Hey! It's me after nearly 2 years from when I first posted this story (my first and only fanfic). Every time you favourite story/favourite author/review me or my story, the site sends me an email notifying me (a lot of the times, it sends me like 3 emails from the same person doing all three!). It's been really amazing how, even now, people still favourite and review Toradora: After Story to show their support.

Thank you all so much!

Now, I'm not sure at all if this "chapter update" would send those who have favourite'd this story a notification, but I would like your opinions. I have been toying with the idea of taking Toradora: After Story and rewriting the whole thing as a kind of extended version. I know how a lot of you wanted it to be a longer story. So I was thinking that this revamped version would probably have the same overall storyline and theme, just extended so it doesn't feel as rushed as the original would be.

What do you think?

Would you like me to do this (more like a nostalgic extended-read of a story you read a few years ago)? Or should I just leave the original story alone?

Please review this "chapter" so I know what you all think.

(P.S. If I don't really get a lot of comments from people within the next.. few days/week or so I'd just assume this "chapter update" hasn't given you all a notification. Then I'll see how I feel; I might just end up doing it anyway. Haha)

Thanks for reading!