Okaaay… that was a little too long for a break… damn... being ready for college is hard and really takes lot of my time… but at least I have enough time before the entrance exams so with this I'll start chapter four… oh and since putting the speeches on the pokemon like "vee" takes some space I'll just put it between parenthesis like this "()" so without further ado School begins chapter 4 I give you

Friends, Cafeteria And Skipping?

"Sooo? Where are the Idols ash? I thought you were going to introduce us!" Morrisson exclaimed really wanting to meet them

"Oh yeah I'm going to have some friends over okay..?" Richie intervened with a wink at ash

"huh..? oh! Sure sure of course it's okay" Ash went near Richie and whispered 'thanks for the save' in which he just gave a thumbs up

"anyway where is the new kid?" Gary said while his back was slumped behind the wall and reading a book

"oh him he said he had something else to do so we should go here first… though he's a little too late" Ash wondered

MeanWhile in the Corridor

"Hurry UP! We Are So Late!" A girl With Black Hair that shines a dark blue when hit by the sun yelled

"All Right Already geez your noisy you know that Ang?" A Guy with messy black hair who was searching for something in his locker said to his friend while annoyed

"Hurry up Kyle! It's been 12 minutes already and it will make it harder for us to see Richie and the others you know!"

"Ok I'm ready lets?" he asked

"yup! Let's go!" with that they hurried of to the cafeteria

Arno's POV

"Soo..? you better have a good reason for being here and not at home…"

"What we were worried so we visited Right Cream?" AJ said while looking at cream

"(Geez that's right we were worried after all it is our trainer that we're talking about here… the one who keeps getting in strange trouble each and every time…)" she just continues to babble on and on

"(Anyways except for the obvious lies that she's making we're here to see if you got into new and fun trouble again right Sam?)" she asked the pokemon next to her

"(Yup that's right Twill!)" she said with a toothy grin

"But you guys know that it should only be 6 Pokémon per trainer right? And why do I get the feeling you're too enthusiastic about this?" I asked

"(Yeah but don't you have that invention that you got from granny that allows you to carry more than the allotted limit?)" The green Pokemon asked back

"(And also it just means new experiences for us!)" The black pokemon with blue rings on it's body happily shouted

"But all of mom's inventions are useless except for the training robots remember?" It started to be a question fight

"(NO MEANS NO! We're going with you and that final!)" they said in unison

"okay okay I can't win against you all anyways" I gave up 'I lost this battle but I can't say I'm not happy' I thought to myself

Back to the cafeteria

"Hey! Richie We're Here!" Angel Yelled

"YO RICH!" Kyle said in unison

"So these are your friends huh Richie? By the way nice to meet you my name is Gary Oak but call me Gary" he Said to the both of them and bowed

"I'm Morrison! And this here is my Buddy! Come on out Beldum!" he yelled as the pokemon came out of it's ball and yelled it's name

"And I'm Ash Ketchum" he greeted the two with a smile on his face

"yeah nice to meet cha' The Name's Kyle" Kyle greeted back

"My name is Angel But please call me Ang" she said before giving a business smile

"oh by the way where's that kid that was with you guys earlier?" Kyle interrupted

"hmm… yeah it's weird he's a little late that guy!" ash said in response

In the hallway towards the cafeteria

"Aah..ah… Ahchoo! I suddenly got a chill" I held my arms in a cross

"Hey…" I said to catch their attention

"…" weird silence enveloped us as we kept walking

"hey..!" I repeated in a louder voice

"…" and still no response

"Whatever… but are you guys going to be walking with me and not in the pokeballs?" I asked not caring if I caught their attention or not

"(We don't want to!)" they yelled at me for no weird reason

"Why? At least you'll be a little safer there won't you?"

