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I'll Be Watching You

Three weeks until the prom, and Shego and Kim remained busy. With sports largely over cheerleading took less time, but Kim served on every group and committee in school - including prom decorations. 'Dancing in the Moonlight' served as the prom theme. Shego, not on any committees, attended with Kim and played Devil's advocate. She checked an almanac and discovered there would be a new moon that night.

Kim responded by asking if Wade could generate a holographic full moon to cast a light in the gym. Shego wished she had kept her mouth shut; she would rather Wade spent time trying to dissolve the bond holding her to Kim. But after months together he hadn't yet found a way and perhaps they simply had to wait until the effect wore off.

Global Justice also kept the two women and Ron busy with three missions in a two week period. While Shego could not enjoy hero work she enjoyed the idea of earning freedom and didn't grumble about participation.

The green woman remembered why she hated hero work on the second mission, when a giant robot flattened her - hero work was difficult with lousy pay. Kim, unable to come to Shego's aid because of her own battle with a second giant robot, saw the robot prepare to crush Shego beneath its foot.

Stunned and unable to roll away in time Shego watched in horror as the metallic foot drew nearer. Suddenly the robot's foot began to raise into the air as the construct turned and headed in the direction of Kim. Shego struggled to her knees. The robot had obviously decided she was out of the fight and wanted to help its partner crush Kim.

As she tried to rise and go to Kim's aid the thief noticed Ron playing with a handheld video-game console. It pretty much cemented her view of Ron as helpless.

The robot which had suddenly quit the effort to crush Shego attacked the robot Kim fought. Kim, exhausted from her fight with the metal giant, stepped back, panting, and watched the two machines slug it out.

Shego joined Kim, "What in the hell is going on?"

"I don't know." Kim looked over and saw Ron, "Are you controlling that thing?"

"Yeah. Rufus found the frequency. This is better than Rock'em Sock'em Robots™"

Shego still struggled catch her breath, "I don't believe it," she gasped. "Doofus saved us?"

"I told you he would," Kim reminded her. "And you've got to stop calling him Doofus now."

Even as Kim told Shego to show Ron more respect the robot he controlled tore the head off the second, which died with a shower of sparks, "Booy-yah!" he called. "I learned that move from Steel Toe."

When they reached Middleton Shego directed Kim to drive them to Bueno Nacho. "Okay, Stoppable, all you can eat for being a hero."

"Call me Ron. All I can eat? Really?"

"My treat, Sport. I think my life is worth it."

"Do you have any idea how much he can eat here?" Kim whispered as Ron went to the counter to place his first order.

"No," Shego admitted, "but c'mon, how much can one guy eat?"

Forty-five minutes later Shego admitted, "That was amazing," as Ron finished his fifth large tray of food. "Going back for number six?"

"Nah," Ron answered. "Supper in an hour. Mom wouldn't want me to spoil my appetite."

"Please tell me he's kidding," Shego asked Kim.

"I warned you."

"Thanks, Shego, but you really didn't have to," Ron told her.

"Hey, you saved my life today. I either had to treat you to all you could eat or have sex with you."

Ron's jaw dropped. "I had a choice?"

"No you didn't," Kim told him.

Shego winked, "Of course you did, Tiger."

"I had a choice?"

Kim gave Shego a look of disgust, "You shouldn't play with him like that. His head will explode."

"Who was playing?"


They led Ron out to the Sloth, still mumbling, "Ah, man! I had a choice? Nobody told me!"

As they dropped Ron off he mentioned something about studying with Tara that evening. Shego flinched slightly, but Kim's, "Have fun," sounded sincere. Then Kim turned to Shego, "You're in so much trouble if he saves you again."

Kim had her own studying to do that night. She and about half the cheerleaders sat on the floor of Kim's room, with papers strewn around them and open textbooks as they prepared for a math exam. Shego, a pencil between her teeth, sat at the desk staring at the computer screen.

"Shego," Marcella complained, "we need you."

"Keep your shirt on, I'm working on prom night."

"You're going to prom? Who asked you?"

Shego flushed, "Well, no guy would ask me… And since Kim and I are stuck no guy would ask her 'cause I'd be there. Since I'd screwed it up for Kim I asked if she wanted to go with me. I mean, as long as I'd ruined it for her anyway I might as well blow it all to hell."

"You don't need to apologize," Kim told her. "We'll have fun."

