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Chapter 1 – A Dark New Peril, Elemental Heroes vs. Infinity Soldier

In the darkness of the Sky Temple, the sound of a heartbeat broke the silence that had plagued it since the fall of Rex Godwin. Footsteps of a single person echoed out as they walked down the hallways of the old stone structure, stopping at the throne room at the centre of the pyramid-like temple.

With a snap of their fingers, a glowing green infinity symbol began to glow on the ceiling of the room, revealing the person as slightly above-average height and slim build, wearing white robes and with a metal patch bearing the infinity symbol over their right eye.

"The time draws near," he said to himself as two other cloaked figures, a small woman with a patch over her left eye and a large older man with a long beard and a patch covering his mouth entered the room. "The power will arrive hear soon," he announced, turning to the people behind him.

"And then this world will know true power, true greatness," the woman declared, flipping her hair to one side.

"True rule," the large man finally added.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" The MC yelled overtop of a cheering crowd, while Judai and Sorano Daigo stood in the Dueling Ring in the middle of a match. Judai had just drawn a card, but he had no other cards on the field or in his hand other than his set Limit Rebirth, and there were 12 cards left in his Deck due to Sorano's Dragon Mill Deck.

On Sorano's field was Death Vorstgarph equipped with Black Pendant (ATK: 2700, LV: 6), a dark blue dragon with red armour and ragged wings with a purple necklace on, as well as Paralyze Chain. He held 2 cards in hand and had 2 set cards.

Judai: LP 1600

Sorano: LP 3400

"Yuki Judai has managed to get himself to this Finals Match tonight, and so far he's struggled with Sorano's new Deck. Can he possibly come back and win?"

"We'll see if he can," Jack said solemnly from the stands, sitting with his arms crossed underneath a skybox. Sitting beside him to his left were Lua and Luca, and on his right Yusei sat with Aki leaning her head onto Yusei's right shoulder. "So far I doubt it."

"If there's one thing I know about Yuki Judai," Yusei informed, "it's that he never backs down. He'll still win."

Down on the field, Judai stood there, staring solemnly at Sorano, his right arm extended fully back so he could not see his card. After a few seconds Sorano issued, "Well? Are you gonna make a move or not?"

Closing his eyes, Judai smiled and said, "Be careful what you wish for." Without even opening his eyes yet, he slung his right arm overtop of his Duel Disc's tray and placed the card into a Magic & Trap Card Slot, making the card (revealed as a Magic Card) glow as Judai's Cemetery lit up.

"What?!" Sorano yelled in dismay as the crowd began to ponder what had just transpired.

"Judai has drawn Miracle Fusion, a key card for his Deck!" The MC yelled out, trying to be exciting but unable to truly hide the awe in his voice. "It's moves like that which have made Judai the star Duelist he is!"

Straightening up and opening his eyes, Judai explained, "By Excluding the Elemental Hero Flame Wingman destroyed earlier, as well as my Elemental Hero Sparkman I used as Fusion Material earlier, I Fusion Summon Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman!" From the Cemetery slot the two cards slid out as the gold and blue warrior and the red and green one-winged dragonic warrior appeared behind him, spiraling together to form a silver-armoured glowing warrior with bladed wings.

"That makes little difference," Sorano insisted. "Because a Normal Magic was activated, Death Vorstgarph gains 200 ATK (ATK: 2900)!"

"Increasing ATK isn't as useful as you think in this case," Judai noted as 7 cards slid out of his Cemetery. "Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman gains 300 ATK for every Elemental Hero monster in my Cemetery." Holding up the cards E-HEROs Featherman, Burst Lady, Tempester, Bubbleman, Clayman, Neos and Necro Darkman, he then slid them back into the Cemetery as his monster's power grew (ATK: 4600, LV: 8).

"And when Shining Flare Wingman destroys the opposing monster by battle and sends it to the Cemetery," the MC added as Judai returned his monsters to the Cemetery, "the opponent receives damage for its ATK!"

"And with only 3400 Life Points…" Lua realized, Luca at the same time noting the same thing.

"…this game ends in Judai's victory."

