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Chapter one: The Past and the Present

Dear Diary,

Hi, my name is Kamiya Kaoru, successor of the Kamiya Kasshin Ryu created by my father. This is the first time I've written in you, despite getting it on my birthday a month ago. I don't know why. I guess...I need to get my thoughts out.

It's been a week since...since Kenshin...passed away. I've been a wreck. Sanosuke, Yahiko and Megumi-san tried to comfort me, but I can tell that they are shocked and grieved inside, too. The thing is, I can't get him out of my mind now, his silly and gentle eyes, his flaming red hair...It's all so...all so...

...Great, I'm bawling again. I think I have to stop here, or else my tears will stain the page.



Kenshin sighed. He looked at his wife, Kaoru, writing in the red and white diary Misao got her for her birthday. He felt guilt as she broke out in sobs again. Her eyes were red and puffy, and her hair was a mess, her favourite indigo ribbon absent from the navy blue strands. It hurt him to see her like this, all because his battle wounds caught up to him.

'Well, too late now, Rurouni.'

'I know that, Battousai.'

He sighed again. He thought Battousai's voice had died a while ago, but apparently not. In his spirit form like this, sometimes Battousai materializes beside him, too.

'A Hitokiri is a Hitokiri for life, but it never says it can't be an alternate personality, either, you know.'

'Hai, hai.'

'Well, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take a nap. Do NOT disturb me, understand?'

Kenshin mentally waved Battousai off, and continued watching Kaoru slip into her futon, before walking out of the house. Being a ghost, he didn't feel the chilling night air, nor the snow falling in soft clumps. He walked over to his tombstone, and sat on it while gazing at the stars.

"It's a beautiful night."

Kenshin turned his head to the newcomer.

"Hai, it is. And who may you be?"

"A messenger. Himura Kenshin, I was sent here to accompany you to the afterlife."

'Pfft, about time. It got boring being here.'

'Battousai? You're awake?'

'Well, it's not like I can fall asleep when there's so much noise now can I?'

He looked down at his hands, looking bright red only to him, and Battousai, of course. He turned to the newcomer, with sad eyes.

"But, sessha wishes to atone more for the deaths sessha committed."

The messenger sighed. It was curious, since it was just a vague human shape, not really having form.

"A person on the other side warned me that you'd say something like that, so the higher-ups agreed that they'll let you reincarnate, but Battousai will still be with you."

Kenshin winced, remembering the chaos he committed.

'Hey, I'm not a mindless killer, okay? You of all people should know that, Rurouni.'

Kenshin paused, silently agreeing with Battousai, then quirked his head to the side. "Was it...was it Tomoe?"

"Hai. And just for fun, you're going to be a girl."



"Well, see ya!" He swore it was smirking.

Kenshin blacked out. 'HEY! Don't fall asleep on me! HEY!'


Konoha, several centuries later...

"Dododo, dododododo, dododo, do!"

'Shut up.'

'No. Dododo, dododododo, dododo, do-'


'Why should sessha be quiet, de gozaru?'

'Because if you don't, I will personally get out and kill you.'

'How are you going to do that? And besides, if you kill sessha, you'll die too.'


"That's what sessha thought. Now, dododo, dododododo, dododo, do! Dododo..."

A girl with crimson red hair tied loosely to her mid-back sung while walking down the streets of Konoha. She smirked as she could hear the resident in her mind bang his head on the imaginary table out of frustration. Now, mind you, she was not crazy. She had that disembodied voice in her head ever since she was born, but never realized it until age 6. Despite his arrogant attitude, he made her feel less lonely, since she didn't have any parents to speak of.

'Oi, Rurouni! Watch where you're going, idiot!'

'Sessha's not an idiot, Battousai!' She shot back as she dodged the woman who she almost bumped into.

'Well maybe I'd stop calling you one if you'd WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING FOR ONCE!'

She winced as he yelled at her. 'Hai, hai.'