"(Yeah but It's cramped there!)" Twill and Sam answered

"But what will I do if someone finds out about you guys?" I said at Twill and Sam's annoying comments "Silver has already got me bombarded with lots of questions about battle this join that… come on guys don't add to my problems please?" I pleaded in a half-serious tone

"(well you just have to live with it! I guess..?)" Another annoying comment that came from Cream was added in the mix

"well it's too late for that anyway" AJ calmly noted

"what do you mean?" I asked while trying to calm down

"well first do some aura training you'll need it…" *piku* a comedic vein popped in my head "and second you could use your aura to sense if anyone is near namely them" he pointed as he let out a grin

"huh? Who?" I asked as I looked at where he was pointing and at that place I heard people talking

"Hey Come on girls Hurry up!" Shouts A brown haired girl with an eevee

"Yeah May's right.. I want to see if that Eevee freak grew stronger" said by a Blonde haired girl with a Riolu accompanying her

"And what Might Be so wrong with eevees Huh Aisha?" A question with an annoyed tone came from a girl with dark brown hair that is also accompanied by an eevee

"Oh come on Zea she means nothing wrong about that Right Aisha?" A girl with orange hair and accompanied by an Azurill asked while trying to subdue her friend's rage

"HEY! You better apologize quick! You know what happens next if you don't right?" A girl with dark blue hair accompanied by a piplup whispered to her friend

"uh..huh.. guess your right Dawn" The blonde girl was hesitating but "S..S..Sorry Zea I didn't mean anything by that." She was able to say the phrase that broke her pride

"hmph sure but you owe me a cake because of that!" she smiled thinking of a free dessert

"damn.. of all the people! Hey you guys! Quick Hi—" Before I even finished talking to my pokemon they were already ahead of me and was going straight to the girls

"What The! What are they trying to do? Get me in more trouble?" I thought to myself as I hurried of to the same direction

"Good Morning Ladies.. Where are you heading?" AJ said imitating my voice luckily for him no one knew it was telepathy

"huh? Is it me or did I hear Arno?" Aisha asked

"no we heard it too!" they all said back

"Alright where are you?" Aisha with an annoying tone yelled

"I am here..Yet I am not… I am nowhere… Yet I am everywhere" AJ told them as he snickered still imitating my voice

"You know you're wasting lunch time right? Stop being a poet and come out already!" Zea was also annoyed and so was everyone else and their pokemon

"Come Out Here you Trouble maker!" I yelled as I got to the middle of the girls

"Hey! Have you girls…heard some…thing…?" I was silenced with the annoyed expression on everyone not used to things like these I asked "what?" Crap … what a wrong thing at a wrong time to ask!

"Eve..?" was all that she said and with that her eevee nodded and a shadow ball attack was lobbed straight at me

"Wha.. wawaawawa!" I Yelped as I almost got hit

"What the heck was that for? And why was that attack too strong as well!" I was shocked at first I was treated a hero and now an enemy?

"Well if you must know… Trying to annoy us really worked !" And there was the voice of the "Damsel in Distress" that this "Hero" supposedly saved

"Wha.. OH! I get it… Haaa" I sighed as I put my hand on my head and scratched it and breathed in air readying myself to shout

"Okay that's enough fooling around… They already told me you guys are here..!" I yelled out of nowhere

"You know trying to frame someone else won't work! We heard your voice after all" Aisha wasn't even annoyed anymore but it's more like she's having fun adding some fuel to the fire as I saw a grin on her face

"(there's a strong aura here! It's a friend! It's A friend!)" The little Riolu said as it ran straight to the classroom at our left

"It's a good thing you have a Riolu… with this I can at least explain" I said with a sigh of relief

"Sure You do Arno… Sure you do…" Aisha said in disbelief

"Rio Riolu! Riolu Rolu!" was all they could hear while what I hear was "(Hello everyone Nice to meet you Please be my friends!)" was what I heard then Aisha opened the door and saw 5 pokemon including hers

"Cu.." Said the four of course not including the boyish Aisha anyways I already know what will happen next

"CUUUUUTTTEEE!" The four yelled as they saw Twill, Sam, Riolu and Cream playing around in the classroom but for a weird reason no one else except me and Aisha noticed AJ who was resting his back on the wall while crossing his arms

"so are these shiny pokemon and that lucario yours as well?" Aisha asked

"Unluckily Yes…" I sighed

"Okay… Okay break it up you four… TWILL! SAM! CREAM! AJ! I want an explanation and I want it now! Especially about the voice mimicking…" I was quite annoyed after all I was attacked for no weird reason after this they tried to tell me their reason the girls hear this as jumbled voices of the pokemon while what I heard was mostly 'sorry, and it won't happen again' until AJ interrupted

