Ruka stood staring out the window at the clouds swirling above the holy shrine.

"So here you are, Ruka." Rey's voice snapped him out of his daydreams. He looked up to see him standing next to him. "Usually the sky is full of stars. What happened tonight?"

"Would the sky be grieving as well?" Ruka said cryptically.

"Huh?" Rey was confused. "What do you mean?" He asked, turning to him.

"Look at the shrine." He answered simply. Rey turned back to the window.

"The shrine is covered by dark clouds." Rey observed.

"Yeah, it's been like that for a while now."

"That must be…" Rey was starting to understand.

"Yeah, it's custom before the holy ceremony. I'm sure it's being held at Zeus' shrine right now." It was easy to tell Ruka wasn't happy.

"It's purification for those who defy, right?" Rey remarked bitterly.

"Shh! You're too loud, Rey." Ruka admonished.

"I'm sorry." Rey apologized, contrite.

"The only ones who know of this fact are only a certain few even amongst the top angels. It's better not to talk about it directly."

"Okay, I said it without thinking." Rey sneezed quietly.

"Are you cold?" Ruka asked, concerned.

"I'm alright." Rey answered, trying not to worry him.

"Tonight's wind is cold. Let's go to my room." Ruka offered. "There's wine made from the fruit that I picked at the Eden Orchard. If you drink that, you'll be warmed up on the inside."

"Thank you, Ruka. To always take care of me."

"Not really." Ruka said, chuckling.

"No, Ruka. I know."


"That's…" He turned so they were fully facing one another. Ruka shifted his body to get closer to Rey. "Please read it. With your fingers…"

Rey took Ruka's hand and brought it to his own cheek. Ruka gasped as thoughts of love, adoration, and desire, all for him, assaulted him.

"Rey…" Ruka's hand slid around to gently hold Rey's head as he leaned in and gently placed a kiss on his lips. His hands slid down Rey's throat and chest to wrap an arm around him, bringing them closer together.

They broke apart, panting. Ruka gently grabbed Rey's hand and led him quickly down the hallway towards his room. Once inside, he closed the door and laid Rey down on the bed before lying down next to him. Draping one arm around Rey's waist, Ruka pulled him closer before sealing his lips with a kiss. Ruka pulled him closer to his body, connecting them from the waist down, feeling each other's body through the thin layer of clothing they wore. Rey moaned in his mouth as he felt Ruka was as hard as he was.

Ruka pulled back slightly. "Rey, do you trust me?" He asked, running his fingertips over Rey's flushed cheeks. "I want to make you happy, to let you feel how happy I am. But I will only go as far as you're willing to trust me." He leaned in close. "I will never force you, Rey." He placed he mouth next to Rey's ear. "I love you, Rey."

Rey's eyes widened a fraction before softening. Rather than speaking, he held Ruka's hand against him and showed his feelings through thoughts and emotions; letting him feel the love he had for him, and the lack of fear for what they would do. Ruka nodded in understanding, sliding his hand to the back of Rey's head, pulling him in for a kiss. He gently ran his tongue over his lips, probing for entrance. It was granted instantly. Ruka's free hand forced its way past Rey's robe to touch his soft chest. Rey let out a small noise when Ruka's warm hand found his left nipple.

Ruka smiled against Rey's lips and pressed his advantage, sliding his hand down Rey's slender body, opening the the robe more to his probing hands. Rey pulled back from the kiss to gasp as Ruka's hands wandered down his abdomen, feeling the gently curving waist and down to the hips, getting closer to his awakening flesh. Ruka took advantage of Rey's distraction and attacked his neck, suckling the pulse point and pulling a moan from deep in his throat. "Ruka…"

Ruka now had Rey's entire robe opened, revealing a slender body and a hard erection. Ruka lifted himself up to look down at his prize, causing Rey to blush even more. "You're beautiful, Rey." Ruka whispered in his ear.

"Y-You're not being fair." Rey stammered out. "You're still fully clothed."

"Then, why don't we remedy that?" Ruka smirked suggestingly. Rey shyly smiled back and pushed Ruka up into a kneeling position and began undoing the clasps on his robe. As it opened, Rey stopped to stare at the impressive scars that covered his rippling chest. Without thinking about it, he leaned in and traced the largest one with his tongue, running from left to right, over his nipples, causing Ruka to shudder. "Rey…"

Rey pretended not to hear the need in his voice and continued down Ruka's body, tracing the outline of his ab muscles, placing a kiss on his belly button. Before he could continue any further, Ruka got a firm grip on his shoulders and pulled him up, placing a heated kiss on his lips, pushing him back on the bed. He gave up the illusion of subtly and ran his hand down Rey's body nudging his legs apart and reaching for his entrance, sinking one long finger inside the heat. Rey grimaced at the initial pain, but as Ruka slowly slid it in and out, caressing his muscles, the felt something else. It felt so good he wanted it to continue but stop at the same time. When another finger was added, Ruka began to stretch the muscles, loosening them for what was to come. His long fingers brushed something in side Rey that had him bucking his hips against those fingers inside him.

"Ruka… Please…" Rey couldn't continue as that spot was touched again, sending waves of pleasure through his body. Ruka smiled and slowly removed the fingers, watching as Rey's body relaxed bonelessly against the bed. Crawling up over him, Ruka gently ran his hand over Rey's thigh and brushed over his hard cock with feather touches. Rey spread his legs wider, letting Ruka settle against him, his cock at his entrance, slowly pushing past the ring of muscle. Once he was fully sheathed inside him, Ruka held still so that Rey could adjust.

He felt the rippling muscles caressing and massaging him, fracturing his self control. He looked down to see Rey writhing in restrained pleasure. It took less than a second for Ruka to realize he was pressing against Rey's prostate, completely eliminating the pain of his entrance. He pulled back slowly, savoring the feel of his lover, before thrusting back in hard. Rey arched up against him as he started to thrust at a fast pace, grabbing Rey's hips for more leverage. Ruka pumped in and out of Rey's body with ferocity, striking his prostate head on each time. He slid his hand over Rey's thigh to his cock and stroked it in time to his thrusts, bringing the pleasure to a head. Rey wrapped his arms around his shoulders, holding on as the pleasure overwhelmed him. He screamed as he released his seed over Ruka's hand and across his stomach. His inner muscles tightened around Ruka's cock, squeezing it, making him release deep inside Rey, crying out in rapture.

Ruka fell down on him, but swiftly rolled over so that Rey rested on his chest. "Rey, are you alright?"

Rey smiled drunkenly. He stretched the full length of his body against Ruka, arms wrapped around his neck, kissing him sweetly. "Ruka, I love you. That was amazing." He nuzzled his face against Ruka's neck. Ruka blinked before smiling and pulling Rey more firmly against him.

"Sleep well, love."

Hardest of the three to write.