"Shining Flare Wingman, attack Death Vorstgarph!" Jumping up into the air, the warrior extended its blades wings as it shot at Sorano's monster, but Sorano beat him to the punch.

"Trap Card: Assault on Headquarters!" The dragon in front of Sorano roared out before disappearing, and then a beam of energy shot straight through Judai's Duel Disc. "Death Vorstgarph his destroyed, and your top 2 cards are sent from the Deck to the Cemetery!" Pulling the two cards, revealed as Yubel and Friendog, Judai placed them in the Cemetery.

"And next, from Paralyze Chain and Black Pendants' effects, you take 800 damage." Judai was thus shocked from his Duel Disc, and shifted it a bit before recovering.

"Then I direct attack!" Judai declared, pointing at Sorano as his monster formed an orb of green energy in its hands to fire at him. But once again, it was intercepted.

"Trap Card Open: Drain Shield!" The orb that was fired from the warrior fizzled out right before hitting him, and then an aura of energy formed around him. He smirked as Judai scowled and his Life Points rose.

Judai: LP 800

Sorano: LP 8000

"I end my turn," Judai declared, acting calm while trying to cover up his own frustrations.

"Draw," Sorano declared, pulling a band new card. Smiling confidently, he spun it around and further declared, "You're not the only one who can pull a Fusion Summon from the Cemetery."

"Interesting!" The MC yelled out as Sorano violently thrust into a Magic & Trap Card Slot, Judai and the audience watching in awe as a blast of light erupted from the ground behind Sorano.

"From my Cemetery I exclude 5 Dragon sub-type monsters to activate Dragon's Mirror, and with that I Fusion Summon F.G.D. (ATK: 5000, LV:12)!" From Sorano's Cemetery Slot slid Death Vorstgarph, Rare Metal Dragon, Vice Dragon, Material Dragon and Masked Dragon, and he held them up as the silhouette of a monster appeared in the column behind him.

Kicking up a wind storm, the light began to fade as the creature within came into view. A massive dragon with beige scales and large wings, equipped with 5 different heads that represented different alignments, growled out angrily once it was in full view. Judai covered his eyes from the wind by raising his left arm over his face, and then looked on in awe.

"I've defeated this monster before," Judai informed, "And I shall do so again!"

"Perhaps," Sorano sneered, "But not today. I equip F.G.D. with Burning of Darkness! When the equipped DARK-type monster inflicts Battle Damage, it discards 5 cards from the opponent's Deck for every 1000 ATK it has."

"What?" Judai asked in shock.

"This will leave Judai with only a few cards left in his Deck," the MC pointed out. "Is it too late for the former Champion of Ground Duels?"

"F.G.D., Attack Shining Flare Wingman!" Roaring, one by one the five heads of the creature formed various orbs of energy and fired streams from them at the silver warrior, making it explode and Judai grunt in frustration.

Judai: LP 400

Sorano: LP 8000

"Next," Sorano informed, "The effect of Burning of Darkness discards 5 cards from your Deck, and Paralyze Chain will thus destroy all but the last of your Life Points!" Snarling, Judai pulled 5 cards from his Deck (Hope of Fifth, E-HERO Prismer, E-HERO Edgeman, E-HERO Wildman, and Cross Porter) and placed them in the Cemetery, receiving yet another shock from his Duel Disc.

Judai: LP 100

Sorano: LP 8000

"Judai has no hand, no cards in play, 4 cards in his Deck and 100 Life Points left!" the MC yelled. "He must defeat Sorano's F.G.D and take out his 8000 Life Points before his Deck runs out!"

"I set 1 card and end my turn," Sorano said, once again jamming in the card. "What say you Judai?"

"I say…" Judai said, closing his eyes and bringing his hand to his Deck.

"It all comes down to this," Yubel stated in his mind. "I know you can do it, Judai."

"…It's my turn!" Judai declared, snapping his eyes open as he drew his card, swinging his arm far back. His irises had changed to Yubel's orange and green ones, and before he even saw his card he slapped it down. "Magic Activate: HERO's Legacy!"

"Hold up," Sorano issued. "How did you know what that card was?"

"My Deck and I are in tune with each other," Judai informed, a powerful wind kicking up around him, "along with the spirits that inhabit it, and those of my friends. And that is why I will always win!"

