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Chapter 1: Those Who Forgot

Sakura was glad when Hiashi Hyuuga gave permission for Hinata and Neji to teacher her, the Hyuuga clan's most powerful techniques….


"Well, alright I will allow you two to teach Sakura. After that incident you became like another daughter to me anyway" Hiashi sated looking at the three teenagers sitting before him.

Huge smiles spread across the two female's faces while a smaller one was on the face of the male

The three then stood heading towards the sliding door, Neji was the first to leave followed by Hinata, however, just before Sakura left she stopped turning to face the Hyuuga clan head

"Thank you, Hiashi-sama" Sakura said bowing, then leaving

"I wonder if Hokage-sama knows about the foul seal on Sakura's chakra..." Hiashi muttered to himself before continuing the paperwork on his desk.

End flashback

That was over a month ago, and Sakura was as Hinata and Neji put it 'Extremely talented' when it came learning the Gentle Fist techniques, because Sakura is a medic-nin she already knew about chakra pathways (well more than most) so she was finding that she was in fact quite good at hitting the chakra points

Hinata and Neji took turns with Sakura's training usually alternating weekly, unless a mission came up this week however was Hinata's turn, the two konoichi were currently at the training field engorged in an Gentle Fist taijutsu match. The only words that past between the two where little pointers given by Hinata every now and then, they had been uninterrupted for two hours now however…

"Sakura-chan, Hinata-chan!!" Naruto yelled from the other side of the training field running towards the two konoichi

"What is it Naruto? Can't you see that we're training?" Sakura replied a bit peeved, both her and Hinata getting out of their fighting stances

"Teme's back!!!!"

"S-sasuke-san i-is b-back?" Hinata stuttered (she always did when Naruto was around) then looked at Sakura, knowing what her reaction would be


"Aren't you glad I'm back Sakura?" came the ever smug voice of Sasuke Uchiha

Sakura turned her head to look monotonously at him; he was wearing the same outfit that he was when her, Naruto, Sai and Yamato saw him at Orochimaru's hideout shortly after the Teiuchi bridge/4 tailed Naruto incident, also he wasn't alone;

to Saskue's left, was a sky-blue-ish/white haired guy with dark violet eyes, he wore black pants, a violet-ish top and black nin shoes,

to his right; a red haired, red eyed female who wore short-shorts, a purple/pink top, black boots that went up to her thighs and to top her outfit off were glasses adorning her face,

And standing behind him was an orange haired, orange eyed guy who simply wore light blue pants, a white shirt and black nin sandals.

If Sakura remembered the reports correctly they were; Suigetsu, Karin and Juugo.

Karin snorted "This pink haired little girl was on your team? It's no wonder you left"

"You shouldn't underestimate someone by the color of their hair" Juugo stated giving Sakura a once over 'If they can't sense what I can then they're morons' He thought

'Cha! At least the big guy is smart as for that red haired bit-'

'oh be quiet' Sakura thought cutting off her inners rant

Sasuke being the smug ass that he was merely snorted at Juugo's statement and was about to say something when Sakura cut him off

"Hina-chan don't we have to be at the main house now?"

"Y-yes, we do"

a couple of days after Hiashi granted his permission he told them he'd like to assess what Sakura had learned at least once a month, the girls had chosen today to go see him

"Good, see you later Naruto-kun, Juugo-san" Sakura said walking past giving the two boys small nods

"S-see you N-naruto-kun" Hinata stuttered catching up to Sakura both were out of sight in a matter of moments.

"See what you did teme?"


Sasuke then looked around the training field, from what he had heard Sakura was a destructive force when fighting however, the field looked un-touched then he noticed a tree at the far end of the field had something carved into it, slowly walking over he was expecting to see something like 'Sasuke + Sakura 4 eva' or 'I *heart* Sasuke' except he saw three words that confused him…

'Those Who Forgot'

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