the red rug going down the aisles between the benches, there was a white runner going down instead. The ends of the bench's were decorated with white and red bows and satin sashes. The ceilings were high, and the setting was perfect. The music echoed in the air as I stepped down steadily along the aisle.

When I looked straight ahead, I saw Edward standing there, and he stared right back at me with a beautiful smile on his face. I knew that I was smiling; I couldn't not smile at this moment, it would be impossible. His eyes never moved from mine, and when I reached the end of the aisle, my dad went up both steps with me and I stood face to face with Edward in this surreal moment.

I gave my dad a hug and he took my hand, placing it in Edward's before taking his seat next to my mother in the front row. I looked at Edward, seeing how amazing he looked. His suit fit him perfectly, and it was ironed right down to the white crisp shirt underneath the mostly hidden vest and suit jacket. His bow tie was perfectly straight as well as the red rose pinned to his pocket.

And in that moment I suddenly felt a sob escape my mouth involuntarily. I heard an 'aw' from everybody else and I wiped the tear that rolled down my face before holding Edward's hands with mine. He stared at me with all of the love and adoration I'd wanted to see from him for many years, and I looked in his eyes and saw everything I wanted.

" We are all gathered here today to celebrate the love of both Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen, and to bind them together in holy matrimony."

The priest said his small speech on marriage, and both Edward and I listened intently to him, not wanting to miss a word. We stared into each other's eyes, and I never felt as in sync with him as I did in that moment.

When it had come time for ring exchanging and our vows, my heart was beating excitedly and I took deep breaths to calm down.

First we had done our ' I do's', it was traditional to say those before our official vows.

The priest turned to Edward then afterwards and asked him to repeat after him, and Edward did, without one stutter or pause.

" I, Edward Anthony Cullen, take you, Isabella Marie Swan, to be my lawfully wedded wife. I promise to be faithful to you, and I promise to love and to cherish you, for as long as we both shall live."

Edward held the ring between his fingers and slid it onto my ring finger, where it would stay for the rest of my life

The priest then turned to me, asking me to repeat after him.

" I, Isabella Marie Swan, take you, Edward Anthony Cullen, to be my lawfully wedded husband. I promise to be faithful to you, and I promise to love and to cherish you, for as long as we both shall live."

Alice handed me the ring and I looked at Edward, and held his hand gingerly, sliding the ring onto his finger. My hand was no longer shaking, and I felt that in my heart, and my entire being, that this was right.

" With the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

Edward's arms slid around my waist and he pressed his lips to mine, kissing me deeply and sensually. I returned his kiss with equal passion before he pulled away and we looked towards everyone else. His hand firmly in mine, we walked down the two steps and down the aisle. There was clapping and loud cheering following us all the way outside.

When we got into the limo, that was the first moment of peace. We sat down together and had twenty minutes of just us together as husband and wife.

Edward was now my husband, and my insides squealed at the thought with delight.

" You look heart breakingly beautiful, my Isabella."

I smiled, " You look beautiful yourself, my Edward."

His arms wound around my waist and he pressed his lips to mine, kissing me deeply and thoroughly. I groaned against his lips, wanting as much as him as I could get. Edward's hands were on either side of my face, keeping my lips against his and slanting his mouth over mine.

" I love you, so much." he murmured, pulling away.

" I love you, too." I replied, chastely kissing him.

Instead of letting me pull away he held me to him, keeping his lips on mine. I ran my hands down his back and over his ass, gripping him. Edward moaned deeply into my mouth and I smiled, pulling away.

" Ass grabber." he chuckled.

" You love it."

" I'd grab your ass if you weren't sitting down." he said, moving off of me.

I leaned over and kissed the side of his neck, leaning against him. I felt his hand run over my dress and he smiled.

" I love your dress. It's absolutely beautiful on you."

" Thank you. I'm sure glad you don't hate it."

" You'd look beautiful in a plastic grocery bag."

We talked quietly to each other and when the limo came to a stop, Edward opened the door and got out first, holding his hand out to me. I stood up on my feet and Edward shut the door, pulling me against him. There were only two cars here, and the others would probably be here within five to ten minutes, they had to get ushered out and get to their cars. Alice, Jasper, Esme and my mother were all here I knew. And Carlisle and my dad were taking our grandparents back here.

Edward and I drifted through the house until we reached the back, and I felt my mom launching herself into my arms.

" I'm so happy for you, Bella." she murmured.

" Thanks mom."

I was passed then to Esme, then to Alice and Jasper. After that people seemed to just come right on in. I saw all of our grandparents, and gave them all hugs and a kiss on the cheek. They all were saying how beautiful I looked, and I think my face was permanently red.

I saw Angela, Ben, Abigail, Allen, and finally I saw Luke walk up to me. He looked almost the same, but his face was a bit thinner and he looked a little more bulky in muscle. When he looked at me I smiled immediately.

He was a great guy, and if I wasn't helplessly in love with Edward, he would be one of those guys I could see myself with. Without warning he wrapped his arms around me.

" I knew that you'd marry him, Bella."

" You did? I was still waiting in the wings for him to realize how much I loved him."

He laughed. " How are you? I haven't talked to you since...A few days after that Halloween. I was surprised to get an invitation."

" You understanding about what went on. I appreciated it, you were a great person to talk to. I've been doing great as you can probably see. How about you?"

" Great. I'm doing amazing."

Suddenly a beautiful red head appeared at his side. Her hair was long, and down in curls similar to mine. She had olive green eyes and pale skin, it almost rivaled mine. She had on a pretty white summer dress with a pair of black strappy heels.

" Bella, this is my girlfriend, Victoria. Victoria, this is Bella."

" Hi, I've heard really nice things about you. Congratulations." she said in a genuinely nice tone.

" Thank you, and thanks for coming along. You can...find a seat anywhere you want or where you feel comfortable."

Then Edward was behind me, and I knew he was feeling protective at the moment seeing me talk to Luke.

" Edward, this is Luke's girlfriend Victoria."

Edward shook her hand and gave a greeting. I think she was the first girl who didn't hit on Edward first time meeting him. She was definitely a keeper for Luke if she didn't check Edward out or give him the once over.

I saw Abigail in the mix and she basically ran to me to give me a hug.

" I told you! I told you when we were kids it would happen and now look at you, you're married to him!"

" I know. This is...surreal I can't believe I am living in this moment right now."

I was really glad that we had connected after that trip to London and went out for lunch. I'd really missed her when I moved away, but things seemed to be good now and we talked regularly on the phone when we had time. She was graduating next year, same time as me, and she is planning on becoming a high school English teacher. I think that's a big reason we clicked when we were kids, we both loved to read, and did whenever we had the chance.

Edward and Allen seemed to be talking off to the side, and when I glanced over I saw Edward give me a wink and I blushed.

" I know you two will work out perfectly. He loves you, I can see It." she said.

" I have no clue what I would do without that boy."

About ten minutes later I was whisked onto the dance floor that had been set up, and Edward and I would share our first dance as husband and wife. He had his arms wrapped around my waist and I had mine around his neck as he moved me back and forth.

" I don't think I've ever been this happy." he whispered quietly in my ear, pulling me closer and rubbing my back gently.

" I've wanted this forever."

" Is this everything you've dreamed of?"

" No...It's better."

Edward turned his head and pressed his lips to mine. Cameras clicked continuously around us and I felt Edward's love in the kiss, and I tried to return it as best I could. When he pulled away he rested his forehead against mine and I closed my eyes, swaying slowly with him.

When the song was over we came to a stop and Edward kissed me once again before whisking me off towards our table. He sat down and pulled me into his lap, pressing his lips against mine.


At this moment I couldn't get enough of her, her touch, her lips, and her body. Everything.

The moment that I took my spot at the end of the aisle and saw her walking towards me, a wave of happiness just washed over me, and I felt how right this was down to my core. She was the one for me, and I knew she felt the same.

Her dress on her was absolutely beautiful, and it fit her slim figure and bust perfectly. Her boobs looked pretty fantastic, I'd admit it. The dress was strapless, exposing her beautiful shoulders, and it wasn't too full at the bottom. She kept it simple and gorgeous, just like herself. Her hair was down for the most part, and it had been curled and went in ringlets down her back. She knew how much I loved her hair, and running my fingers through it every chance I could find.

