Gibbs woke early to hear his boy's laughing and whispering together and he felt that familiar twist in his gut. God he loved them. It still amazed him that they wanted him as their boss let alone as their lover. A lover with very specific requirements.

Gibbs concentrated as the sniggering softly continued, their low voices carrying through the house to the upstairs Master bedroom.

He found himself rolling his eyes. What were those two knuckleheads up to now?

After another moment Gibbs threw the covers back and slipped on some pants before padding softly down the stairs. Smirking he leaned in the kitchen doorway and crossed his arms as he watched them silently.

Anthony DiNozzo or Tony was naked except for his black fitted Calvin Klein underwear which showed off his firm athletic ass and a black and gold leather collar around his neck. He also seemed to be elbow deep in waffle mixture.

"Tim! No you need to do it like this. The waffle iron is too hot" Tony whispered loudly to his co conspirator.

Timothy McGee wearing his own black leather and silver collar around his neck and black silk pajama bottoms frowned anxiously, his full bottom lip pouting out.

"Tony will you hurry up! I have the bacon and eggs and toast and everything nearly ready and you haven't even started the waffles. Everything will get cold. How is it you get the smallest job and still manage to make a mess of it?"

"Because my waffles are perfection. Anyone can cook an egg." Tony grinned cheekily as he flicked at Tim's butt with a damp dish cloth making a sharp snapping noise.

"Well hurry up with your perfection then. Gibbs will be waking up soon and there is no point surprising him with a special breakfast if I have tipped it all over your BIG HEAD!"

Tony smiled and slowly seductively licked a bit of waffle mixture off his finger giving his young lover a heated look.

"Oh Timmy is feisty this morning. I like it"

Tim quietly watched Tony as he pulled his finger out of his mouth and then he quickly gave Tony a push to the chest and stepping into his space pinned him to the kitchen cabinets with his body. They were matched almost equally in height. Tim was slightly taller but Tony's attitude tended to make up for it.

Gibbs watched with heated eyes as his boys stared intensely at each other, their nearly bare bodies just touching each other, the slightest smile on their faces. He could feel the sudden tension burning off them in waves and he felt himself growing aroused in anticipation of the mornings activities. His Boys knew The Rules and he knew they would play by them. They couldn't touch each other without his permission. And they didn't even know he was here. So it was strictly hands off.

It added that extra element of tension between them all. A sense of the forbidden. Sometimes it made Gibbs smile the way the two of them could work each other into a froth without so much as laying a hand on each other. Or him.

Tim would get this faraway look in his eyes and bite his bottom lip, dragging the soft fullness across his white teeth. Or Tony would run his hands lightly over his key board as if trying to visualize what really was under his fingertips instead of the softly rattling black keys.

Gibbs watched as Tim carefully placed both hands on either side of Tony's body on the counter and facing him, slowly leaned closer and closer until Tony closed his eyes and quivered in anticipation. Tony dropped his head back slightly exposing his sensitive throat and Tim licked his lips, his eyes running down Tony's tanned bare chest. They stayed locked in this tableau for a long agonizing arousing second and Gibbs found he was holding his breath. Would they? Tim then slowly turned his head to the side, moved closer and whispered hotly into Tony's ear.

"I think…..your waffles are burning"

Tony's eyes pinged open and he pushed Tim away from him with a growl.

"Agghh don't do that. You tease!"

Tim smirked and went back to juicing fresh oranges while Tony bemoaned his burning waffle and prepared a new batch.

Gibbs smiled and relaxed. Tim might be the youngest and newest to the game but he could certainly play when he wanted to.

"So should I ask why you two are messing up my kitchen on a Sunday morning?"

Gibbs smirked as Tony and Tim both jumped at the sound of his voice and turned started to face him.

"Gibbs! We ummm it was meant to be a surprise."

"We are making you breakfast in bed….except you're not in bed…and it's not ready yet" Tim flicked a look across at Tony's sloppy waffle batter in its bowl.

Gibbs just nodded smirking.

"I can see that. So you just thought you could sneak out of bed and I wouldn't notice?"

