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1. Lost Another One

"Kakuzu, where is your partner?" Pein, the Akatsuki leader addressed the stitched corpse.

"He was annoying, so I killed him. Now I have a total of five hearts." He smirked behind the mask as if it was obvious and normal.

"That's the 3rd this month. If you keep getting carried away like you do, there will be no one left in this organization." the leader scolded.

"Keh, well, it would help if the morons I've been paired with wouldn't get in my way." he huffed, looking away.

"Well, regardless, it looks as though we need to find you a new partner. In the meantime, however, I will have you working with Sasori. I'm sure he needs a break from that kid."

"Deidara? What'd he do?" A puzzled expression crossed Kakuzu's face. He didn't really think Deidara was that bad, sure he could be loud, but he too was a freak to sympathize with.

"Apparently, one of his bombs… well… you were away when this happened… so…" the leader trailed, cleared his throat and directed, "Anyways, Sasori has been informed that, should you lose yet another partner, he would temporarily take their place."

"Fine. He better not get in my way, what's our mission then?"

"One that should appeal to a money grubber such as yourself, Kakuzu." Sasori's dull tone sounded from the doorway of Pein's room. Kakuzu spun to face the puppet that hid the puppeteer.

"So there's lots of money involved?" A slight shiver of anticipation ran down his spine.

"Yes, someone has been spotted in the outskirts of this village of rogue rain ninja and there is quite a hefty bounty over his head, or so Zetsu's heard." Pein explained.

"Is there a poster or picture?" Kakuzu asked.

"No, just a word on the wind."

"Hmph, not even a description?" Kakuzu growled; he didn't feel like doing much work if no profit is guaranteed.

"Now, now, do not fret. I know of someone who will pay us for simply capturing him. Does the name Sara ring a bell?" The leader smiled when a look of shock crossed Kakuzu's face.

"Sara?" Sasori shot a questioning glance in Kakuzu's direction.

"You know how I made my money before I joined this organization with you and Deidara?"

"The loaning of young men to anyone interested?" Sasori almost snickered.

"Hey, it had excellent pay." Kakuzu growled defensively.

"Then why don't you want to go back?" Sasori asked.

"Well, I don't think I'll be welcomed back after I let Deidara 'run away'." He shrugged.

"Sara is the woman that runs the place and she is eager to get this person returned to her. So, relax Kakuzu, it is not you she wants returned." Pein explained.

"Still no picture or name then?" Sasori asked this time.

"Afraid not, now, no more delay." Pein took a folder from a cabinet beside the desk he was sitting at and handed it to Kakuzu's ready hand. "You have until tomorrow afternoon to prepare for your mission. I suppose I should wish you good luck then." with that the leader motioned to the door and Kakuzu and Sasori exited.

2. Before Departure

Kakuzu exhaled as he entered the base's kitchen area with Sasori. Sasori looked around for his usual partner while Kakuzu sat at the table beside Kisame. The puppet master gave up his search soon enough and followed Kakuzu, sitting across from him.

"Where's Itachi, Kisame?" Sasori asked the blue fish-like man.

"Sleeping, thanks to the explosion the little artisan created, nobody got much sleep." He rumbled sleepily. Kakuzu examined Kisame's face a bit and noticed the dark circles forming.

"Glad I wasn't here." he laughed.

"Where's Kuro-kun?" Kisame noted, realizing the blonde's absence.

"Same place as his other partners." Sasori stated bluntly.

"Aw, I was beginning to like that guy. Sure he was a pain in the ass sometimes. I thought for sure he wouldn't get killed as easily." Kisame put on a false look of disappointment. It was as if he really did miss the kid; Kakuzu snickered. It looked more like a sneer.

"Good morning, Kakuzu-danna, welcome home, hmm." The three men ceased their conversion and turned to face the blonde teenage artisan.

"Heard about the mischief you created while I was gone." Kakuzu chortled.

"Now I have to share a room with you, hmm." Deidara grinned, taking the seat beside the old man. "Good thing Kuro's gone, Sasori can have his bed."

"Why my room?" Kakuzu's odd eyes met Sasori's.