Shego came over to help the group study.

As Kim worked on a problem Bonnie caught Shego's attention. The brunette glanced over at Kim, then back to Shego, and winked. Then Bonnie leaned over and whispered, "Good luck," in the green woman's ear.

As they lay in bed Shego decided not to mention Bonnie's words or actions. "I'm, uh, trying to decide where to take you for dinner before the prom," Shego confessed. "You told me once that Mozart's was the best restaurant in town… Could I take you there, or would that be a bad association for you?"

"You want to take me to the nicest restaurant in town?"

"If you want to. I mean; if that's a problem we can find another place."

"It's expensive."

"I've got plenty of money. Do you want to go there?"

"You're not going to make me order from the children's menu or anything, are you?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Never mind… I've always wanted to eat at Mozart's. Thanks."

Kim went with Shego to rent a tux. It proved more complicated than she had imagined.

"Look, Dear," the slim young man at the shop warned her, "you can't just waltz in here and expect to find something on the rack to fit your rack. The guys coming in here don't have your figure. You could look divine with a little extra tailoring and fitting for the hips and boobs. If you go cheap you're going to have the appeal of a sack of potatoes. Spend the extra for alterations and you'll be stunning."

Shego glanced at Kim, "Go for it," the younger woman suggested.

Kim giggled as Shego's measurements were taken. The older woman seemed a little nervous as he measured her inseam, "Don't worry, Sweetie, you don't have anything in there of interest to me," he assured her.

They found a dark green silk shirt for Shego with black-edged ruffles.

Kim stopped for coffee after the tux rental shop. Shego studied the younger woman as she sat across from her and talked about Wade's moon hologram. The redhead seemed happy. Shego wondered if Wade's success with the hologram represented the sole reason for the happiness.

Anne also noticed that Kim seemed happier. She told herself it was strictly the news that the effect had begun to fade slightly which made Kim happy. Or maybe going on missions again made her happy. Perhaps Kim even enjoyed the idea of graduating high school and attending college. Anne could accept any of those reasons for Kim feeling happy. But the incident in the dress store concerned her.

Anne had accompanied Kim in the search for the perfect prom dress. They ordered Shego into the next store at the mall so that they could look at dresses without her. Shego spent the hour and a half staring at a display of men's socks and belts - the items on the wall nearest the dress shop. The problem had been Tara was in the shop looking for a dress when Anne and Kim arrived. Dr. Possible feared a scene. Nothing happened. The two chatted freely, and even offered each other opinions on which dresses were the most flattering. It went too well in Anne's opinion. She hated to admit the fact, but she would rather have seen her daughter try and hit Tara - Kim and Shego's bathroom needed a good scrubbing.

On the Wednesday before prom Kim arrived home to find the usual pile of letters from colleges. Shego headed to the kitchen for a snack. Because of her unusual situation Kim had to apply to more schools than originally anticipated. When Kim reached the kitchen the green woman had two small bowls of chocolate ice cream on the table and had just finished the sugar free caramel topping. "Why in the hell do they make sugar free ice cream topping?" the older woman grumbled. "We'd eat carrots if we wanted something healthy."

Kim worked down the stack of letters as she ate. She had been accepted to a school, but Shego had not. They had both been rejected. Kim accepted, but not Shego. Both accepted, but not a college Kim really wanted to attend. Shego had been accepted, but Kim rejected. "What the heck," Kim muttered and double-checked the school. "I didn't even apply here."

"Aviation school?" Shego asked, licking her spoon clean.


"Did they accept me?"

"Yes. But not me."

"Got anyplace close that accepted you?"

"Classes on two campuses? No way we could work out a schedule."

"I thought you could do anything."

"Don't push me," Kim threatened in a teasing voice. She opened another letter while Shego stole a spoonful of ice cream from Kim's bowl.

"YES!" Kim shouted and pumped her fist in the air, "I know where we're going."

Shego swallowed quickly, "Where's that?"

"Oberlin College!"

"Oberlin? I repeat, where's that?"


Shego looked thoughtful, "Their sports teams must not be very good, I've never heard of them."

"I don't think they've got sports teams. They're into something called education. You may have heard of it."

"Well I've never heard of them."

"One of the first colleges to accept women, and African-Americans. Maybe the highest percentage of the kids of college professors in the country. Highest percentage of graduates who go on for advanced degrees."