Tony grinned cheekily "Well you were sleeping pretty soundly after last night…"

Gibbs had indeed slept deeply after spending a long night desperately fucking with his two horny Boys. It had been a long while since they had had a chance to take a break together and really relax into their roles as Master, Pet and Toy. First the cases seemed to pile up one after another and then Tim's parents had come down to visit with him. The next free weekend they had Tony had been sick with the flu and finally Gibbs himself had hurt his shoulder when tackling a suspect to the ground.

Gibbs sniffed appreciatively. There was nothing like the smell of good fresh rich coffee and hot fried bacon to make you realize how hungry you were. And Gibbs was hungry. For more than just food.

"Any reason you decided to make me breakfast in bed? Not that I mind" Gibbs inquired innocently, thinking of the two almost identical gifts that were wrapped and placed under his bed upstairs.

Tim turned and juggled two pieces of hot toast out of the toaster and placed more bread in while Tony pulled a hurt face.

"You don't remember? It was one year today that Tim asked me to join you in the basement. So we were talking about it and we figured it's kind of like an anniversary"

"You don't say. One year huh? Well hasn't that gone fast…."

Gibbs was distracted as he watched Tim lick some bacon grease off his wrist and innocently savor the taste. And suddenly Gibbs knew what he wanted more than food.

A fuck. He wanted to bend one of them over and bury himself balls deep in one of his boys and fuck them hard until they both came so hard they nearly blacked out. And then he wanted to do it again.

He had always had a high sexual drive. It was one of the reasons he was always so active and carried a certain amount of tension across his shoulders. And he was lucky he did as otherwise it would be difficult to keep up with both his Boys.

Still he had all day with them and he was hungry. A decent hot breakfast would help set them up for a long exhausting day in bed. He let his eyes wander down Tony's body hungrily and linger on his already semi hard cock straining against the confining fabric. It seemed he wasn't the only one who was hungry.


"Yes Master?" Tony responded eagerly taking a step towards him, a lustful smile playing around his lips

"Your waffles are burning"

Tony cursed and whirled around while Tim laughed gleefully. Gibbs poured himself a cup of fresh coffee and took an appreciative sip. His Boys had finally learnt how to make a decent coffee. His life was officially perfect.

"Well I can see I'm just slowing everything down here so I will get out of your way and head back to bed. By the way Pet I'll take my eggs sunny side up."

Gibbs grabbed the morning paper off the table and headed back upstairs listening to the now full volume squabbling going on between 'Toy' or Tony and 'Pet' or Tim.

Gibbs stuffed the pillows behind his back and placing his reading glasses on, opened the paper with a rattle and attempted to find out what trouble the rest of the world had got up too while he had been stuck in an Interrogation Room.

The clinking of glasses and plates several minutes later coming up the stairs drew Gibbs' attention away from an article about some gang that had captured and tortured a Police Officer as part of some sick initiation.

Tim and Tony carried trays filled with a feast of bacon, eggs, fried tomato's, sausages, toast, waffles, syrup, orange juice and more fresh hot coffee.

Gibbs grinned at his two boys, put down his paper and patted the empty bed either side of him.

Formally as Master he should eat first while his two boys watched but Gibbs wasn't always a stickler for someone else's rules. A decent hot breakfast should be eaten hot, besides the faster they finished the faster they could be underneath him. Gibbs took off his glasses and handed them to Tim who placed them carefully on the bedside cabinet before sliding in beside him and passing him a tray.

Gibbs toasted each of his Boys and thanked them for the breakfast much to their gleeful delight before each of them turned their concentration to the delicious food in front of them. As Gibbs come to the end of his meal he carefully cut up the last portion of toast, egg and bacon and then divided it equally in two. Turning to Tony he offered it off his fork and Tony accepted with enthusiasm, his mouth as always open and eager. Gibbs then with a smile repeated the gesture with Tim who delicately opened his mouth to accept Gibbs's offering like baby bird.

When they had finished Tony and Tim cleared away the plates and trays back down to the kitchen before returning upstairs. Tony flopped with a groan onto the huge bed, then rolled over and patted his exaggeratedly extended stomach.

"Uhh so full."

Tim smiled and leaning over rubbed Tony's full belly for him like he was a puppy and Tony moaned his appreciation. Soon the soothing touches became a bit more heated as Tim gently tweaked Tony's nipples. He glanced across at Gibbs who smiled and Tim slowly worked his hands lower, pulling down his black underwear, tossing them aside and then teasing Tony's pubic curls and lightly sweeping his inner thighs.