"Zetsu's not willing to share; he'd probably eat us anyways, Konan's a girl, and Pein is our leader." the rogue sand ninja explained.

"What about Itachi and Kisame's room?" Kakuzu growled.

He noticed Kisame freeze, avoiding his dagger-like glare. Before anyone in the room could answer, Itachi entered the room, taking the seat on the other side of Kisame. His red eyes were closed, still sleepy.

"Damnit… Deidara, you're lucky I'm too tired to do anything." He rumbled.

"Itachi… he's already apologized." Kisame tried to comfort the ticked off Uchiha.

"No, he hasn't, that's why he's sleeping with Kakuzu tonight rather than me." Sasori glared at the blonde sitting diagonally across from him.

"Where are you sleeping, Sasori?" Konan had entered to make breakfast for the others.

"Morning, Konan." Kakuzu still sounded angry for not being informed of the new roommates ahead of time.

"I'll be sleeping in Kuro's bed tonight." Sasori explained.

"Eh? What about Kisame and Itachi's room?" The final member entered, the "lookout" with split-personality disorder, Zetsu.

"Hell no." Itachi glowered.

"Why? I assume there's too much nightly commotion?" The dark side snickered, "What do you mean, 'nightly commotion'?" The human-like side asked. There was a pause, "Oh… Yep… ew? Eh…"

Everyone stared.


"We do not!" Kisame shouted, blushing slightly.

"Yeah, I'm not interested in shark-boy." Itachi yawned.

"Really?" Kakuzu voiced while Deidara and Konan eyed the two.

"Really!" Kisame blushed deeper, looking at the table.

"Really." Itachi confirmed, nodding nonchalantly.

"I don't know who to believe." Sasori said, leaving the room. "I'm gonna prepare for the mission, try not to keep me waiting, Kakuzu."

"Fine…" Kakuzu paused then jumped up, "Hold on! You can't just waltz into my room!" Sasori had already vanished with Kakuzu steaming after him.

"Konan, I want sushi!" Kisame exclaimed.

"I'm going back to bed." Itachi sighed, pushing away from the table.

"I'll have waffles." Deidara requested.

"We already ate. We'll take one of everything."

"Fine, breakfast'll be ready in a few minutes." Konan said in an uncaring tone.

Later that night~

Sasori and Kakuzu had finished packing for their mission and Deidara had entered Kakuzu's room. Sasori was no longer hiding under his Hiruko and was relaxing on a bed, hands behind his head, propped on a pillow. Deidara was waiting for Kakuzu to get out of the bathroom, playing with non-detonating clay, occasionally glancing over at Sasori's agitated face. Sasori noticed the glances and sat up, eye twitching.

"What?!" He snapped.

Deidara jumped slightly, his hands devoured the clay he was molding. "Don't do that! Hm! Now I'm out of clay until Kakuzu-danna buys me more supplies! Hmm!"


"Baka! HMM! Now what will I entertain myself with!?" Deidara pouted, anger quickly began to be pushed out by tears.

Sasori reeled, startled, then recovered, getting up to sit besides his partner. Deidara sobbed dryly for a few seconds, calming down. The sobs turned to deep breaths. Sasori said nothing for awhile. They heard the water stop flowing from the bathroom.

"Sasori, I'm sorry." Deidara sighed.

"Damn right you're sorry." Sasori scoffed, getting back up to return to the other bed. He waited, watching Deidara stand up. "You still wanna sleep with Kakuzu?" Sasori faltered.

"Yeah, I'm not feeling very loved by you right now." Deidara stated simply. Sasori didn't argue and the bathroom door opened. Kakuzu looked from Deidara to Sasori and cleared his throat, trying to clear the tense atmosphere. Deidara looked up from the floor and left for the bathroom, brushing past Kakuzu. The door slammed shut.

"Another fight?" Kakuzu sighed, removing his mask. "You've changed, Sasori, since you left to join this organization."

"I don't know what you mean. However, I do know you need to mind your own damned business." Sasori hissed, flopping down on his side, yanking the covers over himself.

