warning: here harry kisses snape

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Chapter Twenty Three

With a pop Ossian Patrick Prince apparated into Child Okeford.

Child Okeford was a lovely village near Dorset. The Briarwood Cottage, his destination, remained a bit of a walk down the road but Paddy, as he was called by friends and acquaintances alike, liked walking so he took his time and enjoyed it. Autumn was in full bloom now, as witnessed by the multitude of leaves that decorated the streets and lawns. For a muggle village, this one was very sweet. It remained well kept and tidy, despite the leaves, and most neighbors were out and about seeing to it those leaves fallen today were whisked away never to be seen again.

The only mar in the vision was at the end of the road. The first thing you saw was a wall. Then, above the unnaturally high stone barrier, was the roof of Briarwood Cottage, all covered in dark shingles and ivy and roses. Climbing over the wall were also rosebushes, an untidy tangle that the neighbors on either side stared at with dismay but didn't go near. You could tell they avoided these bushes by the leaves that littered their lawns about three feet out surrounding the entire wall covered in rosebushes.

Once he arrived at this odd duck of a dwelling Paddy was met with a gate. It was a beautiful oak thing, with a fancy latch that twisted into the form of a small snake wrapped around a thorny rose vine. Paddy smiled, slightly amused by the sight, and pushed it open noting the wards that left his hand tingling painfully but let him pass. The walk was a thin line through a dark tangle of rosebushes, seemingly left to run rampant by a negligent caretaker, and led directly to arbor covered steps also dim as the only light that could be seen had to pass through an open roof also covered in rosebushes.

The knocker itself was a lion, strangely enough, although that would make sense if one knew the owner, one Salem L. Rose, claimed to descend from an obscure pureblood line that had remained exclusively Gryffindor. Once the knocker sounded there was nothing to do but wait. There was also nothing to see as the bushes obscured even the slightest glimpse into the yard beyond. Slowly ten minutes passed and Paddy, never one to let others get away with selfish behavior, knocked again.

Paddy was a patient man, although many like to point out the contrary because of his taking to dark arts and how forceful he was once a decision was made. He liked his tea strong and took the time to let it steep the extra minute to get it the way he liked it. He was of the mind that if he wanted something, and wanted it enough, that he would wait for it as long as when he got it it was worth the wait. One Mr. Salem L. Rose, whom to very few people had once gone by Severus Snape, was worth the wait.

When the door opened Paddy had been inspecting the runework on the borders of the door frame. The door opened suddenly, as if the person behind it wanted to surprise visitors into jumping despite the fact that they themselves had been expecting the door to open. Scowling initially to see no one there, as if he had been interrupted for nothing, Snape stepped back and then in the course of scanning the view, his eyes landed on Paddy and, if possible, he scowled further.

Paddy looked up at the man and smiled, suddenly noting the Prince nose quite evident in the man before him. Slowly he rose from his crouch, still smiling, and extended his hand, his left hand as he noted Snape was leaning heavily on a cane with his right.

"What?" Came the rude inquiry and Paddy raised an eyebrow at the lack of a proffered hand.

"It is polite to shake hands when meeting people for the first time, Mr. Snape." Harry stated reproachfully and withdrew his hand unshaken, taking the offer away. "One would think your mother had taught you better."

Snape stared at him horror creeping into his eyes along with suspicion. Paddy smiled at him. That was his Snape.

"My name is Ossian Patrick Prince, and I have come to meet the last of my line." He smirked at the astonished disbelieving look that came over Snape. "You won't have heard of me as our family, my great great great grandfather I believe, had a bit of a row with his older brother, your great great great grandfather, and packed up and moved away to America. My mother moved us back when I was born, after she learned of our esteemed heritage." Paddy rolled his eyes and snorted. "Pureblood pride and all that. I grew up here in England but went to Drumstrang, and then traveled the world."

Snape was still staring at him in disbelief but Paddy could see the horror and suspicion had eased and retreated into wariness.

"Any you learned of me, how, exactly?" His voice was harsh with suspicion and anger.

Paddy smiled. "I met this Auror. Seemed he was a bit distracted during our . . . friendly . . . duel and I managed to get into his head. I believe he's rather well known here; a Harold something or other? I managed to incapacitate him with a rather nasty curse actually, although I'd rather you not mention it. I believe he was forced to quit is job due to injuries because of it." Paddy smiled seemingly in reminiscence. "It was a bloodline curse, which leads me to why I am here." Paddy looked at Snape. "I'd like to make sure you don't remove it."

