Spirits and Chihiro and Haku, oh my!

Yes, this is, indeed, a Spirited Away story. My most favorite movie, I think, I've ever seen. A tale full of magic and young love and a ten-year-old girl and a twelve-year-old boy. 3

So, here it is. I'm quite proud of it. Hope you guys will enjoy it, as well!

Her smile kept entering his mind.

Her face.

Her skin.

Her laughter.

Her everything.

His everything.

He had to see her again.

He had no where else to go, anyway, for his home, his river, was dead due to the apartments. He couldn't stay at the bathhouse, either. It had taken him so long to finally win this freedom, and now he didn't want to lose it.

He needed to see her again.

Chihiro had left him only a mere day or two ago. And now that Yubaba was finally out of his hair, he couldn't quite figure out what to do next.

Until now, when he remembered his promise.

He was hesitant, though. He was a spirit. After he crosses that field and through that tunnel, he is taking a step into the human world. Nobody—not one spirit—has ever thought or dared to cross the boundary line that separated themselves from the spirit world and the physical world. So he never did, either. But today, he was going to be brave, and prove to these spirits that it is okay. He would do it for the freedom of his spirit friends. For Chihiro. For the sake of being able to see her again. That's all that mattered to him.

He was a spirit, anyway. He wouldn't die if he wandered the forbidden fields and went through the tunnel. He just couldn't. It was impossible.

With that reassurance he continuously reminded himself, Haku took a step down the stairs as he held his breath. Then another. And then another, until he was touching grass. His heart was beating fast. He's doing it, he's doing it!

Haku suddenly felt a huge burden lift itself off of his chest. He had never felt so free, so… so… alive.

Haku ran, a smile creeping on his lips. Wider and wider this grin became, until his grin was so wide it made his cheeks hurt. He sprinted down the hill, fastaer than the wind, faster than all of his past troubles. He was able to get away. Get away from it all. Yubaba. He was able to run away from her, after all this time. His regrets, worries, and fears.

All of it. Slipping. And fast.

This unbelievable power was so overwhelming, yet it all felt so good. He wanted to scream; release it all, once and for all.

And so he did.

He screamed, joyfully, at the top of his lungs. He lunged his body forward, doing flips in the air and rolling down the hill, laughing to himself until he felt tears coming.

But he noticed these weren't happy tears. It was sadness.

He had stopped and let himself fall harshly on the grass.

Haku cried. He buried his face onto the Earth, clutching onto the grass tightly against his fingers. He felt himself release it. He thought of what was once his home. He cried for it. He could never return to it again, save lives for people, be the spirit of it again. He could never go home.

But the worst part was that he could not protect it.

It was at this realization that made him realize how fragile he was. He was strong, he knew that. But the fact that he couldn't protect his river, his own home, made him feel weak. Vulnerable. Distressed.

And angry.

Haku felt the tears get hot. He opened his eyes, but they were squinting with rage as the tears blinded his sight. He pounded his fists violently against the ground, screaming, "Why, why, why?!" over and over until he was screaming it again. He cursed and swung his fist around in fury, punching the air. And then he doubled over, face red as he buried his head in his knees and hands, and sobbed. He thought of Yubaba. How she controlled him, how she stole his name and would hurt him in many ways more than one. He couldn't believe he had offered to be her apprentice when he first came to the bathhouse. It was when she controlled him that he had forgotten how to truly feel an emotion.

But something changed him when he saw Chihiro, there, on the bridge, curious and unaware of how much danger she was in. His moods swung. He wasn't just a serious hot-head all the time anymore. When she was with him, often times, he felt the urge to smile, and did at every opportunity. But he was still also in Yubaba's grips, so he would be cold, even towards Chihiro, now of which he regrets. But he couldn't change the past. And it didn't matter, anyway. She stood by his side even when his mood was dark and threatening, and that meant a great deal to him.

A warm feeling grew inside of Haku at this time. He knew this feeling. He had witnessed it whenever he was around her, and he couldn't seem to control it. But it was a wonderful feeling. "Pure love," Kamaji had addressed it many times before. And whenever he thought or said the "L" word, his warm feeling would grow.

Love. It was so strange to him, despite how nice it felt. He had heard of it, before, though. Seen it with his own eyes as the river spirit and in his time in the bathhouse. He saw how much happiness and bliss it brought to people, but he also saw how much sadness and hatred it brought to people as well. Love is mysterious, he thought.

"I love you," was what people would say to each other. They said it so freely, as iif it were no big deal. He pondered this. Was it really not a big deal?

That couldn't be true, Haku thought to himself. He was beginning to calm down after the strange event that had just taken place. That couldn't be true, he repeated again in his mind. Love is a big deal. To him, anyway. It meant a lot. Even though he never really had any experience with it, he knew this. His twelve-year-old mind was playing guessing games with itself over the feeling. He'd never even kissed a girl!

His curious self began to dominate over his mind and body as he pondered what it felt like as he approached the tunnel.

Sooner or later, he was determined to find out the answer to this question.

And with that, Haku walked through the tunnel.

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