"Deidara's love life is my business." He replied, but Sasori ignored him, giving an agitated snort.

Soon Deidara was out of the bathroom and Kakuzu was in his twin-sized bed. Kakuzu scooted towards the edge of the bed, lifting the covers as Deidara joined him. Once Deidara had settled down, he covered the blonde with the light sheet. Deidara yawned and snuggled closer to him; under the tan, stitched arm.

"G'night, hmm." Deidara yawned again.

Kakuzu grunted, falling into the once familiar sleeping pattern. Sasori turned back to face the two and sighed.

'I'm sorry, Deidara.'

3. Supplies

Kakuzu awoke early the next morning, his stitched arm trapped in the still sleeping craft man's arms. Sasori was already awake, getting back inside his Hiruko. Kakuzu detached his arm, knowing Deidara wouldn't release it until he's fully awake. Sasori watched Kakuzu slowly get out of the bed and approach his closet. Kakuzu donned his mask and Akatsuki cloak.

"We need to go to the market and pick up some supplies. We have until the afternoon; I don't want to keep this 'Sara' person waiting." Sasori instructed, turning to leave.

"But!" Kakuzu stopped, glancing at his arm, "Urgh, fine." He hurried after Sasori, leaving his detached arm to be squeezed by Deidara.

In Market~

Kakuzu easily kept pace with the puppet Sasori chose for his shield. There was no need for them to disguise themselves in this smaller village for everyone knew and supported the Akatsuki and their Godly leader. They were all rogue ninja, mainly of the Hidden Rain. Kakuzu saw no reason why their leader was considered a Godly figure or why there was any reason to follow such trivial beliefs of a higher being. The only thing worth living is money.

"What do we still need?" Kakuzu asked, breaking the silence between the two that had been growing since last night.

"Deidara blew up our room, so I no longer have things to tend my puppets with. It might also be wise to gather something to occupy him with so he doesn't trouble anyone while we're gone. He's not aloud detonating clay for awhile; I'm not allowing it unless we have a mission." Sasori explained.

"Harsh." Kakuzu laughed.

"Brat deserves the punishment." Sasori defended himself.

"We're going to a craft shop then?" The stitched man increased his pace, stopping a few shops away. Once Sasori reached the door, they entered.

"Kakuzu, you take care of the non-detonating clay, I'll get my items." Sasori instructed.

"I'm glad Deidara has found you. I just hope you last." Kakuzu said softly before hurrying away, leaving Sasori staring after, bewildered.

Back at Base~

Deidara yawned, rolled over, and slowly opened his blue eyes. He blinked a few times before he realized he was alone again; or… at least… there was no full person around. He looked down at Kakuzu's arm mischievously.

"Kuku, just like old times, hmm." Deidara looked around to confirm he was alone.

He let the arm rest on the bed in front of him while he admired his own hand. A frown appeared as he remembered the trouble his hands caused. He looked hard for the marks that used to be clearly visible, the marks left from Kakuzu stitching the mouths shut in attempt to help Deidara seem normal. Sasori was the only client that didn't have an interest in Deidara's body, but in Deidara himself, or so Deidara told himself. He watched Kakuzu's hand begin to twitch and waited patiently. He reached for the hand, the tongue of his hand reaching for the detached arm.

"Been awhile since I've tasted you, Kakuzu-danna, hmm~."

In the Base's Kitchen~

Kakuzu and Sasori soon returned from the village and sat at the kitchen table waiting for the others to wake. Aside from Pein, Sasori, Kakuzu, and Kisame were the only ones awake so early. The time when Zetsu awakes is always unknown or uncertain. Sasori waited impatiently for Kakuzu to sort out the money and their supplies.

"I'll go ahead and hand these over to Deidara. You should wait here. I won't be long." Kakuzu finished, heading for his room.

"Oh, nnn~. Ah… damn… haa, haa." Kakuzu listened through the door to Deidara's panting and moaning. He waited patiently for Deidara's final moan indicating his climax. "Unn!"

"You done?" Kakuzu asked through the door, knocking once.


