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Harry and Remus were thrown back onto the bed as the Knight Bus roared to life and charged forward. Harry pulled himself up, untangling his ankle out from underneath Remus' feeling a little sheepish. He looked away as he rightly set his foot away from Lupins and instead focused on pushing his trunk underneath the bed. It was all over too quickly, his trunk was underneath the bed and with little else to occupy him he sighed and looked up at Lupin knowing the awkward talk that was undoubtedly ahead of them.

"You think I am going to tell Sirius about this, don't you?" said Lupin shrewdly.

He took a sharp breath but all he could do was nod. "Yes," he finally managed to choke out after some time. Lupin shook his head smiling, "We were all boys once."

"Yes, but, aren't you a little – freaked out?" asked Harry suspiciously, "I mean… you were a boy once but you didn't … to your teacher… did you?" he asked uneasily.

Remus smirked. "Well no but neither me nor Sirius was ever connected to one of our teachers like you and Snape," explained Remus, as if his explanation was obvious and so very normal.

"What do you mean?" said Harry looking up him confusedly, "to be honest, I'm still not entirely sure why you don't think the same as Sirius. I mean, you did sorta try to … kiss me… in order to distract me from Snape," finished Harry awkwardly. He carefully had kept his eyes trained on his shoes but he peeked up at Lupin to gouge his reaction. Lupin's eyes had taken on a soft amber glow and he smiled sadly down at him. Harry took a sharp breath in, he had felt awkward with Lupin ever since trying to kiss him and he had tried to remind himself that he was his Godfathers boyfriend but it was moments like these that his feelings came flooding back to him. It was these moments that surged Harry's next words forward, "I mean, was it all just to distract me… or did you…"

Lupin cringed slightly, his voice now full of sadness, "I am so sorry Harry," He said taking his shoulders in his hands. Harry wasn't sure whether he should chance a look at Remus if he was going to feel the way he did. Remus sighed and it made him look up despite himself, "I really am," he reaffirmed. Harry watched his eyes turn a dark ochre colour and he noticed flecks of brown in his eyes, they were filled with... sadness and disappointment. He smiled half-heartedly at him and he sighed.

"As for me not sharing Sirius' opinion I would have thought it was obvious. I trust Dumbledore, Harry. I admit, I did think him a madman to begin with… but I trust Dumbledore and he thinks that yours and Severus' fates are entwined. And I have seen you two together and secretly he is… devoted to you."

Pink blossomed onto his cheeks at the thought. Remus' amber eyes took in his flushed face and smiled, hugging him tightly. "Dumbledore is right you know," he said releasing him from his hug, "you can write me a letter or floo anytime Harry. I really just want to be your God father and your friend and I want a letter whenever you need help with anything."

He looked up at him, face still flushed, and eyes slightly wet as he felt the tension between them dissolve, "even Severus?"

Remus laughed, "Especially Severus."

Harry looked outside the windows of the Knight Bus at a sparkling brook shrouded in fallen winter leaves and sighed in relief. Everything was great! His tension with Lupin was finally resolved and he could finally concentrate on Severus.

"Oh, Harry," said Lupin, eyebrows raised as if he had just suddenly remembered something, "what are you planning to say to Snape when you get back?"

Harry's face dropped. That question just drove a stake through his momentary relief. "I hadn't thought of it much. Well, actually I've thought about it quite a bit but I'm stuck. I don't know what to do, Remus," he admitted, sighing in frustration. Remus looked slightly confused, "maybe you could write him a letter," he suggested.

"A letter is too easy to ignore," he said frowning, "I need something that he can't ignore. This is the man who has ignored every attempt I've made," he told Remus, hoping to encapsulate how important this was to him and how hard it was going to be to… seduce Severus.

Remus looked out the window and a calm came over his face that he never quite seen before. "Setting fire to the Slytherin common rooms is hardly something Severus Snape can ignore," Remus purred.

"He'll try. I know him," said Harry doubtfully, "Every time I try to get close to him he just gets angry and pushes me away."

