I felt weird. Really weird.

It was the night Jacob said that we couldn't be friends.

I felt torn just thinking about it.

I thought he actually cared about me. Just like him.

Great. Another mistake from Bella Swan.

Like usual.

A sharp pain brought me back to the currant situation.

I felt something telling me to go.

To run. Get out of the house. Something.

I jumped off the bed I was sitting on and jumped down the stairs all at once.

Ya- something is so wrong with me.

I lunged out the door and ran for the forest line.

I jumped over a bush and started just to run.

I never remember running this fast- ever!

It felt great.

I stopped and looked around.

I felt like I was getting hotter by the minute. I took off my thin hoodie.

I through it on a near by tree branch.

I felt a sharp pain again and immediately fell to my knees gasping for breath.

Shudders rushed through me making me want to scream.

More and more pain filled me and I couldn't help but scream in agony.

It all stopped but, something was different... really different.

It was raining. I just noticed.

It seemed darker now, but I could still see perfectly.

How long had it been?

I started to push my self off of the murky forest floor.

Something felt wrong again.

There was a huge puddle pretty close by.

I crawled over to it.

But the face that looked back at me was not my regular face.

A pure white wolf stared back.

But with the same milky brown eyes as me.

I knew what I was now.

I, Bella Swan, was a werewolf.