"You're bluffing," Sorano issued.

"WE'll see. By the effect of HERO's Legacy, when I have 2 or more E-HERO Fusion Monsters in my Cemetery and no cards in my hand, I draw 3 cards!" Snapping up the last of his Deck, Judai looked at them in confidence before playing one of the cards. "Magic Activate: Over Soul! Return: Neos (ATK: 2500, LV: 7)!"

As a purple 'O' extended out from the card, the card he had mentioned slid out from his Cemetery and he slapped it in a Monster Zone. Instantly the white humanoid warrior with black hands and feet and no face appeared in a battle-ready pose, and before Sorano could react Judai flipped up another card.

"Permanent Trap: Limit Rebirth! From my Cemetery I Special Summon 1 monster with 1000 or less ATK in Attack Position. Return: Yubel (ATK: 0, LV: 10)!" As a red light erupted from his Cemetery, he held up the card that slid out and the female demoness with sickly pink skin and three different eyes appeared, chuckling as she crossed her arms.

"Neither of these monsters will stand before me!" Sorano issued. "They're powerless!"

"I'm not done!" Judai issued, holding up both cards. "By sending both to the Cemetery, I Special Summon Neos Wiseman (ATK: 3000, LV: 10)!" Both the demoness and the white warrior nodded to each other before jumping into the air and striking each other. In a quick burst of light they both disappeared, being replaced by a black, white and sickly pink warrior with an eye-like helm and two wings on either side of its head.

"Battle!" Judai declared, raising his fist as the monster took off into the sky and causing the crowd and the MC to look on in confusion but intrigue.

"That monster is less powerful than my monster, but I know Judai's up to something," Sorano thought. "I'd better play it safe." Trap Card: Holy Barrier – Mirror Force! I destroy Neos Wiseman!"

"Sorry," Judai declared, "but Neos Wiseman cannot be destroyed by card effects. And there's more: When Neos Wiseman battles an opposing monster, I gain Life Points equal to that monster's DEF while the opponent takes damage equal to its ATK!"

"But that makes no sense anyway!" Sorano issued. "You'll receive deadly Battle Damage before you recover any Life Points!"

"Ah, but there's one card in my hand left to play," Judai declared, flipping it around and stunning everyone as he looked on confidently. "By discarding Honest from my hand, my LIGHT monster gains ATK equal to your monster's!"

"What?!" Sorano yelled.

"Yeah!" Aki yelled out happily as Jack and Yusei actually smiled lightly at the move; the crowd began to cheer wildly at that time. From Judai's card, an angelic figure dressed in ancient Greek clothes and with white, orange and red feathers on its wingtips, limbs and rear, appeared and dove up into the air, merging into the warrior's body while its power grew.

"Neos Wiseman, destroy F.G.D. (ATK: 8000)! Ultimate Nova!" Curling up into a ball, the warrior covered itself in light blue energy just before the dragon blasted it with 5 different energy streams. These had no effect, however, and the warrior quickly retaliated by blasting massive light blue lasers from its body that struck the dragon, making it explode.

"NO!" Sorano yelled out as he was struck by the lasers, causing him to topple over and start beating on the ground with his fist. At the same time, Judai was lit up by a blue aura that healed him beyond the start as Sorano's LP fell. The monster disappeared while the winds around Judai died down and his eyes return to normal.

Judai: LP 5100

Sorano: LP 0

"Gotcha! That was a fun Duel!" Judai said, winking as he motioned in his infamous victory pose.

"GOTCHA! THAT WAS A FUN DUEL!" the audience echoed as other people screamed or applauded, including Yusei and the group.

"WINNER: YUKI JUDAI!" the MC yelled, it being clear that he was impressed with the win.

No one noticed, however, a figure in a grey trench coat and fedora taking notes of the duel, who stood up and walked out of the stadium while the referee came out on stage to congratulate Judai.

"Was the test a success?" The woman in white robes asked to the image of to figure in a grey trench coat that was projected onto the wall.

"Everything is going according to plan," it responded in a slightly distorted voice. "I will confront the test subject tonight."

"Excellent," the older man added as the image faded out.

