Ch.1 "Apocalyptic Dream Or Reality?"

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Summary-Uzumaki Naruto ends up as a girl in an alternate reality where a virus wipes out all adults thanks to Orochimaru. Now, Uchiha Itachi and she are the Sixth Hokage and have to lead the children of Konoha to stay alive from the threats of the post-apocalyptic threats.

Uzumaki Naruto was past furious. The blond wanted to find Orochimaru and rip that snake in human skin to pieces, glue him back together, and do it again. Why? Because of the snake taking his teammate Uchiha Sasuke? No, though some anger stemmed from that and Konoha's horrible behavior after Naruto failed to bring Sasuke back to Konoha. Naruto wondered really if he should be loyal to a villager that repays hard work with glares of heated hate. But, back to why the blond wanted to utterly destroy a Sannin?

"And little Alice is just as mad as all of Wonderland!" Naruto could hear the demon fox-Kyuubi-was laughing his nine tail off in her mind. The blond thirteen year old female wondered if there was a good recipe for fox demon soup with the side of snake kabobs she was planning to make from Orochimaru. "Oh! Finally thinking of being on top of the food chain?"

"Shut up, you senile fox!" Naruto growled, not worrying about anyone thinking she was crazy at the moment. "Plus, I don't think that guy is even human anymore, but I will probably get a bad stomach crap from eating him."

"Eh... Yeah. I agree on that with you. I believe he's more of a parasite than a snake." Kyuubi sighed. "But, I am also glad you are finally talking to me."

"Don't take it the wrong way, fox. I have some questions I want answered." Naruto sighed, looking over her "new" body. She had a nice figure for being thirteen with long legs that matched her long arms, a skinny waist, somewhat large hips, wide shoulders, and a pair of pretty large breast.... Naruto was never going to joke about women or even do her Sexy no Jutsu anymore thanks to spending the last few days learning just how to deal the "feminine" problems... Especially, as it seems, Naruto's feminine side-Kyuubi told her she had thanks to using her Sexy no Jutsu so much-wouldn't allow her to cut her now almost body length and refused to let her not wear anything without some kind of a dress unit of sorts. However, luckily, her feminine side was fine with a long skirt with snaps on the sides with black shorts under them as long as she had some kind of long sock stockings and was the main girly thing the blond had to deal with as she was wearing an orange vest with a long sleeve black turtleneck shirt underneath along with ninja sandals and a bag which she put the belongs she had with her.

She, personally, did not know exactly how she got this body. She was back in her thirteen year old normal male body, looking over the contents of a box she had in her apartment from her childhood. Many people didn't know Naruto actually knew her mother, a very loving mother who died on her fourth birthday when some drunks thought the old house in the woods they lived in was abandoned and decided to have a bonfire. She didn't die from being burnt, in fact, both escape the fire without a burn, but she died from smoke getting into her already weak lungs back in the hospital. At least she managed to kill the drunks out of pure fury of nearly killing Naruto before perishing and leaving Naruto in a cruel world as Konoha then found out that she was the Kyuubi container. Well, back to the present in a sense, Naruto was looking over the contents after being released from the hospital and wondering what Naruto's real value was to all her friends, including Uchiha Sasuke who defected from Konoha and landed Naruto in the hospital after their fight at the Valley of End. Then, Naruto noticed a slight odor of blood in the air. She simply ignored it, believing it was her imagination or the Kyuubi playing around with her head. But, it got stronger till the blond noticed a large, glowing seal beneath before a bright flash engulfed everything before everything went dark. During this darkness, there was some images of seeing Orochimaru and some kind of substance between them along with Sound-nin. Naruto found this substance was a liquid when she fully woke up to find herself in a tank with tubes on her and escaped. Luckily, she found all her stuff intact along with some quick clothes and escape the snake's lair pretty easily as everyone was in some kind of panic. She did not stay to find out and left. Now, she was in the woods, heading straight for Konoha. She avoided the towns in kind of embarrassment as it took her a little while to come to grips with her body and how to do stuff right in it.

