The Blindside

Hey! Sorry, I just couldn't keep away. People just don't update the GW/HP fics fast enough for me, I suppose. No, I didn't take the title from that movie, as I've had this planned for a long time before that movie came out. I don't own GW or HP, obviously, or I wouldn't be taking loans out for school. The pairings are 1x5, 2x3, and HPx4. Yup. Enjoy!


Harry Potter's life had certainly not gotten better since he had finally taken down Voldemort in his sixth year. He had lost Neville, Luna and Remus in that final battle, and to top it off, he had come out of it completely blind. Without being given any time to adjust, Dumbledore and Fudge had declared him the next Dark Lord and Hermione and Ron had completely turned their back on him.

His possessions were taken, or burned. Hermione had tried to take Hedwig, but the snowy owl had pecked her something awful before escaping. Ron had ended up with the map and his photo-album, Hermione taking his father's cloak.

Everything else was burned, leaving Harry with absolutely nothing. The rest of the school seemed to shun him as well, and he had to teach himself to survive in his new world of darkness. It wasn't as difficult as he had been expecting, but it certainly wasn't easy.

And so, he left the Hogwarts Express at the end of the year alone, moving slowly through the crowd. He was wearing the only thing he owned, a black turtleneck and washed out jeans that both, thankfully, fit. He walked confidently, if a little slower than usual, and not many could recognize his disability for what it was. He frowned lightly, wondering what he was supposed to be doing now, as the Dursleys were certainly not allowing him back, and he had no want to go there.

The goblins had let him know about his multiple inheritances. He owned a couple houses, but none nearby. The closest was in France, actually, near the main building for an offshoot of his grandparent's muggle multi-billion dollar corporation, which he was now the sole owner of. That had probably been the biggest surprise.

"Are you Harry Potter?" a voice to the left of him asked. He flinched slightly, having not heard the person beside him, but reigned it in and gave a small nod. "I'm Agent Chang, of the Preventers. Lady Une has asked for you to come in."

Wufei, for his part, was slightly annoyed with this assignment. He had been sent out to retrieve a teenager, who he was certain would be the epitome of all things 'teenager'. It was a pointless job, not really one that someone of his ranking should be put on, but Une had said that it was important, so there he was at Kings Cross Station, looking for the kid in the photo he had been given. Finding him, though, he found his expectations weren't exactly met.

This Harry Potter was small, smaller than Duo, which was saying something as Duo was the smallest of the pilots. He had messy black hair that fell about his shoulders, and framed his pale face. His eyes, though, were the most startling. They were an incredible emerald green that matched Barton's almost perfectly.

And he was blind.

It was something that could almost be overlooked by the vibrancy behind those emerald eyes, and the confidence in which the boy moved. But that vacant stare just couldn't be overlooked.

"Could I touch your badge?" Potter asked softly, his voice unnervingly polite for a teenager.

Wufei pulled his badge off his belt, where he had hooked it earlier. "Of course," he said as he placed it in Potter's hand. He watched as the boy traced every line and crevice on the badge before handing it back, knowing exactly where Wufei was. "Shall we go, then?" the agent asked.

Harry gave a small nod of his head. "Do you know what I'm needed for?"

"I'm sorry to say that I'm not privy to that information." Harry nodded again, allowing Wufei to take his arm and lead him to the car. There really was no reason for Lady Une to want to talk to him unless she had heard of Voldemort's demise. Which, in all actuality, was quite the possibility considering her position. He gave a small sigh, enduring the silent ride to Headquarters.

He'd find out why he was here soon.