"Haaa.. Yeah.. Yeah.. we told you we're sorry already didn't we? And it was my idea to begin with.." He tried to talk me out of it

"As if I'll be tricked by that and even if it was then why didn't those three stop you huh?" they cringed as I pointed at them

"ah well.. you see.." He ran out of anything to say but then someone interrupted

"Break it up already you Baby He already said Sorry right and so did the others" Aisha and May up to the rescue

"but—!" I tried to react when

"yeah and I thought you like eeveelutions? No eeveelution lover would get angry for something like this" not getting angry would be a little off but she's kind of right

"Anyways how could you get angry at something this cute?" Dawn and Misty asked me as they pointed at the pokemon that has a puppy-dog eyes mask

"Ah.. but Still..! Argh! Whatever I'm going to the cafeteria first just catch up and take care of those four for me! I'll forget about the punishment alright! Geez!" was what I said as I stormed out of the classroom

"Hehe.. I guess we went too far?" the girls asked each other when someone suddenly spoke

"Don't worry he'll be okay after a while he always is…" AJ said as if he knew me better than anyone "but still that was fun so what prank should we pull on him next?" he asked the other three I guess I was wrong and the others sweat dropped at his comment

"now I see why I can't win against my mom It's not because of age difference but I guess girls are the weakness of guys and not only that it was everyone in that room Versus me!" I grumbled to myself

At the Cafeteria

"Hey There He is!" Ash Shouted and pointed at me

"Where the Heck Have YOU been Man? You took Way too long for a normal bathroom break!" Morrison ran to me saying that

"please don't speak to me for now I'm annoyed and here take care of them for a while" I told him that as I showed him my face and handed him silver and the others pokeballs

"hoo boy… guess you are angry.. but why?" Someone I never met before asked me

"oh by the way I'm Kyle and she's Angel" he said as he pointed at his friend in which she just waved her hand and walked towards us

"yeah what happened?" she continued the question

"just wait til' someone we know get's here and ask them that question I'm going to buy some food" I was still annoyed but was calming down a little

"I wonder what happened to him? Anyways look it's the School's Idols! Wait? Are those their pokemon?" Kyle wondered

"yeah Though that lucario looks like it's from Aisha maybe the Shiny Umbreon and Shiny Espeon must be Zea's? hmm.. yup" Angel Nodded to herself in agreement

"But if that's true then who's is that shiny Lopunny?" as Richie asked that they heard many people asking questions at the girls mainly about the new pokemon

"hey hey Zea are these yours? They look strong and cool!" the same guy with the munchlax asked her while he looked in awe at the different colored eeveelutions

"wow what a strong looking steel-typed lucario you have Miss Aisha. Can it use moves like Aura Sphere?" A guy wearing glasses inspected the lucario as he asked his question

"So? Who's Pokemon Is this one?" a trainer was reaching his hand towards Cream when…

"Don't you dare touch her!" AJ Blocked the hand away as he growled at the trainer

"Ouch! Hey even if you can talk your getting a little cocky you know! If you want a fight then you got it! So with that in mind I want you to fight me Aisha using your Lucario." he said as he reached for a pokeball in his waist

"This Should be fun!" AJ said as he grinned and cracked his knuckles

"But Your not—" Aisha was stopped as AJ spoke to her "Don't worry about it… I just want to beat this guy one way or the other" He was fired up that's for sure

"okay! Let's get this started Go Swampert!" at that point a light suddenly came out of the ball and out came a giant blue frog and entered the battlefield which was an arena made with all the chairs, tables and ornaments that was put in an oblong like shape to make it look like an arena itself

"Swampert!" It roared as it got ready to battle

"Swampert Use Hydropump!" he yelled as his pokemon obeyed it's trainer

"Hey! Isn't that cheating? I mean he used a pokemon with a clear Type advantage against her!" A girl shouted at the crowd

"Yeah! Cheater! Scum! Dirtbag!" four to five other people joined her in making the trainer a bad guy

"Keep Your Eyes on the Battle!" AJ yelled at the trainer and when he looked the attack collided at AJ and with the sheer impact of the attack made the tiles crack and dust fly