Snape looked at him, suspicion warring with interest. Paddy could tell, via a little magical insight, he was also slightly impressed by Paddy's skill, a bit disdainful of Potter, and highly amused by the fact that Potter had lost spectacularly.

"Well, now that all the muggles know my hard kept secrets, you may come in." Snape sneered when Paddy grinned at him happily and walked passed Snape into the Cottage's front hall. It was light and airy and clean, a vast difference to the walkway and front of the house.

"Actually," Paddy said after he heard the door close, "I had the foresight to cast a silencing charm around myself, in order to muffle the sound of apparition." He turned to find Snape watching him, his hand caressing his wand. "Although I did note your fantastic wardwork that would have done the trick as well." Harry raised an eyebrow. "House elf?"

Snape's expression tightened. "You don't want me to cure Potter." He stated, ignoring Paddy's question and compliment. "If you truly saw into his memories you would have seen our history. What would make you think I'd do a single thing for the spoiled, selfish, arrogant, child." He hissed the last word menacingly.

Paddy smiled letting amusement and slight confusion show. "Well, aside from the fact that he's in love with you, the word is the curse is eventually terminal."

Snape froze halfway through the sentence, concern flitted itself across his face as Paddy finished. Then his expression went blank, but his emotions were plain for Paddy. He was upset with Paddy, and very wary now. Paddy had the idea that if he could perform Leglimency, successfully, on Snape then he'd see potential curses running through the forefront of his mind, ready and waiting for use.

"What is your reason for leaving Potter with such a curse?" Snape asked, as if only interested scientifically.

Paddy smiled. "I have my reasons for wanting Harry Potter out of the way." He looked away from Snape noting the mirror in on the wall, Snape's reflection obvious in it, and the doors on either side, and the stairs that took up half the back wall. Beside it another hallway seemed to lead off into the rest of the house. "My line of work." He added quietly.

"And what do you do?" Came Snape's slow query, the voice a bit louder than before.

Paddy looked up to see Snape a few feet away. He smiled at the sight of the wand held carefully loose in Snape's wand hand. "I am a slave trader by reputation." He sent a meaningful look at the few house elf wards present. "I tend to specialize in house elves."

Snape stiffened at the last and another flit of concern chased itself across his face.

Paddy thought it was time to take pity on Snape. If he kept this up much longer the man would be more apt to toss him out on his ear than listen to his proposal.

"I hear you are actually in the market for a house elf?"

"Mr. Prince, I do not believe I feel comfortable associating with you, after all. If you will take your leave-"

"Call me, Paddy, Snape." Paddy interrupted gently. "All my friends do."

"Pad-" Snape started then suddenly hissed, his face twisting with rage. "Potter!"

Harry grinned at Snape happily.

With a snap of his finger he took off the elaborate glamour and it faded away leaving the ears obvious if one cared to look, although his hair did sorta hang over them now at it had been a few months since the whole fiasco. Snape was too busy hissing in rage to seem them though. His eyes did flicker up to Harry's hair, where the white streak was still visible. Harry had decided Paddy would wear the white in his hair and Harry Potter would not but Harry didn't want anything in the way during this conversation with Snape and felt comfortable enough that Snape's wards would protect his identity for the moment.

"'Lo, Snape." Said Harry, sliding his hands into his jean pockets, glad the illusion of slacks was gone. He really felt more comfortable in jeans. Unfortunately Ossian Patrick Prince wasn't a blue jeans sort of fellow, more to the shame.

Snape hissed in reply. "You are not, amusing, Potter!"

Harry blinked slowly. "Good." He said. "That's not how I wanted to come across."

Snape's fingers twitched. "What are you doing in my house, Potter?" His scowl could have been directed at Lockhart easily.

Harry avoided looking at him as he answered. "I wanted to see you." He'd promised, after his little game that actually got him inside, he would be completely honest with Snape. It was painful to see Snape's expression twist in disgust though.

"I do not want to see you! Get out, Potter!" Snape actually pointed at the door. Harry trembled at the order but didn't comply. He would managed to fix this, he'd messed it up after all.

"That story about Harry Potter getting injured by a dark curse is everywhere." Harry hurried to say. "And the fact that he quit being an Auror."

"Did you come for sympathy, Potter, or applause?" Snape snarled.