"Can I cut it there?" Shego wondered.

"You can do it! You're good… Maybe not as good as you think, but you're good."

"Oh yeah, like you're as good as you think."

Kim didn't rise to the bait, she finished reading the acceptance letter, "Hey, you actually helped us get in."


"They like diversity. I mean, really like it - not just say that. They say they've never had anyone like us apply before." She raised her hand and gave Shego a high-five.

"Then the ray should wear off this summer and they'll kick us out when we show up," Shego suggested. Kim stared in her bowl, she remembered having more ice cream left than the little that remained. The redhead stared at Shego, then back to the ice cream bowl. Shego tried her best to look innocent, but failed badly and only looked more guilty. "Hey, they don't have sports teams?"

"I don't think so."

"Which means they don't have cheerleaders, right?"

"I guess so…"

"Okay, Princess, I can get psyched for this Oberlin place."

In the late afternoon on the day of the prom Shego dressed in the guest room as Kim showered. "Why am I so nervous," she asked herself as she struggled to get on the tux. She pulled her long hair back in a ponytail, then failed to get the tie straight. After four frustrating minutes she went in search of Anne Possible.

"Stop fidgeting and hold still," Anne warned as she adjusted the tie. "And we need to redo your cummerbund too." The brain surgeon stepped back and looked Shego over. "I bought a corsage for you to give Kim."

"A corsage? Oh, thanks."

"No problem. This night is important to Kim. I want her to be happy… You'll do your best to see she's happy tonight?"

"I... Yes, I promise."

Anne sighed, "I believe you will. Now, about your curfew-"

"Curfew? Please tell me you're kidding!"

"I want the two of you home by noon tomorrow. Is that clear?"

Shego stared open-mouthed at the woman, wondering if she could read minds, wondering if she imagined something that wasn't true, wondering exactly what she meant. She wasn't certain, but it looked like Anne might cry. Shego nodded. "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine," Anne snapped, and wiped her eyes. As Shego stood in a daze Anne walked to the foot to the stairs and called up, "Kim! Are you about ready? Your date's here."

"In a minute, Mom."

Kim swept down the stairs, her green dress echoing the green of her eyes and making the red of her hair snap with the contrast.

"You look beautiful," Shego managed to say.

Kim smiled radiantly. Anne again looked like she wanted to cry. Shego still felt dazed. And James Possible suddenly appeared with a camera. "Pictures. I need pictures of my girls before the prom."

"Kim, I ordered a boutonniere for you to give Shego," Anne told her daughter.

James snapped happily away as Kim pinned the flower on Shego. Then he took more formal shots of the two standing together. Kim smiled, the older woman's arm on her shoulder felt vaguely protective. After that Shego volunteered to take some pictures of Kim with her parents.

"Now remember," James Possible warned them when the picture taking ended, "No boys."

"Yes, Sir. No boys," Shego assured him.

Anne sighed and wished her husband could issue a different warning.

"You have the keys to the Sloth?" Kim asked.

Shego looked puzzled, "Keys to the Sloth?"

"You're wearing the pants on this date. And you have pockets, I don't. You're driving."

"You want me to drive?"

Kim looked exasperated, "Yes! I expect you to drive."

"So, you don't want the limo?"

"Limo? What limo?"

"The one I rented for tonight."

The limo pulled up a few minutes later. The driver opened the door for Kim while Shego went to the other side. Kim laughed as Shego joined her, "This is incredible. Thanks…"

There were only a handful of Middleton high couples at Mozart's. Kim blanched when she saw the prices on the menu. "I'm sorry I said I'd come here, this is too expensive."

"You only get one senior prom, Pumpkin. Mine came six years late. Live a little." Kim tried to find something inexpensive on the menu, and Shego threatened to order a lobster for her if Kim didn't simply find something she wanted.

Shego regained her confidence during dinner, but lost her nerve again as the limo pulled up at Middleton High. "Are you sure this is a good idea? I don't want to hurt your reputation by people seeing you with me."

"People have been seeing us together for months. Everyone knows we're coming, it's not going to be a surprise."


"We're going to the prom," Kim told her firmly. "I'm not going to miss this."

Kim took Shego's arm and the two entered the gym.

Shego stared up at the large full moon casting its light on the dancers. "It's impressive," she admitted. "Kinda weird to have the moon inside a building, but impressive."