"Alright, go ahead and take a shower." Kakuzu turned the knob after hearing the springs of the bed as Deidara headed for the bathroom.

"Damn Deidara, seriously, I know you need to eat, but isn't that why you have Sasori?" Kakuzu closed the door behind him and looked at his arm left on the bed.

The shower hadn't started for Deidara slid down the door to sit, burying his head in his bare knees. "If I use him, he'll hate me and our relationship will be in ruins." Deidara's voice was shaky.

"You don't know that." Kakuzu spoke gently, reattaching his arm. "If you're not going to take your shower now, then come on out."

There was a pause as the bathroom door opened slowly. Deidara poked his head out to see Kakuzu head for his safe. He snuck back into the bed and pulled his clothes back on silently. Kakuzu turned after returning some money to the safe. Deidara looked at the arm dripping with his come. The tan man followed his gaze then headed for the sink.

"What is your mission?" Deidara sighed, deciding the silence was unwanted.

"The usual."

"A bounty?"


"What do you mean by 'sorta', hmm?!" Deidara huffed.

"You remember Sara?" Kakuzu now stood in front of Deidara.

"Eh!? You mean that woman that owned me?" Deidara exclaimed, leaning forward.

"Technically, I owned you and she owned me, but yeah. She wants someone that ran." Deidara's eyes widened and Kakuzu added, "Don't worry; I'm sure she doesn't want you."

Kakuzu got the opposite reaction he was aiming for. "What in the world is that supposed to mean!? HM! That I'm no good? Hmm!" Deidara shouted until Kakuzu's hand shot out, covering his mouth.

"Of course not, I just mean that you weren't on that she kept locked up, you were a willing whore." Kakuzu explained simply, handing him the clay. "I better go now; that clay is a present from Sasori. He does love you, even if you fight. I'm sure he'll still love you if you fuck with him a bit. If you're that scared of eating his emotion, I could always stitch those hands up as well."

"Just go, I'll have things sorted out when you two return. Hmm." Deidara assured him.

4. Sex Object

Sasori quietly followed Kakuzu past the village. They were going to the old whorehouse to discover who they were supposed to find. It was at least a day's trip from base to the place, so Kakuzu warned Sasori to bring his own money if he didn't want to spend the night in the woods. Sasori had said he didn't mind though. The sun had begun to set when they reached a clearing.

"Might as well set up camp now." Kakuzu flopped down in the grass almost immediately.

"It's a good thing we don't really need to eat often. Neither of us likes talking much as well." Sasori stopped by Kakuzu, staying in his puppet.

"Yep, we're a perfect match, might as well make out." he shot a sly, sideways glance in Sasori's direction.


Kakuzu sat up, glaring at the motionless puppet, waiting for an answer.

"I thought you were joking." Sasori's voice rose in shock.

"And if I'm not? It's not like there's anybody here." Kakuzu chortled.

"No… if I do, I'll never be able to face Deidara." Sasori turned away.

"Hmm, that so?" Kakuzu said simply, lying back down to gather his thoughts.

"Kakuzu! You bastard, I know what you're doing." Sasori exclaimed suddenly, causing him to lose his train of thought. He gaped at Sasori, confused. "You were testing me. You think I'm only thinking of Deidara as a sex object." His voice was no longer raised, it was a normal tone as he continued, "If anyone sees him as a sex object, it is you."

"Jeez! Don't startle me like that; I actually thought you were mad at me." Kakuzu scowled. Sasori laughed.

"You remember it then?"

Flashback~ A few years back~

"See you tomorrow then, Deidara?" Sasori did not use a puppet to hide in, he stood at the doorway of a small hut, watching a younger Deidara leave. Deidara's hair was braided back with his bangs still covering his eye. He wore a fishnet sleeveless shirt that only covered half of his torso and a gathered skirt (similar to Shippuden Neji's, only black) over more fishnet that reached above his knees.

"Nah, maybe in a few days… Kakuzu-danna's pretty much filled my schedule. Keh, the moron is hard-fisted. HMM! I told him not to make you pay for one time and the geezer tells me I have to work twice as hard for the next 4 days, my ass is gonna be in pain. Hmm." He winced visibly, and then smiled, looking back at the puppeteer's empty expression.