"Ummm" Tony scooted himself higher up the bed and snuggled his head into the pillow, his eyes shut just enjoying the sensations of Tim exploring his body. He sagged his legs open slightly and he could feel himself hardening as the growing excitement transmitted itself to his cock.

Gibbs smiled and he reached over for a taste of Tony, kissing and biting his neck while Tim continued to tease him with light feathery touches. Tony moaned as he felt the four hands and two eager mouths on him, sucking, and licking.

Gibb's nudged Tony's jaw getting him to open his eyes and he looked deep into Tony's soul, claiming him again. Gibbs smiled mischievously and he opened his mouth and traveled slowly down Tony's chest.

"Happy Anniversary Tony" Gibbs murmured before he swallowed Tony's bobbing cock with his mouth.

Tony's eyes bulged in pleasure and amazement. Gibbs had on very rare occasions had his mouth on Tony's cock, teasing him. But he had never exclusively given him a blow job before. And Tony had certainly never been allowed to come in Gibbs' mouth, even though it was something he fantasized about. Gibbs was well Master.

Tony looked across at Tim who was kneeling on the bed on the other side of Tony. His mouth was actually hanging open in astonishment. Tim was flushed pink across his chest to the tips of his ears at the sight of his Master kneeling down and sucking on Tony's cock. Fuck he was so turned on!

Tony wanted to remember every lick and pull as Gibbs expert mouth made short work of his resolve to last as long as possible. He looked down to catch Gibbs smirk at him and hot damn he could feel it around his cock. Tony groaned and screwed his eyes up, tensing on the bed as he tried to hang on to the sensation quickly building through his body.

Gibbs looked up and gave Tim a heated smile and then slipped a hand around Tony's balls and gently fondled them with a loving hand while he ran his lips and tongue around Tony's swollen shaft. It was too much. With a guttural moan Tony came hard with a shudder, his hands fisting in the sheets of the bed. Gibbs continued to gently suck as if trying to empty Tony of every last drop and then with a deep swallow he returned to lick Tony's cock clean with a deliberate slowness that had Tim clenching his hands together to stop himself from jerking off at the porn act beside him.

Tony was panting and splayed out across the bed utterly drained when Gibbs finally pulled back and sat up with a smile. Tony cracked open an eye and peered at Gibbs with a broad silly grin on his face.

"Happy Anniversary to you to Sir. Wow and Pet and I only made you breakfast!"

Tony sagged back and closed his eyes savoring the happy satiated buzz his body was giving him.

"I'm kind of grateful it only comes around once a year I don't know if I could handle that anymore often."

Gibbs smiled and Tim could see that Tony had pleased Gibbs with his appreciation. Suddenly the intense blue eyed gaze was boring into Tim and he felt his mouth go dry as Gibbs advanced naked across the bed towards him, like a sleek predator.

"And what does my pretty Pet want for his Anniversary?"

Tim's mind went totally blank as Gibbs knelt beside him and slid his hand up his bare chest. What did he want? He wanted to get off but how? It looked like today was a once in a lifetime chance to get something a little special and Gibbs was in a giving mood. What did he want? How did he want it?

"How about we get these off for a start?"

Tim just nodded as Gibbs slid his hands down Tim's hips and slowly pulled off the black satin pajama pants. Gibbs smiled as he saw the almost panic on Tim's face. He was so cute like that. He always wanted to get it just perfect for Gibbs and Tony that Tim sometimes forgot to ask for what he wanted. Well here was his chance.

Gibbs didn't push Tim but let the satin slither through his fingertips and drop to the floor beside the bed. Then he slowly soothingly ran his hands over Tim reassuring him with his touch. He nuzzled his neck and nibbled his ear while he slowly ran his hands all over him. Tim eased his knees further apart to accommodate the raging erection he was sporting.

Tony moved further across the bed to give them some room before rolling onto his side and watching them with heavily lidded satisfied eyes.

Tim's mind was a whirl.

What did he want? What did he want? What did he want? What did he want?

Gibbs smiled and tried to hide it as he felt Tim's heart pounding quickly under his hand. He didn't want Tim to think he was laughing at him. He wasn't. It was just such a turn on to leave this man of words so dumbstruck with a simple question.