'But, now I can only see with a reflective surface like the glasses I am wearing.' Naruto let out a sigh. Another thing, which Naruto was surprised no one really noticed, was the fact Naruto had periods of blindness. This was because Naruto was born blind at birth because of an injury her mother got while she was pregnant with Naruto that caused her mother's weak lungs. Naruto had several surgeries which at least Naruto some sight till her mother died and everyone found out she was the Kyuubi container, cutting off any more chances for surgeries and left to fend for herself. Her sight had gotten a lot better on its own, but, possibly of what Orochimaru done to her while she was out cold, now she was back to being blind except if some kind of reflective surface like glass was in front of her eyes. Luckily, no matter what kind of glasses, her eyes instantly adjusted to being almost perfect vision, though it wasn't much of a disadvantage to her anymore as she actually better blind than seeing in a lot of things.

"Kit, so what if you have to wear glasses? It at least makes you look a little smarter than that orange jumpsuit."

"Baka-fox." Naruto puffed out her cheeks. "O-kay... So, any ideas on how to get my body back to normal?" Naruto asked. "I don't think you like me being a woman."

"Actually, I'm fine with that...Alice!" Kyuubi began to laugh again while Naruto wondered why her mother gave her the middle name Alice. Luckily, since middle names were uncommon in Konoha, nobody ever learned of Naruto's feminine middle name. "Oh... I don't know... Something demonized your body; though I don't know what as I thought only possession only did that."

"Demonized?" Naruto asked.

"Don't worry. You aren't half demon or that like the usual method I know does, but you probably never age much more, or at least not for a long time, as to which is why you have such a figure at age thirteen... Though your new powers seem a bit chaotic and unbalanced... Probably because I am in-"

"No!!! I'm still short!" Naruto cried about only being five foot two inches.

Kyuubi only sweated behind the bars of the seal he was in as the blond was more into her height than her other problems. "Kit... You're height is fine... The fact you even got to that height is shocking enough. But, you are no longer in your reality."

"My reality?" Naruto asked, confused.

"Yes... I can tell this is an alternate reality."

"Cutting off... You are now kidding me." Naruto sighed.

"No, you baka! This is not-" Naruto ignored the fox and put a mental block up. Since the seal was still active, she could keep the fox from annoying her. Anyways, she was getting close to Konoha, so Tsunade-baa-chan, now a title of respect, could help here out with her body problems. Her hopes went up into the sky high as she saw the gates and ran straight for them before finding something very odd.... The gates were shut tightly.

'What the?' Naruto looked around and saw no guards. She then studied the ground and door to see it been moved a few days ago and meant something made Konoha go into lock down... Yet, she couldn't tell if there was anyone up in the watch towers.

"Oh, well..." Naruto took in a very deep breath. "HEY!!!! ANYBODY HERE!!!!!" Naruto shouted and waited a few minutes... She got no answer. '...Maybe Orochimaru attacked again and did some more damage to the village, so people moved the security deeper into the village and locked it down till the repairs are done.' Naruto sighed before wall walking over the gates and landed softly on the other side before running forward towards the village.

"What is going on?" Naruto asked herself as she walked upon empty streets. She noticed none of the damaged from the Sand Invasion was anywhere to be seen to as well as the fact Konoha, even lifeless, had more buildings and such then she remembered. She looked inside some of the buildings to find not a soul.

'Don't tell me that this is a dream that I am in?' Naruto pondered. Maybe that strange seal put her into a coma and put her inside a genjutsu in the form of a very realistic dream?

Naruto began to run, hoping to find someone. The Kyuubi only sighed inside his seal. He tried to warn the blond, but even he was surprised by this. He was expecting a flourishing Konoha, not a deserted Konoha.

"Where is everyone?" Naruto now walked close to where her apartment would be, though still several blocks away. Konoha was like a ghost town... 'Ghost...' Naruto shivered at the thoughts of ghosts. She was a little afraid of seeing them... That's it. She was fine if she didn't see them as her old home was haunted and when she saw the ghosts she had talked to... Well, they found the semi-transparent forms including shadow forms scared Naruto to the point of fainting.

"Help!!!" Naruto nearly jumped out of her kind when she heard someone scream. Naruto thought she was hearing things when she heard it again. "Someone please help!" Naruto went into instant help mode, making her inner demon groaned. He just wondered what he did to get sealed inside a host with a hero complex.... Oh, yeah... He attacked Konoha, but he was being controlled!

Naruto was shocked to find the call for help coming from the Uchiha compound. This was the only place she expected to not have a soul around since Sasuke has gone to the dark side. However, she saw an eight year old boy next to his fallen mother, who was very pale and having a hard time getting her breath.

