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He was the father of one of the kids I saw. Being a pediatrician I saw at least 20 kids with their parents on a daily basis, but whenever I saw Sophie and Jasper Whitlock it took my breath away. The love that was written on both of their faces melted my heart. She adored him and he worshiped the ground her little five year old feet walked on. In his eyes she was daddy's little girl, a princess, and the best thing that had ever happened to him in this world. To her he was the hero, her knight in shining armor, and one day when she grew up she was going to marry him.

Sophie was a beautiful little girl and the spitting image of her father. Her hair was the same light brown shade as his, it had the same curly texture and hung down her back. Her eyes were the same crystal clear blue. Her nose was a perfect replica of his just in miniature form. Their ears were the same shape as were their lips.

Even though their looks were the same Sophie was all girl and Jasper was all man. His jaw line was strong and defined under the thin beard and mustache he sported. He kept his hair shaved on the sides and the crown area fell to his chin in waves, that is if he didn't pull it to the back in a ponytail. On anyone else it might have looked stupid, but on him it just made him that much hotter. As did the black ink that peaked out from the sleeves and neckline of the t-shirts he wore which also showed off the muscles he had. His long lean legs were always encased in blue jeans and he always wore cowboy boots. His voice was like pure honey, with a slight southern accent that bespoke his Texan roots.

His looks were enough to turn any woman's head, me included, but the devotion to his daughter was what made him the sexiest man in the world to me, and every time I laid eyes on him my heartbeat would increase and my skin would flush with heat.

Hearing a knock on my office door I pulled myself from my thoughts of him and realized I'd spaced out from the file I'd been filling out.

"Come in," I called knowing it would be Angela, my favorite nurse and the only one that ever stayed once the clock landed on 5 and the office closed.

She pushed the door open and stuck her head around. "You have a visitor."

"Thank you, just send them back and you can go home for the day. Have a good weekend and I'll see you Monday."

"Yes, ma'am." I gave her the evil eye and she smiled, "Sorry Dr. Swan." I raised an eyebrow that time. "Sorry Bella."

"Thank you Angela."

She laughed and pulled the door closed behind her. While I waited for my visitor to knock I straightened up my desk since I would be going home afterwards.

Another knock and an answered 'come in' sent my heart into a frenzy and my face to heat. Standing up when he walked in the door I asked, "Is Sophie okay?"

"Yes, she's perfectly fine, she's with her Aunt Rose and Uncle Emmett tonight," He answered quickly. "I just wanted to speak with you for a few minutes."

"Alright please have a seat." I indicated to a chair and started to sit back down, but he stopped all my movement as he moved around to my side of the desk.

My heart felt like it was going to pound out of my chest as his scent washed over me, he smelled like freshly mowed grass and man. God it was something I wanted to bottle and sell.

Shaking my head a little I cleared my throat and asked. "What…what did you want to talk about?"

I should have not made eye contact then, but I couldn't help it. He was so close and his scent was already making my brain swirl, but the desire I saw in their depths was enough to send me into a tailspin.

"Actually it's not so much as talking, but doing something that I think about all day, every day."

"And what would that be?" I whispered as he stepped even closer.

He didn't say a word as his hands shot out to my waist, pulling me tight to his body and crushing his lips to mine.

His tongue grazed my lower lip and I opened to allow him access. It was pure fucking heaven as we fought for dominance and he finally won, exploring my mouth at his leisure. My knees became weak with the fire that burned through my veins as his hand trailed up my back pushing me even closer.

As we broke away for breath his lips never left my skin working their way across my cheek bone to my ear where he nibbled on the bottom before moving down the side of my neck. His other hand came off my hip to move aside the lab coat I was wearing so he could kiss my left collarbone across the top of my chest to my right collarbone and working back up the same way until he met my lips again.

This time he let me explore his mouth and it was once again pure fucking heaven.

When we pulled back a second time he rested his forehead against mine and whispered, "I want you and have for years. Please can I take you home with me?"

I nodded not trusting my voice to not give away how much I wanted him as well.

I felt my lab coat slip off my shoulders and his eyes swept over my body causing my panties to dampen even more than they already had. I bent over to get my purse and keys from my bottom drawer only to hear a deep and sexy as hell growl. Looking up his eyes were focused on my ass. I smiled softly as I raised back up slowly, earning another growl.

He didn't say a word as he took my hand and walked me out of the building, helping me lock the door when my hands trembled with desire that I knew would soon be quenched.

Once the door was secure we quickly made our way to his truck.

"I'll bring you back for your car later." He said as he opened the passenger door and helped me up into the seat.

I nodded not really caring at the moment.

The fifteen minute drive to his home was spent with our hands rubbing up and down on each other's thighs. I marveled at the muscles in his leg that quivered with my touch.