Gibbs leaned up and whispered hotly into Tim's ear

"I will fuck you, any position you want. I will tie you up. I will use toys and gags. I will spank you. Whatever you want. You just have to tell me what you want Pet."

Tim shuddered as Gibbs wrapped his arms around him from behind, leaned close and talked dirty into his ear. Aww fuck. If Gibbs kept this up he was going to come without any assistance at all. And that would be both embarrassing and a missed opportunity.

Tim's mind whirred through a thousand different positions and combinations and he settled on one he hadn't tried before. He hesitated, almost stumbling on his words feeling for the first time in a long while hesitant in front of Gibbs about anything sexual.

"I….want you to spank me….and then fuck me….from behind ..with the support strap.

Tim bit his lip and blushed while Tony moaned softly at what he was about to witness. Gibbs moved around in front of Tim, smiled and lifted Tim's chin with his hand.

"Perfect" he whispered and then he kissed Tim slowly tonguing him and drifting his hands down his stomach to give his hard cock a light squeeze. Tim moaned and Gibbs kept kissing him allowing him to settle back into his confident 'Pet' persona.

Gibb's slid off the bed and sat down naked on the edge of it before beckoning to Tim.

Tim stood and then arranged himself across Gibbs knees, his bare ass exposed to the world. He tried to relax into it and stay loose but the anticipation was making him tense.

Gibbs could spank. And then Gibbs could SPANK. Tim frowned as he wondered if he should have been more specific as to what type of spanking he was after but then he felt Gibbs softly stroking his pale round buttocks and he relaxed. Gibbs as usual already knew what he wanted. Gentle, arousing, playful but not hard. Not this time.

Gibbs started with some light taps with his hand that simply brought some heat to the surface before he started increasing the strokes and varying the placement so as to spread the growing warmth across Tim's ass. Gibbs could feel the side of Tim's hip rhythmically nudging his own erection with each strike and tried to keep his mind on his submissive's needs like a good Master should. Tim slowly relaxed his slightly awkward stance further and allowed himself to trust Gibbs totally, lying limply across his lap.

Tony wriggled over further so he could get a better look, peering across Gibbs shoulder. He loved watching Tim get spanked. There was just something so arousing about Gibbs' firm rough hand moving up and down over Tim's firm but flushed butt. It turned Tony on to see Gibbs at his most Masterful and possessing. Tim belonged to Gibbs just as he did, and Gibbs's ownership was currently being marked into his youngest boy's ass in red strokes.

And it was Tim at his most vulnerable and exposed getting spanked, naked across Gibbs' lap as a precursor to getting fucked. How could you not love that? Tony licked his lips and moved even closer.

Tim moaned slightly and wriggled loosely in Gibbs lap and Gibbs knew he was getting close. He could feel Tim's hard heat straining against his legs from the increased blood flow to the groin area. It was a perfect combination really as Tim would be extra sensitive when he was fucked, particularly in the position he had chosen.

Tim was wriggling again as he instinctively tried to thrust against something as Gibbs finished up with some larger brisk slaps.

"Ok Pet. That's enough. I need to fuck you now. On the bed on all fours"

Gibbs put a note of command into his voice even though this had been Tim's request. Tim quickly scrambled off Gibbs' lap and onto the center of the bed his pale skin now bright pink on his ass and on the backs of his thighs. He screwed his eyes shut in eager anticipation as he heard the snap of the tube of lubricant.

Tim moaned as he felt Gibbs slip a wet slick finger inside him before it was quickly joined with two. Tim pushed back wanting to feel more. He was already so hard. He was desperate for Gibbs to sink himself deeply inside him and fuck him till he screamed. He was panting as he felt Gibbs' hand at his hips and then something hard nudged him. Slowly Gibbs pushed deeper into Tim's slick tightness until he let out a groan of his own.

For fucks sake this felt good. His boys were going to kill him one day. Gibbs felt as hard as steel after Tony's blow job, then the spanking and endless rubbing and now finally he was inside one of them. Gibbs blinked and gave Tim a second to adjust to his size.

"Tony. Pass the strap." Gibbs managed to bite out through gritted teeth. All he wanted was to get started.