"Haha Got YOU!" The trainer smirked with his comment

"Now Use Aura sphere!" The Blonde girl yelled as a blue sphere went straight to the trainer's Swampert after the dust cleared

"ha that's not going to work on me! Now swampert Use protect then Use dig to get behind Lucario and follow it up with mega punch!" the Blue frog dug a giant hole on the 'Arena' and came out behind the the dog pokemon as it's left hand was suddenly coated with light and it used it to go straight to the back of the dog pokemon it collided and the pokemon went straight to the ground with a large


"what the? It's my first day and It's already too noisy here" Grumble~ "whoops! Got to get my food first" I said as I put the boom sound aside quite oblivious to what was happening

"Argh.. okay no more Mr. Nice guy!" AJ said as he wobbly stood up and fixed his stance

"Yeah Right! One mega punch and your all wobbly and you think you can beat me? No offense but your Lucario is way too overconfident about himself!" he was bragging at the pokemon but not at the trainer

"None Taken and he's not going to lose anyway. Now Use Agility follow it up with Force Palm!" Aisha calmly commanded at the lucario in which it just obeyed and in the blink of an eye it dashed towards the front of the Swampert with it's paw in it's enemy's stomach and with one big exertion of power the enemy was pushed half a meter away from where it once stood

"Wow!" the trainer gasped "I mean what the heck! That was way too fast!" he changed his comment "swampert are you ok?" He yelled to see if his pokemon was still ready to battle

"SWAMPERT!" It roared still raring to go

"all right now swampert Mudshot!" the trainer yelled


"Finally got my food! And apparently the noise is still here I'll go see what it is" I talked to myself as I went to the source of the noise with my food tray in hand

"okay that's good swampet keep it up!" the trainer yelled to it's pokemon as it continues to dish out mega punches one after the other

"The same trick won't work on me twice you know! Use Aura Sphere at the ground to distract him!" Aisha yelled and the dog followed and the ball was shot at the ground which made a smoke screen made of dust "Now Use Swords dance followed up with bone rush!" The dog was suddenly enveloped with light and the light went to it's paws as it held a bone like weapon made from it's aura he continued hitting the enemy one, two, three more than you could count and finally

"s..swam…pert" it said as it fell on it's stomach and fainted with dizzy eyes

"no..no way… I lost to a braggart" the trainer was sulking as AJ went walking straight to the kneeling trainer and said "want another match?" with a grin on his face

In my Point of view

"excuse me! Coming through! Sorry about that.." I was going in between the lines in the student in front of me as I heard a shout

"Okay use Aura Sphere!" 'is that Aisha? She's battling with someone as it seems but what pokemon is she using?' I thought to myself

"Here Comes My third Consecutive win!" She yelled as the ball was heading straight to the weavile when the trainer suddenly yelled "double Team Weavile go!" the aura went past to the mirror image and straight to the crowd

"huh? Where's everyone going?" was what I asked since I saw everyone trying to get away to left and right until I was the only one in the middle and I looked at what they were trying to get away from and saw a blue sphere going straight at me "oh boy… I'm going to feel this tomorrow" I didn't even try to dodge as I knew it would be useless and just dropped my tray and held my arms in a crossed shaped position in my chest and BAM!

"whoa! Hey You are you okay?" Aisha yelled not knowing it was me

"…." No answer was heard and the screen of dust was still in effect

"hey are you all right who ever you are?" AJ asked waiting for an answer

"That…" a voice was heard in the dust

"what?" Aisha and AJ asked

"THAT HURTS!" I yelled blowing the dust away "What the heck was that for Huh AJ?" I went straight to the dog pokemon

"oh…if it's you.. then something of that level won't bring you down anyway" he said as he made a sigh of relief and when I got near him I gave him a large punch at the head "OW! What was that for!" he asked me slightly annoyed

"First you come here! Second You Mimicked My voice and pulled a prank on me! Third You started a battle without me knowing! Fourth you bring those three with you as well! And Last but not the least You ATTACKED ME! And you didn't even regret that for a bit!" I was steaming mad of course

"But you can defend yourself from an attack like that anyways right?" he asked in a calm voice