"He considers you a sex object… no… more of a way to make money. You are being used is the point." Sasori hissed.

"Heh, think you know me well, don't you, sir?" Kakuzu appeared, dressed in a plain black cloak that hid his face. "Yes, I do see Deidara as nothing more than a way to make a quick buck. Is there a problem with that?" he snickered.

"Yes." Sasori replied.

"I'll see you later, Sasori~ hmm." Deidara waved, rejoining Kakuzu.

"Kakuzu, should Deidara's ass be too roughly treated, I'll kill you as many times as it takes as slowly and painfully as possible." Sasori warned.

"You can't kill Kakuzu-danna, hmm! He's immortal." Deidara laughed.

"There's no such thing as immortality, now come on, I'm going to miss out on the good money if you're late." Kakuzu growled, grabbing the collar around Deidara's neck and leading him away.

Sasori sighed, shaking his head as he retreated back inside.

~End Flashback~ The Following Morning~

Kakuzu awoke with Sasori sleeping a few feet away. He proceeded to stand, yawning on the inside as he did so. Sasori was still sleeping when Kakuzu approached and kicked the puppet. It soon sprang to life, poised to attack. The threat, however, was already going ahead.

"Damnit, Kakuzu, why'd you do that?" The puppet rose and rushed after the man.

"We need to get moving, that's why. Come on." He paused briefly to allow him to catch


"You didn't have to kick me." He scowled.



Few Hours Later~

Kakuzu slowed to admire the familiar hut that rested near their destination. Sasori stopped and completely changed directions, heading towards it. Kakuzu huffed and sat on a nearby stump. Inside this hut were parts of Sasori's earlier puppets from when he first met Deidara and his 'master'.

~Flashback~ A few days before pre flashback~

Sasori had left his village and traveled constantly before finding a place to stay until he found somewhere better. The owner of the shack was a swift enough kill. After Sasori set up, he went into town, stopping at a bar/inn that happened to catch his attention for some odd reason.

'Perhaps I should at least learn a little of the locals.' he thought to himself.

So he entered and approached the counter. The puppet that usually concealed him hasn't been created yet. The man he took a seat near was Kakuzu. Kakuzu was counting his money casually listening to a sexy blonde teenager that caught Sasori's eye.

"What can I get you, Master?" Sasori jumped when a young, feminine looking boy appeared from behind the counter, inches from his face.

Deidara looked away from Kakuzu and smirked. He reached across the table once Kakuzu finished counting his money for a 2nd time and tugged the cloak, nodding in Sasori's direction. As if a silent command had been given, Kakuzu got up.

"Back off, Jack. I don't think this guy's interested in a little girl such as you." He looked down on the boy until the boy sulked off, glaring back once before vanishing.


"Listen, you mind watching that brat over there for me? I need a few drinks." Kakuzu motioned towards Deidara.


"Excellent. He's all yours, Deidara." Kakuzu finished, slinking to the back of the bar/inn.

"Oi! Wait, you can't just--"

"Sorry, he's a bit of a pain for me too. Name's Deidara, yours?" The blonde popped up from behind the counter.

"Sasori." He decided to give up explaining he didn't want to watch Deidara.

"Did you just arrive here?" Deidara asked.

"Yeah. Sort of." Sasori looked around.

"I hate that, un!" Deidara growled.

"Hate what?" Sasori pulled back a bit.

"'Sorta' or 'Sort of' is not a phrase I like to hear." He explained, a smile reappeared, "It's not a very good answer."

"…" Sasori had nothing to say, his brown eyes were locked with the blonde's blue.

"Do you think we could go somewhere a little quieter?" Deidara asked as a fight broke out. Kakuzu's doing, no doubt.

Deidara crawled from under the counter and led a confused Sasori out of the bar/inn. Kakuzu preferred Deidara fool around where he can usually find him. However Deidara wanted a break from Kakuzu.

"Where's your place, un?" Deidara smiled up at him.