"What? Oh right"

Tony was already semi erect again from watching the slow tease Tim had been going through. He fumbled in the drawer beside the bed and pulled out the wide fabric strap with the short black slightly elastic loops on either end. Gibbs slipped the three inch wide strap under Tim's hips being careful not to catch any pubic hairs and wrapped his hands through the loops before he knelt straight up and pulled up on the strap.

Tim and Gibbs groaned simultaneously as Gibbs sunk deep. The strap meant Gibbs didn't have to lean over Tim's back, saving the ache in his back during extended sessions but it also kept Tim's hips at the perfect height so he could be fucked at full depth.

Gibbs couldn't hold back anymore and he snapped his hips forward and pulled back on the straps pulling Tim in close. Tim moaned as Gibbs quickly increased his strokes. He could feel Gibbs pounding into him while his ass and the backs of his thighs burned pleasantly from the repeated impact of Gibbs hips and thighs. Too soon he could feel that pressure building inside him as Gibbs rubbed constantly against his prostate, over and over again. Part of him wanted Gibbs to grab his cock as the pleasure was building to almost a pain but that would have ended it straight away.

Gibbs was grunting from the effort and the bed was shaking as he pounded into Tim who was clawing desperately at the sheets. He dropped his chest to the flat of the bed raising his ass further and buried his head into a pillow muttering unintelligibly in Latin.

Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck

Tim was so tight and hot and tight and ….

Gibbs came with a roar while Tim's cry came out as a strangled high pitched keen as he shuddered and came hard with Gibbs still deep inside of him. Gibbs collapsed across Tim's back panting and sweating while Tim still trembled through aftershocks.

Tony's eyes burned bright as he slipped off the bed to get warm damp cloths to clean them both up.

"Happy Anniversary Tim" Gibbs whispered and he kissed his Pets sweaty hair as he slipped out of him. Tim gave a small laugh and lay panting curled up on the bed.
Tony came and wiped them both down and handed them a large glass of cool water which Gibbs drained before sending a grinning Tony off to get a refill for Tim.

Gibbs pulled the pillows back across to the head of the bed and lay down waiting for the pounding of his heart to subside.

Tim quietly crawled up into his side and kissed him softly on the cheek.

"Thank you Master"

Tony slid back onto the bed and claimed Gibbs' other side, curling into him and laying a hand on his chest

"Thank you Master"

Gibbs grinned up at the ceiling satisfied and happy with both his boys at his side.

"Would you like your gifts now then Boys?"

Tony and Tim both groaned at the thought there could possible be more and Gibbs gently slapped them both on their rear ends.

"Check under the bed"

Suddenly Gibbs found himself abandoned at the idea that there might be presents and he shook his head as Tony and Tim scrabbled under the bed looking for their gifts.

Both men popped back up at the same time wearing large grins and holding a badly wrapped lumpy parcel with each of their names on a small tag. Tony shook his parcel eagerly while Tim seemed to be feeling it thoughtfully in his hands trying to guess what it was.

"It's ok you can open them…"

Gibbs hadn't even finished the sentence when the wrapping paper was torn off, shreds of the bright paper showering the room.

"Oh Boss" Tim was wide eyed at his set of leather wrist and ankle restraints in black and silver to match his collar. Tony was holding up a two inch smooth silver bullet shape with interest that had been amongst his own black and gold leather restraints.

"What's that?" Tim was curious and there was a hint of jealously in his tone that Tony had received something he hadn't. Gibbs smirked. He wasn't the happy Master of TWO happy boys for nothing.

"You have one too Pet. It's under the wrapping"

Tim hunted around and then picked up his own silver object with a grin.

"Want to try them out?' Gibbs asked with a smirk

Within minutes Pet and Toy were lying face down on the large bed side by side with their arms above their head and their black leather cuffs on their ankles and wrists, waiting their Masters pleasure.

Gibbs stood and slipped on his favorite comfortable jeans and a battered t-shirt. Tony raised his head up and frowned.

"You're getting dressed? I thought we were going to …well do something together."

Gibbs smiled 'Oh my pretty Toy. You are."

Gibbs picked up each of the silver bullets engraved with their names and coated them liberally with lube. He walked around one side of the bed and gently parting Tony's buttocks pushed it deep inside him, eliciting a groan from the recipient.