"What is your obsession with this Yuki Judai anyway?" the woman asked.

"Because Lucciano," the white-robed man answered, "This Judai could indeed prove useful in our plans. Let's watch and find out."

Back at Judai's apartment, Aki, Yusei, Jack and the Twins were sitting at the table of his kitchen with drinks while Judai himself stood at the side. "That was an amazing Duel today Judai," Lua commented, smiling cheerily. "That last move was awesome."

"I don't think I've ever seen a move like that done before, even by Jack," Aki commented coyly, making the blond duelist with his arms already crossed close his eyes and huff.

"Thank you," Judai nodded, pouring himself another drink. "I'm glad I was able to pull that off. I thought I was going to lose there."

"We should be getting going," Yusei stated, looking at his watch. "It's getting late, and Aki and I have things to do tonight."

"You and your smutty relationships," Jack said critically as he stood up. "I'll be downstairs with Crow, preparing for the World Riding Grand Prix. Yusei was supposed to help us out, but seeing as he's too busy…" Jack then gave an elbow nudge to show the joking nature, much to Yusei's chagrin, "We've asked Saiga to come from his shop to help us."

"We'll take the twins home," Aki offered. "Judai, will you be joining us tomorrow for practice."

"That'd be sweet!" Lua exclaimed. "I've always wanted to duel Judai!"

"Then you'll get your chance tomorrow," Judai responded, smiling. "I'll be ready, me and my partner." As he said this Yubel took form beside him, which Luca took note of and nodded at her for.

"I wonder what it would be like to duel in a Tag Team," the girl pondered, "my brother and I against Yubel and Judai."

"You would have a good time, child," Yubel said with her own smile, "I'd make sure of that."

"'Till then, I guess," Aki noted, turning and hugging Judai goodbye. Both Yusei and Jack then gave him a firm handshake and the twins waved goodbye, and one by one the group went out of the apartment.

"Just you and I now," Judai said, "and I feel like going to bed early." Turning and looking on the floor, he saw the cat Pharaoh lying curled up in a ball, and a second later Daitokouji's Spirit Orb emerged from it.

"I'll be sure to keep watch-nya," the spirit stated.

"Thank you, Daitokouji-sensei," Judai nodded, turning and walking up the stairs while turning out the lights behind him. Yubel's spirit disappeared as he reached his room, where he went inside and closed the door.


Several hours later, outside the apartment door, the sound of metal on metal crunching at the locks was heard seconds before the door opened, and a tall shadowy figure stepped into the apartment. Closing the door behind him, the figure began to look about the apartment for something.

Seeing this, Pharaoh made a quick dash up the stairs to reach the top floor, where the spirit left it behind. Then, the spirit orb of Daitokouji entered into Judai's room and, talking softly so as not to tip off he figure downstairs, he said, "Judai, wake up. Someone's downstairs."

"What?" Judai asked, suddenly being fully awake at such an idea. Getting up, he pulled off the jacket he threw against the window and his Duel Disc, possibly to use as a weapon, and left the room. Creeping down the stairs, he reached the bottom landing and saw the figure turned to him going through his desk.

"Hey, who's there?" Judai asked strongly, causing the figure to turn around. Using Yubel's power Judai saw in the darkness that the figure was at least 6'6", slim, and wearing a beige long-coat and fedora that covered his body. "What are you doing here?"

"Yuki Judai?" The figure questioned, his voice sounding distorted as though by a headset.

"Who wants to know?" Judai responded critically, realizing something was afoot.

"That is not for you to know." Raising its left arm, a low mechanical hum was heard from beneath the coat before a Duel Disc erupted from what was revealed as a robotic arm. Instinctively, Judai raised his own arm to trigger the Duel Disc before he inserted his cards.

Both players thus drew 5 cards, and then yelled, "DUEL!"

Judai: LP 4000

Enemy: LP 4000

"I'll go first," Judai declared, but before he could draw his card he was surprised to see a bright green light begin to glow from the ground. Looking down, he saw that a bright green infinity symbol was now glowing at their feet, a loot surrounding each player. "What is this?"

