I don't own anything. I have often found it interesting that even before Edmund changed he was never friends with Eustace. I know that in the book Edmund never said half of what he said in the movie to Peter, but for lack of a better argument I went with this.

The Pevensies were all disgruntled that day. They had just been told Eustace and his family were coming over. ''Why did Eustace have to come? He always gets me in trouble with his parents.''grumbled Edmund. Lucy replied,''Come on it's that bad. Maybe he changed.''

Peter overhearing this replied,''Not likely. We saw him last week, Lu.'' Susan entered and remaked,''Well, maybe if you didn't punch him everytime you saw him he wouldn't get you in trouble with his parents.'' ''Ed, why did you punch Eustace the last time you saw him?''asked Peter.

Edmund thought back. Peter and him had just gotten into a huge fight. Over what Edmund didn't really remember, but did he did remeber the last two sentences in the argument.

Peter: When are you going to learn to grow up?

Edmund (gets angry): Shut up! You think you're dad, but you're not! (Peter leaves)

''Older Brothers can be so annoying, don't you agree?''said a voice behind Edmund. Edmund turned around. There stood Eustace with an annoying grin on his face. ''What did you say?''replied Edmund looking as mad as a hornet. ''Older Brothers can be so annoying,'' repeated Eustace.

He did not always know when it was smart to talk to Edmund or not. ''Who did you say was annoying?''fumed Edmund. ''Well, if you are as dumb as all that, I was saying Peter was really annoying,''announced Eustace.

The next moment Eustace was down on the ground and would be able to get up for awhile Edmund had hit him so hard. ''No one makes fun of my brother! My brother is the best brother ever! He is not annoying!''Edmund yelled at Eustace. Edmund walked off.

Edmund responed, ''He called me a fool.'' ''Really Ed, was that why you punched him?''replied Susan.

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