They shared the first few dances. The first couple were fast, and Shego began to relax slightly. Then the band began a slow tune and Kim moved close and put her arms around Shego. Kim frowned as they danced, something seemed wrong.

Shego whispered, "Are you playing with my ass?"

"Are you carrying a hip flask or are you happy to see me?"

"Brought something to spike the punch. I think it's a prom tradition."

"When did you buy it? We're always together."

"Last time we were at Kwiky Mart - while you were picking out a bottle of juice."

"Give me the bottle," Kim demanded.

"Why? Need some liquid courage?" Shego teased.

"Give me the bottle."

"It's vodka, you won't like it."

"Give me the bottle."

Shego looked around to make sure none of the official chaperones were looking in their direction then pulled the bottle out and passed it to Kim. "You won't like it," she warned.

Kim liked it just fine, as she stalked over to a trashcan and threw the bottle away.

Shego sulked for a dance over having her bottle taken away, but recovered. After a few more dances the two took a break and left the dance area to talk with friends. Ron gave them a big wave and they joined him and Tara. "Hey, a bunch of us are going to CK's for breakfast after the prom, want to come?" Ron invited. "Then we're going to Turner's Point and watch the sunrise. It's mostly football players and their dates, but you're welcome."

Shego studied Tara, who looked nervous and held Ron's arm in a possessive manner. "She's jealous of Kim," the green woman thought. "She should be, Kim's the prettiest woman here."

Kim didn't seem aware of Tara's behavior as she answered, "I don't think so. Sounds like fun, but Shego and I have other plans."

"Hey, if you change your mind, you're welcome." The band started a song Ron recognized, "We danced to this last year," he reminded Kim and pulled her out onto the dance floor.

Neither Tara nor Shego enjoyed the sound of that, but Shego took the blonde woman by the arm, "C'mon," and led her out.

Tara spent most of her time staring at Kim and Ron. "Jealous much?" the green woman asked.

"He's so wonderful," she sighed. "I can't compete with Kim."

"No, you can't. And don't try. She won't compete with you."

"I don't-"

"You can't play her game, she won't play yours."


"Look, you're good for Ron in ways she isn't. She's good for Ron in ways you're not. Those two have a friendship I can't understand, and nothing is going to change that. Whatever you do, don't make him choose between you. You'll lose."

"But she-"

"You'll lose. They've been best friends a long time. But Ron thinks you're special too. She envies you."

"She does?"

"Really. You really like the guy?"

"He's wonderful," she sighed.

"Keep telling him that, and don't say anything against Kim. That's what he needs."

At the end of the dance Tara thanked Shego. The green woman tried not to let her own jealousy show, but Kim detected it. The doors from the gym onto the concrete deck around the Middleton High athletic facility were open to catch any breeze and Kim dragged Shego out to dance under the stars as another slow tune began.

Kim laid her head on Shego's shoulder as they danced. The older woman's arms tightened around the redhead, holding her close. Their bodies swayed to the music, each half trying to take the lead and half-willing to go wherever her partner led.

Shego's heart was pounding so loudly she feared she'd deafen Kim. "You lied to Ron," she murmured. "You said we had plans."

Kim raised her face to Shego, her lips so close the green woman felt her breath as Kim whispered, "We don't? I thought you did."

"I gotta go," Shego said at the end of the song and dashed for the restroom. The green woman leaned against a sink, trying to stop the trembling. "Maybe I'm sick," she optimistically told herself. She couldn't believe it had come to this. Drakken's ray had made her afraid when she wasn't near Kim. Now she was afraid when she was near Kim. She reached into a jacket pocket and pulled out the small plastic bottle of anti-fear drug. Shego stared at the pills, had it really come to this?

"Take them and I can tell Kim how I feel… What happens when she shoots me down? Will I get angry and leave? It would hurt her… Would I attack her? I've got to tell her..."

Kim waited for Shego outside the restroom and led her back outside. They stared at the stars until the next slow number.

"Did you have to take the pills to get the courage to talk to me?" Kim demanded as they danced in each other's arms.

"What pills?"

"I saw you steal them."


"Am I that scary?" Shego remained silent. "What do you want to tell me? My mom thinks you want to sleep with me."

"We've been sleeping together for weeks."

