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"Rosemary Hathaway, I am not shocked by your presence here but Miss Dragomir and Miss Rinaldi. I am disappointed in the two of you" Kirova scolded. Yeah this was not the first or second time I have been sent to Kirova but it was for Lissa and Mia. I looked to my left and had to hold back a laugh at the petrified look on Mia's face, so much for her badass fa├žade.

"Listen I told you three times already, we are the innocent ones here! I was taking a walk this morning and-"I stood and started to repeat myself for what felt like the hundredth time.

" And Lord Ivashkov and Mr. Ozera came out of nowhere and started chasing you because they thought that you pulled several pranks on them that caused Adrian's skin to turn blue, Christian to be covered in feathers and Eddie's hair to fall out" Headmistress Kirova finished.

"Exactly! Thank you and here I thought you just weren't listening to me" I sat back down relieved.

"Oh I hear you Miss Hathaway I just do not believe you" Kirova narrowed her eyes as she spoke.

"Headmistress Kirova I assure you that Rose was only trying to defend herself and I can vouch that she did not sneak into Lord Ivashkov's room or anyone else's room for that matter because she was staying in my room last night" I had to stop myself from rolling my eyes as Lissa put on her sickeningly sweet voice to try and convince Kirova we were innocent. I don't know why she didn't just compel her and get it over with.

"Hmm I find that very strange but since there is no proof and no witnesses that Miss Hathaway spent the night in Lord Ivashkov's room or committed these pranks, I have no choice but to just leave you girls with a warning" Kirova sighed but narrowed her eyes at me "If I hear that you Rosemary are involved in any more issues this week I will proceed with disciplinary precautions and this goes for you two ladies also. Stay out of trouble. Guardian Belikov will escort you to each of your rooms."

"Yes Headmistress Kirova" Mia and Lissa replied at the same time as I got up and left the room.

As we walked outside into the hall I couldn't help the smug smirk that came to my lips. We had gotten away with breaking so many rules last night. Lissa and Mia both smiled back probably thinking the same thing as me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Dimitri glaring at me and my smirk disappeared as I quickly looked away. We first dropped off Mia to her room and then Lissa.

"Text me in a few, were going shopping today remember I promised Ileana" I gave her a quick wave as she promised to do as I asked. Then it was just Dimitri and I walking to my room. He hadn't said one word since he escorted me to Kirova's office.

"So comrade how was the party last night? Wild?" I smiled as I looked at him.

"It was fine" he replied and it sounded as if he were annoyed.

"What crawled up your ass" I spat looking away.

"You never learn Rose. Your always doing childish things and getting yourself into trouble" Dimitri looked disappointed and it only angered me.

"I told you and everyone else I had nothing to do with it!"

"I saw you coming out of Adrian's room this morning and I know it was you who did all of those things to them because don't you remember?, I helped you carry that box of supplies to your room. So don't you dare lie to me and tell me you had nothing to do with it! Moments before you came out Lissa and Mia were carrying overnight bags out of Adrian's suite so I know you spent the night." He harshly whispered as we got to my door. I quickly opened the door and he followed me in closing it behind him.

"Listen it isn't your business what I do or don't do. You don't even work here anymore I don't understand why you had to even get involved. So what if I spent the night at Adrian's, you and I both know it wouldn't be the first time" he immediately got in my face.

"So what now are you really with Adrian? Have you had sex with him or do you just pretend to be one of his whores?" he spat and I saw red. I lifted my right hand to punch him in the face but he caught it. I then lifted my left hand and managed to get a hit on its right cheek but he did not even flinch. He lifted me and pinned me down on my bed while he hovered from above. I tried wriggling out of his hold but could not shake his weight.

"I am not a whore but you Dimitri are an asshole. You have no right to even be angry for me moving on with Adrian! How many times do I have to reiterate that you left me? I don't give two shits about your feelings because you obviously don't give a shit about mine." I argued trying to get my hands free so I could land another hit on his beautiful face.

"Don't tell me how I do or don't feel. You are a selfish little girl! Have you stopped to think about how this is affecting me at all? Loving you like this! I was your mentor! I was not supposed to take advantage of you or fall in love with you! But I did and would have lost my job if I had stayed any longer because when I am in your physical presence I cannot stay away from you. Roza I cannot fight it so even if it is not my business if you are sleeping with Adrian or staying over his suite, it doesn't mean that it hurts me any less" he whispered and I could see the hurt in his eyes. I quickly went from being furious to feeling like a selfish bitch. Never once did I stop to think how this whole thing was affecting Dimitri too, what if it had been me in his position. Being in love with a student and knowing that it was forbidden and something I could lose my job over. After looking at it that way Dmitri's choice to leave started making a lot more sense to me.