Remus sighed, not really sure he knew enough about Severus' personal life to suggest how to romance him, but he scraped together what he could, "Snape was always a dedicated student. I never saw him doing anything but studying, actually. It's funny to think in the whole 7 years we were in Hogwarts together I know nothing about a romantic side to him… only rumours."

Harry quirked an eyebrow inquisitively. "Either than your father there was only one other man I knew of that was close to Severus and that was Lucius Malfoy. There was rumours around Hogwarts that he and Malfoy were dating. Which I think, you would know more about then me… I never saw anything," it was Remus' turn to raise an eyebrow.

Harry sighed, suppressing a grimace at the subject matter, "I only heard when Lucius had come to his door he was asking to … urgh… know him again. He was talking about their time in Hogwarts where they had had… sex… before their exams," explained Harry, forcing himself to finally say 'sex' in front of Remus.

Remus eyes widened, Now I almost can't blame Harry for arson, he thought humorously, the boy had heard enough for jealousy. He couldn't believe he was about to actually suggest what he was thinking… but he promised that he would help Harry. He promised that he would tell him what he knew and, after all, he would only hint. "Lucius was a very powerful man, very… persuasive."

"You'd need to be to get in Severus' pants," he laughed, but it wasn't really a joke. It was true.

Harry had never been so grateful to walk through the portrait hole and see the Gryffindor common room. The squishy arm chairs were all in their place, comfy and inviting, the hearth warm and crackling quietly but most of all Ron and Hermione sitting the two armchairs by the window. Hermione was reading a rather large leather-bound tome and looked up to flick the page, spotting Harry. "Harry!" she squealed and stood regardless of the shabby book on her lap. The book slid from her lap and landed in a heap on the floor as Hermione hugged him vigorously, standing on the stray pages that had been ripped from the tome. Ron followed with bone-crushing hug, "Thank Merlin your back!" he cried. Harry sat down eagerly as Hermione began to collect together the book and its misplaced contents, "oh no," she moaned, on the floor putting the pages back inside the cover.

"So what's been happening? What have I missed? How is Snape?"

Ron quirked his eyebrows at the last, "Irritable as usual. You would have thought he'd be relieved, not having you to worry about," he grinned, "but he's been a bit touchy."

"Temperamental," Hermione corrected from the floor. Ron scowled at her. "He set us an essay the day after you left," Hermione informed him.

"Mm, I got it. I put extra effort in," he said.

"Extra?" Ron gaped.

"Well, I've been thinking," he leaned forward, "Ever since I got suspended I've been thinking about what to say when I got back. And what he'd say." He sighed irritably, "but Remus said something interesting to me. He was trying to help me, tell me everything he knew about Snape, I think he hinted… he hinted that Lucius was a very powerful man, very persuasive."

Hermione looked up at him sharply, "and you think he's hinting you have to persuade or overpower Snape?" she said incredulously.

Harry frowned, "hey! I could do it Hermione!"

She smiled. "Anyway," he continued, "I think I've been going about it the wrong way. Snape is intelligent, powerful and ambitious. He's a Slytherin, afterall. I've been going about it the Gryffindor way. I need to be a man worthy of his love or he'll never consider me."

"You need him to consider you an equal," said Hermione, "You need to even the playing field."

"Exactly," said Harry.

Snape almost smirked at his sheer, utter and complete lack of good luck as he sat in the great hall again with Dumbledore about to request another awkward and painful talk about Harry Potter. The insufferable brat has made it impossible for him to not have another awkward conversation with Dumbledore… among other things. This undoubtedly was the worse week that Severus had had since his days at Hogwarts, which Potter would undoubtedly try to drudge up.

"Professor," said Dumbledore, smiling almost apologetically down at him, as he gestured towards his office and the awkward talk undoubtedly awaiting them.

Snape sighed and got up to follow Dumbledore to his study.

"Well, Severus?" asked Dumbledore sitting behind his desk.

"Well what, Headmaster?" said Snape glumly, being again reminded of his helpless days in highschool.

"What do you plan to do about Harry? He's obviously not going to give up as you so dearly hoped," said Dumbledore.