Making it to the two story brick home he came around and lifted me down to the ground, pausing briefly to give me another kiss before moving to the front door and unlocking it. As soon as I stepped through the door he had it closed with me pressed against it, his mouth moving over my neck. My purse fell from my hands as I brought them up to wrap around his neck, loving the short bristles that met my fingers.

His hands trailed up my sides lightly grazing the sides of my breast, hardening the peaks that had been hidden underneath my top, before moving back down to my hips and then around to my ass.

He squeezed gently before applying a little more pressure and picking me up, my legs immediately locking together around his waist.

Up until this moment his mouth had made a continued pattern on my neck down to my collar bones and back up, but now he latched onto my mouth kissing me deeply.

After a few seconds he pulled back and turned, starting for the stairs. While he walked up them I let my mouth worked the circuit his had as we stood against the door . I could feel his arousal rubbing against where I wanted him most and god did it feel good.

Making it to the bedroom he pushed the door open with his foot and kicked it closed once we made it through.

Walking over he turned sitting on the bed, his hands slid up my back and over my shoulders to slip my hair away from my neck so he could plant his lips to the soft skin below my ear, nibbling and sucking lightly, earning a soft moan from my lips. My hips slowly moved against his jean clad erection causing him to hiss quietly. Taking one hand off my body he reached around and unhooked my legs, taking my heels off, and standing me up. I whimpered when my lips lost contact with his skin.

"So beautiful," He muttered as his eyes once again swept over me.

He was so tall that while I was standing and he was sitting I was only a little above him, but that was okay since he head was level with my chest. His hands came up and ever so slowly started to unbutton my top. As the first one slipped through the hole he leaned forward and brushed his lips against the skin that was exposed. He continued in this same pattern as he worked his way down the front, his lips did linger a little longer each time and it was torture, but exquisite torture so I didn't mind at all.

I let out another moan as his tongue dipped into my belly button before moving to the hem of my skirt and licking a line from hipbone to hipbone. One hand trailed up my back to unclasp my bra while the other moved up to my shoulders to slip it off along with my shirt.

His mouth immediately latched on to a taunt pink nipple when it was uncovered almost buckling my knees and causing him to clamp down on my hip to keep me standing. His tongue circled the peak sending a surge of pleasure through my body. Dropping my head back onto my shoulders I let out a groan as his hand found the other nipple and rolled it around in between his thumb and forefinger. After paying ample attention to one breast with his glorious mouth he moved to the other one and gave it the same, sending more wetness to my panties.

As he worked my breast with his mouth his hands moved to the zipper of my skirt and slowly lowered it. When it was undone he hooked two fingers in each side, sliding it along with my panties down my legs and letting them pool at my feet.

His mouth began to trail down the center of my stomach placing open mouth kisses and once again dipped into my navel.

He started at my calfs with his hands and slid the up the outside of my legs until he came to my thighs and he moved to the inside. He barely brushed over my lips, but I knew he could feel the wetness and heat as he groaned and pressed his lips harder to my stomach.

He pulled back slightly to look up at me and I pushed his shoulder to get him to lean backwards a little. Using my hands I unbuttoned his shirt and did the same thing he did, kissing the skin that was exposed to me.

My breath hitched as the hard chest and abs met my lips. When his shirt was undone I licked a circle around his nipple as I slid it from his shoulders. He hissed when I bit down gently only to groan when I soothed it with my tongue.

I dropped to my knees and kissed a trail down his stomach. Reaching the top of his jeans I popped the button fly and slipped my hands into the sides. He lifted a little so I could pull them and his boxers from his body. Once they were at his ankles I quickly removed his boots and socks so I could get them the rest of the way off.

Sitting back on my heels I took in all of the gorgeous man in front of me for a minute, before placing my hands on the top of his legs and pushed slightly so I could settle in between them. Letting my tongue come out I licked a trail from knee to the junction where his leg met his pelvis earning another hiss.

I did the same to the other leg, but instead over doing it again I let my tongue sweep the underside of his length.

"Fuck," He growled as one of his hands came around to entertwine in my hair. I peeked up through my eyelashes as I let my tongue twirl around the head to find him watching my mouth with hooded lust filled eyes.

I continued to watch him as I took him into my mouth as much as I could and used a hand to pump what I couldn't. His eyes fluttered closed briefly as his head fell back before it jerked back up and his eyes snapped opened when I hollowed out my cheeks and sucked back up to the tip.

His breathing became heavy and he muttered quiet profanities as I continued my minstrations. When I twisted my hand in the opposite direction of my mouth and grazed his harden shaft with my teeth a deep seated groan left his mouth.

I picked up my speed as I felt his legs start to tremble, his breaths came in quick pants, and I knew he was close. Bringing my other hand up I caressed the silky skin of his balls, using my fingernails occasionaly. His hand in my hair tightened slightly as I removed the hand on his length and let his cock hit the back of my throat.

My name slipped from his mouth like a prayer as he stiffened and shot his warmth down my throat. Licking back up when he relaxed I made sure I got every drop before kissing the tip. He was still breathing heavy as he picked me up off the floor.