"I guess I never stopped to think about how this was also affecting you. I have been selfish but what was I supposed to believe Dimitri! One day you were telling me you wouldn't leave me and then next you were gone without a word. How am I supposed to believe you when you say you love me but yet you are with Tasha kissing her too!" I whispered back.

"That kiss you saw was a horrible attempt at forgetting you. Have you not tried to do that also by kissing Adrian or do you really love him Rose" he nervously looked into my eyes.

"I love you" I answered so softly I didn't know if he had heard me until I felt the warmth of his lips on mine. Dimitri kissed me slowly and tenderly and it felt as if he was trying to express all of his emotions that I didn't want to believe. A tear slid down my face as I kissed him back with more vigor. If this was all I was allowed to have of Dimitri then I would take it. He kissed me back with just as much force as I was giving and slowly release my wrists from his hold. I brought my hands to his face and held onto him as I sucked his bottom lip in my mouth. I moaned as his tongue entered my mouth and opened my mouth a little wider to allow him better access. His hands traveled to my waist and then under my shirt as he caressed my stomach and back. I was losing my breath so I reluctantly pulled away to breath but brought my lips to his neck and started to peeper him with kisses.

He brought his hands to my chin and lifted it so I was looking directly at him. His expression was one of adoration and love. He noticed the tear stain on my check and lightly went over the line with his thumb. He held my face in his hands and kissed me again on my mouth and then once on each eye lid, my forehead, each check and then my nose. I couldn't help the giggle that escaped me as he kissed my nose. He gave me an amused glace and smiled.

"I love you" he murmured I felt my eyes begin to water but I fought the tears that were begging me to come out.

"And I love you" I kissed him again.

"I promise Roza. We won't have to be unhappy like this forever. I can't stand it and I refuse to stay away from you anymore. Please just give me time to sort this out" he pleaded.

"If time is what you need. Then I will give you it" I replied. We slowly got up and walked towards the door. He kissed me passionately one more time before he opened the door.

"I will see you in a couple of hours. Turns out I will be taking a trip with you girls to the mall." He rolled his eyes playfully.

"Oh yeah well consider yourself lucky, we don't take just anyone on shopping trips with us" I laughed.

He smiled and started to walk out just as I remembered something.

"Oh before you go I need a favor. You see yesterday before you came into the kitchen I sort of bargained with Ileana for a couple of supplies I needed last night. Um promise not to say anything but she has the biggest crush on guardian Alto and she is such a sweet woman and she is beautiful but just doesn't show it the way she dresses. So I promised to give her a makeover and make her into the hot piece of ass she really is. So what I need is for you to make sure that guardian Alto does not come with us on this little excursion. It would ruin the big surprise of when she comes back and he sees her for the first time." By the end of my speech I had to take a deep breath and Dimitri laughed.

"That was really kind of you Roza, don't worry I will make sure the big reveal isn't ruined and your secret is safe with me I won't say a word, although I am pretty certain guardian Alto feels the same way about Ileana as she does he" he smiled.

"Really? Oh my god this is going to be perfect! Thank you! See you in a few!" I was so excited and could not wait for my plan to go into effect. I quickly waved goodbye at Dimitri and shut the door. I needed to get ready to make Ileana look hot, so I had to get to feeling hot myself.

I went into my bathroom and filled my tub up with warm water and bubble bath. Bubble baths relaxed me and healed any sore muscles I had. I would stay in there for hours if I could but this bath would have to be quick. I sent a quick text to Lissa to find out what time we were going to be leaving. She texted me back not a minute later letting me know I had an hour and a half to get ready and be downstairs. I made sure to relay the message to Ileana before I got ready for my bath. I opened the cabinet in my bathroom and got out my avocado face masque. I loved how soft and radiant my skin looked after using it. I shut off the water and then started to undress. I got in the tub slowly letting my body get used to the warm temperature and relaxed. The last two days had been so crazy but in a good way. I was having an amazing time with my friends and I finally knew where I stood with my whole relationship with Dimitri. I trusted him and if he said he was going to make everything work for us, then I believed him. I soaked in the tub for a long time, it was so soothing and I did not want to get out. I washed my body, took off the face masque and then washed my hair with my herbal essence shampoo and conditioner and quickly rinsed it off. When I got out and checked the time I saw that I was in the bathtub for an hour. Shit! Damn soothing bubbles!