"This is a test of your skills, Yuki Judai," the figure answered. As Judai looked back up at him, the light revealed a detail he had not seen before – the backs of his cards bore black infinity figure eights where the ovals were supposed to be.

Grunting, Judai turned back to his task and yelled, "Draw! Magic Activate: Emergency Call! I add E-HERO Bubbleman from my Deck to my hand!" As a green 'E' glowed out from the card, Judai fanned through his Deck until he found his card, showing it before shuffling his Deck and putting it back.

"Next I Summon Bubbleman in Defence Position (DEF: 1200, LV: 4)!" As the card materialized horizontally, the blue warrior with two tanks on its back appeared in a crouching position as Judai reached for his Deck. "Since Bubbleman is the only card I control, I draw 2 cards." Pulling his 2 cards, he jammed one of them into the Spell & Trap Card Zones. "Turn end."

"It is my turn," the figure declared, the figure eight on his top card flashing bright green before he pulled it. "Draw. I Summon Infinity Soldier (ATK: 1400, LV: 1)." Putting the card down, Judai was amazed to see several pieces of shiny white armour appear and float as though they were being worn.

The summoned creature held a sword in one hand and a shield in the other, both of which bore infinity symbols. It was forearm, shin, shoulder, chest and waist plates, and then a visor with a green screen. "What… is that monster?" Judai asked.

"While I control Infinity Soldier, I cannot summon," the figure informed. "But, once per turn, I can equip up to 1 Level 4 or lower Effect Monster at a time to this card, and its ATK will increase by that of the equipped monster." As though on cue, the floating armour lunged at Judai's warrior and cut it in half with its sword. When the warrior shattered, its form then appeared within the armour.

"Bubbleman has 800 ATK, so Infinity Solider now has 2200 ATK. Infinity Soldier, direct attack the player."

"Trap Card: Hero Emerges!" Judai declared, flipping his card. "When the opponent declares an attack, they pick a random card from my hand. If it is a monster, I Special Summon it!" Holding up his 6 cards, Judai looked tense as the figure looked on at them.

"The second from the left," the figure responded, making Judai smile as he grabbed the card.

"Then… I Special Summon E-HERO Edgeman (ATK: 2600, LV: 7)!" Slapping the card down, Judai called out his tall golden warrior with bladed arms, steer horns and green gems on its chest and stomach.

"That monster has more ATK than my monster," the figure stated calmly, "so I call off my attack. In my Main Phase 2, I set 2 cards. I end my turn."

"It's my turn then," Judai said. "Draw! Magic Activate: Angel's Gift!" Pulling his three cards one by one, he then took 2 monsters from his hand and deposited them into the Cemetery. "Next I activate Arms Hole! By sending the top card of my Deck to the Cemetery, I add Edge Power-Blade from my Deck to my hand!"

Pulling his top card, revealed as E-HERO Necro Darkman, he placed it in the Cemetery before again fanning for a card in his Deck. This time though, he jammed it into the Magic & Trap Card Zones, making a large chainsaw-shaped weapon with a plasma blade appear on the warrior's right arm.

"Due to Power-Blade," Judai declared as he put his Deck back, "Edgeman gains 800 ATK (ATK: 3400). And, I activate a Permanent Magic: Soul Share – Common Soul! I Special Summon N-Air Hummingbird from my hand (ATK: 800, LV: 3)!" Beside Judai's warrior emerged a red human-shaped bird with a long beak and large white wings.

"Judai, use my powers," the birdman declared, to which Judai nodded. With that it rose up into the air and over to the figure, where 3 flowers grew out from the cards in his hand.

"Due to this effect, I gain 500 Life Points for every card in your hand. And, due to Soul Share – Common Soul, Edgeman's ATK is increased by that of Air Hummongbird (ATK: 4200)!"

"Analyzing Duel Strategy & Deck Make-up: 67% Complete," a voice in the figure's head declared.

"Edgeman, attack Infinity Soldier!" Jumping up, a pair of jet-like wings emerged from the back of the gold warrior as it prepared to attack, before the figure waved his right arm over the set card.

"Trap Card Activate: Holy Barrier – Mirror Force. I destroy all attack position monsters the opponent controls."