'Good. Now get to class. You're late.'

She widened her eyes. She then leaned forwards, before dashing through the streets only a swordsmaster could. Well, maybe a ninja, but oh well.

"Kuso! Today's the graduation exams!"

'Well, get moving then!'

She needed no more prodding as she sped faster towards the academy.


When she finally burst though the doors of her classroom panting, she sighed with relief to see that Iruka-sensei wasn't there yet. Suddenly, she was met with a face full of Sakura and Ino.

"And where were you?" Sakura with her annoyingly high-pitched voice said.

"Late, de gozaru."

"And why were you late?" Ino sneered.

"Weeell, you see, sessha would have come earlier, but when sessha was making breakfast, three jonin bashed through her window and started fighting! There was blood and kunai everywhere, and this one gray haired guy wouldn't stop screaming! And then this woman tackled the gray haired guy, and her friend grabbed this weird orange book and ran away! And, of course, sessha had to follow! So sessha followed her into the market place..... and then lost track of time." Kenshin finished lamely.

Sakura and Ino just stared at her. Kenshin scratched the back of her head nervously.

"Riiiiiiight," Ino drawled, rolling her eyes. "Sure, sure, GO TO YOUR CHAIR, HIMURA!"

Kenshin pouted, before bouncing up to the back of the classroom. 'And I was so sure that one would work, too.'

'Rurouni, that one never works.'

'Oh, shut up.'

Kenshin plopped down into her seat beside Konoha's resident lazy genius, the one and only Nara Shikamaru. Who was currently sleeping. Kenshin let out a little growl of annoyance, before poking his unmoving body. Repetitively. Giggling slightly, it took a while for her to notice the voice of the boy behind her.

"Kenshin? Hey, Keeeenshiiiiiiin? OI, KENSHIN!"

Kenshin jumped slightly, spinning in her chair to glare at the offender. "What do you want, Inuzuka-san?" she said, slightly annoyed.

Kiba looked wounded. "Aww, back to the formalities again, Red? And I thought we had something..." He pouted, glaring at the red head in mock hurt.

Kenshin rolled her eyes. 'That guy's bizarre, de gozaru.'

Battousai made a little coughing noise. "Rurouni?"

'Aa?' Kenshin answered silently, curious.

'.....never mind."

Just as Kenshin was about to respond, Iruka's voice called out from the front of the classroom. "Aburame Shino."

Kenshin watched the stoic bug user walk quietly up to the front of the classroom, only to come back minutes later with a shiny new hitai ate tied securely around his forehead. Kenshin watched them go steadily down the line, before finally, like a call from heaven, her name was called.

"Himura Kenshin."

Kenshin jumped up and skipped down the stairs into the examination room, her crimson ponytail whipping about. "Finally, de gozaru!" she exclaimed. Iruka just grinned.

"Ok, Kenshin. You've passed the taijutsu and genjutsu tests with flying colours, and your written wasn't too shabby, either! Now, all you have to do is make three perfect Bunshin to pass."

"Like this, Iruka-sensei?" Kenshin asked innocently. Beside her stood four exact copies of her, each looking appropriately Kenshin-like. Iruka could have swore one of the was smirking at him.

"C-congratulations, Kenshin! Come pick up your Hitai ate!" Iruka exclaimed. Mizuki smiled somewhat tightly, and congratulated her as well. Kenshin skipped over, and grabbed a hitai ate before they could change their minds.

'Thanks, Battousai.' Kenshin said silently.

'No problem, Rurouni. Just get better, and next time, I won't have to help you, now will I?'

Kenshin tied the plated cloth around her forehead, fluffing out her bangs so that they nearly covered the leaf symbol.

"Smart ass," she mumbled, too low for the chunin at the front to hear. She gave a cheery wave to her teachers, before running out the door to show off the symbol of adulthood she now wore.

'See, Rurouni,' Battousai thought to himself, 'life isn't so bad as a girl.'




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