I put on my pink bra and panty lace set; they would give me confidence and the power today to get what I wanted accomplished. I went back to the bathroom and started blow drying my hair. One thing I had my mother to thank for was my long healthy hair. I loved how I didn't have to do much to it in order for it to look perfect. I ran my fingers through my hair as I blow dried it making sure there were no tangles. It took me 15 minutes to fully dry it but that was pretty good considering just how long and thick my hair was. I was very happy with how it looked; I had soft waves ending at my waist. I then applied a bit of makeup. I put mascara, eyeliner and added a pale pink lipstick onto my full lips. I looked in the mirror and loved the girl staring back at me. Not only was I hot, but I looked happy. I check the time again and realized I only had five minutes to be downstairs. I quickly put on dark skinny jeans and a long sleeved, fitted v-neck shirt that gave just the right amount of cleavage without being slutty. I took my grey suede boots out of my closet and quickly stepped into them. I then wore my silver chain with a heart pendant that Lissa bought me and paired it with diamond stud earrings my mother bought me last Christmas. Once I was confident I looked good I grabbed my jacket, cell phone and purse then left. I ran down stairs and made it only 5 minutes late. Lissa, Mia, Ileana, Dimitri and Alberta were all waiting in the lobby for me. I walked towards them and Lissa caught me trying to sneak up.

"Can't you be on time for anything? Were on a tight schedule here" Lissa huffed.

"Jeeze relax I was only late by 5 minutes" I rolled my eyes as they all turned to face me. Dimitri eyed me up and down appreciatively and I couldn't help the smirk that overcame me. I quickly looked away so no one would get suspicious and my eyes landed on Lissa who definitely caught our exchange and gave me a pointed look. I looked away from her and smiled at Ileana, poor thing looked so nervous and uncomfortable. Everyone started walking outside towards the van and I decided to slow her down and walk with her behind everyone else.

"Don't be nervous Ileana, today is going to be so much fun and I guarantee you're going to love the way you look afterwards. We can go at your pace and if you are uncomfortable with something then just tell me and we will fix the problem" I assured her with a smile.

"I know Rose it's just, what if this doesn't work. I mean what if he still doesn't notice me?" she whispered playing with her hands.

"Ileana that man has been a fool not to notice you already, and if he doesn't notice you after today they he is certifiably crazy" I laughed as I pulled her into a hug " you are going to make all of the guardians crazy after they see you when we get back, trust me."

She laughed and hugged me back relaxing a bit "Thanks Rose"

"Come on guys I said we are on a tight schedule!" Lissa yelled with her head sticking out of the van as Dimitri waited patiently for us by the door with a look of adoration on his face. We laughed at Lissa crazy behavior and hurried along into the van. Dimitri was driving with Alberta in the passenger's side and Lissa, Mia, Ileana and I in the back.

"So have any of you heard from the guys?" Mia asked

"Not me, they are probably to pissed off to communicate right now" I laughed

"I haven't heard from Christian but I'm not worried about it, I mean he will live and he didn't get anything he didn't deserve for being a jerk to me" Lissa commented and I felt like a proud mother.

"Exactly Liss, I must say I am proud! I didn't think you had it in you!"

"Me neither" she giggled.

The drive to the mall was not a quiet one; we couldn't stop talking about the pranks and filled Ileana in on them. She gave us all disapproving looks at first but then she couldn't stop herself from laughing. I mean it was pretty damn funny.

"And then Rose was like they look like Papa Smurf and Big Birds father because he had a mustache!"Mia Cackled and everyone in the car began to laugh as Mia continued to give them a play by play of last night's events.

I didn't mind because I knew that Dimitri and Alberta wouldn't rat us out, they thought it was just as funny as we did. We arrived at the mall within a half hour. The first thing we did was take Ileana shopping for clothes that were not two sizes too big. We entered the first clothing store and started grabbing everything we found cute. Ileana looked overwhelmed by all of the clothes but I soon got her to relax and pick out a couple of things that she thought were cute too. As soon as my hands were full I took her to the fitting room letting Lissa know we were going and to bring the things she liked also. I got into the fitting room with Ileana hung up the clothes then sat on the chair as she began to undress. Ileana was hot underneath all of her baggy clothing and she had a nice slim body with just the right amount of curves. She was wearing a plain white bra and panty set that looked like she got it from one of those stores that sold them in a pack of 10 for like six bucks or something.

"Okay Ileana you're seriously hot underneath all that baggage! You have a great body but were going to need to go bra and underwear shopping after this" she blushed as I spoke and she then nodded.

I gave her the first outfit we picked out which was a satin shirt that was fitted at the top but flowed nicely towards the bottom. We paired it with some dark blue skinny jeans. She looked amazing in it. I was seriously in awe of how much the clothes changed her appearance.

"We are definitely taking those!" I called Lissa come see how she looked and she gasped as she opened the door.

"Oh my god you are so hot this is going to be so easy!"She squealed excitedly and Ileana laughed.

