21. Where Were We?

Deidara and Sasori followed Atari to a nearby room with Suki bringing up the rear. Atari unlocked the door, opening it then stepping aside to allow the two partners in.

"You guys can have this room tonight. Try not to get too loud, love." He added, looking to Deidara.

"Yeah, yeah." Deidara replied, rolling his eyes and closing his old friend out.

"We'll be in the next room over if Blondie ain't enough!" Atari shouted with a laugh.

"That's it Atari! We need to fucking talk—Now!" Suki snarled.

Deidara and Sasori looked to each other in confusion before shrugging the thought off. They looked around the room, noticing that it had a trunk similar to Kakuzu's lying on the floor. As Sasori got closer, he noticed a note.


I thought I'd bring this with us in case you got a room... which you did. Just make sure you remember to put them back when you two are done fucking.

With Love, Suki

"That bastard is sick... no wonder he acts the way he does after being in that brothel..." Sasori mumbled as Deidara opened the trunk.

"Should we pick up where we left off, hmm?" Deidara smirked, ignoring the comment.

He turned around with a blindfold and the cuffs in hand. Sasori smirked as well, pulling the blonde to the bed. He pushed him to lie on his back before handcuffing, blindfolding, and crawling on top of him. The fishnet and black half top had been discarded long before handcuffing. Sasori swept down to steal a kiss, cold hands maneuvering their way around Deidara's torso. On the return trip north they hovered around the fourth mouth. His delicate fingers toyed with the stitches, causing the under to squirm.

"I had no choice..." He whined.

"...I like them..."

Sasori purred, nuzzling him. Deidara wrapped his arms around his seme's neck, letting his hands lick his back. Sasori pulled back before returning, pulling off the lower clothing articles in the impatient manor he is known so well for. Deidara gasped at the feel of his tongue to his burning erection. Sasori continued to give head until Deidara, still heated from earlier morning events, was on edge once more before pulling away with a smirk, wiping his face.

"J-Jerk!" Deidara pouted seductively.

"Like this?"

The redhead's hand flashed to the blonde's member and gave it a rough jerk. A long moan escaped said uke and Sasori took that time to prepare him, forcing his fingers in the gaped mouth before trailing the index down the center of his body. He traced the rim of muscles before making an entrance.

"Mmm! Ah, m-more, Danna!"

Deidara writhed under and Sasori decided to skip further preparation. He was impatient, after all. Deidara cried out at the sudden entry. His mouth hung open in a silent cry. Sasori paused, worried he might have been too hasty after all. Then Deidara caught his breath and smirked up at the puppet. At this silent command, the redhead continued. They continued til the steady rhythm broke soon after being birthed. Their fingers twisted in one another's hair, they moaned out and Deidara's bliss came moments before his seme's.

Said seme pulled out slowly, collapsing next to Deidara. Deidara sighed in content briefly before burrying his face in the crook of Sasori's neck.

"Remind me to clean up tomorrow morning..."

"Mn... 'kay..."

"Oi, Sasori, Deidara! Get your asses up and in gear!"

"Deidara, don't complain either- Hidan's ass is just fine."

Kakuzu stood outside the artists' door while Hidan pounded on it. The two trying to sleep within groaned. Sasori sat up first, slowly. The expression upon his face was one to be feared. Deidara stirred besides him, awoken by the banging. He sat up once Sasori was out of the bed, marching straight for the door, still bare. The door was swung open sending Hidan tumbling to the floor at the redhead's feet. Kakuzu, suddenly realizing there was no banging and no Hidan, sighed and pulled Hidan to his feet and back into the hall.

"Pain will be waiting, get dressed."

Deidara made his way to the bathroom just before his partner slammed the door closed and shuffled over to join him. They met for a brief saliva exchange before jumping in for a short shower. It was quite spacious and Deidara suspected why almost immediately. He prayed that Sasori hadn't picked up any things from the other members. It would be a pain in the ass heading back to base after so many times.

"Oi Kakuzu, just what's with this organization anyways?" Hidan prod his partner whom was reading a paper provided by one of the "servers".

His question was ignored and he scoffed, shaking his head in agitation. He returned to polishing his pendant. Suki soon joined him as soon as he and Atari spotted the two. Kakuzu looked over the paper at them, inquisitive- Atari looked shy; 'Unusual.' thought Kakuzu.

He watched Suki lean over to Hidan and whisper into his ear. The Jashinists exchanged a quick glance at Atari before getting up and walking away. Kakuzu put down his paper. Atari stopped him from following.

"Wait, love..." He started, still looking down at the table, "I'm real sorry about yesterday... I was just so confused." He shook his head slowly, "I want so badly to sleep with Suki, but my religion doesn't allow it. I assumed that, given my wanting him, he wasn't the one I loved... but when I think about it, that's wrong. I- of all whores- am actually willing to give everything I want up for him." He shot Kakuzu a coy smirk, "Even you."

"You say you thought you didn't love him because you wanted to sleep with him. You claimed to have loved me... Does that mean you think I'm a bad lay?" Kakuzu responded with a very, very slight tint of playfulness.

"Not at all! I wanted to sleep with you so badly! I mean you let me to-" Kakuzu slapped a hand over Atari's mouth just as their Jashinists returned.

"Shh! And you swore you and Deidara would never mention that again." He hissed while he could, retracting his hand.

"Oi, what are you two fuckers whisperin' about?" Hidan scoffed.

"Nothing Hidan..."

The four ate breakfast together, waiting for the artists. Kakuzu had no complaints considering Atari offered to pay in order to make up for all past actions. By the time they finished, Sasori and Deidara made their appearance.

"About time. Let's go. Boat leaves in five." Kakuzu grunted, already heading out the door.


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