He then repeated the gesture with Tim before commanding them to both roll over onto their backs. Both of his boys eagerly obeyed and Gibbs pulled out the leather straps from the top of his wardrobe he had hidden there earlier.

"Wriggle for me Pet"

Gibbs watched to see how much room Tim had to move and tightened the straps restricting his movement even further. Tim was now stretched tight across the extra large bed, his arms extended above his head. Gibbs repeated the process with Tony looping the straps through the metal links in the cuffs and securing him to the reinforced bed head and base.

Gibbs stood back and smiled at the sight of his two precious collared boys lying naked beside each other and unable to make any serious movements due to the black leather restraints. Gibbs grinned and took a deep breath inhaling the scent of sex, sweat and leather. God it was turning him on. It was his favorite scent and his favorite sight.

"Happy anniversary to you Gibbs" He smirked as he whispered to himself.

Both men where watching him intently from the bed just waiting to see what he would do. Gibbs smiled.

"Well I really should go and finish up that report that's due Monday. Or Vance will get that shitty look he gets"

Gibbs turned to leave, trying to hide his smile at the sudden exclamations and denials coming from his Boys.

"What? You're just going to leave us here?"

"For how long? Oh come on Gibbs please don't do that!"

Gibbs struggled to keep a straight face and shrugged.

"Oh well you know how that report writing goes. You never really know how long it's going to take"

"But Master please?" Tim begged desperately, twitching and wriggling anxiously while Tony just stared open mouthed at Gibbs.

Gibbs smiled at them and slid a hand into his pocket. He loved it when they begged. And he wasn't through with them yet.

"Oh you didn't think I was just going to leave you unattended did you?"

Gibbs pulled out the two small remote switches and clicked them both on at their lowest setting.

"You're going to just leave us here and write up your…..Ohhhhhhh" Tony groaned and flopped his head back onto the pillow underneath his head as the silver bullet vibrated in his ass, quickly joined by Tim's own deep moan.

Gibbs surreptitiously grabbed up the folded newspaper and his glasses and headed out the bedroom door before he paused and turning around again, drank in the sight of his helpless and totally aroused Boys.

Tim who was already super sensitive was making small thrusting movements as he fought the vibrating toy deep inside him. Tony was lying back with his eyes closed no longer arguing with his Masters will, simply enjoying the pleasurable sensations.

Gibbs wanted them to come at the same time so he nudged Tony's toy up a notch and Tony groaned deep and pulled instinctively against his straps.

Gibbs sauntered down to the kitchen, switched on the baby monitor he had left there and began to make himself a fresh pot of coffee as he listened to the slowly increasing moans and sweet cries of his Boys.

Gibbs smirked as he spread out the newspaper on the table and enjoyed his coffee. Now where was he? Oh yes the Sports section.

He planned on taking his time. But not too long. He was familiar enough with Tony and Tim to know when they couldn't take anymore. Then he planned to rejoin them after miraculously having finished his 'report'. They would be desperate for release, almost thrashing around on the bed, leaking pre come, unable to relieve themselves. And then he would just have to lean over the edge of the bed and grab their steely cocks in his strong hands and they could fuck themselves into desperate shuddering weeping, completion.

Gibbs sipped his coffee with a smile and glanced at the clock. And that would still leave time to strip off again and climb back into bed for an early afternoon nap with his exhausted sweaty boys. Hopefully once they woke and they ate again he would then reverse the earlier situation and give Tim a blow job and Tony a deep doggy style fuck. He had to be fair.

Unfortunately then they would have to get ready to join the real world again and Gibbs would reluctantly send his pretty Boys home to sleep and prepare for the hard week ahead. He would strip his large bed of its now filthy sheets and put clean bedding on, while tidying away all his toys and leather into the locked chest in the basement. Hopefully it wouldn't be quite so long again before he got to play with his Boys. Gibbs hated having to wait. Although it did build the tension and give him rather diabolical ideas to try out on his adoring Boys.

Gibbs finished his coffee and contemplated pouring himself another. He listened to the whispers and moaning coming through the monitor and reaching into his pocket he gave each of the remotes a small nudge, increasing the vibration.

The sound of strained cursing and strangled mutterings filled the room and Gibbs smiled. Just time for a small cup then. He placed his glasses back on his nose and settled in to finish an article on the new baseball rookie the Red Sox were importing.