Alright this story actually was created a few years ago and was posted on Tokyo pop. But because my computer decided it did not like copy and paste (the only way to put stories on) I could not update. Sadly the story died…. BUT NOW IT'S BACK!!!

If you have never heard of this game, I don't blame ya. Please read this anyway. I don't even go by the real story line and try to explain the story line.

Yo- Is kind of a kid. He hates being called that. (not much about him. probably because I haven't got to his ending) (has light green hair)

Jin- He dreams to become a genuine samurai. a Hot-headed. He's not good at talking with women. (The Red head)

Bo- He's interest in the paranormal. and in a way looks like a woman. (he's the purple haired guy)

Ittosai- He's a madman who finds beauty in slaughter. The only reason he's helping you is because of the slaughter. yeah... he's a sociopath.... ( blonde madman)

Mon-Mon- There are two words I can describe him. Pervert monk. (Wow we never heard of that one before) (Has white hair)

Muneshige- he is Hatsuhime's loyal servant and the strongest swordsman in the Mochizuki clan (that's Hatsuhime's clan) He tells really bad jokes.... (the one that looks older than the rest)

Here is a link to see pictures of these characters (and my OC) and more better description of them. They are all one the first page.:


STORY LINE OF THE GAME: The games story line was a girl from the present, Sayori ( believe her name is) finds a pendant in the rubble her class is exploring. She brings it home and cleans it up. When going to bed the pendant starts to glow and an image of a girl who looks almost like her, appears from it. It is princess Hatsuhime. Soon Sayori is shown what happen to her. How in a festival she found this pendant, met Yo, Jin, and Bo. The next day she is going riding with her body guard, Muneshige when they meet the chief inspector, Harumoto. Even though he is like drenched with "I'm a bad guy", Hatsuhime and her bodyguard go to his house. While staying the night, Harumto sends out people to kill Hatsuhime. Muneshige sense them and kills them off. He carries the princess to find a safe place to hid. They find a hole and Muneshige tells her to go in as he fends them off. She goes in to only find at the end Harumoto and his men. She is quickly killed leaving Sayori to find her in Hatsuhime body, right when the men come and attack. She soon realize she was brought back to help save the princess from being killed. She meets her other bodyguards on the journey back home. In the game you fall for one of them and you can either get three endings. Happy, Sad, or dead. The dead ending is you die. The happy ending is one you and your bodyguard get to live happily ever after. The Sad ending is when you come back home to find you can never be with the one you love. (which are the endings I kept getting. I also did not know the endings were the sad ones. So yeah… it got me mad to find that, THAT was the ending to the stories… but was happy to find I got the sad ending and found how to get the happy one J.

My story will change a few things but have the same characters (including a few of my own)

Warning: this story included perverts, sort of nudity, humor, some blood, guys getting kicked in the balls, and other stuff I can't think of right now.. oh yeah.. and big boobs.