"Not this time!" Judai said smugly. "I activate Edge Power-Blade's second effect! By sending it to the Cemetery I negate the activation and effect of a Trap Card and destroy it!" Slashing, the warrior cut through the opened Trap Card with the large weapon, destroying both.

"Then the attack on Infinity Soldier still goes through," the figure stated calmly, as the golden warrior slashed across his white-armoured copy of Judai's original monster. However, only the warrior wearing the armour was destroyed; the armour itself remained unharmed.

"What's this?" Judai asked stunned.

"If Infinity Soldier is to be destroyed by battle," the figure explained, "only the equipped monster is destroyed. However, I still received the damage."

Judai: LP 5500

Enemy: LP 2800

"But even so, I have twice as many Life Points as him; and if he equips Air Hummingbird, he cannot destroy Edgeman. However, I'd best play it safe." "I set 2 cards and end my turn."

"Draw," the figure stated, immediately flipping his other set card before checking his draw. "Trap Card: Infinity Advance. By releasing 1 Infinity Monster, I Special Summon from my Deck 1 monster whose name contains that monster's name and whose Level is 2 higher."

Its image warping, the floating armour dissolved into pixels as the figure held up a new card and placed it on the tray. "I Special Summon Infinity Solder 3 (ATK: 1800, LV: 3)." Out of the warp spawned a similar monster to the last one, except with more ornate armour and a slightly larger blade and shield.

"Once in one turn, I may equip this monster with a Level 6 or lower Effect Monster, and add its ATK to this monster, I equip Air Hummingbird." As the previous armour had with Bubbleman, this armour slung its sword through the bird-man, cutting through him and making him appear within the armour. It seemed very thin within its confines, clearly meant for larger beasts (ATK: 2600).

"Net, by sending this monster equipped with a monster by its own effect to the Cemetery, I Special Summon Infinity Soldier 5 from my Deck (ATK: 2200, LV: 5)." Once again warping out, the armour produced in its wake a huge set of armour, with the blade and shield built into its arms and a cape on its back, and which was lit up by a green aura.

"Not good!" Judai realized, thinking of what this meant for his monster.

"Once in one turn," the figure stated, "I equip 1 Effect Monster my opponent controls to this card, and add its ATK to Infinity Soldier 5. I choose Edgeman." Swinging its bladed arm through the gold warrior, it shattered before taking up place within the armour (ATK: 4800).

"Field Magic: Infinity Barrier." Placing the card into the slot of the Duel Disc, the green infinity mark was surrounded by a green ring with runic symbols around it, and an eight-pointed star formed around the figure eight. "Infinity Soldier 5, direct attack the player."

"At this moment," Judai declared, "I activate the effect of Necro Gardner from my Cemetery."

"I'm afraid not," the figure stated. "With Infinity Barrier in play, when an Infinity monster attacks, the opponent cannot activate any Magic, Trap or Monster effects until after Damage Calculation."

"What?" Judai asked in shock and terror, realizing he has no recourse for so powerful an attack.

"Direct attack." The bladed warrior swung its weapon arm straight at Judai, making him scream out in pain as the force threw him back against the edge of the circle. There he was stopped by an invisible wall and slumped to the ground, a slash through the metal of his Duel Disc and his arm; the latter bled moderately while the former sparked.

Judai: LP 700

Enemy: LP 2800

"That… damage was…" Judai stated weakly, his whole body shuttering from the impact force. His eyes closed and he sighed, close to passing out, as the figure looked on silently.

"Deck Analysis completed; Strategy Analysis, 92% complete," the voice in the figure's head issued. "Yuki Judai, do you wish to concede?" it then asked aloud.

"No you do not," Yubel's voice said stronlyly in Judai's head. A second later, a green glow shone through his left eyelid and an orange through his right, and he then opened them to reveal Yubel's eyes.

"I'll never back down to the likes of you!" Judai uttered threateningly, standing back up strongly before mowing his arm over a card. "Trap Card: Hero Call! I select 1 monster from my Deck and place it on top of my Deck. I select Neos!" Pulling out his Deck, he held up said card while he shuffled the rest and put it back, that card on top.

