As you all know, I've been absolutely horrible about updating Enjoy the Silence and for that, I'm very sorry. I'm not going to make any excuses because I've always thought that excuses were annoying when you were told that something was going to happen, but then the complete opposite occurs. However, I have some really unfortunate news for you all who have stuck around over the LONG YEARS it has taken me to write this (in my opinion) mediocre story.

Trust me, it means the world to me that you all gave me such great feedback for my FIRST story ever. And, yes, it was my first and since 2010 when I published the first chapter I have matured greatly as a writer and a person.

So, I've reread your reviews and this story many times and I leave you all with good news and bad news, which you can choose to be semi-happy about and respect my decision or y'all can mope about it. Anyway, my news, which I'm sure you've predicted already:

I am making the decision to discontinue Enjoy the Silence. I've reread it many times and I think that this piece of literature represents I time when I thought I knew what I was doing and I clearly did NOT. However, it's my first so it will always hold a special place in my heart.

If anyone wishes to adopt this story, you can either PM me or you can drop something in your response to this "chapter" in your review. However, I'm gonna let some no-talent-Joe-Nobody take this baby away from me. You need to give this thing some tender loving care if you want it.

I still LOVE the Raven and Red-X pairing and if anyone had any legitimate requests or ideas they would like to inspire me with I would certainly consider them.

I may create a completely new and better story with Raven and Red-X completely from my own creative mind. Maybe. Someday.

I leave you all dedicated fan who've decided to stick around despite my crappy and sporadic updates with those pieces of information. Take it how you will, just don't insult me for hanging up this story because I truly believe that it was exhausted and tired.

Plus, I truly look back on it and think it was a bad first attempt. I CAN and WILL do some much better for y'all in the future.