He stood quickly and turned to lay me on the bed. My head lay propped on the pillows and I watched as he crawled toward me. Hovering over me he kissed me deeply before working a trial down my body. He settled in between my legs, pushing them apart and blew cool air across me. My back arched as it hit the heat radiating out of me and set my body on fire.

He brushed his fingers across my glistening lips before dragging them through my folds briefly. I groaned as he did it again and felt the pleasure course through me.

God I needed his mouth on me now. He must have read my mind as I felt his tongue come in contact with my bundle of nerves. The moan that escaped me was the loudest yet as he worked my clit like a master. I felt one and then two fingers circle my entrance before they slid in. He kept up the slow pace of moving them in and out of me as he licked up down my slit always stopping to circle my clit.

As my body began to whither from the tightened coil in my stomach he picked up the speed of his fingers and started hooking them on the inward thrust , grazing my soft spot that would send me over the edge.

The pressure reached its peak and I knew the release I was craving was upon me. With a quick thrust in and a rotation of his hand, he bit down gently on my clit. I cried out as pure bliss swept through my body. He continued to move his hand dragging out my orgasm until I could barely draw enough breath.

When I was fully done he withdrew his hand and placed them to his lips, licking them clean. Fuck me that was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen and even though I'd just come down from the high I needed him inside of me.

He kissed back up my stomach stopping to lick across each breast before meeting my lips with his and sweeping his tongue into my mouth when I opened for him. I could taste myself on him and it was an even bigger turn on.

I felt his harden member brushing against me as we kissed. He felt it too and he pulled back.

"I need to be inside you," He whispered.

I answered by wrapping my legs around his waist and used my heels to push him closer. Reaching down he gripped his length, stroking it a few time before running it through my fold wetting it with my juices. I watched mesmerized as he lined himself up with my entrance and slipped inside. Both of us sighed with pleasure when he was seated to the hilt. Our eyes locked onto each other's as he slowly pulled out and thrust back in. My eyes drifted closed breaking our contact, but not for long.

"Open your eyes." He said.

I did what he wanted and was momentarily stunned by the intense gaze he was watching me with. It was a look I'd never seen before and I could not look away if I tried.

As we stared at each other his thrusts began to increase in speed and depth. He was hitting all the right spots and it was fucking amazing. I could already feel the pressure building and I knew that I wouldn't last long.

"Fuck you feel so good. So tight and wet. I could do this all the time," He groaned out.

I nodded being past words by this point.

His thrusts became faster and harder still as one hand slid in between our bodies. His thumb started working circles around my clit.

"So close," I managed to moan out as he pounded into me.

"Me too. Cum with me."

His thumb moved faster as his thrust became erratic. I was hanging on by a thread when he slammed into me one last time and pressed his thumb against me.

White light flashed behind my closed eyelids as my walls clamped around him like a vise dragging him over the edge too. We both cried out the other's name as wave after wave of ecstasy crashed over us.

When we both finally came down from the high he collapsed beside me on the bed. Neither one of us could speak yet since our breaths were still coming fast and hard. When they too had returned to normal he finally spoke.

"Fuck baby that was amazing."

"I know," I said trailing my fingers over the black scripted name on the inside of his wrist. "That look you gave me after you told me to open my eyes was just…fuck I don't even know what it was."

"I can tell you," He whispered causing me to bring my eyes up to meet his. "It was pure love. Complete and utter love. When you looked up at me it was like the first day I met you all over again. It was that feeling of being whole and right where I needed to be. I love you baby, more now than I did this morning and less than I will tomorrow."

He reached up to wipe a tear away as I said, "I love you too. Happy Anniversary Jasper."

"Happy Anniversary baby."

He kissed me softly on the lips before asking, "You want to join me for a shower?"

I nodded and slid out from under his arm.

After a shower and round 2 we lay in bed our arms wrapped around each other.

"How was Sophie when you left this afternoon, knowing she wouldn't see us until Sunday?" I asked.

"Fine. You know how she is, always calm and going with the flow, nothing like Logan."

"Well she is her father's daughter, so she gets it honest."

"True. Thank you Bella."

"For what?"

"For loving me these last ten years. For giving me that beautiful little girl that melts my heart when she says daddy."

"You're welcome and thank you."

"And what is yours for?"

"For being the husband and father you are, for loving us with all you have."

"That's not a hard thing to do when I have you two."

"What if there were three of us? Would you still have enough?"

"Of course."

"Good because in eight months you'll have too."

"Are you serious baby?"

I nodded and smiled as his eyes glossed over with tears.

He rolled us over and kissed me deeply letting all his love pour into me. He slid down my body and rested his ear against my stomach.

I lay listening to him whispering words of love to the baby growing inside of me. My last thought before sleep finally took me under was that my wonderful husband was the best father in the world.


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