I felt her eyes almost staring into my soul as she walked towards me, and I felt like the luckiest man on earth to have someone like her in my life. I had no idea how I got so damn lucky with her, and she wanted me to be with her for the rest of her life. Be the one to love her until death do us part.

She recited her vows in a steady, confident voice. And when the ring slid onto my finger this all felt so real. She is my wife. She is mine.

" We are giving our guests quite the show."

I kissed her deeper, slanting my mouth over hers and massaging her tongue against mine. Her hands wove into my hair, and I wound my arms around her small waist, feeling her quiet moan against my lips. Slowly I pulled away and rested my forehead on hers.

" I can't get enough of you."

" I can tell." she murmured, resting her head on my shoulder.

" Sorry to interrupt the happy couple, mind if I we sit with you?"

" Of course, Alice. You can sit."

Bella maneuvered herself out of my lap and sat in her own spot next to Alice, Jasper next to her. Each of the round tables in the yard could hold six people if needed. The entire yard was decked out. There are red cloths on the tables, white napkins and shining brand new silverware. We had smaller plates for the horderves that were going around.

We had grilled fruit skewers going around, and fried ravioli, which was to fucking die for. There were also stuffed mushrooms, and a few other light things going around. Carlisle and Esme sat down with us also, and I could see Bella's mom mingling with everyone, and her dad was talking with our grandparents.

Our first course came out, and Bella got the tomato soup and I got the melon, deciding the share each others, that was the plan from the beginning. We loved every single dish and would indulge with each of them. I fed Bella spoonfuls of the melon soup, and she did the same for me with the tomato. Everyone around us seemed to be enjoying the first meal, but they were just getting started.

The salad was as great as the first time, and everyone liked it, I never heard one complaint, just compliments when people passed by or sat down momentarily. Bella and I mingled with everyone when they first got here, but we would when our meals were over, not wanting to disturb any eating people.

Bella look a bite from her halibut, and threw her head back for a laugh over Alice's confusion as to what pancetta is. Its Italian bacon and Alice had no idea that it even existed. I looked at Bella, smiling at seeing her so happy. It made me ecstatic.


I leaned forward and took a bite of the potato chunk that was on Edward's fork. I slid my lips back and Edward gave me a sexy smile. He grabbed his fork and grabbed a bite of the orzo stuffed pepper. Edward moaned when the food entered his mouth, and I stole a bite of his filet mignon.

Suddenly, my mother and Esme appeared out of nowhere. Esme held a scrapbook in her hand and she took a seat next to me and handed it to me. The outside was white, and our name was in beautiful script along the front.

" We've been working on this for a long time, and we want you both to have it."

Edward looked at me, and then back at the scrapbook before opening it.

" Oh my god."

There were pictures of us as newborns, toddlers, little kids, pre-teens, teens and late teens, then recent pictures from now. Edward's hand touched a picture and I looked at it, shocked.

It was a picture of us kissing for the first time back in London, when we were like thirteen and shared our first kiss together. I looked up and Esme smiled at me.

" And you thought nobody saw that." she said with a laugh.

This scrapbook was ours to keep, it was full of just pictures of Edward and I together, and some of just us seperated, those were scarce. I noticed pictures of Edward and I sleeping, many of them from our middle-teen years. Edward recalled alot of them.

" This is...precious. Thank you both so much."

When we finished with our dinner, it was about a half hour later. It was almost six thirty, and we were planning on cutting the cake now. Our cake is five tiered, and it has an overlay of white fondant on each tier, and black designs over it, each tier different.

The tier's alternate with two different cakes and fillings. The first tier is red velvet with a cream cheese frosting, and the second is chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, chocolate mousse and fresh raspberries, then the third was the red velvet and so on.

The cake was out in the open and Edward and I stood up and walked over to it. I picked up the knife, and Edward put his hand over mine, his other arm around my waist. The cameras clicked, and Edward pushed his hand down gently on mine and we cut into the cake. We cut the first piece and got it on the plate. Edward grabbed a fork next to the stack of plates, and I also grabbed one. Just as I was getting a piece onto the utensil, I felt a chunk of the cake being smacked right on my mouth. I looked up and saw Edward licking his fingers. I used my hand and grabbed one myself, smearing it over his mouth.

I licked my lips, smiling at him.

" Oh, you are going to get it."

Edward kissed my lips, taking my bottom one between his and sucking the frosting off. When he licked up my jaw I scrunched my face up at the feeling.

" Ew, Edward!"

I grabbed a napkin and wiped off my face, hearing our guests around us laugh. I wiped off his face and grabbed forks. We cut pieces for everyone who wanted a piece. Edward and I both got a taste of both different cakes. I was currently in love with the chocolate cake, devouring it right in front of Edward.

" This is amazing."

" I can tell. You have a bit of mousse right here."

Edward leaned forward and kissed the corner of my mouth, licking his lips. I smiled at him and set my empty plate on top of his. I sat at the table with my grandparents for awhile, and we chatted and talked for a good while, I also danced with my father, Jasper, Emmett, Carlisle, Grandpa Edward and somehow I ended up in Edward's arms once again, moving back and forth.

Today had been amazing, and everything I ever wanted for both of us. The smile on Edward's face never faded or faltered.

" You looked absolutely beautiful today. It's a shame you have to take it off before we leave." He murmured.

" Oh, I will?"

" Mhm. Unless you want to go to the airport in your wedding dress. It's already seven, we must get going. All of our bags are packed in the limo thanks to Alice."

" I didn't even pack a bag."

" She took care of it for you. No worries, beloved."

Suddenly I felt Alice's hand on mine, and Edward and I stopped moving.

" Bella..."

" What's wrong, Alice?" I asked, taking note of her worried tone.

" Tanya is here." She whispered furiously to Edward and I

She had to be absolutely kidding me. This one special day that I wanted to be just about Edward and I, no drama or anything to interrupt us, it was supposed to be the perfect day. I'd be damned if I let some stupid bleach blonde ruin our wedding.

I knew that Rosalie must have been in on this; because there was no way that Tanya even would have known today was our wedding. She didn't even know of our engagement as far as I knew. With a deep sigh, I grabbed Edward's hand and we walked towards Emmett's table where I saw the bitch herself seated next to Rosalie.

Her dress was short and tight, sequins attached to it that shimmered in the twinkle lights hung around. I could see her shoes sticking out, and they were bright red, matching her obnoxious dress.

" What are you doing here?" Edward demanded.

" Edward...It's been awhile. So hot...I just couldn't believe you were tying the knot with the trash here. When Rosalie said it I just about busted out laughing. You know, that could have been me by your side in a much...prettier dress."

" You can come here, and show your fucked up, Botox puffed up face, but when you insult my wife that is taking it way too far. You are not wanted here, and I want you out of here now before I have you escorted off by the Chief of Chicago Police himself. You decided to mess with the wrong fucking family."

Tanya's face twisted up into an ugly sneer. " What the fuck ever. You both deserve each other. Let's get out of here Rosalie."

Tanya stood up and Rosalie stood up next to her, I watched them both walking away together, and then suddenly, I saw Emmett stand up and stare after Rosalie. I saw the hurt, he didn't hide it. Edward and I both knew that he was struggling with her.

" If you leave with her, I'm done." Emmett called out to her.

Rosalie then froze, and she turned her icy eyes on Emmett. She looked fucking shocked, like she didn't believe he would ever say that to her. We all knew that Emmett would only handle it for so long. I know that Rosalie loves Emmett, and she obviously needs to see what her actions are doing.

" You brought that poisonous bitch to our...fuck that, my best friend's wedding. That was taking it too far. This day is about Edward and Bella, and you just can't stand that. If you walk away with her, I am done with you. Let her walk away alone and we can work this out, but I am done Rosalie. This attitude, it's not the girl I fell in love with, the girl that I've been waiting to ask to marry me. But you've done this, and it makes me resent you for doing this to them, it's not fair at all. This is their special day, and right now you need to pick. You can make this right, get your...second chance, hell third chance with Edward and Bella, and get your friends back. Or you can walk away with her, and only her."