"How hard you fight for someone with no chance of winning," the figure uttered. "It's such a shame you cannot be convinced to join us, because I hate to destroy someone so gifted."

"Join… you?" Judai asked. "What… are you taking about…?"

"WE want to change this world, bring about peace… and eliminating the Signers is a part of that."

"Eliminate the Signers?" Judai spat. "I'd sooner rip Yubel's soul from my body! Enogh of this; let's move on…!"

"If you wish to continue," the figure stated, "then I shall continue my turn. Permanent Magic: Perpetual Draw. With Infinity Barrier on my field during my Draw Phase, I may draw 2 cards that turn. But, if I use this effect, during the End Phase 1 place 1 card from my hand on top of my Deck. I end my turn. Come, Yuki Judai; it's your last turn."

"Then I'll make it count!" Judai stated, pulling his card aggressively. "Draw! And from my Cemetery I activate Necro Darkman's effect: I may Normal Summon 1 E-HERO without a release. Come: Neos (ATK: 2500, LV: 7)!" Slapping down the card hard, he called out the white warrior he had used so many times before.

"Because that monster is a Normal Monster," the figure stated, "I cannot equip it to Infinity Soldier 5. But, I still have 2300 more ATK than your monster."

"Not for long! Judai stated. "Magic Activate: R – Right Justice! I destroy the Edgeman equipped to Infinity Soldier 5!"

"What did you say?" the figure asked, right before an 'R' shot off the card Judai played and struck the gold warrior in the armour, shattering it.

"Now your monster's ATK returns to its base 2200!" Judai said confidently.

"Perhaps, but even so," the figure said, "you cannot make my Life Points 0, and in my next turn I may be able to destroy your last Life Points."

"There is not next turn!" Judai declared. "Trap Card: Soul Union! My E-HERO monster gains ATK equal to that of an E-HERO monster in my Cemetery. I choose: Edgeman (ATK: 5100)!" The white warrior let out a low bellow as its power increased, and then it jumped up into the air. "Destroy Infinity Soldier 5! Wrath of Neos!"

Coming down hard, the open hand of the white warrior cut the armour vertically, making a sparking noise before a huge explosion took place from the creature. The shockwave deactivated the barrier and the solid vision, then shot Judai back against the wall and the figure against the door.

Fire them erupted both from the explosion site and the figure, which made a mechanical screech before doing so. Upon bursting into flames, the clothes and fake skin singed away to reveal a robot with a black aura, which quickly dispersed and made the howling stop.

"Judai, Judai wake up!" Yubel said to Judai as she materialized, shaking him and trying to get him to stir. She could see that he had a blow to the back of his head, in addition to his jacket and Duel Disc being soaked with blood, and she also felt something very alarming. "Daitokouji-sensei!" she screamed, making the orb come near.

"Yubel, what is it-nya?" Daitokouji asked, his spirit form materializing overtop of his orb. "What's wrong with Judai-kun-nya? Is it serious-nya?"

"Judai's pulse is weak," Yubel explained, the roar of the flames making it hard for her to hear herself. "Yusei, Jack and Crow are in the downstairs apartment, number 537. Go tell them he's in danger and that there's a fire!"

"I'm on it-nya!" With that the spirit orb reverted to its normal form and the cat Pharaoh re-swallowed it, before running out the door.

"Judai, stay with me Judai," Yubel whispered to her unconscious love, shedding a tear as she did so.

"What the hell is that noise?" Jack asked in irritation, walking towards the door in a huff. He could hear the sound of a cat meowing and scratching at the door, and when he threw it open Pharaoh ran through the door and jumped up on the table.

"What the fuck's going on?" Crow asked, watching as the cat released the orb and Daitokouji took form.

"Daitokouji-sensei," Yusei realized, having gotten back a half hour earlier. "What's wrong? Is something wrong with Judai?"

"Judai-kun is unconscious and his apartment is on fire-nya!" Daitokouji blurted in one breath, making everybody jump back in terror.

"What?" Crow asked.

"There's no time to waste!" Jack said strongly, running over to the kitchen sinks and pulling out three fire extinguishers kept for fuel fires while working on D-Wheels, chucking one each to Yusei and Crow before shouldering his own.