"What's wrong?" Naruto asked, kneeling down to the boy. However, her eyes widen when the child looked at him. 'No way!!! Sasuke!!!' Naruto thought as the boy looked exactly like Uchiha Sasuke at age eight. 'Nah... Dark hair, dark eyes, and pale skin is a lot common than my hair, so he just looks like him.'

"Alice is in denial." Naruto heard Kyuubi in her head and ignored the fox.

"M-My mom is ill! B-But, she collapsed and I can't carry her!" Naruto knew this was definitely not Sasuke as rivers of tears went down the boy's cheeks. Sure, she knew she wept when her mother was really ill, but this child was really over doing the water works to even be Sasuke.... Plus, Sasuke's mom was dead, right?

"Alight..." Naruto picked up the dark hair woman bridal style, but stayed knelling. "Hop on my back and hold on. You want to be with your mother, right?" The little Sasuke, as Naruto dubbed the copy, nodded and got onto Naruto's back and held onto the blond as she jumped on the roofs to get to the hospital quicker... However, Naruto got her answer as to where everyone was as she saw many of the villagers very ill and all either close or going into the hospital.

"Who are you?" Naruto blinked to see a doctor in a hazard suit at the door look at her with shock.

"Uzumaki Naruto." Naruto stated, expecting for the doctor to yell at her... However, it never came.

"You're not from Konoha. Where did you come from?"

"What do you-"

"MIKOTO!" The doctor and she jumped when a man wearing a hazard suit ran up. "What happened to my wife?!" The man shouted in panic.

"Mom collapsed when we were trying to get to the hospital when she got ill." The little Sasuke cried. "I-Is mom going to die?"

'Die?....What is going on?! It's like an epidemic hit Konoha and no one knows... Oh, yeah... I got changed into-'

"Oh, get this through your thick skull! You are in an alternate reality where you possibly never existed! That seal from before was a summoning seal to summon a demon and it instead summoned you in place for me! I have been trying to explain that to you, but no!" Naruto heard the Kyuubi snort in her head... However, Naruto was not going to trust that till she saw more evidence. Mainly because this was so surreal.

"Sasuke. You need to go home." Naruto saw the man in the suit, probably the father, called the boy Sasuke. "I don't want you to catch this."

"Catch what?" Everyone looked at Naruto with confusion that matched hers. "I escaped Sound a couple of days ago and remember them in a panic, but left before finding out. However, why is everyone sick?"

"...You are one lucky girl. Sound is the epicenter of this plague." The doctor explained. "This virus was probably made by Orochimaru, but now villages all over are suffering from it. So far, half of Konoha has died from this virus and we are no closer to a cure."

"Where's Tsunade-baa-chan?" Naruto asked, confusing everyone again. "Couldn't she help? I mean, she is the best medic-nin."

"You mean the Sannin Tsunade?! Do you know where she is?!" The doctor asked the blond.

"She isn't here? Isn't she the Godaime Hokage?" Naruto asked, shocked at why Tsunade wasn't in Konoha.

"You must be crazy. The Yondaime is our Hokage." The man that was little Sasuke's father growled at the blond.

"No! I'm not! See! I won this necklace off of her when we made a bet if I mastered the Rasengan in one week before we went back here to make her Hokage!" Naruto showed them the necklace and they were all shocked to see it was indeed the same necklace the Slug Sannin Senju Tsunade wore... And that it was fading. "What the heck is going on!?"

"Baka! I keep telling you this!" Naruto then saw a small fox with one tail on her shoulder.

"K-Kyuubi!?" Naruto gasped like everyone else seeing the talking fox. "How-"

"This is just a little illusion I put together as that damn necklace is fading and giving me a little more control over your chakra since you will not listen to me in your head. You. Are. In. An. Alternate. Reality!" Naruto yelped as the fox bit her ear in anger. "You never existed here as two of the same exact things cannot exist on the same plane! That is why your necklace is disappearing! The Tsunade here has the same necklace!"

"...Cool... Talking kitty." Little Sasuke cooed at the fox, wanting to pet it.

"I'm a fox!" Kyuubi snapped at the boy.

"You mean, you are from another world!?" The doctor asked.

"...Eh... Ow... Brain overload." Naruto groaned, gripping her head.


"Huh!?" Naruto looked at her necklace to see it was back to normal except for a crack going down the middle. "W-What?"