" Let's go, Rose." Tanya said forcefully.

I knew there was a part of Rosalie that still cared for all of us, and right now that was being clouded by Tanya.

" Make your choice. Now."

Rosalie shook Tanya's arm off her, and I saw Tanya's face go red in embarrassment. Rose took a step towards Emmett, and I saw tears gather in her eyes.

" Let's go home." was all she said before she turned around and walked away.

Emmett sighed and walked over to me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and whispered how sorry he was, and then gave Edward a hug. None of the guests seemed to know what was going on, almost clueless, and I was glad they didn't hear any of this shit.

Edward pulled me to his side and kissed my forehead, and I felt Alice lean against my side.

" I'm glad she isn't stupid enough to walk away from Emmett." she said. " He's a saint, dealing with her."

" Let's forget about what just happened." Edward stated, walking me back over towards our table. " You should go upstairs with Alice and change, okay? I'll meet you at the front door in ten minutes."

Edward and I went around and thanked our guests all for being here, making promises to see them in the future when we had time, and making plans with a few of them. Such as Angela and Ben that we would go out to dinner and do something when we get back in New York, thanking all of the ones who flew out to see us also.

We said goodbye to our grandparents, giving them hugs and promises to see them soon, along with Abigail and Allen. We would see them soon, maybe take a visit up there at the end of summer or after we get back from the honeymoon.

Alice then whisked me upstairs and helped me out of my dress and into a royal blue strapless dress. The straps were about an inch thick and the dress was really pretty, it clung to my bust and flowed out to mid-thigh. The fabric was cotton also, and felt nice against my skin. Alice took the pins out of my hair and I sighed as I felt the rest of my hair fall down my back. I ran my fingers through my hair and shook it out a bit.

I kept my same shoes on; they were fine to walk around in. I'd been doing it for hours already now.

" Thanks so much for all the help with the wedding. It pulled together in such an amazing way. I appreciate everything you've done for Edward and I, Ali."

She wrapped her arms around me. " A pleasure. Now you go have fun on your honeymoon. Don't worry about anything here."

I descended the stairs with Alice and looked around for my father. I found him talking with my mother and I immediately went over to them. I gave them both tight hugs, thanking them for helping make the day great.

" Have fun, baby." my mother said, wrapping her arms around my neck.

I kissed my father's cheek and saw Carlisle wandering around the house. I wrapped my arms around him and he hugged me back tightly.

" You have fun, not too much though." he said with a laugh.

" Wouldn't dream of it!"

I felt Esme behind me and she also gave me a tight hug, rubbing my back gently.

" I'll miss you, but you have fun. Keep that boy in line."

I smiled. " Of course."

Edward was waiting by the front door from me and when he saw me he grabbed my hand. When the front door opened Edward kissed me in the entry way before running us down to the limo. There was a flurry of rice being thrown at us, and I felt them pelt my back and some even going down the front of my dress.

Quickly Edward and I got in the limo and he shut the door. I let out a breath and he laughed at me as I tossed grains of rice on the floor from my dress. Edward shook it out of his hair and ran his fingers through mine. I shook my dress a little until I felt rice-free and Edward put his arm around me, resting his head on top of mine.

" Excited to go away for awhile?" he asked.

" Excited to spend the first week with you in bed and not leaving."

Edward laughed. " What about showering, food, washroom?"

" I know...Can't you just go with it?"

He tipped my face towards his and gave me a long, lingering kiss.

" Where are you taking me?"

" It's a surprise."

I was just damn confused now. I had absolutely no idea where in the hell he was taking me. It was a flurry of car rides and airports.

Our first flight was to Houston, Texas, then to Rio de Janeiro. We were flying first class and the flight to South America really wasn't that bad. It was almost a fun surprise and Edward was entertaining me even though I was tired half the time. He was wide awake though, alert and excited.

After we got to Rio, we had no other flights. We got into a taxi, driving through the dark, living streets of Rio. Edward was speaking Portuguese, giving out instructions. He could have been saying that he was taking me to a forest to slaughter me and I would have no idea what the hell he was saying. I had no idea he even knew Portuguese. He told me that he learned it from his college professor when they had free time apparently.

Finally, we were stopping at docks right on the ocean. I was very confused as to where in the hell we were. I stayed quiet, because for the most part I was tired. Edward put our bags in the small boat, which was like a little yacht. When he lifted me up, he put me on the little couch along the side of the boat, and I laid down, grabbing one of the plush pillows.

His hand brushed over my cheek before I felt the boat start to speed, the water slapping around the bottom of it. I yawned once and sat up, my head alert.

This was my wedding night, and I was not going to spend it sleeping while my poor husband lie awake, and alone, waiting to be tired. Edward looked at me, a peaceful smile on his face.

His jacket was off and he was only in his shoes, trousers and the button down with the vest over it. The bow tie gone, along with the jacket, and he draped it over the seat along the edge of the boat. I slowly stood up and went to stand next to him, wrapping my arms around his waist as he steered us around.

" Look out there, see that light?"

I looked away and towards the direction his pale finger was pointing in. I did, in fact, see a light. It looked like a small island from here. As we got closer, I could see that there was clearly a house, all of the lights on. There was sand on the shore and the water was like blue crystal's sparkling. Edward got out of the boat and I helped him with the bags. He grabbed my wrists and pulled me up, pulling me to his chest.

" Did I ever tell you about the island my dad bought for my mom?"

" Carlisle bought Esme an Island?"

" Yes, it was awhile ago. Anyways, I asked them if I could take you here for our honeymoon for awhile."

I felt his arms wrap around my waist and I leaned against him.

" Stay put."

Edward grabbed the bags and ran them to the beach house before coming back to me, lifting me up in his arms bridal style and walking us towards the house. When we reached it, he opened the door and walked us inside.

It was really warm and humid here, but I liked it anyways. It was a warm and comforting atmosphere, perfect for our honeymoon. When we came to another room, I could see it was obviously the bedroom and it was very pretty.

There was a netting canopy hanging from the ceiling, the walls a light blue and the bed a bright white with a billion pillows on it. The carpet looked very lush and the room was open, with a set of glass doors that led to a balcony that went down to the beach.

Edward had put our bags in here, and he sat down on the bed, taking his shoes and socks off. I kicked off my heels and ran my fingers through my hair, slowly walking towards him. His arms wrapped around my waist when I reached him, and he pulled my body to his, pressing his lips against mine.

I leaned into his body and he scooted himself back, taking me with him. I lay on my side and Edward slowly moved his body over mine, running his hand over my covered waist. I slowly took off his satin vest, it was dark red, but most of it had been covered obviously, it's not really supposed to show.

I tossed it on the floor and pulled on his button up, untucking it from his slacks.

Edward pulled on the zipper to my dress and I rested my hand on his cheek.

" Are you okay? Is this okay?" he asked.

" This is perfect...I love you."

" I love you, too, my Bella."

His lips claimed mine again, with more passion this time, and I felt myself slowly ease into the bed and become comfortable with Edward here. He was my everything, and this was probably the best decision I've ever made in my life; to marry him.

When I awoke in the morning, the sun shone brightly in the room, but luckily not directly in my face or on me. The room was hot and humid, but Edward was surprisingly chill underneath my body. I lay sprawled across his chest with the rest of my body almost hanging off the side of the bed. I lay completely opposite on the bed than supposed to.

I felt Edward's fingers running through my hair, the tips of his fingers gently grazing my bare back. I shivered from his touch and looked up. His eyes were closed and a small smile touched his lips. What I noticed was a feather in his bronze hair.

Slowly I picked my head up and looked around.

There were feathers everywhere, and two torn pillows. One at the end of the bed, and one laying over my legs that were already covered by the soft white comforter on the bed. In fact, this comforter was damn soft.

" Good morning." Edward said, his voice rough with sleep.

" Good mor-" My voice cracked and I felt a tickle in my throat, making me cough.

" Is your throat okay?"