"I'm Still Human you know!" he really knows how to get me ticked

"Hey! So what if that lucario brought those three pokemon with him? Their friends so he brought them with him why are you bullying someone else's pokemon anyway?" A guy was protecting AJ and Cream, Twill and Sam went up to me to apologize again

"See! There they are apologizing to you! Can't you see?" the guy continued

"Yeah I can see that but I don't even know why they should apologize to me. After all He's the one that should apologize." I said that as I pointed at AJ

"yeah yeah… I'm sorry… there happy now?" he said nonchalantly

"not even a bit of remorse huh?" I was calming down at this point

"of course not" AJ said as he smiled "meh…whatever Thanks to you I lost my lunch literally. I mean look it's on the ground now" I didn't care anymore as I pointed to the spilt food

"anyway lets go outside shall we?" as I said that I was closing my hand on cream's forehead when the same guy shouted " I wouldn't do that if I were you!" he told me

"Do you have pokemon?" I asked him

"That's a weird question. Of course I do!" he said as he showed me his pokeballs

"Do you play with them and pet them?" I asked again

"Of course relationship with your pokemon is a must!" he said so as some others nodded in agreement to his statement

"Then Why is it wrong if I Pet my own pokemon?" I asked again

"What? Are you kidding Me? Those are the Idols pokemon you know! Didn't you see the heated cooperation between that lucario and Aisha?" he asked me

"Oh yeah… Why did you fight beside her?" I asked AJ

"well she seemed strong so I thought Why not?" he answered back

"Ahh.. I see.. but besides that these pokemon are all mine but if you still don't believe me ask them" I pointed to the five girls in which they just nodded in agreement

"Wow..Then that means you own Quite a number of Shiny pokemon then? Oh and sorry about blaming you and stuff" he apologized

"Don't worry it's okay and 'Quite a number' is quite a little…" I stopped myself

"Ah! Hey Arno! You are one GREAT TRAINER!" Morrison Interrupted like always and with him was Ash, Richie, Gary, Angel and Kyle

"What do you mean?" I asked not really knowing what he meant by that but for a weird reason I saw Ash and the others Sizing me up or something

"HEY EVERYBODY LOOK AT THESE!" Morrison loud voice combined with his Yelling was impossible not to notice and as everyone looked Morrison threw Six Pokeballs into the air

"Wait! Don't tell me! Morrison those aren't Mine RIGHT?" I already knew the answer but still I wanted to know if the answer and it depends on his answer what I'll do to him Yes = Kill him No = Strangle him

"OF COURSE! Whose do you think it is?" he smiled

"NO! EVERYONE Look away!" of course no one listened

"Eevee Eevee!" She shouted while what I heard was "(Grand Entrance I'm Silver!)"

"Flareon!" It became a countdown "(And I'm Flame!)"

"Jolteon!" of course "(I'm Jolt!)"

"Vaporeon!" this "(Hi I'm Vapor!)"

"Glaceon!" was "(Glace is My name!)"

"Leafeon!" going "(The name is Grass!)"

"Umbreon!" to "(We are Twilight!)"

"Espeon!" be "(And Samantha!)"

"Looopunny!" a show off "(of course the star is Cream!)"

"and of course me AJ!" portion.. I knew it.. bunch of show offs! "Hey trainer!" He called me

"What?" It happened my secret was leaked by someone that's better off an enemy namely Morrison

"Join us" he grinned as he said that they were doing some kind of pose that you usually see in sentai films like Power R*ng*rs

"Like hell I will… Just go outside when you guys are done… I'm getting out of here" before I get bombarded with questions that is "Oh that's right! Morrison my pokeballs please!" I remember as I yelled

"eep.. he-here!" he handed it to me and I whispered 'I'll kill you later so be prepared!' it was the nicest of threats

"come on girls lets go follow our sulking trainer!" AJ was making fun of me and so was everyone else as they nodded to each other and went to find me

15 mins left before lunch ends

"That was cool! I can't believe he got to collect all evolutions of eevees! And not only that but they were all shiny too!" Angel was still talking about it

"Ye-yeah ha..haha." May was laughing half-heartedly

"Yeah and not to mention that cool Love Pair of a Lucario and Lopunny! They were so adorable!" Dawn mentioned as she noticed the atmosphere between AJ and Cream

"Ri- Right! Love was it?" he became red as he noticed the word that came out of his mouth

'though she noticed that no one else seem to notice the tension between these two..' Zea thought to herself as she looked at The direction where May and Ash is and it seems they were sitting next to each other..

