High School Girl
~Nurses Office~

Under normal circumstances, Ichigo would have just left Toshiro there by himself. The normal acting Toshiro happened to have a liking to being left alone to his own moody feelings, and one tended not to be able to talk to him about things like this, when they happened. He kept everything bottled in, and closed in.

Getting away from Toshiro, however, actually proved to be problematic. As soon as Toshiro was sat down on one of the beds in the nurse's office, one of his fingers reached out and grabbed onto the belt loop on Ichigo's pants. Kurosaki found that he couldn't move away from the preteen, and thus ended up sitting down next to him on the bed.

The next thing he knew, he was being glomped from behind, by Hitsugaya, nonetheless. Toshiro was not one for cuddling, or being snuggly, yet here he was, doing just that, and hanging on for his life it seemed. It almost seemed as if the small boy was trying to seek out some sort of comfort, which… the small captain of the tenth division, he was practically fearless.

The nurse walked over, and shook her head. "Doesn't he tend to be more distant?"

"Yes… he does," Ichigo muttered, wondering how long the overly clingy Hitsugaya Toshiro would last. He had never expected this to be a part of the boy's character, but here he was… clinging to him.

"Hitsugaya-kun…" the nurse stated, trying to get two teal eyes to look up at her, but to no avail. "I am going to write a recommendation that you see the school councilor."

Ichigo watched as the woman scribbled something onto a pad. "She'll be calling you in for a meeting, sometime in the next week."

There was no protest from Toshiro, as the woman said this, and she chooses to step out of the room.. The substitute soul reaper let out a groan. "Toshiro… you really need to lighten up…"

"I feel safe…" the boy stated firmly, which confirmed Kurosaki's fears.

"And what are you going to do when soul society finds out about this…" Ichigo sighed.

"Soul society… I'll be in a world of trouble I guess… I can't believe I couldn't do anything!" the boy suddenly latched on tighter.

"So… why do you think that was?" He didn't really expect an answer.

"Tell him the truth, little one. He will listen…"

"Because… my grandmother taught me not to hit a girl, ever. And in academy, they said, unless a girl is in battle with you, you don't fight them," the small boy muttered. "And we're not supposed to use our powers in the real world."

"I take it, no one's told you what to do in a situation like this?" the physically older boy commented.

"No…" Toshiro stated.

"Do you think me and Uryu are the types to follow those kinds of rules?"

"Well… yeah," suddenly there was a slightly less bit of clinging going on.

"Uryu slapped her," Ichigo let out a small chuckle. "Sometimes… it is understood that one has to break rules of moral conduct, especially when the other person breaks it first."

"Got it, I guess." To the substitute soul reapers dismay, Toshiro became just as clingy again. "I think… I was also scared too. I've never felt that kind of bad feeling in my life."

"Well, I hope you never have to feel it again." And that was the truth.

Author's notes –
Issue #8: Have you guys ever read any of the counseling parodies that some fanfic writers write, as counter to "fanfic problems?" I have, though I haven't seen any for Bleach… hmm… anyways…
- That was the last chapter. I couldn't really put in Toshiro getting counseling, because that would have broken the flow. I have a fanfic sequel planned for this, called "High School Boy", which pokes fun of the fact that some people think that Toshiro/Karin is a pedophilic relationship because he is over forty years old. (In Soul Society terms that is…)
Issue #9: Brought up by Evilhumour Author... "People make Toshiro act like he has never seen someone kissing or show emotional respesons before. I know that he is young mentaly, but you can expect him to know nothing! On the same side, to make him know everything is abusered as well."