Sasori found himself blushing as he led the stranger back to his recently acquired home. Deidara eyed the place with an unreadable expression on his face. Sasori headed up the stairs and Deidara shrugged, following him in. The first thing Deidara noticed was the puppet lying on the floor. The house was small with only a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Sasori headed for the bedroom with Deidara following, shudders of anticipation rushing down his spine. The small bed was shoved off to the side of the room and puppet parts littered the corners of the room.

Deidara headed for the bed and watched Sasori head for the desk where he chose to work on his puppets. Silence stretched and Deidara concluded that this guy wasn't interested in fooling around.

"So you enjoy art?" the blonde asked, breaking the silence.

"Not really, I just…" Sasori trailed, turning to face him.

"I love art. My clan was made of sculptors, what about yours?"

"They worked with puppets. You said 'was', what happened to them?" Sasori asked.

"I blew them up with my art. Hmm!" Deidara smiled, "Are your folks alive?"

"No…" Sasori looked away, confused as to why anyone would do such a thing.

"I'm sorry, it appears I have offended you. Ha. My parents were about to hand me over to death and gladly. I simply got rid of them first is all. They locked me in the basement so… wouldn't you say they deserved it? Hmm." Deidara exhaled.

Sasori stood and then sat besides Deidara. He was silent and nodded. "I suppose." Deidara grinned, taking advantage of the subject.

"Is your lover dead?"

"Never had one." Sasori said, "I take it you did?"

"Yes, although I couldn't bring myself to blow her up." Deidara looked down, a wave of dark memories swept his thoughts away. Sasori's breathe increased, he looked so sad and yet, Sasori was glad. Not because Deidara was sad, but because he was so close.

"Do you want me right now?" Deidara recovered, with a smile to his voice. He leaned forward, forcing Sasori down.

Sasori reached up then faltered, remembering his body was different from most. Deidara sighed and rolled off.

"Sorry, I'm a prostitute, talking isn't really my thing."

"It's not you, believe me. You see, I'm sort of… different from most people." Sasori was still lying back, holding his hand in front of his face.

Deidara took the hand and forced Sasori to sit up. He swiftly and expertly removed his shirt before the puppeteer realized his puppet-like torso, and heart, was exposed.

"Ha, you have a problem similar to mine and much like my master's. Hmm." Deidara smiled, showing Sasori the stitched mouths on his hands. He nibbled at the stitches and pulled them out, wincing slightly. Sasori ogled as Deidara pulled off the articles covering his third mouth. "I'm different too."

His smirk was quickly crushed by Sasori's lips. Deidara was only slightly caught off guard. He broke free as Sasori caught his breath and proceeded to straddle his hips. Deidara wrapped his arms around Sasori's neck and began to nibble and lick the nape of his neck. Small, soft sounds of pleasure escaped Sasori's lips. He reached up a hand to rest on the long blonde hair while the other headed south, gently trailing down his back. Deidara's lips found their way back to Sasori's and he slipped his hands into the front of his pants.

"Deidara…" Sasori broke the wet kiss and he let his tongue caress Deidara's cheek.

Sasori stood, gently pushing Deidara down to kneel. Deidara's tongue flicked out, caressing the head of Sasori's erect member. He shivered in response and sat back on the bed, legs spread. Deidara leaned in, devouring him. His tongue rolled and he nibbled, earning a low grunt from Sasori. Deidara withdrew a bit, moving his hands up Sasori's legs. The tongues would occasionally lick along the way. Sasori was panting, and shaky. Deidara swallowed him further. Any other person would have gagged by now, but Deidara was skilled. He brought his hands back down and let them nibble and suck Sasori's sensitive areas.

"Ahh, haa, haa… Deidara, I-" no more was said as Sasori grit his teeth as he came in Deidara's mouth. He smiled, swallowing, "I'm glad I begged Kakuzu-danna to let me take you for free."

"…" Sasori had no reply, his breath depleted.

"Sasori… do you think we could just talk from now on? Hmm~?" Deidara asked, climbing into the bed.

Sasori glanced at Deidara then nodded.

~End flashback~