"... It seems that this world's Tsunade's necklace broke before your necklace could disappear and it is disappearing instead of yours... But, knowing the cursed nature of that item being connected to mainly one person... Tsunade here probably died." Kyuubi sighed, fading.


"Mom!" Little Sasuke shouted as his mother coughed up blood.

"Where do I take her!?" Naruto shouted to the doctor, knowing blood was flooding the woman's lungs.

"T-This way!" The doctor led the blond through the hospital with little Sasuke and his father following her.

"M-Mom..." Naruto held onto a weeping eight year old Uchiha Sasuke. Like the Kyuubi said, she was in an alternate reality where she never existed as the doctors tested her blood to find noone had it, but they found who her father's counter-part was. Though her father looked like him, she really never expected the Fourth Hokage was her father... But it made sense that he would use his own child for the burden of holding the beast as he could not put it on another person's child and she knew he loved her.

Naruto then looked at the covered up body of Uchiha Mikoto, Sasuke's mother, who had just perished and Uchiha Fugaku was now in the bed next to her, also ill and now close to death as well.

"Sasuke?" Naruto looked up to see thirteen year old Uchiha Itachi in the doorway of the hospital room.

"Aniki! Mom's dead!" Naruto watched as Sasuke ran to his brother and hug him. "And dad's sick!"

"I... see..." To most people, it would look like the stoic teen had no emotions showing even if his parents had died or is dieing. However, Naruto could hear the very slight, but deep emotions of sorrow and worry in Itachi's voice and could tell he was trying to stay strong for his little brother... But, Naruto watched as the strong mask broke and tears came out of the probably ANBU captain eyes.

"....What are we going to do?" Sasuke cried as their father was actually in a coma at that moment and close to dying from the virus.

"...Get up and keep moving on with life." Both brothers looked at Naruto. "That is probably what your parents would want. They would want you to live on."

"How you you know that!?" Sasuke was shocked when his brother snapped at the blond. "How do you know how we feel with one of our parents dead and the other dieing!?"

"...Because, that was what my mother told me when she died somewhat a similar death, though it was from smoke destroying her weak lungs in a fire than a virus." Itachi looked at the blond with shock. "'A parent's greatest treasure is his or her own child, even when the child his or her own or adopted'.... My mother told me that and I believe that is mainly true with most people." Naruto smiled at Itachi and Sasuke. "You're parents would want you both to grow and live on."

"Excuse me." Naruto and the two Uchiha brothers looked at a doctor in a hazard suit. "But, the Hokage wishes to see you Uzumaki-san... You, too, Uchiha-san." Naruto nodded and all three left the room while Sasuke stayed in the room and went to the room where the Hokage was at as he also had become infected with the virus, but was at least doing better than most of the other adults. That is, as it was found out, the virus only killed those over the age of thirteen and stopped as far as they could tell the aging process at thirteen in the form of human version of demonizing as the Kyuubi told her.

When they went into the room, they saw the youthful Fourth Hokage, Namikaze Minato, was ill and his fight with the virus was going the other way as he was really pale and didn't look like he was going to live much longer even though his eyes showed otherwise.

"You called, Hokage-sama?" Itachi asked.

"Yeah, what do you want, Old Man?" Itachi whacked the blond aside the head. "Hey!"

"Don't disrespect the Hokage." Itachi growled. He had been a ninja since age seven and be taught to respect his higher-ups. Even though the Hokage was ill, he was still a powerful ninja and the leader.

"I am not disrespecting him. I, however, bet even he gets tired of being Hokage so much." Naruto snorted at the thirteen year old Uchiha. She really wondered why the Itachi from her world killed off the Uchiha clan as it was clear this Itachi was an order freak.... But, then again, that Itachi could have gone mentally insane in her world with having to do too much.

Itachi glared at the blond before the Hokage spoke. "It's clear that I'm going to be dead as well as all the adults in Konoha. Possibly all of Fire Country as well from the reports that we have gotten in. So, I want you two to lead the children and keep them alive."

"W-What!?" Itachi shouted while Naruto only sighed.

"So, basically, you want us to set up the others so they can survive and then let them choose a leader?" Naruto asked while the Hokage nodded.

"Yes. Actually, you two are the only two ninja still alive from this virus as the rest either died while trying to help on relief missions in other areas or from the virus. I don't know if I can fully trust you, Uzumaki-"

"Naruto..... Uzumaki... Alice Naruto..." Naruto groaned, deciding to let the Hokage at least know her middle name.