" Yeah, just had to cough." I replied, my voice normal

" Are you sure?"

" Yes. What's with the ripped pillows and feather everywhere?"

" a bit carried away last night."

" Oh, yeah?"

" Mhm."

I moved off of him and laid on my back, and suddenly feathers flew up everywhere. I let out a giggle and Edward laughed loudly, turning towards me and pressing his lips to mine. He pulled me back against him and ran his hands over my back, moaning quietly. I hitched my leg over his thigh and pressed my entire body flush against his.

Afterwards, Edward and I headed into the shower and got all of the feathers out of my hair. The shower was huge, and made out of glass. Tile covered the walls and the floor, and it was all in black, grey and white tones. Once we were finished in the shower, I dried off and blow dried my hair while Edward shaved. He was already growing a good amount of stubble, impressive since he just shaved yesterday afternoon.

I put my hair up in a pony-tail after curling just a few pieces, and only put on a bit of makeup, Alice had packed some for me that I found. I brushed my teeth and walked to the bedroom with only a towel on. I opened my bag of clothing and gaped at the contents.

Silk and lace.

Did she even consider actual clothing?

I dug through it, not finding one pair of jeans, skinny jeans, or just a t-shirt. Edward peered over my shoulder.

" Oh, this is nice." he murmured, picking up one of the silk gowns, and then one of the sheer teddy's.

" What do I wear?"

He fished down to the bottom and found a strapless cotton dress. Edward handed it to me and kissed the side of my neck. I took the towel off, put on some of the many lingerie pieces I had in the bag. I put on the dress and decided to go barefoot for now.

I climbed onto the bed and started to gather the feathers, but Edward stopped me.

" There is a maid that will take care of it." he said.

" Oh...Alright then."

" Let's get some breakfast, okay?"

" Sounds perfect."

The honeymoon was perfect, better than I'd ever imagined.

Edward and I spent the days going snorkeling, swimming in the ocean, and hell, swimming with dolphins. And the nights were mostly spent in the privacy of our bedroom and showing our love for one another. We went night swimming a few times, and I noticed the water was even warmer at night then during the day.

The ocean was absolutely beautiful. The water was so clear blue that you could see the sand at the bottom. The sand all around the beach was soft and had a very thin grain. It was almost like a powder it was so fine and soft.

I enjoyed the hot weather, even if it was a bit humid and moist, it was still nice, and over all just a romantic setting. This had probably been one of the most romantic times of my life, and Edward and I were having an amazing time here. Every moment was spent together, and I never got sick of it.

He really had outdone himself by making this time perfect. I felt all the stress of real life just melted away, and everything was just about Edward and I and how much we loved each other. We'd talked to our family a bit on our trip, and they were doing great.

Edward had gotten himself a nice tan, and he looked just happy. I'd never seen him so carefree or genuinely happy than I have these past few weeks. I think that we needed this time to ourselves, to really and fully connect and just focus on each other and our relationship.

I was really sad to have left from the Island, which I knew was actually called Isle Esme.

Edward had promised me that we would go back soon, and we also agreed that every once in awhile when school starts up, we will make sure to have a day in the week to just go out for dinner and spend time together. I think we needed something like that.

On July 18th, Sunday, we arrived back in Chicago and saw our family for the first time in awhile. Our honeymoon had been absolutely amazing, and I loved every moment that Edward and I spent together.

When we got back to the Cullen's, our parents bombarded us with everything. They wanted details on what we did, and of course we told them everything we did, besides some of our more tiring nighttime and occasionally morning activities. They didn't need to know about that side of the trip at all.

I knew that Alice would force something out of me when I saw her later for lunch; right now I just wanted a good nap because of the flight. It was seven thirty when we got to the Cullen's house, and both Edward and I wanted some sleep after a long night and very early morning.

My skin had come back just as tan as Edward's, and they were all very jealous, apparently not getting much sun here and more rain. When we plopped onto Edward's bed I already missed the other one, and Edward agreed with me.

Luckily, they had more pillows stocked in the closet, because the first night was just a start of Edward's pillow ripping. I thought it was funny though, and waking up to feathers everywhere would always be a memory to hold close to my heart.

After a good nap, I had showered and dressed, leaving Edward for the first time in weeks, and headed out to Jimmy John's where I was meeting Alice. When she saw me she basically hopped out of her seat to me.

" You are so tan! Look at you, Bella Sw- Cullen!"

Hearing my name with Edward's last name was still surreal.

" I know! How are you, what's been going on?"

" Everything has been amazing. Who cares, what about you?"

We ordered sandwiches and while we waited I told Alice all about the snorkeling and everything we did around the Island. It didn't sound like much, but days of just being on the beach, swimming and being with Edward was very enjoyable and occupied our time. It was amazing.

Alice listened to everything I had to say, not interrupting once, and only to say how fun it sounded when I finished at the end. When we got out sandwiches and filled our drinks we took a seat at a bench and Alice leaned forward, smiling.

" So...How was nighttime?"

" We went swimming at night a few times. The water was so much warmer then during the day, which is surprising. But the air gets really humid there when it's darker, and it gets a bit foggy. Edward and I were basically almost hidden!"

" You know what I am asking, Isabella. How was all your extracurricular activities?"

I blushed, " They were good."

" Good? Just good?"

" Okay, they were absolutely blowing-my-mind amazing."

" Ooooh, what'd you do Mrs. Cullen? Did you completely defile your husband?"

Once again, my face flushed red. " I sure did. It was...He was absolutely amazing. I mean it's not like we haven't already done anything, obviously we have, but I think with the whole honeymoon setting going around, he was just so..."

" Passionate, earth-shattering, mind blowing, unbelievable."

" All of the above."

" Good thing we know he isn't lame between the sheets."

I laughed. " We? Yeah, you better keep those pieces of information to yourself. No gossip to Esme, or my mother, or Jasper or anybody."

" But, Bel-la."

" Anyways, yeah, it was amazing, the honeymoon all around. I really missed it just being about us, and this was just refreshing. I feel closer to him than ever before."

She smiled. " Good, that's great. I want you both to be happy."

" I just feel this turning into something great, Ali."

" I'm so happy for you, Bella. Both of you."

It was all too soon that the summer was gone, and we were thrown back into a whirlwind of classes and work. This was my last year in college and I was sure that it was going to be the best yet. I was ecstatic to be done with college, and as much as I loved New York, I was glad that Edward and I were planning on moving to Chicago.

This November he would be applying to Law Schools in the area, and I could tell he was also happy. We were also discussing a lot about our future in Chicago. I was of course going to be applying to newspapers all around Chicago, and Edward and I decided to get an apartment before getting a house.

We both knew that we would have to live in a certain place depending on jobs, and we decided that we'd just keep up staying in an apartment and find one out there. When Edward gets a job at a firm we could settle down in a home and go from there.

We also even talked about kids, which we also decided was something that could come after we got our house and both had stable jobs. Both of us knew we would want to have a family, and I wouldn't want anything more than to have Edward's children, and we both had decided that once we were in a good place in life, and things were stable, we would settle down and take that step.

Edward and I were still very obviously newlyweds, and still experiencing that bliss. It felt like every moment we spent together felt like the happiness of the day we got married. It never ended, and I honestly don't want it to.

Our Birthday passed on a Monday, and we had actually celebrated a bit on Sunday instead, but with working so much we didn't really have so much time together, or any free time in general. These past few months Edward and I agreed that we'd just kick ass and we had no more vacation at work, we were lucky to get the summer off and be able to come back. Especially Edward because they had to have someone step in for him as manager.

The coffee shop really wasn't busy in the summer; with the hot weather people don't want hot drinks, even if we do offer ice coffee. Ice-cream parlors and slurpee's are mostly desired in the summer.

Soon enough Halloween passed along in a whiz of chocolate and unoriginal costumes, I've never seen so many Hannah Montana wigs and outfits in my life then that day. Unfortunately, Edward and I turned into those people who gave kids the ' fun-sized ' candy, even though all those years ago we complained about how people were cheap about those. Now I finally got it, they had a damn house to support. We were kids at the time; of course we didn't get it! With bills and groceries we realized all of those little things.

