Dark Erogenous

So, this is Tanagura. It's so enormous! Midas seems so small in comparison. I guess that's what they mean by "there's always something higher up." Then what are we Mongrels, who live by wasting our time day after day in the slums, unable to even lick Midas's boots? No better than the steam coming off of Eos Palace Tower's trash heap! But still... having crawled out of the slums... aren't I like a clown?

"That bastard!" Riki slammed his fists on the wall for what seemed the thousandth time. His fists were wrecked and bruised but his anger covered the throbbing pain, the situation that repeated itself over and over in his head fuelling his anger. "How long does he intend to keep me locked up here?"

He kicked at the air one more time, getting more frustrated by the minute. "Why won't anyone come? Shit!"

Iason Mink allowed a small smile to creep onto his face as he watched the mongrel struggle to keep his temper under control, too angry to notice the camera that was capturing his every move. Iason lifted his wine glass up to his lips and took a sip, his eyes never leaving the barking mongrel.

"So…" Iason's soft voice barely left his lips. "Even the slumdog who knows no fear has run out of patience."

It was a perverse pleasure of Lord Mink's, to watch the mongrel spit and fight, his usual forced composure getting ripped to shreds by his own hands. Iason was thrilled, and even more so that he knew he'd be seeing a lot more of this in the time to come.

"Pure dark hair... Black eyes which have never accepted praise… The pleasing sway of his body…" Iason gently tapped his keyboard to zoom the camera towards Riki, capturing his feral elegance perfectly. "Riki the Dark, is it? Seems like he won't be boring me anytime soon."

Iason's concentration was disturbed by the quiet beeping of his receiver. With his eyes still fixed on the mongrel, he tapped the button of his receiver, allowing Raoul Am's voice to flood Iason's empty apartment.

"Hey Iason," Raoul snapped, obviously not about to bring any good news. "Are you serious?"

"About what, Raoul?" Another smile was brought to Iason's lips as he faked innocence.

"I'm asking," Raoul sighed, obviously irritated, "if you seriously intend to buy that piece of foul trash. An Elite's Pet is supposed to be an accessory. Buy one from the Academy's top class." Iason took another sip of his wine as he shifted his upper body weight to lean on his elbow, already bored from Raoul's lecture. "As a Blondie, it's obviously your duty."

"It's just my taste in Pets," Iason shrugged out of habit, although he had arranged for his receiver not to show any video at the moment. "Don't you think I'm allowed to look for more than a casual sexual obsession? More importantly, I've lost interest in brainless Pets that walk about with only their pride on display. Besides," Iason shifted away from the receiver to concentrate once more on Riki, who was still trying to figure out a way to get out of his cell. "Don't you think it's more fun to try to buy an odd hair-colour that you couldn't even get at the Academy?"

With Iason's point well made, Raoul still continued to rant on at him. "Even so, that doesn't mean you have to choose to take the lowest piece of trash you can get your hands on. It'll only cause trouble."

"Don't you think it's more interesting because he's in his prime with no Control or Imprinting? Rude... Vulgar... Foul... More importantly, a pure male feral who's never known praise or softness. Surely they're selling him because he can't be thought to have any education?"

"If you take a pet like that," Raoul warned, "you'll be the laughing stock of Eos. The name of Iason Mink will weep."

"'I'm looking forward to the show'… Isn't that what I should be saying?"

Raoul paused; obviously frustrated that Iason wasn't going to take heed of his warning. "So that means you won't listen. Very well; if you say so, I'll just have the honour of watching over you."

Iason nodded, hardly interested in the conversation anymore. Riki seemed to have given up trying to break the cell walls down. He leant against the wall, sweat falling from his perfect body onto the dirty, cold cell floor.

"But Iason." Iason's head snapped from Riki to his receiver, which he had almost forgotten about. "What will you do if he ends up not being usable as a Pet?"

"That's true," Iason mused to himself, swinging the wine around in his crystal glass. "If that happens, I'll play with his head a little, turn him into a sex doll who'll listen to orders and give him to those short-tempered hard heads. Even if he can't be a Pet for Iason Mink, he can at least be that useful, don't you think?"