"A..Anyway Let's Go look for Arno he must be somewhere near!" Ash yelled

"Ye-Yeah! Come on Le..let's go!" May followed his comment and with that they got up from their seats to search

In my side

"That totally... felt weird" I grumbled

("What..? You're the talk of the school now aren't you..?")Glace sleepily said

"And It's all thanks to each and everyone of you!" I pointed at my pokemon

("You know you should've joined us it was fun!") Vapor told me

"And what was up with that pose?" I asked not really wanting to know

("A spur of the moment") Flame announced

"You do know that…meh whatever I don't even want to start..Do what you want just no fighting" I told them as I lay down at a tree near us

"what are you going to do?" AJ asked

"Sleep of course… *Yawn* I'm kind of sleepy after all" I told them as I get ready to close my eyes and skip off to my own world "and you better tell me now what your all going to do.." I told them that trying to shake off my sleepiness

("I'm taking a nap with you~" ) Glace with her usual laziness got near to my lap and lied down

("Me too~") and the other lazy one namely Grass got near to Glace and slept

("Me and Sam") Twill suddenly spoke up

("woke up too early today so!") They walked up and cuddled near Glace and Grass

("They're right we haven't taken a nap together since we moved here!") Silver said and ran to my lap as she yawned herself to sleep

"so what do you guys say?" I asked the other

"I had quite enough fun for now so No objections here" AJ said as he went to rest his back in the tree

"well I'm glad your having fun! So how about you 4?" 'Maan..He is so annoying' I thought to myself

("zzz..z mm Berries berries..zzz.") Cream was fast asleep at AJ's side

"Oookay… so want to sleep?" I asked the remaining three

("I get to be inside the school uniform! It's warm there~") Vapor told the two as she ran towards me

("Then I'm on the Head!") Jolt exclaimed

("children the both of you.. well I'll sleep near Silver") She went to my lap as she said that

"okay now that that's settled Have a good nap everyone" I said to them as I closed my eyes

In Ash POV

"Hey Everyone he's over there!" I pointed at the tree

"Huh? What's he doing there?" Richie wondered

"If he's scolding the pokemon he's going to get in trouble!" Zea exclaimed not wanting Arno to Scold his pokemon as I went near them

"Suu..suu.." 'Arno was making strange sounds 'Arno is sleeping?' I thought to myself as I waved my hands towards everyone signaling them to come here quietly

"Wow… He kind of looks…" Aisha muttered

"Cool... especially with him… sleeping with his pokemon" Dawn Continued

"Hey anyone here have a camera? This in one sight not to supposed to be let by" I had a grin on my face as I asked since he was so peaceful with his pokemon not like it was a while ago

"Uh.. I have one here" Zea gave me a Camera "but what are you going to use it for anyway?" she asked

"nothing.. something that has this kind of atmosphere is rare for him so.." I faced Morrison

"Ahh! I see I see perfect blackmail! Nice Idea!" he said as he went near me

"okay! One… two… THREE!" *SNAP* the picture was taken

"mnm..haaa!" Arno seems to be waking up…

"huh..? why are you guys here?" He asked us as he was clearing his eyes

"Good Morning Arno" We greet him not answering his question

"huh.. ah yeah Good Morning" he greeted back "okay everyone wake up nap time's over" he woke his pokemon up

And as we were walking back to the school

"Hey Arno!" Ash got next to me 'the thing is I… I l-li-like M-Ma-May so I want you to help me set up a date for me and her okay?' He seriously talked about this with me

"And what if I say no?" Even though I already knew I just had to tease him

"I was hoping you'd say that! Here look at this." He showed me a camera and the picture in it was

"Where the Hell Did you get that?" I asked him

"Hehe Trade secret namely this camera is Zea's so ask them about the picture" he said as he pointed at his back with the others smiling

"That's cruel of you guys!" Arno said to the group

"Well it was a nice scene so it was hard to let it go" Kyle explained

"Yeah I mean someone who has looks rarely have heart but seeing you in that scene was lucky for us right everyone?" Angel asked the other in which they all nodded

'okay I'll help just don't spread that picture anywhere… And I mean ANYWHERE! Anyways I kind of knew you had a thing for May ages ago."

