Ways to lose him

Note: Future fic. I wished and wished there were more UDDUP fanfics. :( Wish I could write better.

Disclaimer: Not mine.

The first vision came to her when she was chopping potatoes.

With blinding reflexes, the swordsman sliced the oncoming train of bullets, all the while running towards his assailants. His dark glasses reflected the horror his in victims eyes as sword met flesh. If she didn't know better, she imagined he was enjoying himself. The bullet that sliced through the air and into the back of his head surprised them both.

She gasped in pain as her knife sliced her finger in her reverie. She took a deep calming breath before setting off to look for a band aid. This was not the first time she had seen him injured in a fight. Her premonitions about him remained vague despite the time she's spent with him. She kept telling herself that as she continued preparing dinner.

Whilst waiting for her potatoes to boil, she treated herself to a bar of Mamoru's chocolate bar and read the morning paper. The second vision came somewhere in between, 'two people were...' and '…caught by the police'.

The team stayed together in the dark tunnel, careful not to step on any of the traps. Despite taking extra precautions, the chance that no one in the team of ten would step on any of the myriads of traps in the tunnel was close to nil. Nevertheless, she dropped her unfinished chocolate bar in surprise when a bright light illuminated the dark, momentarily allowing her the spot familiar faces of her loved ones before they exploded into the abyss.

She convinced herself that her premonition was starting to get faulty as she mashed the potatoes with more malice than they deserved. She was quietly grateful that she managed to finish her beef mashed potatoes without any more disturbing visions. Well, she did see that it was going to rain so she wasted no time in collecting in the clothes. She opened the gate just in time for their pet dog to tumble in and locked it behind her resolutely. She promised not to leave.

The great big dog plopped onto her feet as she gently began to fold the clothes. Her next vision was short and straight to the point.

A sword pierced through his torso, blood dripping steadily from the tip that protruded from his back. His expression could not be seen but his enemy looked almost surprised, as if he could not believe his luck in succeeding to kill the master swordsman.

She abandoned her couch and joined her dog on the floor, wrapping her arms around it tightly whilst reassuring herself.

She saw him dying again and again.

And again.

The first thing he realized when he got home was what they were having for dinner. The smell of freshly baked potatoes filled the house. He dropped his blood soaked jacked unceremoniously by his shoes and surrendered his glasses and katana to the shoe rack. The dog gave him a nod before resuming his nap by the door. It was getting fat.

She heard the door open and ran out of the kitchen to greet him, 'Welcome home,' she said with a cheerful grin.

He sighed, walked up to her, and surprised her by wrapping his arms around her tightly.

'I'm fine.'

He understands.