"Okay, Naruto... I can't fully trust you, but I can see you want to help out here and find a way home. Which is also why I am having Itachi as a leader, too. I can trust him." Minato suddenly had a coughing fit and took several deep breathes before he was able to talk again. "I know this is a bit much to ask from both of you, but Konoha needs to go even if all the adults die."

"I see..." Itachi sighed.

"Mm... My dream was to become Hokage, but this is not how I expected to get the title!" Naruto whined. "But, I will do everything I can! I'm not technically the 'one man-er, woman army' for nothing!" Naruto grinned.

"....What does that mean?" Naruto glared at Itachi for spoiling the moment.

"...I'm a master of the Kage Bushin no Jutsu." Naruto snorted while Itachi sweated.

"How the heck can you-"

"I have enough chakra that it can't even take all of the last four Hokages to match it thanks to a demon fox sealed inside my gut." Minato and Itachi paled at hearing that. "However, I can't leave this place without knowing everyone will be alright... So, I guess I can stay a little longer and help out." Naruto sighed before looking at Itachi. "You alright with that?"

"...." Itachi looked at the blond very carefully. He did not know who this mysterious ninja came from. All he knew-as the Hokage ordered everyone who but himself and Sasuke were now dead to keep quiet about Naruto being from another Konoha-was the blond was a capable ninja and that she helped his brother out. "...I'm fine with it...."

"Alright. I'm glad the council is dead as we can make you officially the Hokage...Well, both of you as the Sixth Hokage so that noone will complain." Minato sighed; glad he had someone to get the stuff needed for passing on his title. He just hoped he was leaving Konoha in the right hands.

A light rain fell as all the children left in Konoha mourned over the mass grave they had dug and buried their dead friends, parents, family members, and other villagers and many planks of metal was used as grave markers onto of the rocks they put over the mass grave to keep wild animals from eating the remains. Everyone didn't know what they were going to do. Their parents were gone, so who was going to take care of them? Their teachers were gone, so who was going to teach them?

"...Alright!" Naruto shouted, getting everyone's attention. "There is some things we-Uchiha Itachi and I, Uzumaki Naruto-have to tell you!" Itachi smacked his forehead as the blond picked the wrong time to do this. "Right before the Hokage died, he made Itachi and me into the Sixth Hokage. However, before you complain or something, our job is to only lead and get Konoha back into working condition and then you can choose a new leader to replace us!" This caused everyone to whisper and mutter in shock and confusion.

"However, even though I understand you wish to mourn for the lost of our precious people that were lost, we need to get some stuff done before it's too late. First off, everyone is going to move."

"What!? What about our homes!?" A girl shouted while others joined her in the complaints.

"Don't worry. You are not moving out of Konoha. We are just moving everyone closer together and you will keep your homes as storage units and possible other uses for it later." Naruto explained as everyone became quiet. They were interested in hearing what the blond meant by this, including Itachi. "Right now, if we let you stay in your homes, then it will be inefficient or really bad if something like a fire happens as we will all be spread out and can get to where the help is needed. By moving closer together, we eliminate that as well as make it easier to get supplies to everyone and use the generators from the bunkers for emergencies to power where we live and keep stuff like medication and food items that need to be cold. The power plant can only run maybe a maximum of two weeks before it will shut down completely without someone operating it and the same for water. So, we are all going to move into the Konoha's Ninja Academy!" Naruto smirked.

"Why the academy?"

"That's stupid!"

"It's not!" Naruto snapped, scaring everyone with her loud yelling. "The academy is so close to Konoha's library and the mountain, we can connect the bunkers and library to the school and make it into a fortress city. We can do the same for the hospital as we will need a place to treat ill and injuried. Plus, we can also connect the buildings around the academy including the Hokage Tower to provide even more room. This is so we can begin having you all learn the stuff you need to survive as well as get you onto a track to a job like taking care of the ones too young to work or working at the power station to get the lights back on. This is our greatest advantage... The fact we have all the information we need to get everything to work again in one place!

"But, first, we need you all to work together! Even with the lost of many, we still have the burning Will of Fire in us that all of Konoha has! First, we got to get all the fridges and the generators we can to the school and put all the cold food and things in stock while also raiding all the stores and shops for food and other supplies. If you need help, don't be afraid to ask another person and do help each other out. The faster we get done, the faster we can get to work on rebuilding Konoha!" Naruto pumped her fist in the air in a cheer... Only for everyone to be silent with open jaws.

