WARNING: These chapters are for adults only! If you are under 18 and reading this, GET OUT OF THIS STORY! These chapters contain lemons.

Chapter 1 Summer Loving

Esme POV

"Now that you've caught me, what are you going to do with me doctor?" I asked suggestively.

"Everything on my list," he answered nipping my earlobe.

"Oh, you have a list do you?" I purred.

"Um hm, and as one of the foremost authorities of vampire afflictions, I'm afraid you have an acute case of a severe malady that must be immediately tended to my dear," Carlisle answered me seriously as he kissed his way down my cheek.

"That's a very thorough diagnosis," I gasped as he captured my scar, his favorite spot to kiss. "What does it all mean?" I asked innocently.

Carlisle whispered in my ear, "You seriously have your poor husband filled with an uncontrollable pool of desire and if we don't get back to the cottage, he may be forced to relieve that tension right here on the forest floor, my dear."

"Ummm, and this is a problem because…?" I purred suggestively.

He shook his head and gently pulled me to my feet. "I have so much planned for us. And as tempting as that sounds my dear, we need to get ready for this evening."

"What's on the agenda for today?" I asked as we ran back to the cottage.

Carlisle had not shared the itinerary for the convention with me because he was better at blocking his thoughts from Edward. So I had no idea which events took place on what day. We had been to a number of these things before so I had an idea of what to bring and I think Carlisle enjoyed springing the surprises.

"Tonight, my beauty is the cocktail hour at Thaxted Hall. It is time to dress up; tuxedo for the doctor and a lovely little cocktail dress for his wife."

"Well, with all this running around," I said, "we'd better hit the showers and get ready. How long do we have?"

"A car will be sent in three hours to pick us up," he replied as he lifted his brow suggestively. "Just enough time to take a couple of showers."

I turned and grabbed his neck and pulled him down to me for a heated kiss as we entered the cottage.

"I was hoping we could shower together, Dr Cullen," I whispered while nipping down his jaw. He visibly shivered. I smiled at the involuntary reaction at my caress.

"You are an incredibly sexy woman you know, and that makes you a very…sensuous…distraction," he hissed as I pulled his unmoving jugular into my mouth and suckled hard.

"Just give me what I want and no one gets hurt," I teased.

"Maybe I want a little hurt," he teased back knowing how it would spur me on.

I leaped up and attached my legs around his hips. It was a perfect angle to rub my saturated silk panties against his throbbing erection. Carlisle whimpered. It was my most favorite sound in the world. It signaled that moment when he actually let go of that seemingly stoic façade and reacted like the beast in the bedroom I so loved to excite.

He tore my clothes off with reckless abandon. Oh well, I won't have to pack those to take back. He was naked before we backed into the bed. This was going to be good; hard and fast and furious. I squeaked as we landed soundly on the bed. He sheathed himself in one quick stroke. We both growled our approval at the sudden invasion.

Carlisle hips voraciously pumped into my glorious heat. His control was minimal at best.
I was wild, unbridled and urged him forward. No one was here to overhear or interrupt us. We were free to give in to our basic natures.

"Harder!" I urged, "More!"

He succumbed to my pleas as if he could tell my ecstasy was imminent. He could feel my body constricting around his driving shaft.

"Oh…my…god! Don't stop! DON'T STOP!"? I screamed as I felt the muscles of my most pleasurable place start to spasm. "Oh Please. OH PLEEEEEASE."

My cries drove him wild. I squeezed my legs around his waist and dug my nails in his sides. I was close. Then, with the powerful arch of my back, I gave myself over to the intense pleasure of my orgasm.

"OHHHHHHHHH yes, Carlisle. Yesssssss!"

My breathing sawed in and out. Carlisle froze, his breath caught as he felt my orgasm and his body exploded uncontrollably also. He could not keep quiet.

"Awwwwwwwwwww God! Oh God, Oh God, OH GOD!" he bellowed as he filled me with the venom of his own powerful orgasm.

Now we were both breathing uncontrollably. But the pleasure was satisfying. It felt so good to be able to just let go and enjoy this type of love making with my adoring husband. This was something we both enjoyed; moments of pure unbridled passion.

Carlisle held me tightly as our bodies continued to tremble with their releases. Tremors and aftershocks back to back until it was difficult to tell where one ended and the other began.

"Ummmm, I signed, that was sooooo good," I said purring as I was completely sated.

"My pleasure my dear; definitely my pleasure." he answered smiling.

Then he relaxed as he withdrew from my warmth and just cradled my still trembling body against his. This was the closest thing to total relaxation that either of us had experienced since our new life began.

"Well Mrs. Cullen, now that you've had you way with me, I suggest we get those showers I mentioned earlier," Carlisle prompted.

"We could shower together you know save some time and all," I suggested.

"Esme," Carlisle chuckled, "if we get in that shower together, I'm afraid we will not make the party tonight."

"Ummm, and this is a problem because…?" I purred.