We had the winter come and it was a flurry of snow and wetness everywhere. Edward and I were on break, and we spent Christmas here, just us two, for the first time away from home, and our first Christmas as husband and wife. We spent a lot of the break working, and trying to get in some moments to spend together. We spent a warm Christmas in the living room with the fire going, a glass of wine and a shared blanket.

And when we reached spring it was surreal that our anniversary was going to be in June.

Edward and mine's relationship didn't change, besides the fact that we became more passionate about each other. That was probably at an all time high, and I really felt the protectiveness level increase with Edward, if that were even possible.

" Touching you...Touching me. Touching you, god you're touching me."

" What are you singing?"

" I believe in a thing called love."

I bit my lip to stifle my laugh and he glared at me over his shoulder. I walked towards him and jumped onto his back.

" I wanna kiss you every minute, every hour, every day." he sang quietly, catching me.

" You can be so random."

" That's why you love me."

He twirled me around on his back before setting me down and wrapping his arms around my waist, lifting me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, looking him right into his beautiful green eyes.

" I love you."

" I love you, too, beloved."

" Excited for summer?"

" Actually, I kind of am. I should be getting letters from the schools I applied to around next month in May."

Edward had applied to basically any Law School in the Chicago area. He applied to Northwestern University School of Law, University of Chicago Law School, Loyola University Chicago School of Law and John Marshall Law School.

Edward had already taken his LSAT text and passed with flying colors, which was no shock, and he was a straight A+ student in school. He has completely excelled in school and I was proud of him. I had no doubt that he wouldn't get into all of them. I think his main goal is Northwestern, it is a private American school, but Edward was looking forward to being in a class room and working with people who work in actual firms and being a part of a case.

He was studying to becoming a private-practice lawyer. Which most of these lawyers get paid a lot because most people who are richer and need to settle cases they go to a private general lawyer. People who are known for money obviously want their case settled quietly.

On May 21st, 2011, I will be graduating from Columbia University, and on the next day, Edward will be graduating from New York University of Law. Our gowns and everything were already ordered, and I was ecstatic to be finishing this one part of my life. I knew that getting a job and already being married was pretty grown up, and I felt like I was finally in charge.

I was graduating from college. I had a husband, and soon I would have a job hopefully and following after that maybe a baby. I was scared a little bit, talking about having kids, I was excited, but thinking about the outcome of last time really had me nervous. The doctor had said I should still be able to get pregnant, but they figure that I should go in once a week for a checkup and maybe go through pregnancy classes or even see a therapist so that I would have a calm, smooth pregnancy, if we planned on conceiving again.

This new life was exciting, especially knowing that I would be spending it with Edward, and things were absolutely perfect right now. I couldn't imagine them being any better for us.

When I heard my name being called out, I was literally shaking in my seat, but I could hear the cheering of my family there for me, and Edward, as I walked on stage and held my college diploma. The moment was surreal and I couldn't believe I had finally survived college, and that after this summer my life would officially be taking off.

I am sure Edward had the same experience during his ceremony when he was announced along with other people who graduated from pre-law, and now was going to Northwestern Law School to get his Juris Doctorate Degree.

I'd been completely right. He got into all of the schools, and he made the quick decision to go to Northwestern and he was very happy about it. I could tell that he was happy, and that made me all the more happy for him. Things were really still going amazing right now.

Today, May 25th, Edward and I were already in Chicago and going apartment hunting. I was really excited to be doing this, and we were both extremely excited that this was happening and all those months we were waiting to move back, and now we finally were at this point and actually looking for apartments. There was basically a plan we had going.

When we found an apartment around here, what we were planning on doing was basically sending all of our bigger things that we could ship from our apartment, such as bigger things like furniture, to my parents or the Cullen's, which ever. Edward and I would have to drive down here ourselves, packing up the cars with all of our remaining things.

I was actually a bit sad to leave our old apartment, it really did feel like our home, but I knew that our new apartment would feel like home until we actually bought our house in a few years. Edward and I had been looking in newspapers, circling possible apartments that were for rent. It was a little scary having no job right now, but we had money in the bank just in case.

Yesterday Edward had gone out all day and brought a huge pile of job applications back to the Cullen's house and we spent the day filling out applications and then this morning we got up early and handed them back in. I, obviously, didn't have to fill out some myself, but I did it for Edward to make it go quicker.

Edward applied to bakeries, restaurants, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Jewel Osco and Berkots. I knew he would have a big chance of working in a restaurant again, but he said he wasn't going to keep his hopes up about that.

I had applied to newspapers around here already: Herald Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune. I had high hopes for Chicago Tribune, and I applied for all opening positions besides sports. I honestly don't think that I can even keep up with all of the sports events going on.

" Okay. We have six apartment locations today. I say we go through all of them before deciding." Edward said as he got into the driver seat of Esme's car.

" Deal. Let's get started."

We both knew that not all of the apartments would be...Ideal.

The first apartment was okay. It was in a huge building and it was...alright. The wooden floors in the living room were a little rough looking, and the tile in the kitchen was probably supposed to be white, not cream with scattered spots of different colors. The one bedroom it had was small, and out of the window had a view that was not pleasing, a McDonald's sign. The bathroom couldn't fit both Edward and I, unless we were pressed up against each other, and it was a little dirty.

Apartment one, definitely not a choice for our future home.

The second apartment was much better, in a nice area of downtown and was in a smaller building with bigger apartments. When we stepped into it, I firstly notice the whole glass wall along it. That, I had not been expecting. The apartment was nice, but Edward and I weren't partial to the glass wall, and it basically showed the entire bedroom. I didn't feel comfortable with that, and that was checked off.

The third was a dump. Edward and I did not go in because the outside had a smell that apparently was similar to pot. Never smelt that shit but Edward identified it and didn't even bother with it. I trusted him and we went on our merry way.

The fourth apartment; That one was definitely the nicest, and it was also close to Northwestern. The building was chopped into four apartments, two apartments on top and two on the main floor. The one we looked at was on the top. The flooring was carpet in the living room and bedroom, and white tile in the bathroom and kitchen. The living room had good space, but the kitchen was definitely on the smaller side. The bathroom was...probably bigger than the kitchen and the bedroom was really nice. It could definitely be workable. The walls were obviously freshly painted, and the floor was really clean.

Number four was definitely an option.

Edward and I stopped and went out for a lunch at a local diner that we used to go to after school, having some salads and sandwiches before heading back out to see what apartment five had to offer.

What apartment five had to offer, was a hole in the wall, cracked tile flooring but the most beautiful bedroom I've ever seen. I swear it was amazing. It was so open and light, with a view of Lake Michigan. A lot of Northwestern is in Chicago and Evanston and close to Lake Michigan.

" Edward, I want this bedroom, but I hate the rest of it."

He wrapped his arms around me and chuckled. " I wish we had money to renovate it, baby, but this is not going to work."

I reluctantly left that beautiful bedroom and we crossed that one off this list. Number four was winning so far.

Now, apartment six is apparently a studio apartment, and Edward and I were wary, considering studio apartments can be kind of small, and they are basically one room, sometimes separated by a little bit of dry wall. But Edward and I were willing to give it a chance.

When we pulled up, the building was really nice; I liked it so far from the outside, now to the inside. We met get another attendant to show us the apartment and we stepped in.

Opening the room was a living area very obviously, but what surprised me was the glass wall with thick wooden framing separating the living room from another, there wasn't a door, but a good doorway. Walking through there we were right into the kitchen. It was a great size, and there were counters on both sides with an island in the middle, a fridge, dishwasher and stove already supplied, along with a built in microwave. It was all stainless steal, with dark wood cabinets and dark granite countertops. The insides of the cabinets were clean, no issue there. Beyond there was what I imagined was room for a bedroom, there was a partial wall separator, and you had to go through the kitchen to obviously get to the bedroom, and the back of the kitchen island was there, and I imagined barstools could work over there. The kitchen was hardwood, as was the living room, but beyond the kitchen was white carpeting. There was a bathroom that obviously had its own room, and it was a really good size.