"Yeah, let's go," Yusei said, and with that they all ran out the door and shut it behind them. Running over to the stairs, they quickly made it up to the next floor and to Judai's apartment, 634. Jack made quick work of kicking down the door and starting his extinguisher, followed quickly by Yusei and Crow.

"There he is!" Crow yelled, pointing at Judai who was still slumped over the wall. His skin was red from heat rash, his jacket and Duel Disc were covered in hydraulic fluid and blood, and he did not look as though he was breathing.

Throwing his extinguisher to Yusei, Jack said, "You cover the fire, I'll grab Judai!" After Yusei nodded Jack quickly ran across the floor to the comatose man. He saw that the Duel Disc was starting to get red hot, so he quickly pulled it off to avoid either of them getting burned, followed by the now highly flammable jacket. He then grabbed his friend and slung him over his shoulder and ran him out into the hall.

Just as he got out into the hall, the chemical sprinklers in Judai's apartment started up. Seeing Judai's Deck, Crow grabbed it before he and Yusei got out and shut the door behind them. Jack quickly laid Judai on his back and, Yusei stepped over and began to administer CPR. "Come on Judai, wake up!" Yusei said, worried and angry at the same time.

"Crow, go get some rubbing alcohol!" Jack ordered. "We need to clean Judai's arm and his wounds!"

"You got it!" Crow yelled, saluting before running down the stairs. Turning back to Judai, Jack pulled a riding scarf out of his pocket and wrapped it around the arm gash, applying pressure to stop the bleeding.

"Judai! Come on, buddy!" Yusei said, tears starting to come to his eyes as a door behind him opened. Out stepped Johan who, upon seeing Judai, ran over in a fret and stood at the side, looking very scared and sad.

Finally, after about 90 seconds of CPR, Judai's lifeless body let out a cough or two and lurched up, making Yusei jump back. "Judai, thank God!" Johan yelled, sounding so relieved that his best friend was now safe from Death's grip.

"I got the alcohol!" Crow yelled, returning with the medical solution and a rag with which to apply it. Quickly he poured some on the rag and rubbed it on the gash and the burns, making Judai cringe from the pain and arch his back.

"Judai can stay with me tonight," Johan offered. "You guys have three people staying there already, and I have no roommates."

"That's a generous offer Johan," Jack said, "but one of us has to be with him to make sure he's safe."

"Can't we just call a hospital?" Johan then asked, getting a quick and strong reaction from the blond man.

"No. Judai can't get that kind of negative publicity after his near miss today. I'll run off to the pharmacy and get him some antibiotics and painkillers. If you want to keep Judai tonight, one of us has to stay with you."

"I'll do it," Crow said. "I've had to watch over many sick kids in Satellite. Johan, help me get him inside." With that both Johan and Crow picked Judai up by a shoulder, taking him inside the apartment while Jack and Yusei took off down the stairs.

Inside the apartment, the flames were almost out. Yubel's spirit had already moved on to Judai's new place, along with his Deck, but the Duel Disc and jacket remained. Out of nowhere, the pieces of the black aura which had come from the robot began to reappear and congregate around the jacket and the Duel Disc, making them levitate in place as the aura took human form.

Standing up and looking aside, the aura began to walk towards the stairs, every few seconds disappearing and teleporting a few feet before reappearing. When it reached the end of the upstairs hall, it teleported through the window and onto the fire escape, where it climbed up and onto the roof. Once there, it said seemingly to the wind, in Judai's voice, "Objective complete." Its form then slowly morphed into that of Judai, and then it disappeared.

Up in the sky, a comet outlined by an unusually green aura could be seen for miles, seemingly falling to the ground just outside of Neo Domino.

Card of the Week – Enemy (Duel Robot)

Infinity Soldier 5


Level: 5

Sub-type(s): [Machine/Effect]

Effect: You cannot Summon monsters. Once per turn, you can equip 1 effect monster your opponent controls to this card. Only 1 monster may be equipped to this card at a time. This card's ATK is increased by that of the equipped monster. If this card would be destroyed, destroy the equipped monster instead.

ATK/ 2200

DEF/ 0

*By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes. Review if you wish.*