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a Happy End

"You're not going to get away with this!"

"yeah, yeah" the woman now had a laptop on her lap, sitting on the edge of his desk, giving a big yawn. "now stop yelling, I'm starting to get a headache."

"I will yell as much as I want!" he trashed in his seat, "You can-"

"-not silence me. I will not just sit idly by as you kill my friend. Though these ropes bound me, I will stop you and make sure you will you will pay for what you have done!. You are the reason all these horrible things that have happened I will not allow you to mess with our lives, anymore." she said all in one breath.


"Lets just say I've seen this all before."


"'What did you do to Elle'." she said bored, "Seriously you're really predictable."

"..A-answer my question!"

She sighed, "I just promised to help out."


"To make her human. To get her to run, eat, sleep, get sick, die, all that funs. And Yes, I can do that. And my name is Sally, no need for me to say anything more than that, so shut up and watch the show…. AGAIN."

"what do you mean by-"

"I said shut it!"

The whole building shook. The couple held onto one another for dear life. The building began to be engulfed in fames.

"That bastard set explosives!" Jin yelled.

"We got to get out before the whole place burst into flames, including us!" May yelled

"But how?" Sayori clung to Jin.

"Well we can't stay here." Explained May. "We got to jump."

"JUMP!" Jin yelled, "you're crazy!"

"I don't see how you are figuring out anything-"

Another explosion came, Jin and Sayori held onto each other and the roof, but May lost her footing and slide down the roof.

"MAY!" Ittosai yelled as he rushed to get her.

But it was too late, she was already slide off the side of it. That didn't stop him from going after her.

"Ittosai!" Jin yelled as he saw the blonde jump over, with out a second thought.

Sayori stared at where her friends disappeared, trying hard to hold back the tears.

"Jin, what do we to do?" Sayori asked, her eyes flickering as the flames grew larger.

"I-I" He looked over and gulped, "I guess we fallow."

"oh- Wait what! JIN!" She let out a scream as he grabbed her and they both fell down the building as well.

May felt as everything was going in slow motion. She saw as the roof was growing father and father away. May then noted as darkness began to slowly cover the sky. She saw the sky began pixilated. She wondered if there was another glitch in the system- wait. This seemed kind of like Déjà vu. But why was that? Wait, why was she worrying about that, she was falling! If she didn't do something soon, she was going to die!

She then saw blonde hair coming into view. Tears formed as she reached her hand for him. The thought of death, the feeling of this happening before and the glitch left her mind as she only thought of him. As long as she was in his arms, everything was going to be ok.

"ITTOSAI!" She reached out to him.

"MAY!" His arms reached out to grab her.

May clung to his body. She never thought she would ever feel so safe in a psychopath's arms. Especially his. He held her tightly in his arm as he took his sword and plunged it to the wall. He let out a howl as his shoulder was about to pop out of his socket.

"Just hang on you idiot!"

"Like I would let go!" She yelled back, burrowing her face to his chest.

Still bickering when close to death, he thought, amused.

Jin and Sayori were falling as well. Jin held her closely to his body, pressing his lips against hers. If they were going to die, at least she would be in his arms. Sayori held on to him tightly as well. She wanted his smell and his touch to linger in her mind forever. She hoped the whole sensation she felt would lesion the pain of impact. She cried, allowing the tears to fly up and hit Jin's face. They both opened their eyes, staring at each other. Sayori was the one that broke the kiss when her pendant began to glow.

"What's going on?" She muttered.

Both Sayori and Jin began to glow.

"I'm-no, we're going."

"Going where?" Jin asked.

She laughed, "I don't know how I'll explain to this to my parents."

"What do you mean?" the glow got brighter.

She smiled. "you'll see." She pecked him on the cheek, "Now, let's go home."

In a spec of light, they vanished.

Ittosai's right arm was throbbing, but he didn't care right now. He needed to save May. May could feel his wounds open up, seeping out of his clothes and onto hers.

"AH!" He yelled from the pain, "I have no god to pray, but…" he held on to the hilt of his sword tightly, watching the ground come closer and closer, "God! Don't take her away from me!"

May looked at him, confused. Didn't he hate her? Why was he saying that? Did he in fact…. No way. NO WAY!

"Don't you dare meddle with the fate of my woman!" He screamed, "You keep your hands off her!"

