Disclaimer – I don't own Bleach. This fanfic is a form of satire, meant to teach why certain things tend not to work in fanfiction. I'll get what I am making a satire of in the bottom.

High School Girl
~What High School Girl's Want~

Rain poured down on the windows of the highs school, the rivers or water trickling down the window, streaming to reach the ground. It had a long way to go, and the soft pitter-patter drew Kogata Sana into her own little world. She had quite a few dreams for once she hit high school, and none of them, were coming true. This caused her a great deal of frustration, not to mention irritation.

She glanced up at her classroom, and rolled her eyes. Her brown eyes narrowed as she scanned the class room and studied her fellow classmates. She had come to the thought process, on the first day of school, that none of them were worth her even approaching. This held most especially true of the females in her class.

The one that tended to piss her off the most, was Orihime. With as dense as the girl was, and as big of a chest as she had, she wasn't surprised that the girl hadn't gotten herself pregnant. The girl couldn't help but imagine the girl's belly swelling with twins, not even realizing that she had in fact that she was carrying.

She also hated Tatsuki, and wondered if the reason that the girl was so flat chested, was because she was really a guy. On the other hand, perhaps she was a lesbian just like that other chick she choose too never remember the name of. Maybe the two of them were in a relationship, and the reason that Tatsuki got mad when the girl went to glomp her friends was because she was jealous.

Then there was that new girl, Rukia. She pictured that girl, with her mannerisms, to be some rich girl snob. She expected the dark haired girl to flaunt the fact that she was made of money outside of class. She had the picture that in truth, when not around the teachers, that she was a complete brat. That, or the teachers spoiled her because she was so rich.

Then there was Chad. She only looked at the top ranking and her own, thus she figured him to be a complete buffoon. She had to definitely wonder how it was that he passed the high school entrance exam in the first place, even wondered if he was here on a athletic scholarship. However, he seemed too klutzy to actually be in any sport.

She also had a problem with Ichigo. She liked the fact that he had a bad boy attitude, something she was looking for in a boyfriend. However, he wasn't bishounen. He was way to masculine for her tastes, and he came across as a complete idiot at times. Of course, the plus side of idiot boyfriend would be that they would do anything, but still way to masculine.

As for the other big choice in the classroom, he seemed just as lame. Sure, he was actually bishounen, but the truth of the matter was, even though he was likely to be mondo romantic, she couldn't help but imagine him that way, he was mondo weak. Moreover, there was the issue with Uryu's stupid, and completely nerdy glasses.

"Sheesh…" she muttered to herself as she went back to glancing out the window.

"Kogata Sana!" the woman suddenly called out. "Please pay attention! Lucky for you it is free period next!"

This caused her to roll her eyes, as she knew she would have to listen to some of the idiotic conversations that went on among her classmates. Orihime was the first to speak up, and as Sana expected, they bent to her words. "I wish lunch would come sooner… that's what I look forward to…"

"Yeah… yeah," Tatsuki muttered. "I look forward to practice after and before school."

"Tatsuki is weird," the girl stated, giving off a pouting face. "Isn't what all girl's look forward to, lunch? A good hardy lunch? That is what we go to lunch for…"

"Baka…" Sana muttered, standing up and leaving the classroom. However, not before she made a comment back. "Everyone knows what a high school girl goes to school for is a boy friend."

She walked down the hall, the teacher getting a bit miffed about the whole matter, but choosing to do nothing until the girl came back. Kogata-san slid open the door to the bathroom, and ran some water, to rinse off her face. "Boy friend huh?"

"Not only am I unable to find a guy in the class room that is overall suitable, in the boy friend department, I have other problems. I seriously don't know how any of those girls can moon over them," the girl glared at herself.

For one thing, she was short in her opinion, standing at five feet, one inch. Her chest size was in her opinion, abysmal, though she admitted that it was bigger than everyone's except Orihime's. She was completely plain, and only had been asked out by complete losers in the school. She felt that her chances of getting her ideal boyfriend were slim.

She remembered what she had promised herself when she had finally gotten into high school, that she would go and get herself the coolest boyfriend, to make all the girls jealous of her, and finally get herself to stand out from the crowd. Yet, truth of the matter was, the right guy had yet to come along, and it was starting to piss her off.

"Maybe I can transfer to some rich school…" the girl stated, drying off her face. "Everyone knows that we can afford it. They are sure to have well bred guys there."

At that, she walked back to class, and took her seat, only to have the teacher smack her hard with her notebook. "Kogata-san… I've told you before, not to do things like this…"

"Sensei…" the girl whispered. "Would you rather a girl breathe to the entire class about feminine things?"

This caused the teacher to back down, and then suddenly go and sit down at her desk, still glaring at the girl.

Author's note – I am choosing to satire a kind of Toshiro/OC pairing that I have seen in quite a few fanfics, about a couple dozen, if not more. Basic summary is, the OC is a high school student, aged fifteen to sixteen. I will go into some of the issues as they crop up, but not before.
Issue #1: One of the things I notice in a LOT of the high school student fanfics, no matter who they are paired with, some writers inadvertently leave clues as to who they like or dislike character wise. They will favor and disfavor them, using their character. Here, I choose to have the girl dislike all the characters, for rather biased reasons, because that is the way that some writers end up showing their favoritism, by having their unrealistic biases for characters show through.