Harry ignored the caustic reply. "I'm planning on sending Harry Potter to America, and then eventually letting the wizarding world believe he died." He watched as Snape froze a moment and think.

"Finally tired of the fame Potter, or did you think it would be better in America? It is true that Americans will believe anything." Snape sneer was now in play.

"I thought I'd try a new career actually, and a new reputation. Ossian Patrick Prince is as real as the next person, and more infamous than famous, really." Harry smiled smugly at that. It really had been a stroke of genius making that alias. He really ought to thank Snape for the idea.

"Mocking me Potter?" Came Snape's query, dangerously close to rage. And hurt, Harry could feel, beneath all the other emotions crowding the bond.

"Actually, I've heard imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." Harry said softly. "And you have my acknowledgment and thanks for the idea."

Snape sneered at him but the rage was quieter. "Do you honestly think no one will find out, Potter? Eventually someone will see past your glamor."

Harry licked his lips nervously. Damn. Here it was. "Actually, I've been meaning to tell you, I came here to tell you, I-" Harry took a deep breath watching how Snape noted it. "I used house elf magic to make the glamour. " He didn't look at Snape as he said it. "It's like yours, unbreakable."

Snape studied him his sneer still evident. "There are ways to break it. Someone might even be able to see through it. Vampire-" He coughed suddenly. "Vampires can see through mine, if they wish. As I used vampire magicks to create it."

Harry nodded. "And only a house elf could see through mine." Harry looked at Snape whose sneer had faded. "I- When I had Morgan change me back, he didn't complete the process. In essence I'm still an elf, I just look human. And my magic isn't wizard's magic. I'm not even a wizard anymore."

Snape looked intrigued in spite of himself. "Did you come for a cure?" It wasn't an offer but it wasn't a refusal.

Harry smiled. "No. I am quite happy with what I am." He looked down shyly. "In fact I was never happier than when I was your house elf."

Snape snorted in surprise and disbelief. Then after a moment he sneered and Harry could tell he felt oddly flattered. "Perhaps it was simply familiar." He said his eye's glinting. "After all you were raised that way, it must have been like going home." It was a dig. Harry didn't let it get to him.

"No. The Dursleys never treated me half as well as you did." Harry met Snape's eyes challengingly.

Snape blinked slowly. "Did you come to offer your services?"

Harry smiled and stepped forward once. "Yes." He chuckled. "After all you never gave me clothes."

Snape sneered. "You disobeyed my order to not interfere, Potter." He glared at Harry. "I really ought to."

"And give up the opportunity to have Harry Potter at your beck and call?" Harry lifted an eyebrow. "Perhaps you should just punish me instead."

And odd look came over Snape's face. Harry could feel his interest though the bond. And hunger. Snape hadn't eaten in quite a while as far as Harry knew. He took another step in Snape's direction.

"After all," Harry whispered softly. "You are still my master."

Snape hissed, but it wasn't in anger. It was in exasperation. "You are an idiot, Potter." He said. Apparently he believed Harry now.

"Hmm, sure," Harry looked at Snape, truly looked at him for the first time. By Slytherin the man was gorgeous. Truly. And it wasn't the glamour. It was him. Harry was close enough to smell him and Snape smelled of ginger and cinnamon and roses. Harry sighed. "Snape?"

Snape looked at him. They were very close now, although Snape himself hadn't moved. He lifted an eyebrow. "What, Potter?"

"Can you shut up now?" And before he could register the affronted look on his master's face he leaned forward, using his toes to gain height, and kissed Snape.

Snape's shock ran though Harry like cold water; the bond almost dissolved from a tunnel or wire into a something like a glove around him. Harry ignored Snape and kissed him instead. He noted the cool lips and smooth face, slid his hand into the hair he'd been wanted to touch for what seem like forever now. Snape didn't really participate, but his mouth did seem to open in shock or protest and Harry took advantage and slipped his tongue inside.

He couldn't help but sigh happily at the feeling. His master's mouth was warm and moist and tasted like Snape. And it was when he flicked his tongue along Snape's fangs, tucked up and hidden behind his canine teeth, that Snape reacted. There was a moan, the teeth fell down and Harry licked them again, and then Snape was kissing him back. A single hand crept around Harry's head to pull him closer, or perhaps hold him in place.

Harry shifted closer, and fitted his lean body against Snape's. They fit so well together. It was gratifying. It was extremely pleasant. It was . . . very arousing.

