Enjoy the Silence

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Chapter One: Bombshells

The black haired boy began breathing heavily as his kicks and punches were repeatedly dodged and blocked. His body became tired and he grew careless, leaving enough of an opening for the mysterious figure in black to knock him into the floor with a well placed kick to the chest.

The skull mask came into the boy's view as he lay on the floor; the eyes behind the mask taunted him. The figure above him was positioned so that his weight was centered on the balls of his feet; his crouch was tense, ready to move out of the way if needed.

"You've gotten lazy, kid." He mocked, shaking his head incredulously. The suit he had stolen years ago from the teen 'hero' below him felt like it was made specifically for the thief that now had possession of it. The voice synthesizer built in the mask that hid his identity, left an air of mystery around the man known as Red-X.

"What do you want, X?" Robin asked jumping into a fighting stance, but before being able to throw a punch Red-X back-sprung away from him.

"Robin, you would think by now you would know that I never answer any of your questions straight forward." Red-X replied, crossing his masculine arms over his toned torso.

Robin sneered at X's answer as his friends began pulling themselves from the wreckage of the warehouse. They positioned themselves behind their leader or as X liked to call him their 'dictator'.

"It's been, what, about two years since our last play date, hasn't it Titans?" Red-X mused aloud, taking in the drastic changes in the appearances of each of the Titans.

The last time Red-X was in Jump City, Beast Boy looked like a lanky ten-year old who was just starting to hit adolescence. Now, his shoulders were broader and larger and he was about six inches taller.

Starfire was still had an alien (literally) beauty about her. Though, she did seem less distracted by the Earthly objects around her. She didn't her usual naive look on her face like she used to.

The half-robot/half-man Cyborg had new mechanics and objects that were attached to his human body. In a one word description, he had upgraded.

Robin looked like more of an asshole than he used to be. The cold seriousness of his face reminded X of an accountant or a lawyer. X hated both lawyers and accountants; they had both tried to rob Red-X of his money.

The dark and subtle beauty of the half-demon had always captivated him but now it was if he could stand in lines lasting miles just to get a glimpse at her. Her hair had grown much longer than it used to be with her blunt cut, it was cut at her lower back and she had bangs that drifted to her collarbone. Her wide amethyst eyes made him feel like she was questioning his soul with every glance.


Her named seem to sum up ever glorious thing about her whether it is about her hair or something deeper like her soul. The word was Raven; elegant, dark, gorgeous, beautiful, amazing, etcetera.

"Not long enough." Robin had finally said after moments of silence.

"You should learn to enjoy the silence, Robin. Words can only do harm in certain situations and you just harmed my feelings. I had been really looking forward to seeing all of you after all of these years. Especially you Gorgeous." X said smoothly, he had already taken what he had come to the Wayne Industries warehouse to get (xynothium), but he enjoyed toying with Robin's mind.

That put Robin over the edge.

"Don't you dare talk to Starfire like that, you pervert!" Robin yelled, his grip on his bo-staff tightened.

Red-X smirked behind his mask. "Who said I was talking about Starfire?"

The Titans' jaws dropped.

"Well, with the bombshell I just drooped, I'll be going." Red-x said with an amused chuckle, nobody moved to stop him, but a shocked voice spoke up.

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