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The night with a heavy heart Roger Smith opened to the final page of Dorthy's diary. Finding quickly where he had left off.

…..Something strange has happened, even now I cannot fully grasp why it happened... But I must tell you that Father has found me a rather mundane job working for a very peculiar woman. Her name is Angel Rosewater...

Roger's heart all but stopped in his chest but he could not take his eyes from the page.

I know that I must not speak ill of one of the greatest philanthropists of our Time. But... I have a very nagging feeling about her when she comes into the office.

That is where I work Lottie, as one of her three secretaries. My job is to answer phones and keep all of Miss. Rosewater's appointments. Father has told me she has been in Society since he was a child, but surely his memory is fading from the illness. Father is nearly 70, and Miss. Rosewater looks barely older then her mid-twenties. Has she discovered the fountain of youth? Some brilliant plastic surgeon?

A knock came at his door jarring Roger from the small neat script before him "Come in" he called.

The door opened and there framed within was Dorthy R. Wayneright, she bore no traces of what happened that morning. Only a slight frown which Roger was not entirely sure she knew she was making. Again that forbidden surge of attraction came to him- and he had no desire to quash it now. He rose tying the knot neatly in his robe.

"Is there something that you need Dorothy?" he asked evenly.

"I do not want to be made your ward. When you have retrieved my Memory Core from Rosewater I will leaving this house. I free you of your duty to protect me." she replied with finality.

Dorothy stood firm, her delicate hands clenched to fists at her sides, she had worn her best gown for this occasion. A barrier it was between her and Roger's presence, which even now filled her head with cotton. As the smell of that expensive cologne wormed its way into her pores till she had no idea where she began or ended. There beneath her swirl of torrid emotions, was that overwhelming desire need to understand what had happened this morning. What had possessed the two of them too...

She felt it again the rise of heat on her cheeks how she hated her bodies reaction.

"Do you have anything to say Negotiator or are you just going to stand there" she prodded blandly. Watching the way his eyes flashed, he was impeccable even in a night robe and pajamas- with those tousled bangs.

Roger looked into the small fire at the grate- lit tonight for the sudden chill. "I fear you cannot leave till we solve the mystery of this"

He held up the small black book, and instead of her anger came that ever present curiosity. "Have you finished reading it?" she asked.

"No, I'm afraid you interrupted me" a small wry smile curled the corner of his lips. Dorothy looked down to the thick carpeted rug wishing that he would have been angry. Or at least given her a reaction that she could comprehend. Instead he gave this- what was it? Dorothy had no idea.

He approached her opening the book and holding it out to her "Will you do me the honor of reading it aloud? I'm afraid I can hardly believe what I've read"

Looking into his eyes Dorothy nodded, bewildered at this sudden turn of events. She had expected Roger to throw a tantrum like a five year old boy yet here they were speaking like two rational people. No trace of anger, yet there was something there in the depths of his eyes.

"Before I do" she replied "I would like to know what happened this morning." Gently she took the book from his hand.

Roger's eyes lowered "I am afraid I took advantage of you Dorothy. Your Father at least must have told you what that means." his deep voice was tinted with something like what? Shame. Dorthy instinctively felt that it was an emotion he did not experience on a regular basis. Yet why would he be ashamed?

She blinked quickly "Do you not think it was the other way around? After all I was the one who..." she trailed off as Roger gazed at her through his lashes. Her mouth suddenly dried out and she looked down at the words in the diary. They were blurring before her...

There was that sensation again. The feeling that was with her in the hallway that morning.

She licked her lips, willing some coherence to her thoughts "I fear I must apologize then if I am the one who took advantage of you."

"There is no apology needed Dorothy. I do agree about you leaving, you know you cannot continue to stay here as a single young woman. People will begin to get ideas-" he paused, a strange almost pained look crossing his handsome features. Dorothy could only stare.

Then again Roger was so very close to her, so close that she could smell the mint on his breath intermingled with the clean smell of his aftershave. Dorothy's grip on the diary tightened, blood thrumming wildly in her ears. Before he pressed her gently against the doorframe the diary falling between their feet. Her hands had found their way underneath the collar of his fine robe to find to her shock that he wore no shirt beneath. Glorious, hot flesh lay beneath her fingers. As her fingertips skirted his collar bone, the hard panes of his chest. Roger seemed to purr like some big cat before he dipped to nibble the lobe of her ear.

A pleasant shock burned through her and she could not stop the soft sound of a sigh that came from between her lips. Standing on her tiptoes with sensation when Roger's hot tongue glided delicately into the shell of her ear. Dorothy did all she could to suppress the sudden sound that was building up in her throat. Instead she forced it into words

"What is this?" she murmured as her hands sought a place to rest, suddenly agitated at the sensations flowing through her. This was the same yet somehow different from this morning, like a flame that was slowly being tempered till it burned hot- hot enough to melt steel.

Roger answered her not with words but instead with a kiss. Soft and gentle- teasing his lips over her's in gentle swipes till Dorothy's lips bloomed beneath his in deep yearning. He caught her hands and held them between their bodies, tasting her with the utmost care.

Dorothy was mindless- everything that she had been mentally processing since this morning was gone with the wind.

Replaced again with that one word-need- the desire for this man. In some way even in her android body she had wanted him like this. For that was the only reason why she had chosen him to be her protector. It was as if- if one could believe in something like Destiny within a godless city such as Paradigm. They had been meant to come together like this. Forging first a peculiar friendship and now... something so much more...

She did not know what she was doing other then, she opened her mouth wider beneath his. Mentally begging him to kiss her deeper. Something inside Roger seemed to break then, and he did what she wanted. He kissed her, not in the sweet melting way he had done the last two times. Now, he coaxed her gently to tilt her head. His soft husky urging making her hotter then she already was, before angling his lips over hers in a deep drugging kiss.

Fire flowed through her veins her grip tightening on his hands. She wanted him to touch her, crush her against that hard, muscular body. The plea came from her in a voice that did not sound like her own


That plea was enough it seemed to drag Roger from his second more grievous leave of sanity. He stepped away to find that indeed the collar of his robe had been dragged nearly over one of his wide muscular shoulders. All the blood rushed to her face in shock when she looked down at her hands wondering exactly how she had done that.

"Dorothy, from now until you leave I suggest you no longer make any trips to my room" Roger said carefully his voice oddly husky.

Trembling from head to foot, Dorothy swallowed tasting mint and some sort of deep lingering spice in her mouth, on her lips.

"What about the diary?" she couldn't look at him. She knew that irresistibly fascinating look was back on his face. She knew that his lips were pink and swollen cheeks as flushed as her own.

Another thrill passed through her, watching as he bent to pick up the diary "I will finish reading it. In the morning I will have Norman give it to you to look at."

"No," she said regaining her iron composure "let me read it now" she extended her small delicate hand for the diary. For a suspended moment Roger gazed at her for the first time in a very long time his gaze unreadable.

"Of course" just as he was to hand the diary to her. A knock came on the door, the dour from of Norman stood there. His bland face betrayed by the twinkle in his eyes when he took in both Dorothy and Roger's dishabille.

"Master Roger, Miss Dorothy I am so sorry to disturb you but a large Megadeuce has appeared at the Sea Port."

Roger's eyes hardened "Thank you Norman."