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Every Move You Make

The sound of sirens penetrated the thick walls of the lair, announcing that the police were close. Kim and Shego paused in their fight and broke apart, each breathing heavily from exertion. "What now," Shego called to her employer.

"Give it up, Drakken," Kim shouted, "Ron's turned off your force field and the police are here."

Drakken smiled and pulled an odd weapon from a table, "Ah well, this time I have a fall back plan."

He aimed the device at Kim, who quickly moved so that Shego stood between her and Drakken. "No way will he shoot Shego," Kim thought.

Shego took Kim's move as hostile and their battle resumed. As they grappled the light of Drakken's ray hit them. Kim flinched slightly at the light, which gave Shego the opening for a kick the redhead only partially blocked. When Kim went down the green woman jumped on top of her, pinning her to the floor.

"We need to move," Kim panted as the ray continued to shine on them. Kim felt no effects and hoped the ray was a failure, but didn't want to take chances.

Shego grinned wolfishly, "You think he'd do anything that would hurt me?" she taunted.

That was exactly what Kim thought, but before she could say a word Ron and Rufus burst into the lab. The blond youth saw Drakken with his weapon shining on Kim, picked up the nearest thing he could find - a heavy wrench, and tossed it. "Catch!"

Drakken saw the movement from the corner of his eye and instinctively brought his hand up to protect himself. The wrench smashed the weapon - breaking one of Drakken's fingers, and then hand, ray gun, and wrench thudded against Drakken's chest, knocking him off his feet.

Ron's arrival also distracted Shego and when the police arrived Ron had Drakken tied up while Kim worked on Shego.

"You'll never hold me," Shego promised.

"We'll see," the officer in charge replied as he fitted her with specially made handcuffs.

Shego jerked her head towards Kim, "She'll be coming to get me out," the green woman sneered.

Ron looked at Kim, "What?"

"I don't know what she's talking about," Kim assured him. "Maybe Drakken used an insanity ray and it only affected Shego."

"Ms. Possible?" the officer requested, "could you ride with us back to the police station? We'd like a statement and, well, just in case she tries anything we'd like you there to watch her."

"Certainly," Kim agreed, and tossed the key for the Sloth to Ron. "Follow us back to town. And please don't change any setting or break anything this time."

"Sure thing KP."

On the ride to the Middleton Police Station Kim tried to figure out what Drakken might have hit her with, or if it even had affected her. Shego relaxed in the back seat as best she could with her hands cuffed behind her, but the smug grin in on her lips proclaimed she expected something to happen.

Kim breathed a little sigh of relief as the police finished booking the pair and moved them back towards their cells. The relief was almost immediately replaced by a sense of worry. Had the ray done anything? When might she see a result? Should she ask Wade to run a scan on her? Where was Ron, shouldn't he have been here? Had he done something to her car? She was getting out her cell phone to call him when Ron strolled in with a sheepish look on his face. "Are you okay?" she demanded.

"Just stopped for a little snack," he laughed nervously.

"My car is okay?"

"Well, heh, heh, I kind of had a little accident with the bladder-buster cup of soda--"

"Ron, you didn't!"

"It will clean out… And that was an old sound system. I'll bet Wade or your brothers can build a better one."

At least this explained her worries. She took the key from Ron and headed for the parking lot. Kim felt worse every step of the way. What had he done to her car? There was a test tomorrow she wasn't ready for. She'd flunk and wouldn't get into a good college. She'd end up a homeless derelict. Kim tried to shake the fears out of her head. She was simply tired. She needed to get home, take a shower and study a little before going to bed.

Kim climbed behind the wheel and nearly ordered Ron out of the car. He was going to attack her. She took a deep breath and reminded herself he had been her best friend forever. They were dating. She was safe with Ron. Kim turned the key and put the Sloth into reverse. She couldn't back up, a car would come careening through the parking lot and smash into her car - killing her and Ron. She fought the fear; it was the police parking lot. No criminal would be so brazenly stupid. She began to ease back from the parking spot, then realized a police car might speed down the lot in response to an emergency call. She would be just as dead whether the driver who hit her was a crook or the police.

"Are you okay," Ron asked, the concern obvious in his voice. "I'm sorry about the soda, I'll pay for it."

Kim gritted her teeth, "I'm fine," she lied.

"I'm asking 'cause you look kind of pale and you're sweating like a pig."

"I'm fine," she screamed at him.

"Okay," he apologized, "sorry I asked."

She drove to the end of the parking lot at three miles an hour. She couldn't turn out into the street, there were cars whizzing by and she would be killed immediately if she tried to drive there.

"Ron," she gasped, "I'm not okay. Something's wrong. You need to drive."

"Should I take you to the hospital?" Ron asked as he left the car and moved around to the driver's side.

Kim slid over to the passenger seat as Ron got in, "Hospital… Good… Yeah." "Hospital, no!" Kim shrieked inside. The hospital had knives. They'd cut her open to see what was wrong and forget how to put her together. They'd give her drugs that drove her insane. They would confuse her case history with someone else and her head would be amputated.

Kim felt a jolt of fear as Ron recklessly pulled out into the street, couldn't he see there was a car almost two blocks away coming towards them? Zombies who lived in the hospital basement would eat her brain if he took her there. Terrorists would bomb the building. A meteor would hit. The engine in the rebuilt car was about to explode. Kim closed her eyes and tried to fight the fear, her whole body trembling.

Ron saw the body language and hit the accelerator. He needed to get Kim to the hospital fast.

Kim screamed. Instinctively knew what she needed, and it wasn't the hospital. "Stop! Stop the car!"

"No way, KP, you got to see the doctor."


Ron increased the speed.

Kim reached over and grabbed the keys, turning off the engine. Ron tried to take her hand off them, but she hit him. When the car came to a stop she put it into park, pulled out the keys and threw them - then she got out of the car and started running back towards the police station.

Kim heard crashes and the noise of violence as she ran towards the police station. She didn't care. Every step she took made the irrational fears lessen slightly. It felt good to be headed towards the sounds of destruction and chaos. She still felt afraid, but the fear was gradually subsiding. She wasn't sure why she felt better, she only knew she did. As she got closer she discovered the reason for the sounds of destruction - a hole had been blasted in one wall of the station and through it Kim could see another wall inside the building with a hole in it. A familiar green-and-black clad figure ran towards her. A half dozen police officers were in pursuit, but falling behind. Shego saw Kim, but didn't change her direction to avoid the younger woman, instead she kept her original direction - moving in a straight line directly at the redhead.

The two women skidded to a halt a few feet from each other, they were both panting from exertion and recent fear. Kim assumed a battle stance, "What happened?" she demanded.

Shego hunched over, her hands on her knees, trying to catch her breath. The destruction of the cell and five inner walls of the police station before she could get outside had taken a lot out of her. "I'm gonna kill Drakken;" she panted, "it was only supposed to affect you."