Especially with Snape's tongue in his mouth now, and Snape licking his way down his throat. Bloody Hell, he thought Snape was a vampire not a bloody basilisk. Harry could tell he was moaning though, it hummed through the kiss and nearly rattled his. And Snape was bending over now, and Harry didn't have to be on his toes to reach him. And his master was practically devouring him. And not his blood this time, but him, Harry. And Harry shifted closer-

When he realized he needed to breathe. It was an annoyance that soon turned into a need. Even stolen gasps when chasing Snape's tongue back into his mouth didn't help. Harry got distracted when Snape sucked on his tongue and his teeth grazed it most intriguingly but finally had to pull away.

Snape whimpered a moment then tried to pretend like he hadn't then he scowled at Harry, and Harry could feel doubt and anger and hurt and suspicion welling up in Snape.

So he took a few deep breaths before darting up and kissing Snape again, chastely this time, before reluctantly stopping.

"Have to breathe, Master." Harry gasped and smiled up at Snape's scowl, and brought his hand to Snape's chest where his finger's splayed over Snape's heartbeat. Harry was fascinated. Snape had a heartbeat? And a reflection too, Harry remembered. At the time he'd thought it a trick, but if rumors about one vampire characteristic was wrong what else was?

"I did not give you permission to breathe, slave," Snape growled at Harry. "Nor to stop."

Harry closed his eyes a moment, and basked in the pleasure that statement invoked, before he opened them. "We have to talk, Snape." Snape hissed and Harry hid his head against Snape so he wouldn't be tempted again. Merlin, it had been nothing like kissing Ginny. Why had he gone so long without ever kissing Snape? It felt like it should be a crime or something. Harry cleared his throat to reminded himself to talk.

"You never said if I could stay?" Harry's sighed and looked up into Snape's dark eyes.

There was a long moment of silence. And then Harry started to feel nervous. He hadn't said enough, apparently. He should have told Snape everything in a letter or not tricked him with the Ossian Patrick Prince or told him first about still being bound to him or apologized for disobeying and for haring off and getting himself turned back without permission or he should have mentioned he loved him-

Snape hissed and it was then Harry realized he'd been in his head. And he'd just heard everything Harry had been thinking.

Harry looked down and studied Snape's robes, feeling hot with embarrassment. The robes were very nice, actually. These weren't brewing robes, those were made of different material. In fact Harry thought these robes were the ones that had hung on the coat rack that stood just outside Snape's potion's lab. Snape had ordered Harry not to move them and Harry had wondered what they were for. Snape must use them for greeting guests, he must have his brewing robes on underneath, or taken them off before he put these on. They were really very nice. The cloth wasn't one he could name, as he never really paid attention to that sort of thing, although Prince did so perhaps he should educate himself-


Harry blinked and looked up at Snape. What?

"I'd like to see you beg, Potter." Snape was eying him, challenge glittering in his eyes. "Just like you did when I bought you."

Oh. Harry swallowed. It was one thing to beg as a house elf, which had been, mostly, sexless in Harry's mind. It was quite another to do it when he was human and had just been kissing Snape who was his master.

"If you want to stay." Snape added.

And that was the challenge. If Harry wanted to stay badly enough he could do it. But Snape didn't think he would. Harry snorted. The man was far too insecure. And he thought too little of Harry. That would have to change.

Then Harry had a thought, and he raised an eyebrow. "Did you want me to do it here?" And for emphasis he leaned forward and kissed Snape, just the barest touch of lips. Snape breathed into his mouth once before Harry pulled away making Harry grin.

Snape sneered at Harry then motioned for the stairs. And Harry knew he had won his happily ever after. He grinned at Snape, his master. Everything was going to be quiet pleasant from now on. He and Snape would be content, Harry Potter would fade away into the woodwork, well for the most part, and Paddy Prince would take his place. Harry did raise a confused eyebrow at the direction.

"Unless you want to live off the kitchen like a servant?" Snape sneered showing what he thought of that. "I'd like to think you'd want a normal bed, perhaps one that your feet won't stick out of-"

"And isn't empty?" Harry asked, hoping it wasn't too soon.

Snape stared at him a moment before suddenly smirking. "If you insist."

Harry rolled his eyes. Trust Snape to stay the protesting maiden the whole way there. Bah! Slytherins.

The End

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