"....Wow... That was quite a speech for a blond girl." Naruto glared at Itachi. "But, you're right. The quicker we get done, the better." Everyone nodded and talked.

"Oh! The exception of the move is people who have large animals we could use like the Nara and Inuzuka clan! We have to make new kennels and farms closer to the school to accommodate them, so you can stay at your homes to take care of the animals! Those with pets and smaller animals will be given different times to go home and check on the welfare of pets and do what you need to keep them in health till we can make a place for them and get a housing system set up! Let's hurry to at least get blankets and such to the academy first so that we can immediately start making room apartments! Also, I need some volunteers to help catalog everyone and find who lives with whom so that we can keep families together. Also, all negative clan traditions are now disbanded and illegal like the Hyuuga's clan caged bird seal! That is the only permanent law that Itachi and I will established as Hokage! If we are to survive this apocalyptic disaster, we got to be all equals and treat each other with equal respect! I don't care if you hate the person's guts, you will all work together and you might find the person you hate not what you think they are! If you cannot do this, then you are on your own! Got that!" Naruto shouted for everyone to cheer. "Now, let's get to work! All kids under the age of five, head to the academy and some academy students from the later grades go with them to watch them and get the academy read while the rest of us work on getting what we need. Also, tonight, you will all write down the address of your home, the fact if you have pets, whose your family that is alive, and other things we need down, and that includes the animal clan care-takers! In a few days, once we get the basics down, we will have a formal funeral for all that has died."

"Excuse me! My family runs a flower shop!" Eight year old Yamanaka Ino shouted while raising her hand.

"Yes, I know. Even though you will be living in the academy, everyone will be given a specific time to go and check on your homes. Those who have pets or plants will have longer times as we might need the plants for medicine and pets are great stress relief. Also, don't worry. Even if we have a long road ahead of us, we are still kids, so I know no play makes us annoyed. So, once we get things moving, we'll have times for you to play and get some free time to yourselves so that we can still be our ages as well as time to teach what is needed!" Everyone nodded. "Alright! Six through age eight, raid your homes for food and supplies as well shops that are not locked. Nine through thirteen come with Itachi and me to get the generators. Once we get the generators, we'll go through the lock stores and our homes for what we need. You can eat whatever you want for lunch and dinner tonight from what you find, but please do not waste food! We also don't want you over-eating and getting sick! That includes you in the Akimichi clan as well! Also, if you have stuff you wish not to leave in your homes, take it with you to the academy. We will form a storage system there for valuables of yours to protect them! Also, money as of now is useless, so you can use water, food, candy, and other stuff to trade for what you need and want for the time being! If you can lift something, I will have my clones walking around to help so all you need is to talk to one of them and they will get the help you need!" Everyone nodded with smiles and grins before moving off to where they needed to go.

"...Who knew you were a leader?" Naruto glared at Itachi who just looked at her without emotion. "But, I have to say, that's a pretty good plan."

"Yeah... I got it from the way Konoha is built. This is so we can get resources and stuff we need out to everyone without much effort and keep stuff from going to crime." Naruto chimed with a smile.

"I see... Plus, were you saying that you were wanting to keep families together true?" Itachi asked.

"Hai. Family is the one important thing for me including my friends as they are like my family to me... Once Konoha is set, I will leave and try to find a way home... Though, I wonder if I should go back..." Itachi looked at the blond with an raised eyebrow as she mumbled the last part, but he caught it.

"What do you mean by that?" Itachi asked.

"N-Nothing. Now, let's go get those generators!"

"Ack!" Naruto grabbed Itachi and lead the group of pre-teens to where they would find the generators. However, Itachi pondered wondered why Naruto was having doubts about going back to her home. She did say she valued friends and family over many things, but she didn't want to go home? 'What are you hiding, Naruto?' Itachi thought, wondering if Naruto was a threat or someone who was just as unsure with her own self as he was, yet never showed it.

Back in Naruto's world, all of Naruto's friends were in the Hokage's office. Tsunade sighed while looking at the message she had from the council that the blond was now an S-ranked missing-nin since the blond disappeared four months ago.

"This can't be happening... How could they do that to Naruto!? They know Naruto wouldn't leave the village without a purpose!" Thirteen year old Haruno Sakura shouted in fury.