" I...Love it. I think I could get used to the open bedroom, I don't think it will be a big deal...And look at the view from the window! Edward, I really love it. This could be a great home for right now, it just...It's so different and that's what I like. What do you think?"

Beautiful view of the city and a lot of natural light came into it. I was completely sold already, and I hoped that Edward felt the same way. His happiness also mattered also.

"If this makes you happy, it's it, love."

All of these apartments we had basically looked at because they were in price range. This place would be about eight seventy five, for rent only. I had no idea how this place went for that low on rent, but it was great.

The way he said it sounded so nonchalant. Like just because I said I loved it, he would make it work because he wanted me to be happy.

" Are you sure?"

" I think it's great, and I can tell you are already in love with this place. So, yes, this is home now."

I squealed loudly and jumped into his arms, hugging him as tightly as I could. He smiled and set me down, looking towards the lady who owned the building.

" Shall we sign some papers?"


He was in the living room in an instant, taking the heavy box from my arms and setting it down on the kitchen counter. He opened it up and smirked, leaning over towards me.

" It's all my music, love."

I rolled my eyes, " No wonder why. You have every piece of music you could possibly fit in there."

Edward smirked at me and walked over to kiss me daintily on the lips.

" I'll go make the bed." I said, sauntering off.

" Mhm, you go do that. Might not be made for that long though." he said with innuendo dripping from his words.

" I hope not."

I walked into the bedroom area and grabbed the pile of sheets.

On May thirty first through June fourth, we spend the entire time packing our things and sending our big furniture to the Cullen's house. It really wasn't that hard packing up the apartment, but we would both miss New York. Edward and I decided to come visit every July 12th, and go to the hospital in New York to visit where our son had been buried, in the memorial they had in the sun/garden room.

Even if he wasn't here, he would always hold a place in my heart. My first baby and I couldn't ever forget that even if I tried. I wished that I could have been able to raise him, be his mom and watch him grow up, and that part of me that wants that I am sure will always be there.

It's already June sixth now, and our first year anniversary is only just a short while away. I was extremely excited. It seemed like this time had flown by us, and every moment was really worth capturing.

I pushed the sheet to the corner of the bed and pulled it around the other side. I used the next sheet and tucked it underneath the mattress before grabbing the comforter. I tossed it over the bed, going back and forth between sides to make it nice and straight. Once I had finished I put the pillow cases back over the pillows. I had washed every sheet on the bed, figuring I'd get them clean. As I smoothed over a slight bump, I was about to stand up straight before I felt Edward behind me. His arm wrapped around my waist and his lips underneath my ear.

Edward pressed my front into the mattress and I felt him lean over me, gently kissing the back of my neck. Slowly he turned my body over and covered it with his.

" Somebody wasn't wasting any time."

His hands pushed my shirt up and I unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it to the ground. I scratched my fingernails lightly over his back and he groaned. I felt his teeth gently bite my bottom lip and I grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him properly.

July 12th

A lot has changed in such a little amount of time.

Edward and I's anniversary passed and we spent it taking a little vacation to Seattle and saw Muse, Theory of a Deadman and A Day to Remember perform at the Studio Seven. They were all three there, and Edward got us tickets because how often do we see a few of our favorite bands perform live.

It was amazing, and we didn't need all the romance during the day. In the evening we wound down and had dinner at a very nice Italian place and spent overnight in the Hilton before flying back here.

Edward had gotten a job at the local Target and I had two interviews with Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune. I'd gotten the job at Chicago Tribune two days after my interview, and was ecstatic to get the job. I never thought I'd be so happy but I was. I was basically writing top news articles that were kind of off to the side, but I was still excited and was extremely happy.

That day was probably one of the best, and Edward was happy for me.

I had talked to Alice, and her second year anniversary had been yesterday. They both had graduated two months ago also, and Jasper was going on to Law School at The Chicago University of Law, and Alice had gotten a job at a fashion designing building and was interning at the moment. She said that she and Jasper were talking about trying for a baby, probably a year from now, and both she and Jasper were doing great.

As for Rosalie and Emmett...Alice had said they were in couples therapy right now, and working through all of the issues in their relationship. Apparently Tanya still came around every once in awhile, but Rosalie wasn't being as influenced by her like she was before. Emmett was really stressed, Jasper had said, but he said that things were getting better for them. I was happy for them. I knew that Rosalie loved Emmett, even if people don't see it, I can.

Tanya is poisonous; Alice said that she had been whoring it up around bars in the Chicago area. She saw her hooking up with a guy in the ladies bathroom at a bar her and Jasper go to every once in awhile. I really wish that Rosalie would get Tanya completely out of her life, but I knew that they were friends, and nobody could change it.

And just a few days ago I found out something that would change Edward and mine's life. Our friends weren't the only ones with news.

I was broken out of my reverie when Edward paused in the doorway. The room was just the same, but my heart broke for the people who just had their own children buried. Edward and I walked forward with heavy hearts and tears welled up in our eyes.

We stopped by the little stone that said Declan Edward Cullen, and I knelt down over it. Flowers grew all around it, daisies, roses, tulips and other random flowers I couldn't identify. Edward knelt next to me and held my hand.

" He would have been three years old today." I whispered, my breath hitching in my throat.

Edward stared down at the stone, and he closed his eyes, tears falling gently onto the stone ground. I put my arm around his waist and he grabbed onto me and hugged me as tightly as he could. I felt his tears on my neck, and his hands were tense.

This was a very emotional moment. It made us think of all we could have, and how things could be so different right now. Slowly I felt Edward's walls tearing down as he cried.

" It's like, after I saw him so tiny, so, so tiny...I know how much he would have looked like us. He wasn't fully developed but I know." he cried softly, " And right now he could have been here with us, and we wouldn't have to be here standing by this stone."

" I know, Edward. I know." my voice was higher-pitched with the tears and emotions pouring out of me.

He pulled away slightly and wiped the tears from my face, I gently brushed his away. I felt his lips press against my closed eyelids and he held me close to him. I reached out and brushed my hand over the smooth, cold stone.

" It will be okay...Where ever he is, he knows how much we would have loved him, and how much we did love him even before we met him."

Edward ran his fingers through my hair and we sat down on the ground together for about an hour. I think leaving was the hardest part, knowing that we were leaving him behind in New York while we were in Chicago, but we wouldn't ever forget, and we would always come back here no matter what. Getting pregnant for the first time wouldn't be something to forget, even as years went on. Edward and I made this promise to be kept.

It had been one of the hardest times of my life, and I never felt so defeated, empty and sad than I had at that time in my life, but I knew that spending the rest of my life depressed wouldn't get me anywhere. Edward taught me that, because after that I really didn't feel like doing anything. I'd always felt it was my fault, but it wasn't.

The flight back felt really long, and I was really exhausted. We had flown second class and the flight was in the morning. We slept in a nice hotel, and I slept pretty well, but I still wanted more sleep. I knew why.

Edward led me himself through the airport half asleep, and we got our baggage. O'Hare was really surprisingly busy, and cars were packed everywhere, but we somehow found my dad in the mass of people and cars around us. My dad had picked us up and dropped us off at our studio apartment. We talked for a short while until I have him a hug goodbye and told him to be safe at work. When we walked into the apartment I just dropped my bag and went through the kitchen area and into the open area of the bedroom.

I'd meant to tell him on the trip, to maybe bring up the mood, hopefully. I wasn't sure about this, and this change came at the wrong time...again.

When I sat down on the bed, Edward then stepped in, looking worriedly at me.

" You sick, again? You slept quite well last night."

" I'm not sick."

Edward walked forward, pressing his hand to my forehead. " Are you sure?"

" I'm pregnant."

Suddenly his eyebrows shot into the air and his eyes widened.

" Yeah...I know we pick the worse times. We wanted to wait...But...Remember last month right after we got the entire apartment together, around the tenth? Well, when I got the medicine from the doctor she said-"

" You weren't sick?"

" No, no. Let me finish. I did have the flu, and when she gave me the meds, I forgot that even if you keep up with it, the birth control becomes defective until you stop taking the meds for a few days...And we had sex the one night when I only had one pill for my flu left, I was almost better."

