My own story of the Vampire Kisses Series. Although, I use the characters. I DO NOT own anything.

Vampire Kisses

I walked quickly to the mansion after dinner. The sun was almost completely gone except a small sliver of pink above the horizon. Even though I thrived in the dark, I still liked the view. I pause to stare at it. It sunk down until it disappeared. I continued on.

I knocked on the door right as Jameson unlocked it.

"Hello, Miss Raven." He smiled warmly, "Alexander will be down soon." This was the normal procedure. I always was anxious to get here as soon as possible.

Taking a seat in the drawing room, I flipped through a couple of very dusty books; most of them were on Romanian history. Maybe someday Alexander would bring me there and we would tour the country and see his parents home. I always thought that a covenant ceremony would be best in the cemetery, but Romania seemed so much better. Alexander would be proud to bite me in his home country rather than in boring Dullsville.

My thought process was broken by a familiar presence.

"Hello." That was all he said as he slowly made his way up my shoulder to my neck with small kisses. I giggled like crazy as his soft lips touched my skin.
"Hi!" I choked out between giggles while trying to turn around.

Then Alexander straightened out. I turned completely to see what was wrong and saw Jameson enter the room. He had his coat on, and a bouquet of red and white roses.

"Please excuse me Alexander, Miss Raven." He nodded to us, "I have a date with Miss Ruby this evening and shall be out later than usual. I hope you will find something to eat?"

"I can fend for myself tonight Jameson, don't worry." Alexander said kindly.

Jameson smiled his skinny-tooth grin. "Well then, I will be off. Have a wonderful night."

He walked out of the room a little faster than usual.

I stood and ran up the stairs to Alexander's room when I heard the front door shut. Alexander chased right after me. His door was slightly ajar, and it flung against the wall as I stormed through. My knight of the night caught up to me, grabbed my waist and flipped me around on top of him as he fell on his bed.

Alexander started to really kiss me.

It started out sweet, unbearably sweet. Then it turned to straight passion.

I gasped for air after awhile and he didn't let me go for long. He rolled over so I was lying on top of him.

"This is very…different." I struggled to find words.

He laughed. "Sorry, am I going to fast for you?"

"No!" I blushed as I smothered him with another kiss.

"Good to know. I missed you all the time." I had to stay home all week because I was grounded for my detention. It was about a mean comment to one of the pradabees. She deserved it and she knew it.

"Hmmm," I couldn't speak again I was busy.

We continued lip-locking for a couple more minutes. Alexander stroked my face as I fingered his dark locks. He started to slowdown in pace and I wanted to keep going. So I did something I've never done before.

I slowly traced his razor-sharp fangs with the tip of my tongue. It had the opposite affect.

"Raven," he moaned as he gently pushed my face back. We laid there in silence next to each other for a long moment.

I got up and sat in the windowsill without talking.

Alexander sighed and came up to me. "I understand that it's hard to remember the fact that you're dating a vampire. But you have to try. You don't want to get near these," He pointed to his, larger than normal, canine teeth. "Even if you'd like to be apart of my world, I'm a danger to you."

"I know," I muttered. He hugged me close.

We cuddled, without saying word until Alexander's stomach rumbled.

"Since Jameson is gone, I'm going to have to find something to eat." He took my hand tightly in his. "I hope you don't mind."

We paraded down the staircase like a gothic king and queen- in black combat boots.

"I hate having leftovers," He groaned, "but it will do."

I felt useless. "Sorry, all I can make is cereal."

Alexander dug around in the ancient fridge. I wondered if they had a blood bank inside the house.

"Why don't you just drink blood?" I blurted, speaking my thoughts out loud.

He gazed at me hungrily, and then quickly looked back at the food, without answering.

"Never mind, I shouldn't have asked." I stared at the floor.

I cold finger tilted my chin up. I looked at him. "I will eat later, don't worry."

"No, really, sorry I asked. Eat-" I objected.

"Not now." He said annoyed, cutting me off.

Once again we made our way up to his room, but Alexander excused himself for a moment. I grabbed a box of votives and candles- from my raven-handled drawer- and placed them around. After that I tidied the rest of the drawer, organizing it, which was something I never did with anything.

What was bothering him so much?

I finally sat and waited for him to come back. I figured that if I went looking for him, that wouldn't help his mood.

The moonlight streamed through the window. It was faint but still powerful in its own way. There was nothing moving about tonight, everything was peaceful around the mansion, making it relaxing.

Alexander opened the creaky door, and made his way to sit next to me. I crawled into his lap.

"Sorry I made you mad." I apologized.

"It's okay. Your question just caught me by surprise." He told me earnestly, but I could sense there was another thing that he was holding in.

"Please tell me what is wrong." I pleaded

He took a shaky breath. "I-I-I can't."

I could feel my face drain of blood in terror. "Oh no, did your parents change their minds? Are you going back to Romania?

"No. That's not it." He shook his head.

"Please tell me!"

"Raven, you can't help me. This is something that you wouldn't understand because you're human." He lashed out, saying the last word harshly.

Tears filled up the corners of my eyes. "Yes I could."

He ran his hand through his hair and took mine hand, before starting. "It's hard to explain. Being a vampire has its challenges. We have a basic diet- you already know what that is. We only needed so much of it. But lately, my…." He paused. "Appetite has….grown. I had already eaten before you got here. I don't know why this is happening."

This wasn't what I was expecting to hear. I just stared at him.

"Couldn't your parents help you?"

"No," he snorted. "I already talked to my father; he said 'You're a growing boy, Alexander. Things are going to change. This is nothing to worry about'. He doesn't realize that this isn't normal.

"I wasn't joking when I told you I was a danger to you. I will always be, but this is extremely dangerous right now. You shouldn't even be here."

He gazed at me. His eyes were sad, intelligent, dreamy; lonely. I felt so bad for him. While I had a human friend and human parents to help me out with my problems, Alexander had no one.

I wasn't going to go anywhere, even if I was in danger.

"I'm sorry."

He smiled slightly. "For all the things to be sorry for, you shouldn't have to be. I'm sorry for what I said before. Can you forgive me?"

What an ovious thing to ask. "Of course,"

He gently pressed his lips to mine in reply. Alexander's cool fingers raced up and down my back. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling me closer to him.

After a while he started to stroke my face and hair. Then, Alexander turned over, so he was hovering over me with no weight. As he pinned my arms down, he pressed his velvet lips to my throat. I could feel something sharp graze at my skin, but not breaking it. I was in heaven. More than that, I felt as if I was part of the underworld; flying even.

"I love you." I told him with as much love as I could manage in a whisper.

It took him a moment to respond. "I love you." I couldn't speak again; I was too overwhelmed with feeling.

This time instead of slowing down, Alexander didn't stop. When we broke away to breathe he just took my hand or my shoulder and kissed them. Soon he rolled over, again, pulling me top, not minding my weight at all. I felt his silky black bowling-shirt under me and got a stupid idea.

He still seemed to be moping from earlier; I needed some way to take it off his mind.

I slowly unhinged my hold around his throat, and made my way down to the top button of his shirt.