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"Are you sure about this?" She asked for the fourth time in an hour as we came down the stairs.

"Yes baby I have watched the girls before you know?"

"Yeah but they won't stay put in the playpen anymore."

"They will if I put a board over the top of it."

"Jasper Whitlock," She screeched smacking my arm. "Don't you dare."

Laughing I grabbed her hip and pulled her flush with my chest. "You know I'm just kidding Bella. Those girls are my life other than you."

"I know." She said rising up to give me a kiss. "And we love you too."

"Good, now get the hell out of here."

She cocked an eyebrow at me.

"Sorry my darling wife, go enjoy your girl's night. Tell Rose and Alice I said hi."

She smiled and kissed me again before grabbing her purse off the table by the door. "I shouldn't be home too late. We're just going to dinner and then a movie."

"Whatever time is fine. Just be careful and have fun."

"I will." She said before yelling a goodbye and be good to the girls, who were upstairs playing in their room.

I waited until I couldn't hear her car anymore and then I started up the stairs and stopped in the doorway of the bedroom.

"The warden is gone girls, let's have some fun." I said rubbing my hands together. "What should we do first?"

"Dinner," Our six-year old Maddy said as our five-year old Abby said, "Movie."

"Okay, how about we get dinner and while we eat we watch a movie?"

"Daddy you know mommy doesn't let us eat in the living room." Maddy said.

"Well what mommy doesn't know won't hurt her." I said. A gasp from Abby brought my eyes to her. "What?"

"You want us to lie to mommy?" She asked her mouth hanging open.

"No," I answered shaking my head. "We just won't tell her. So therefore we won't have to lie."

I had to fight a smile as they shared a look contemplating my words. It only took about a minute before they were on board though and both nodded their head.

"Good now lets go."

They darted by me and started squealing as I chased them down the stairs and out to the garage. Once everyone was buckled into their seats we headed into town.

As I drove I asked, "So what's for dinner?"

Pizza came from one side of the backseat as chicken came from the other. Chuckling I pulled into the local pizza place and left a to go order. We then piled back into the car and made our way to the video store. I let each choose a movie to watch tonight and then some candy to eat later as a treat. When we left from there we went back to pick up the pizza before swinging through a McDonald's drive thru and getting two chicken nugget happy meals because Maddy decided she wanted it instead of the cheese pizza I ordered without any other topping because that's what she wanted. Oh well maybe we had something at the house I could throw on it.

Once we got back to the house I spread a blanket out on the living room floor and while we ate we watched Beauty and the Beast that Abby had chosen because it almost had Bella's name in it. When it was over we cleaned up the dinner mess and settled back down with the candy and Maddy's movie, Cars. Mater's so cool.

Halfway through the movie all three of us were lying on our stomach's with our chins propped up on our hands. I had one on either side of me and as they'd let loose a laugh at something on the screen I would glance over and just smile. These were my little girls and they were given to me by my beautiful wife. It made my heart clench every time just thinking about how blessed I really was.

When cars ended it was time for a bath because no matter what the commercials say, M&M's melt in the hand.

I sat on the bathroom floor my back against the door reading while they splashed around for awhile. When they were done I washed their hair and then herded them into their bedroom for pajamas.

Once they were both dressed I started to settle them into their beds to read a story, but was stopped by a tiny voice, "Daddy can we dance tonight?"

I looked down into Abby's eyes and how in the world could I possibly say no. Nodding I moved to the radio and flipped the CD, that I had made them for this kind of thing, on.

Coming back into the middle of the room I said, "Okay girls hop on."



It had been such a fun night, but I was ready to go home. I missed my girls and Jasper, plus I was anxious at what state my house would be in, not that I thought he would burn it down, but our girl's had him wrapped around their little fingers from the day they were born and he gave them anything they wanted.

Pulling into the driveway I noticed all the lights off downstairs and figured the girls were asleep with Jasper sprawled out somewhere in their room asleep as well. Walking quietly I made my way through the kitchen shaking my head at the pizza and happy meal boxes before scowling at the candy and blanket on the living room floor. He and I would be having a talk in the morning.

Making my way upstairs I went into our bedroom first taking my shoes off before going back down the hall to the girl's room. The door wasn't shut all the way, a small sliver of light making my trek easy through the dark.

Stopping I could see through the crack and smiled at what met my eyes and ears.

Jasper was twirling around in a circle with Abby on one foot and Maddy on the other. Their little arms wrapped around his waist.

"Daddy." I heard Abby say. "Why is this song the first one we always dance too?"

"Because your mommy and I danced to it the day we got married."

"Why?" Maddy asked.

"Because it said how I felt about her."

"You think she's crazy?" Abby asked in all her innocence.

He laughed as I covered my mouth to hide my own. "No baby, she just makes me crazy."


They continued to dance to the song until then the next one started and tears welled up in my eyes.

"What about this one?" Maddy asked.