" And even though I got you the morning after pill as extra protection, because we forgot a condom, it still didn't do anything because of the medicine you had for the flu messed it all up." Edward finished

" Yeah...I found out last week. I felt a little off and, I took two tests and I made a quick appointment. I wanted to make sure that I knew if I was or not before saying anything. I would have told you anyways, but I didn't want to say that I might be, and then go and find out I wasn't."

" You're really pregnant?" he asked quietly.

" Yeah... She said really early, I am just a month. I know this isn't ideal timing, you have your job and Law School all starting. And I just got hired at the Tribune. But it seems like this happens when we are busy."

Edward smiled and sat down on the bed next to me, wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing my temple.

" It's going to be great, Bella." he murmured.

" Really? Are you okay with this?"

" I am. And everything is going to be okay. How are you feeling about it?"

" I'm a little scared from what happened last time, but I don't feel stressed, or that I am freaking out. I feel good, and even better knowing this is okay with you."

His lips pressed against mine softly and I felt his hand on my stomach, gently rubbing.

" I'm so excited." he murmured.

I smiled and rested my forehead against his.

This is going to be great

Telling our parents this time around wasn't scary or earth-shattering at all. All I could hear was squeals of happiness and congratulations left and right. They were all ecstatic for us, and that boosted me up even further. I felt so happy, genuinely happy. My mother was even excited and already talking about baby colors.

Edward and I had discussed the option of me going to see a therapist to make sure that I am kept at a good emotional state, and we even talked with our OBGYN doctor, and she had said that I really seemed to be doing great, and didn't think I would need to see someone. My doctor is Dr. Kirk, she has been really nice and Carlisle actually referred me to her as one of the best in Chicago.

With Edward starting Law School, and working, we knew this was a feat. He'd already started August 16th, and had class most of the day, and the rest of it he worked. Today was September 4th, also known as my three month date.

I had just the tiniest little bump, and I swear almost every night Edward would be found sleeping with his hand over my stomach. Both he and I were keeping everything stress free, and so far everything was going perfect.

Work for me has been going great, and I've been working steadily from eight in the morning until six in the evening, which works out great for me. Edward is usually out of the door by six thirty and is home around nine. His last class ends at four, and he works about four and a half hours at work after that. Edward's only days off from classes are the weekends, and he had Tuesday off, and I know on Friday he has a class ending at two. I know that they are really getting into speaking about cases, and also partaking in real ones just as input. Edward really isn't allowed to talk about it, which is policy. I get it, and I understand.

We both talked a lot about the baby, and what we will be doing when he/she is here. Edward and I both agreed that putting a newborn in day care was not a choice, and we wouldn't ever put that into consideration. My work basically alternates with days per week. One week I work Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. The next week I have, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. And the next week is Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Day wise, they both alternate, but time stays the same. Either way, I am free on Saturdays each time.

The first month after having the baby I will be taking a leave from work, and Edward would also have a leave from work, with pay, for about two weeks and be here at least by four in the evening because he still has classes. We knew it would be interesting, but it would work. Of course, our parents would help us out when they don't work, which I appreciate so much. We don't want to have to do daycare, and then our parents would get some time with the baby a little bit each week.

Today is Sunday, and I was able to get off work early, as was Edward, so that we could go to my doctor's appointment together. Edward and I walked confidently into the office and we sat down, waiting for our name to be called. It was two in the afternoon, clearly good time. We had basically gotten to work, both of us, at around eight, and we made sure every month that my doctor's appointments gave us work off early.

When we were called on Edward and I walked into the office. Dr. Kirk was in there waiting and looking over at my chart, smiling at us when we walked in.

" Edward, Bella, how are you both."

" Great, we are great." Edward stated, shaking her hand.

We talked for a short while until it was time for my ultrasound. I jumped slightly feeling the cold, blue gel on my abdomen, and I felt Edward's hand holding mine as she ran the detector thing over my stomach.

When the room was filled with a healthy, steady heartbeat I smiled. She moved it around, showing the developments of the baby and everything. We couldn't find out the gender yet, probably next month or the one after for a guess to even be made.

This was going great, and this time, I knew in my heart everything was going to be alright.

November 22nd



Six months pregnant I think was looking pretty good unlike some pregnant women.

My stomach now had a round shape, but I actually really wasn't that big, and Dr. Kirk had said that since my mother carried me and was quite small, I probably took after her, but the baby was growing at a good rate and at six months the perfect size.

Edward and I had found out the gender and had seen that we were, in fact, having a boy. We were both happy about this, and were already talking names and such. This was all becoming so real, and it was actually happening. This was real.

My due day is February ninth, which isn't much far away.

Edward and I spent our 23rd Birthday at home, and it was just like any other birthday, although this one was mostly working and Edward in class. It was still a good day at the end. We both, like last year, had gone out and spent time with each other during the weekend.

With a deep sigh I pulled the blankets off of me, suddenly I felt them pulled back over by Edward.

" Snow day, sweetheart. Just got off the phones and we've got a foot out there and more to come."

" Are you serious?"

" Mhm."

" I wish I could sleep though, he's been kicking me all night." I murmured.

Edward got into bed next to me and wrapped his arms around me. I was glad that nothing on me was swollen. My ankles and feet were fine, so were my hands and fingers, and my face was still as is. I didn't want to blow up like a damn balloon.

I felt his hand rest on my stomach where I felt another kick. I groaned and felt Edward lean down and place his lips over my bump.

" You shouldn't kick mommy while she is trying to sleep, little one." Edward whispered quietly.

It must have been ironic or something because I didn't feel any kicking following. It was creepy being able to feel him move, but suddenly I felt him still, almost as if he could hear Edward.

" Either you are a baby in the womb whisperer, or that is ironic because I think this kid finally fell asleep."

Edward softly kissed my stomach before leaning up to kiss my lips. I burrowed myself into his side and felt his hand gently brush over my stomach. I pulled away from him slowly and nestled my face into his neck.

" You've made me the happiest man alive, you know that?"

" It's my duty as a wife to make sure you are happy."

He tipped my face up and brushed his hands under my eyes. " You succeed, my tired angel."

" He must have your enthusiasm because he doesn't stop."

" I am calm, what are you talking about?" Edward argued.

" Not in your child and teen years. You were always all over the place."

Edward tickled my side and I jumped, " No, he's finally calmed down." I whined.

" I like snow days."

" So do I."

Then the phone rang, and Edward leaned over me to answer it. He put it to his ear after answering and laid back down.

" Hello...Yes, hi Alice...Mhm, she's right here."

Edward gave me the phone and I gave my greeting before I heard a loud girlish squeal.

" Guess who got promoted! I am now working as the personal assistant of RALPH LAUREN! Can you believe it, Bella! Oh my god, I am so excited right now, I just got the call and I had to tell you first!"

" Wow, that is...That's amazing Alice, congratulations!"

" Thanks! How's the baby? Everything been going good?"

" Yeah, everything has been great right now. February 9th is the due date."

" I'm so happy for you guys. How's Edward been?"

" Great. He's been amazing." I replied just as Edward kissed my forehead.

" That's awesome! Okay, well I have a lot of calls to make right now. Snow day and I still have to be working! I love you both, and little Cullen, give that belly a rub for me!"

I smiled. " We love you, too, Alice. Bye."

I hung up the phone and laughed. " Alice's happiness will never fade, I swear. You probably heard the entire conversation."

" I did, and congratulations to her. I'm happy that she is so successful, little pixie has always been a fashion genius, who knows where this is going to get her; probably her own fashion line in just a few years."

" Probably, this is, Alice."

All of our lives were falling into place perfectly. I couldn't have asked for better.


Bella gave birth to Masen Anthony Cullen, on February 8th, 2012. He was born at 9:27 on a snowy morning. Six pounds, eight ounces and twenty inches tall, and looked just like us. He was unique in one very different way though.

Upon his eyes opening, we were made with a shocking discovery. He was born with heterochromia, which has to do with the recessive pigment in his one eye, this wasn't a bad thing, and he was able to see. But he was born with one green eye just like mine, and a brown eye just like Bella's. This had been shocking, it wasn't common, and definitely not something that ran in the family. Everyone was astounded by it.

