-all he needs to hear-

He doesn't know what makes him stand up and walk over to the bar, all he knows is that he does and it means something. She looks up at him with those wide brown eyes, and he can honestly see why Fred was infatuated by her.

Alicia's dead, buried in the cementry in her hometown. He has split so many tears at her and Fred's funerals that he thinks he will never be able to cry again.

There's nothing stopping them now. They need each other more than anyone, to remember the good times, to remember when Fred was alive and joking and making them laugh, to remember when Alicia was whole, and not just two arms and a torso.

So he buys her a drink, and tries to make her smile. It works better than he could have ever hoped, perhaps it is the fact that he looks exactly like Fred, though minus an ear, that makes her smile softly.

She gulps down her drink, and demands for another one. He provides the shiny Galleons to the barman, smiling softly at the woman beside him. He can see why Fred liked her, he honestly does.

He finishes his Firewhiskey off, and asks for another one, eyes watering slightly at the taste. Angelina eyes him slowly, before breaking out into a sloppy grin. "You look just like Fred," she slurs out softly, still grinning.

He places his now-empty glass back on the table and pulls her up by the arm.

All he hears about is Fred these days, and he's sick of it.

Why can they pretend that he's not dead, just for the sake of his sanity?

He's sick of being babied over, being constantly told that it was a great loss, and that they're so so so sorry, anything they could do to help?

He is sick and tired of being pitied for Fred's death.

George is fine, he honestly is. He just needs time, and no one will give him that, they're all afraid that if they leave him alone for just one single moment, he'll break down. He won't, he's made of stronger stuff than that. Besides, he's survived without Fred before, and dammit all, he's making sure he'll sure this time again.

So he pulls Angelina to the door, and ignores her drunken slurs, eyes turned forwards, the gaping hole where his ear should be still dark and disturbing to anyone he meets. He's even shocked when he looks in the mirror.

He doesn't need Fred to live his life, he'll be fine without him.

He has to be fine without him.

Angelina smiles softly at him, his hand still grasped around hers.

And when he pulls her closer and softly kisses her, George almost swears he can hear the soft chuckles of his brother laughing down at him.

He thanks him for that.

He doesn't care what his Mum and Dad might say, the only blessing he needs is the one from his brother.

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