"…Your woman?" May's eyes widen, "Ittosai-"

He finally looked down at her. "Urgh…. I swear, I'll save you."

"Ittosai…"She laughed, "oh my god We're such idiots."

"wha-" He was stopped by a pair of lips.

"I love you, you psychopathic bastard."

He stared down at her dumbfounded. But slowly a smile came upon his face. "Ugh.. Ah.. And I love you, you bitchy servant girl."

They kissed again.

"Yeah, about that…" she chucked.

"ugh.." His arm was starting to really hurt, "About what?"

"Nothing." She wrapped around his neck, "nothing you should be concern about."

"How the hell did I fall for you.?"

"I think you jumped more than fell." explained May.

"…I didn't mean how I got in this situation!"

The laugh that made his chest flutter pasted her lips, "I know. I just like teasing you."

"You know, we're falling down to our death."

"Well…. At least we will go out with a smile on our faces."

He gave out a laugh, "Yes, but we're not going to die." He kissed her cheek, "we are going to live." he kissed her forehead. "I won't let us. Not like this."

Neither of them noticed everything else was gone. The buildings, people, animals, sky, ground, was all gone. The only thing that was important was each other.

"Alright, Ittosai." she was strangely feeling sleepy. "We will live. Together."

He gave a yawn, "Yes. Together."


May cracked her eyes open. She was in her room. She never thought she would see it again. Outside was raining lightly. Her eyes widen as she sat up fast. Her mind raced as she began to panicked. Where were the the others? Was it all just a dream? She then noticed something grasping her hand. She looked over to see blonde hair resting on her bed. Ittosai some how fell asleep kneeling down next to her. Her heart slow down and her muscles relaxed. She began to pet his hair, playing with it between his fingers. She scooted over to see his face, and laugh to see that he still had his glasses on, one end higher than the other. She tried taking them off, but was grabbed by his other hand.

"Eh…" he said, still half asleep, "w-what are you doing, there?"

"I'm trying to help you not to break your glasses." she tried again, but he pulled her hands away.

"No…." he yawned, "just because you finally woke up from a two day, doesn't mean I'll let you take them off."

"I've been out for two days?"

"Yeah." he got up and sat up on the bed next to her. "We awoke right when we got here, except for you. After the first day we got worried."

"Wait, 'we'?" Her eyes lit up, "does that mean-?"

"Miss! You're AWAKE!" She heard feet running from her door and felt being tackled into a hug by none other than Yo, "I mean. It's good to see you're finally awake."

"You just can't help but do the cute act on me, can you?" She ruffled his hair.

"Hey, get lost." he growled Ittosai.

"You need to learn to share!" Yo pouted. "Why did you even hook up with this guy anyway?"

"You little-"

"Ah Miss May, you're awake!" Mon-mon came in and so did everybody else. Even Hatsuhime! Not just Sayori, but the actual princess!

"Oh, I'm so glad you're ok!" Sayoir rushed to her friend.

"Nothing can kill me." May joked.

"Oh, really?" Ittosai smiled, "If I'm correct, you accepted that you were going to die."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"It's good to see you two haven't stopped pestering one another." Bo smiled, "May, Your aunt informed us all about what happen. I can see why you hid the truth from us."

"What I don't understand is how you guys got here." May looked all of her friends, "I mean, I'm happy you guys are all here, but how is this possible."

"You're friend, Miles, said a strange woman came and did it all." Bo explained, "Sadly that woman disappeared when we got her... and I was hoping to talk to her."

"Where is Miles?" She asked.

"Who cares." Ittosai muttered, "and besides I think this room is a bit crowed in here! This room isn't big enough for all of you."

"what, want some alone time with May?" Jin smiled.

"Unlike you, I don't try to get every change to make out." Both Sayori and Jin blushed.

"Oh, don't be such a sour puss, Blondie!" Hatsuhime stuck out her tongue, "We know you're just a big softie and just want to snuggle up next to her."

"Oh really." He took his sword out, "I would like you to say that again."

"I-" Her mouth was closed by Muneshige. She blushed.

"Lets give them some space." He smiled as he and the others left as well.

"Let me guess." May smiled. "They are also together."

"yeah." he sighed, collapsing onto the bed, "And I thought the other 'princess' was annoying."