"Hehe thanks!" he said back to me

*Ding* *dong* *Ding* *dong*

"well guess lunch is over.. I'm heading off first come on girls back to the pokeballs you go…Twill, Sam you get to stay" I gave a smile at the two in which they nodded happily

("Hey hey what did you") Sam stopped

("eat? You're nice all of a sudden") Twill continued

"you know…Twins can be annoying maybe I should reconsider" I said as I put my fingers on my chin

("Ahhh… It was only") Twill stopped

("A joke! Don't be mean!") Sam continued

"okay okay… Bye guys!" I said as I started running with Twill and Sam next to me right and left

On their side

"He has looks but why does he keep talking to himself at times?" Angel asked the others

"Huh? Didn't you know He can S—" Morrison was stopped in the nick of time

'Shh..Don't tell them it's a secret remember?' Ash shut Morrison's mouth with his hands

"He can what?" everyone else wanted to know as well

"well…um…He can ah! Sing well and maybe he's thinking up of new lyrics of a song he's making" Morrison said an obvious lie

"ahh… so that's why." Misty accepted the lie

'What an obvious lie… that idiot is lucky they believed it' Ash thought

"What were you guys talking about before anyway?" Gary knew yet he wanted to put Ash in the hot seat

"Yeah what was it Ash?" May wanted to know She's not to shy to talk to him anymore after they got to spend some time to know each other at lunch

"Well…Umm…It's…" Ash was stuttering

"'Were Going to the Mall in Celadon City later You guys want to come' was Arno's message and the answer to that question of yours" AJ abruptly Interrupts

"hmph… I see.." Gary nodded

"W-Well? Do you guys want to come with us?" Ash asked 'thank you Arno!' he thought to himself as if he was saved from doom

"hmm..well… Sure!" May nodded

"what about you guys?" Ash asked the others as he faced them

"Of course!" Angel agreed

"Same here." Kyle nodded

"OF COURSE DUDE!" Morrison yelled for no weird reason but in agreement of course

"Nah I'm out.. have a training schedule to follow after all" Gary just said it in a matter-of-factly voice

"Me too I'll be in the wrath of my mom if I don't" Richie said as he felt a chill run down his spine

"I have to go home early… My sisters will destroy the house if I don't after all" She sighed in annoyance as she put her hand on her head

"Hmm.. maybe I'll go along with you I have some things to buy after all" Aisha nodded while thinking

"Of course I'll go It's time for Us to shop again…too bad Misty has to go.." Dawn pouted at Misty

"Sorry!" Misty bowed in front of everyone

"Then Why don't we waste 1 hour of school right now then?" I came back to the people talking

"Arno? What are you doing here? I thought you went ahead of us?" Ash asked me

"Yeah but don't worry I know the next teacher I'm sure she'd let us skip for today."

"Dude! That is like So COOL!" Morrison was happy I think

"Wow..I never thought of you as a delinquent type " Dawn said to me

"Haha I'm not a delinquent.. Just.. Bored I guess? And please stop calling me that!" I told her

"Well we all have the same subject after this but are you really sure the teacher won't mind?" Ash asked me again

"Of course I'm sure! What don't believe me? You guys believe me don't you?" I faced the others in which of course some nodded and some (mostly the girls) shook their heads

"well whatever I'm going to have a nap at the same place If you ever believe me just drop by there… Come on AJ let's go." I simply said

"Sleeping Again? Are you a Slaking or something?" AJ asked

"Nice Remorse.. but if you don't want to get your ear talked off when your seen by 'HER' then come with me." I told him

"Crap.. I forgot She's here too! I'm Dead if She sees me... I-I think I'll go with you..." AJ said as he followed me

"Who's that She?" May asked the others in which they just shook their head saying they don't know

Ash's POV

"So what do you guys think Should we Go to Celadon City?" Ash asked

And There You Have it! Chapter 4 of School begins! (finally! T^T I am so going back to typing stories so be on your guard for random updates!) That was so random… anyways just tell me if something seems wrong and THANKS AGAIN!