"Seeking Favor"

by Laurel Astrea

Disclaimer: If I've said a thousand times, would I never have to say it again? I don't own Ash Redfern, Mary-lynnette Carter or any of the other Night world Characters, they all belong to L.J. Smith. The only things belonging to me are Laurel Astrea, Sindel Walker and a few other characters that I made up for this story. Rated PG

Summery: It's almost Valentines day, but Ash has to keep his promise not to visit Mare, but that doesn't mean he can't call in a few favors…^-*

Authors notes: I was working on revising chapter 2 of Summer, when I gave up and started writing this cute little story, It has plenty of Ash and Mare stuff, so…. You'll forgive me IcySparks23 right? I hope this doesn't end up too predictable. Ash Redfern fanfic archive can be found at http://geocites.com/LamiaAshRedfern/ under "Pink Haze" k. onward.


Ash lounged on an overstuffed loveseat in Thierry's large living room. Staring at the ceiling. His mind wandered to a certain hick town in Oregon. He crossed his ankles and put his arms behind his head. Valentine's day was fast approaching, time for all good soulmates to… UCK. He didn't want to be around here then. His cousin James and that girl Poppy were nausinating enough without anyone else reminding him that Mare was out of reach. He wasn't allowed to visit, he knew that, but he still felt he should get her a gift or something, just in case, his irrational mind told him she had forgotten about him. Could she? He could think of little else. An Amazing feat for sure, Ash Redfern concerned about only ONE girl. He should get a prize or something. Esp. For a girl who didn't even have a nice car- well now she didn't even have A car.

She might have come with him IF her car hadn't exploded, she had been so nearly his.

IF he had been able to protect her then, instead of the other way around. IF he had had nothing to make up for. Ifs were useless at this point. He couldn't change the past, he could only try and make up for it.

An ice cold finger poked him in the shoulder.

"HEY! What are you doing moping around? We have our assignment in Seattle to get ready for." Laurel Astrea a Circle daybreak witch demanded impatiently.

He slowly brought his eyes back to her eye level.

" That's weeks from now, so unless you've suddenly become one of those girls who takes weeks to pack." Ash argued his eyes remaining a lazy grey blue. Laurel frowned, disliking what she saw as laziness. This girl was a family friend coming from a respectable witch family but. She seemed to LIKE to annoy him, she was almost his complete polar opposite. She was an uptight overachiever most of the time. She was the kind of person that if a paper was due in June she would panic if it wasn't done by Febuary. While he would wait until the night before and still feel fine with it. However together they made a dangerous team, which was why she was his partner on this assignment.

"Do you have to waste time like that though?"

he sighed "Is this why you came in here for? To lecture me on my leisure habits?"

"No," Laurel seemed to consider the matter, reminding him of Rowan with her nagging ways. " Originally I wanted to know how to get to Briar Creek."

My eyes grew wide, shifting to a purple.

"…Oregon you know? Where your sisters live? I wanted to visit them on my way to Portland."

He remembered now, she had to leave early, to go to Portland to get some truth serum to get information out of the midnight witch in Seattle.

Her Silver blue eyes seemed to light up in recognition.

"Hey- that's where your, I mean Miss Carter lives right?"

He thought he knew what she was thinking, and tried to hide the slightly pained look that unbidden crossed his features.

"I can't visit her yet." He knew that if he got anywhere near Briar Creek, it would drive him crazy, he would have to see her- and break his promise. Laurel frowned at him.

Suddenly an idea, a plan blossomed in his mind, his eyes becoming green and his famous charming smile appeared. She backed up a little knowing what THAT face meant.

"Laurel? I have to ask you a favor…"

End chapter 1

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