"I'm just happy we are all here." May said brightly.


"What do you mean by that?"

"Lets just say, not only us came back."

"… What do you mean?" She thought amount before it dawned on her, "No… you don't mean…"


"They're here too!" She yelled, "Harumoto, his brother, and Kasum… kasu…. Whatever his name is!"

"Yeah," he snarled, "Your aunt has them locked up, but still alive."

"Great." She slumped in her bed.

"Don't worry." He pressed his body close to hers, "I won't let him go near you. If he dares to even look at you, I'll rip out his eyes and gut him like a fish."

"That's sweet, creepy, but sweet." She fell silent, "Um, Ittosai."


"did you really mean that?" She looked down at her hands.

"Mean what?"

"That you…. Love me."

The room fell silent. May heart fell and she began to move away from him but Ittosai stopped her. He took her chin in his big hands.

"I don't lie about things like that." He kissed her. "You're the only girl I've ever felt this way about. Though, I understand if you don't feel exactly the same way... I'm not very good choice-"

"Like you, I don't lie either." She kissed his cheek. "…where is Miles, anyway?"

He groaned, "why do you care about him?"

"Because he is my friend." She explained, "I would have thought he would be the first to see if I was awake… Why are you so against him?"

"I just don't' like him." and that was as far as he would go. "anyway, I think he is busy morning his sister."

May's face fell, "What happened to Elle?"

"Well, she's not dead. It seems that woman that appeared had the power to give the girl her own body."

"Really? That's great!"

"yeah, but…"

"But what?"

"No one knows where she is." he explained, "she might have left with the woman."

"Well, at least she's ok." May smiled, "So… does that mean were boyfriend and girlfriend?"

"….boyfriend and girlfriend?" He looked confused.

"Oh, I mean…." She thought of a right word, "I guess 'Lover' would be the right word."

Ittosai seemed to choke on his own spite. May laughed.

"What? 'Lover' too strong of a word?"

"N-no." He coughed, "That is the right word. If you really want to be-"

"Ok, enough of that!" She flicked his nose, "I prefer the jerk than this self loathing guy."

"Oh really?" He smirked before tackling her, "Than do you want me to punish you?"

May turned bright pink and laughed, "Matters on if you want my aunt to skin you?"

He quickly got off her.

"So," She curled up next to him." are you going to let me see what you look like without your glasses?"

He looked down at her,"You still want to see?"

"Yes." She smiled.

"Well to bad."

"You're mean!" May pouted, and crossed her arms.

"And your point is?"He let out a surprised grunt when May pounced, "Hey, get off of me!"

She grinned widly, "Let me see!"

"No!" He tried to crawled out from under her.

"Yes!" she tried to grab them off his face.

"No!" He held both of her wrist high above her head, "Ha! What are you going to do now?"

May smiled and kissed him. Ittosai rolled her eyes, was this the best she could do? Until he felt tongue. His body did not know how to react to this new sensation. May took this time to grab them.

"Ah, Ha!" She giggled madly, holding them up in triumph.

"Hey!" He tried to snap out of his daze, "Give them back!"

"Never!" She jumped off the bed and ran out the door.

"May!" he fumbled off the bed and ran after her.

May laughed, running down the hall. She gave out a squeal when she felt two strong arms wrap around her waist, picked her up.

"Give me those." He snatched them away and placed them back on his face, "you happy now?"

"Yes." She smiled.

He shook his head and laugh. Then he took the chance to kiss her and give her a taste of her own medicine.

"Ittosai!" She squeaked.

"Want some more?" He smirked.

"More of what?" came a voice from behind.

They both turned to see May's Aunt, glaring down at Ittosai. Ittosai paled.

"Please." She walked slowly up to him, "Enlighten me what you plane to do with my little niece?"

Ittosai gulped and May let out a nervous laugh. They both had a lot of explaining to do.

And everyone lived happily ever after. Except maybe the bad guys. and Miles.

"And… DONE!" Sally said proudly. "Wow… I can't believe it… I actually finished something!"

"Good for you." Elle stood next to her, now in her new human form, "What am I going to do now?"

"Whatever you like." Sally stretched, "I got homework to do and get that new story ready to post."

"And what's it going to be?"

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"That's good to know."

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