He really was the perfect blend of both of us. He had Bella's tiny ears and lips, and he had my hair color and my nose.

All night Bella had been uncomfortable, and we predicted that she was going into labor. At around seven she had woken me up, just about fifteen minutes earlier then my alarm clock. She had been having contractions and they were coming quick and lasting about three minutes. On the drive there we called everyone and I called work for us both. I was glad it was a Tuesday because I didn't have to worry about class.

When we got to the hospital she was already dilated to six centimeters. And within two hours she had our son. Bella did an amazing job through everything, through the entire long pregnancy, and delivering him into the world.

Bella stayed the entire day at the hospital, and overnight, and she and Masen were released in the morning.

I already had the car seat set up for him and everything. When we walked into the apartment, this time there was an addition. Bella and I had a lot of things that our parents used for us as kids; changing table, cradle and the crib. We had bought a few other things, like of course sheets for the cradle, crib and blankets for him. We bought things for when we would give him a bath and just a few small toys probably when he is a few months older than now. We had bottles that were sterilized and baby formula. Bella really didn't want to breast feed, saying that even the thought was uncomfortable.

" Those just kept for me?" I'd teased her

She'd gone up a little bit in her cup size. I knew that because I could tell, and I enjoyed it quite a lot.

Unfortunately, we had to wait two months before having sex because Bella needed to heal. Gently I set the carrier on the counter, and Masen was fast asleep. He was just about the cutest baby I've ever seen. Bella walked over to me and rested her head on my shoulder.

" He looks so much like you." She murmured.

" Is that a good thing?"

" Very. I want little Edward's surrounding me."

I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her softly.

" Will you be okay with him if I take a shower." Bella asked me

" We'll be fine. Go ahead."

She brushed her fingertip across his tiny hand and walked to the bathroom. I knew she hadn't slept well in the hospital, she said that she'd missed me. The doctors apparently didn't want me staying the night, and I had to leave. But I left as late as I could and was there as early as possible.

I grabbed the handle on the carrier and pushed it back. Slowly he opened his eyes and stared right at me. I now wasn't just responsible for myself; I had this little guy to take care of now.

May 17th

With another year of school gone and with only two years left of law school left, I felt amazing.

Bella has gone back to work, but both of us have been spending time with Masen. One of us was with him during the day, and when we couldn't make it work then off to Grandma's and Grandpa's he went. Renee and Esme absolutely adored him to pieces, and my father had been ecstatic to have a grandson, as was Charlie.

Alice and Jasper have also spent time with Masen. When we have time we go over and have dinner with them at their house. Alice was made his godmother, and his godfather was Emmett. They were both a great choice, and Emmett loved spending time with Masen.

Rosalie and Emmett have been together still, and from what I know they are doing really good now. I haven't heard much about the bitch, Tanya, herself, but I imagined she wasn't very much around anymore, which made me happy. I didn't want her around people Bella and I spent time with.

I'd ran into her at work, making it very clear that I was married with a son, that happened about three weeks ago when she tried to come onto me when I was stocking cd's. The chapter of her in my life had been over for a really long time now. I was happy with Bella, she was the only women I would be with.

Both Bella and I have settled well into the role of parents, and Masen is a really great baby. He's not really a screaming baby. He makes loud whining noises, and he only screams when he is either waking up in the middle of the night, irritated, or up from a nap that didn't last. We have him on a strict schedule, and we don't really have issues with him being hungry unless, as I said, he wakes up at night.

When I walked into the house after work, it was two and I had opened up this morning at six, and already did an eight hour shift. When I got home I saw Bella passed out in bed with little Masen sleeping on her chest.

She was really an amazing wife and mom. Today she was off work, she'd gotten everything for today finished yesterday, and she seemed to do that when she could.

Suddenly I saw Masen stir and I quickly went to grab him before he screamed in her ear. His head rested on my shoulder and I patted his back. Bella sat up slowly, awoken from her sleep and probably me moving him.

" When was he last fed?"

" Two and a half hours ago. He's probably hungry."

I carried him to the kitchen and made a bottle and warmed it up. He squirmed a bit in my arms but I bounced a little bit to keep him somewhat happy. When the bottle was done I cradled him in my arms and he took to it right away, slurping it down. Bella smiled and I sat down on the bed, feeling her arms wrap around my neck from behind.

" It's amazing seeing you as a dad. A dad to my children at that."

" And you are a beautiful mother, Mrs. Cullen."

Bella smiled. " I don't think I'll ever get used to that."

I kissed her cheek and smiled.

April 6th



As I got out of the shower, I dried off quickly and put my hair up in the towel as I got dressed. I put on a pair of skinny jeans, a pair of black flats and a short sleeved purple fitted v-neck. I blow dried my hair and curled my hair nice, then sprayed a bit of hairspray and brushed my teeth. After I was finished with my makeup I walked out of the bathroom.

When I got into the kitchen I saw just about the cutest sight ever. Edward sat on the barstool at the other side of the counter, and was looking at the newspaper and eating lucky charms, dry, out of a bowl. Masen sat on his lap wearing a pair of his denim jeans, little converse and a black batman t-shirt. His bronze hair just as crazy as his father's today.

Edward had a few pieces of cereal on the counter that Masen was eating, and I walked over to them, smiling.

" Mornin' mama."

I kissed the top of his head and chastely kissed Edward. He set his newspaper down and took a sip of his coffee, giving Masen his sippy cup filled with apple juice. I poured a cup of coffee myself and leaned against the other side of the counter.

" Sleep good, beloved?"

This morning I'd woken up to a nice morning grope from Edward, and I'd smacked him in the jaw by accident in surprise. I smirked at him.

" Yes, I did."

Edward leaned forward and kissed me once more and Masen started whining so Edward set him down on the ground. He came around and wrapped his arms around my leg. I bent down and lifted him up, and he rested his head on my shoulder, his green and brown eyes staring up at me.

Life has been absolutely great from the moment that I married Edward, and it's been the best three, almost four, years of my life. I couldn't have asked for better.

Last year though, we had faced a loss in the family when Grandma Claire had a heart attack in her sleep and passed away. It had been a pretty bad time, and Grandpa Allen had been absolutely heartbroken after losing his wife. We were all very fortunate that she lived like she did though. She'd been an amazing grandmother, and we missed her dearly.

But Masen was really lucky to have a lot of his great grandparents around. They loved him so much, and he loved all of them.

Alice and Jasper have recently been trying for a baby, with no luck yet. Alice still had her job as a personal assistant, and both Edward and Jasper are graduating from Law School with very high honors. I was so proud of Edward, he'd worked his ass off to get where he is.

As for Emmett and Rosalie, Emmett proposed to her last winter on Christmas Eve, and Rose is working as a nurse at the hospital downtown. And Emmett actually just opened a gym, deciding that's what he wanted to do with his life. They were already living together and planning on getting married not this spring, but the next about a year from now.

Abigail and Allen are already happily married with a set of newborn twins. They were doing great from what Abigail said on the phone two days ago, and they were really happy. I was really happy for them, and we all were getting somewhere in life.

Edward and I are already twenty five, it was hard to believe, and I'd admit it. Masen turned two not too long ago, which was even harder to believe. He is an amazing kid, and he was ours.

Edward and I have gone through a lot. We went both went through heartbreak, we went through missing each other like hell, at the highest point of love, and the lowest point of life after losing our first son. And the happiest times in our life when we were married and had Masen.

If someone would have told me eight years ago, that this would have been my life; I probably wouldn't have ever believed it. Being married to Edward had been my dream since I'd been sixteen. I thought he'd never see me that way, that he would end up marrying Tanya and have children with her.

But I got my happy ending, because Edward loved me. I was his wife, he was my husband. Those terms would always send shivers down my spine.

It had been a very ambivalent time for Edward when he knew I loved him, but he loved me back in time. And now, standing next to him, with our son, I knew that we could get through anything, and that we would always be together.

We are best friends, husband and wife, and just…Edward and Bella.

This was my perfect forever.

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