"It was the one mommy chose for me, telling me how she felt."

"Mommy did a better job daddy."

"That she did." He said smiling down at them.

The song that came up next was Butterfly Kisses and as he twirled them around I turned to go to our room to give them their time, but Maddy's voice stopped me. "Tell us about when you met mommy."

Propping against the door I waited because I wanted to hear that as well wondering what he would come up with that wasn't the real story because they better not learn that until they were way older.

"Well Uncle Emmett, Uncle Edward, Aunt Rose, and Aunt Alice introduced us."


"We all went out to dinner."

"Did you think mommy was pretty?" Abby asked.

"I thought she was beautiful."

"Did she think you were handsome?"

"She couldn't keep her eyes off of me."

I rolled my eyes but still smiled because in the beginning I really couldn't.

"So what happened then?"

"Well then she spilled her drink on me."

My mouth fell open.

"Did you get mad?"

"No, but she did for some reason and then was mean to me for three years."

"Really?" Abby asked. I of course was going to kill him later, the little ass.

"Yep. She yelled at me all the time, but then I just finally turned on my charm and she was fine."

"Cool," Abby said, but Maddy knew better.

"Daddy if I ask mommy will her story be different?"

He laughed again and said, "Yes."

"I thought so." She said grinning.

He shook his head and twirled them around once more before stopping. "Okay girl's bedtime. Whose turn is it to pick out a book?"

Abby yelled that it was her and sprinted to the bookcase. I waited where I was until all three had settled into Maddy's little twin bed and Jasper began to read.

Turning as the first lines of Green Eggs and Ham met my ears I made my way quietly back down the hall to my bedroom. Stripping my clothes off I headed into the bathroom for a shower. I'd just taken one earlier, but Alice had threaten me with bodily harm if I didn't wear makeup and do my hair before coming out with them and I needed to get all that shit off my face and hair.

I'd probably been in the shower 10 minutes when the strong arms of my husband wrapped around me. His mouth moved against my neck in light kisses as he said, "You know it isn't nice to eavesdrop."

"I thought I'd done a good job of staying quiet."

"You did, but I can feel when you're there, plus I heard the car pull in."

I nodded; my eyes fluttering close as he sucked lightly on the skin below my ear.

"Did you have fun tonight?" He asked.

"Yeah, what about you three?"

"We did. I love spending time with them."

"I know especially eating in the living room."

"Sorry baby, but they begged."

"I find that hard to believe because they know better, you on the other hand…" I said trailing off.

"Okay you got me, but I made sure they stayed on the blanket."

"It's fine." He turned me so I was facing him and placed a kiss on my lips before I asked, "Are they asleep?"

As he nodded he backed me up against the tile wall. "Out before the story was even over."

"Good," I muttered through his kisses as I let my hand trail down his chest.

Before I could find purchase on what I was after he had my ass in his hands and lifted me up, my legs going around his waist as he slid into me, both of us sighing.

He started out slow, but quickly picked up speed, thrusting into me over and over.

"Fuck baby, you always feel so fucking good." He growled slamming into me.

"You too." It was the only thing I could get out. He filled me completely and every time was better than the one before it.

His mouth moved to mine again, our tongues battled for dominance before he broke away and trailed nips, kisses, and licks down my neck to my collarbone.

I could feel the spring winding tighter and tighter as he continued to push into me again and again.

"I'm so close baby."

"Me too Jasper. Harder please."

His hands slid from my ass up my sides, tweaking my nipples as he went before sliding them under my arms to grip around the back of my shoulders for leverage.

He was hitting spots in me he never had before and we've done this a lot. I was almost there.

As he slammed into me one more time he growled, "Fucking cum for me."

That was enough. My walls clamped around him like a vise and I felt him shoot his load into me. My scream of pleasure was muffled by his roar as our mouths welded together.

He continued to pump slowly as little spasms shot through me. I was having trouble catching my breath and it appeared he was having the same problem as his head dropped onto my shoulder.

"I love you," He said when he was breathing normal again.

"I love you too."

Lifting his head he gave me a smile as he pulled out of me and let me slide to the floor.

We quickly cleaned up because the water was fucking cold, something we hadn't even noticed while we were having fun.

We'd just pulled on some clothes when a little knock came at the door. I crawled into bed as Jasper answered it to find two sleepy girls on the other side.

"Can we sleep with you and mommy?" Maddy asked.

Jasper looked back at me and I nodded.

Reaching down he lifted one in each arm and brought the over to the bed, settling them in between us before he lay down as well. His arm came across both of them to rest on my hip and mine did the same.

"I love you Bella." He whispered since the girls seemed to already be back to sleep.

"I love you too." I whispered, closing my eyes.

I smiled slightly as I heard two little voices whisper. "I love you mommy. I love you daddy."

Jasper answered. "We love you too girls."

Sleep took us all under then our family all wrapped up together.



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