Once upon a nightmare, a young courageous Vampire made a choice, a choice that would determine not only his own destiny but that of those around him as well.

Three people in one room, the manipulator, the betrayer and the chosen one. All of which binded by the blood and heritage of the Dracula legacy. The lightning hit against the ruins of the castle that lay above the town of Stokely.

The manipulator stood trapped by a simple ray of light, the betrayer stood tall and sat on the throne whilst the chosen one lay upon the cold stone floor uncertain of what would become next.

The betrayer wanted sweet red revenge in the name of the person she held dear to her, William Clarke. For as soon as he was made a glory walker of the night he had become mere dust in a fight between the enemies of the sun.

The Manipulator wanted free from his restraints to help his only son and heir who had fallen. The very son and heir who could not confide in him, about being the chosen one, the day he fell victim to insomnia.

And the chosen one who's life was spent attempting to be normal and walk among those who relished in the sunlight. He did not foresee that his destiny was much more important than becoming Vampire.

The choice however was quire simple yet would destroy everything.

The betrayer would find herself sentenced to eternity in the realms of Vampire hell by the hand of the council while the manipulator would be left alone after waiting 600 year to finally have a son and heir which would now be snatched from his grasp.

The chosen one's destiny had just begun for he was now infected with the evilness that filled his very core. He now stood high above the night walkers in Transylvania, taking lead and taking innocent lives including the life of Robin Branagh. The one he tried to protect from himself but failed and gave into temptation.

But deep in the heart of the castle above Stokely where the lonely father resided, stood the blood mirror unique to the Dracula line. And in the mirror stood Vladimir Dracula.

The boy now trapped from the choice he took, now faced torment and torture as he on looked the life he had to leave behind.