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Fractured lungs and broken ribs

She woke up in darkness. For one terrifying moment, she thought she'd gone blind. Her premonition went into a full analysis of things that would happen if she were to be blind but was thankfully brought to an abrupt halt when a nurse turned on the light.

There was a lot of fuss about her waking up. Apparently, she'd been out for a while.

It hurt to speak, move, smile, laugh, see, hold, breathe...

She used her abilities to assess her condition and deduced that she should be out of bed by the end of next month. One and a half, if she played things right.

They brought her flowers and chocolates and watched as she poked the chocolate around for a bit.

They talked about their progress in the mission they had at the moment and listened attentively to whatever she suggested.

Igawa brought her DVDs of movies she had been looking forward to and played them on his laptop. They watched her fall asleep in mild amusement.

They entertained her with jokes and gifts, watching her attentively as she feigned surprise and laughed at every joke, wincing even as she did so.

They laughed (cried) in relief the day they found her unhooked to the machines.

They helped her through physiotherapy.

They asked if she wanted anything and earned themselves a soft and rather embarrassed, 'Please stop scolding Mamoru-san?'

They stopped shouting at him for not going to visit Haruka.

She was awake when he broke into the hospital two nights later.

'Mamoru-san,' she started saying, getting out of bed, 'I--'

She bit down a scream when he grabbed her by the shoulders, ramming her against the wall viciously.

'Fools like you don't deserve to live!' His voice trembled in anger.

Her premonitions hadn't anticipated this.

'Mamoru-san, you're hurting me,' she whimpered.

His teeth reminded her of fangs when he bared them in a half snarl, 'What'd you know about pain?'

She stared at her reflection on his glasses and couldn't help but see guilt and anguish in the sightless eyes behind them. 'I'm sorry,' she whispered.

He released his grip on her almost in surprise, as if he wasn't sure what he was doing.

Haruka barely had time to breathe before he engulfed her in an embrace. She felt him let out a ragged breath of relief that he had been holding in for far too long.

'I'm sorry,' he whispered into her hospital scented hair. She was sure that if he'd held her any tighter, her ribs would've cracked under the pressure. 'Marry me.'

Perhaps a few cracked ribs would be worth it.