"You know what I mean, not sleeping together sleeping together. Is that what you want?" Shego continued silent. "You can't even ask with the no-fear pills?"

"I… I didn't take them. I was afraid I might hurt you by running away."

"The answer is yes."

Shego looked puzzled, "Yes?"

"Yes, I'll go to bed with you."

"Kim, I… What's happening? Are you trying to make my head explode? Trying to hurt Ron? It this some rebound thing? Is this just some prom and moonlight thing? You don't.. I mean, I-"

Kim put a finger on Shego's lips. "Shut up and kiss me."

The kiss was long and tender. "I don't know what's happening," Kim admitted when the kiss ended. "Part of me says this is wrong. But you make me feel special. I need someone to make me feel special. I need someone to need me… Do you need me?"

"I need you, Princess."

"Then, let's do it. I need you, Shego. When the prom is over we'll… What do two women do?"

"We make love."

"I'm scared… Kiss me again."

"I'm scared too," Shego admitted before their lips met.

After the prom their driver left them at the Upperton Hilton.

Kim woke up first. Shego's arm around her felt far too good. The redhead could see the clock on the nightstand, almost ten-thirty in the morning. She guessed it was a more than a half hour to her house. And they needed to call a cab. They should get moving.

But first Kim tried to figure out what had happened and what it meant. It was wrong. That seemed clear. It felt wonderful. She could not deny that fact. Shego was her enemy… Shego had been her enemy… Shego wasn't her enemy, but what was she? Had Shego simply caught her on the first bounce on the rebound from Ron? They were two women. Two women shouldn't… Shego knew every spot on a woman's body which could make her feel good, some that Kim had not even been aware of… It was wrong. It felt so good. She could not believe how tender Shego had been, how sensitive to Kim's needs. Wrong. All wrong… Shego had treated her like a Princess. Could Shego be playing mind games with her? Was she being fair to Shego? Her mother would be upset...

Her mind a jumbled whirl of uncertainty, a warm tongue tracing its way along her shoulder jolted Kim back to the real world.

"Morning," Shego greeted her.

"Shego… What happened this morning?"

"You want a repeat performance?"

"No, I… What does it mean?"

The green woman sighed, "I'm not sure. I guess it proves the old saying, 'familiarity breeds content'." She turned her lips and tongue loose on Kim's neck.

The younger woman shuddered, "I think," she moaned, "familiarity breeds contempt."

Shego left Kim's neck for a moment, "Not in this case, Pumpkin." The green woman went back of work on Kim's neck.

"Time," Kim gasped, "Need… Get… Home…"

The other woman looked at the clock, "Damn, We- Take a shower, get dressed. I-"

Kim raised an eyebrow, "Shower together?"

"I've created a monster." "No time. Your Mom will kill me if I don't get you back on time… I'll be grounded from seeing you for a week." They both laughed. "Seriously, Kim, I'm not sure what last night means. I hope it's something good for both of us. We kicked things up a notch-"

"I think we kicked them up five notches."

"Yeah, probably. Pretty hard to say we need to go slow now." Shego paused. "Kim, I… You're… Hell, go take a fast shower before I say something really stupid."

Kim laughed and turned to give Shego a fast kiss, then headed for the shower. After a quick rinse she returned to the room and let Shego shower.

When Shego came out of the shower Kim had donned the prom dress and sat on the bed brushing out her hair.

"Dress or call taxi," Shego muttered.

"Call taxi, tell them to be here in half an hour, then get dressed," Kim suggested.

"Glad one of us is thinking," Shego agreed and found her cell phone.

"Everyone is going to know what we were doing when we leave," Kim pointed out as Shego pulled on the trousers.

"Hey, I'm not ashamed of- Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your reputation, I-"

"Don't worry about it," Kim assured her. I just wonder who else we'd see if we hung around the lobby?"

"No idea," Shego muttered. "Have you seen my left shoe?"

"You were wearing it last night."

"Have you seen it this morning?"

Kim shrugged. Shego looked under the bed, in the closet, checked the bathroom, looked under the settee, checked under the bed again. Kim smiled at the sight of Shego crawling around, frantically searching for the missing shoe.

"You could get off the bed and help me," Shego complained.

"I am helping you. I'm staying out of your way."

"Thanks loads," Shego muttered.

"You're welcome," Kim chirped. The redhead wondered how long she should wait before admitting she was sitting on the missing shoe.

-The End-