Snape huffed angrily, "He's left me no choice again!" His face contorted to show all the annoyance of the Potterless week that wasn't as restless or carefree as he thought it would be. "What am I to do? Now I must consult him! Convince him! He – Stupid Boy! He has made a fool of me"

Dumbledore's blue eyes twinkled as he observed him, "do you really think trying to convince him will work?"

He sighed, "I don't know what to do, Dumbledore."

Dumbledore just sat, his eyes twinkling in a way that pissed him right off.

"I can't talk to him about his… feelings," Snape spat in distaste.

"Well you can't have him lighting things on fire for your attention, Severus," countered Dumbledore.

"Well what am I meant to say, Dumbledore?" he asked in exasperation. Dumbledore appeared thoughtful.

"I doubt he would listen to a word I said," he added hopelessly, "Potter is –"

"In love with you," suggested Dumbledore.

The dark potions classroom awaited Harry. The door was open and the shimmering, dancing light from the pensieve drew Harry inside despite his anxiety. Snape was lifting his wand to his temple and extracting his most secret memories, as usual. He sneered as potter came in, "Have a nice – holiday?" Snape asked in a mock pleasant voice.

"Did you miss me?" he asked, smiling antagonistically. Snape ignored his jibe except from a particularly unpleasant sneer.

"I've been practicing," he said, trying to ready himself for Occlumency.

"That'd be a first," Snape muttered darkly. "Why this sudden interest? You've never shown an ounce of interest or talent in becoming an occlumens before?" he asked, his eyes glittering.

"Exactly," said Harry, "That was precisely what I was thinking. I need more incentive to practice, sir," he baited.

"Go on," urged Snape dangerously, "I doubt you will be able to contain your ideas, having so few of them."

Harry ignored that, "I propose that we have a more equal playing field. I propose a battle of the mind, wit and power. I keep no memories from you, you keep none from me. If I scrape together power enough to break through your defenses I get to see your memories. All of them. No pensieve"

Snape stared. The flickers of emotion we hard for Harry to detect, there were only flickers darting across them like a torch light on an inky pool. The truth was that Snape wasn't sure whether to accept or reject. He was surprised at Potter's proposal, but suspicious, yet intrigued. He inwardly shuddered at the thought of revealing his most private memories to Potter but he needed incentive to practice. It was important. If Potter practiced it could mean the difference between life and death, it could save him from the Dark Lord.

"Very well," Snape said, although he got the impression that he didn't want to. Snape's eyes surveyed him, searching hungrily, "If I am putting my most private memories on the line, I would like to know why?"

He smiled darkly, "You know why," he answered taking a step forward. He brushed Snape's desk lightly with his fingers as he past it. He held Snape's dark eyes. They were wide and dark against his pale face. Harry wasn't sure how Snape would take this, he could stop him any moment. His only hope was to hold Snape's eyes and hope that he was too taken aback to notice what he was trying to do. He held Snape's eyes as he circled behind him, praying that Snape would let him and that he would simply pivot and follow him. Snape did not turn his body, luckily, but his shoulders stiffened as Harry crossed behind him, without his eyes there to follow him. "I want to see your memories…" Harry continued attempting a dreamy voice and smoothing a crease in the back of Snape's cloak. He could not believe the Potions Mater didn't just turn and hex him; he had just had his hand on his lower back! "… your dreams…" he continued, moving round to Snape's front. His eyes met his and they were dark with frustration and confusion. He darted behind his back and couldn't help but brush a stray hair behind Snape's ear. He flinched but kept still whilst Harry continued "I want..." He came around to Severus' front again, brushing has fingers against his palm, "…you."

Severus looked stricken, he had had enough, and he took a step back unable to stand his proximity. His lip quivered. It was the first time that Severus had appeared beyond speech. He just stared, his eyes oddly defensive. "You don't want me, Harry Potter," Snape told him, his eyes turning hard and sharp like obsidian. "You're young. You want flowers and compliments and caresses," he spat loathingly. "I will not be able to give you those... If you give yourself to me I will not be able to control myself."

Harry wanted to appear adult and like he knew exactly what Severus was on about but he traitorously portrayed the slightest quiver of confusion and Severus' keen eyes picked up on it. "I will… take you. Harshly," Snape told him, dangerously quiet.