"They know, but decided Naruto was only a burden and now the orders are to kill him on the spot as we at least know he is alive thanks to his summonings." Tsunade sighed again. "I just hope the gaki is alright."

"... Then, why not leave this place and look for him." Everyone looked at the Sand Siblings and Gaara who said the offer. "It is clear Konoha clearly does not want Naruto, so why not leave Konoha and join him."

"... It's not that easy." Hatake Kakashi sighed. "If we just leave Konoha, it would probably cause more problems for Naruto, especially if we don't know where he is. We might just lead Konoha to Naruto."

"Kakashi's right..." Jiraiya added on. "Even though I want to find him, Naruto might be safer without anyone knowing where he is. Especially with the Akatsuki going around."

"..." Gaara just stayed quiet, though Kankuro and Temari noticed a look in Gaara's eyes before a Chûnin burst through the doors.

"What is it?" Tsunade groaned at the Chûnin who interrupted her meeting.

"Uchiha Sasuke is back..."

"What?!" Sakura shouted as all of Naruto's friends were in shock.

To be continued…

-Otaku!Game Verison-

"Agh! I can't lift this!" Several boys sighed, finding they couldn't lift the generator they found.

"Oie? Need some help?" Naruto asked, noticing the group was having problems.

"Sure, but it is really heavy. Do you think you could lift it?" A boy asked as Naruto made her favorite cross seal.

"Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" Naruto produced nine clones, shocking the group as the ten girls easily lifted the large generator. "Oh! This is pretty light!' All of the pre-teens including thirteen year old Itachi watched as the blond carried off the generator while humming to Ai no Uta not knowing where it came from (If you ever played Pikmin, that is the little song the Pikmin sing after not doing anything but moving as it was part of the Japanese commercial though it is in Pikmin… Pik Pikmin… But you have to have at least twenty of each color with you in a party to get them to do it in Pikmin 2… Basically an Easter egg for gamers, though I can't remember if they will do this in the original Pikmin.).

"….Heh heh heh… Now I see why she is our leader…" One of the girls chimed while all the boys were depressed by the fact they were out done in strength by a girl… Even Itachi was shocked at Naruto's strength.

Titles-I like the titles from Tale of Symphonia, so I will put titles gained in each chapter for certain characters if I remember!


+Confused Identity- "What is a person to do when he is turned into a girl and finds herself changed somewhat into a new preson? One confused person whose identity is lost."

+Hero To All!- "A title for those who will help a person who calls for it, even when it is a child version of a past friend that betrayed them."

+Nobody- "A title given to a person that exists, yet does not exist."

+Six Hokage!(! equals a shared titled)-"The Hokage is the strongest ninja in Konoha! But, can two people be one Hokage?"

+Loud Leader- "Who knew a blond hair girl wearing glasses could be a leader? But, this is a title for someone who is very loud, but can get people to work together for a common goal."

+Emigma- "Where did she come from? Who is she really? These are the question on everyone's mind, including Uchiha Itachi."

+Missing-nin- "Often a title for those who abandoned their village and go into hiding. This time, it's the other way around and no one knows where the person went."


+Little Sasuke- "No way Sasuke is eight again!"

+Orphan Little Brother- "With parents gone, all this person has is his brother and friends."


+Hidden Emotions- "A title given to a person who hides their emotions till they can no more."

+Orphan Older Brother- "Now he had to take care of his little brother on his own as their parents were no more."

+Sixth Hokage!- "The Hokage is the strongest ninja in Konoha! But, can two people be one Hokage?"

+Silent Leader- "Who needs to talk when you got Naruto to do that?"

+Unsure Identity- "A title for a person who has lost who he was long ago and only wishes to know the real him."


Boo ya! Mission push back project worked in my class! Sure, we had to exchange dates with a research paper, but I am happy! This is something that just came up in my mind when I was wondering if The Girl Who Owned A City could be considered a literary book. I am really shocked at the fact there is not even a section for this book on fanfiction! Sure, it was written in 1975, but this is possibly the birth book of other adventure like books! It is a really good book to read like Maximum Ride, but most teachers will actually have their nine grade class read this!…. My memory on books rock as I haven't read this book in four years and I can still remember most of the story-;-. Before any complains, this is mainly a crossover with The Girl Who Owned A City. To stick with the story a bit, I made Naruto a girl again. However, I might stem off a boy Naruto fic from the same book.