"Okay we still have lots more so hurry and keep going!"Lissa threw another handful of clothes at me and motioned for us to hurry. We went through so many outfits. Everyday t-shirts, jeans, skirts, blouses, dress pants and dresses. Everything looked good on this woman and I couldn't believe she didn't show off this body sooner. We left the first store with 4 big bags and then continued into the next. In about 3 hours we had shopped at every single clothing store imaginable. We had so many bags Dimitri had to make a trip to the van. We then went to 5 different shoe stores making sure she had a shoe to go with every occasion. While we were shopping I found these amazing black pumps with red under the sole. I had to buy them for the Christmas Eve party we were having. We made sure Ileana had 5 pairs of heels even though she protested saying she was going to fall on her face. She would get used to them.

After shoe shopping we went into a lingerie shop. Ileana blushed as she passed Alberta and Dimitri going into the store. I winked at Dimitri as he gave me a disapproving look.

"Alright Ileana were going to get a couple of things for you but make sure you pick out a couple of things you like" I told her as I began looking for her and myself.

I got her a couple of everyday sets and then I picked out two sexy sets. I ushered her into the fitting room and handed her my selections and waited outside. She looked amazing in the new everyday sets but I wanted to see if she was going to try on the sexier ones.

"Rose I am not making a fool out of myself by trying this black thing on" she said nervously from the fitting room.

"Ileana just try it on you're going to love how u look" I pleaded.

"Fine "she grumbled.

When she opened the door from me and the girls to see I seriously almost couldn't believe the Victoria's Secret model in front of me.

"If I was gay, you would be just my type" Mia blurted and we all started laughing. She left with about 10 new sets of undergarments. I bought three new ones that were seriously hot I mean I would totally do me. I couldn't lie and say I didn't have Dimitri in mind when I bought some of it. As we exited the lingerie shop I saw Dimitri eying my bag and couldn't help but laugh. The next stop on our list was the nail salon. The four of us got manicures, pedicures and our eyebrows waxed. Ileana got a French manicure on both her hands and feet. I chose a red color called too hot to handle and laughed at the name. After the nail salon we headed to the hair salon. We told the hairstylist Palo what we had in mind for Ileana and we could tell he was extremely excited. First thing he did was put her long hair into a pony tail. At first she didn't want her hair cut that much but soon after she agreed that she needed a change. Palo proceeded to cut her waist length hair to her bra strap taking off a good 4 or 5 inches. They then brought out the hair dye. Her light brown hair was going to be blonde when she left this salon. Palo cut a lot of layers and then started to blow it out. Once he was finished we couldn't believe this was the same woman. She looked absolutely amazing.

"Oh my god you are stunning" Lissa complimented.

"Gorgeous" Mia gushed.

"I'd totally hit that" I smirked.

As we left the salon Dimitri and Alberta looked at Ileana with wide eyes and I smiled.

"She looks amazing right?" I beamed.

"You look great Ileana" Dimitri grinned.

"Wow I almost didn't recognize you "Alberta gasped.

It was clear to see she looked amazing. With her contacts in and her new hair she looked nothing like her old self. The last stop before we left was the makeup store. We bought over 200 dollars worth of makeup so they did Ileana's makeup free right there. They applied a Smokey eye with a red lipstick and I couldn't help but stare at just how amazing and happy she looked but it wasn't over yet. The mall was soon closing so we hurriedly walked to the bathroom. We gave her a new bra and panty set to put on along with black pencil skirt and a white blouse. We paired it with her new black pumps and she was ready to go. Gone was any trace of the old Ileana in was a hot piece of ass. We walked out of the bathroom and Ileana was turning heads. I even saw Dimitri eye her appreciatively which he stopped when I glared at him acting like I was upset but quickly laughed. I mean I was eyeing her appreciatively and I wasn't even a male.

The drive back to the academy was a short one. We all felt pretty proud of ourselves and Ileana was feeling confident. She had a gorgeous smile on her face and I was suddenly very glad I helped her with this. When we got to the academy right before exiting she gave me a hug.

"Thank you Rose" She said with tears in her eyes.

"You are welcome but really it was all you" I smiled back.

"Guys guardian Alto is in the lobby by the front door!" Lissa whispered to us excitedly and I could see the look of sheer panic on Ileana face.

"Don't be nervous you look amazing go get em tiger!"I got out the van and Dimitri took her hand to help her get out of the van.

"Thanks" she smiled at him.

We all began walking to the entrance and when we arrived in the lobby guardian Alto, who was talking to Alberta looked our way and quickly stopped speaking. All eyes were on Ileana and she blushed as she saw him staring at her. He slowly walked towards her with his mouth open.

"Ileana is that you" he gasped.

"It is" She blushed.

"Wow I mean you were beautiful before but you look stunning" He said gazing at her.

"You thought I was beautiful before?" it was her turn now to be surprised.

"Of course I did" he spoke softly.

"Come on guys, let's give them some privacy" I said to Mia and Lissa who were staring as if it were a romantic soap opera on TV.

"Your amazing you know that Roza. What you do for people and how caring you are. It's one of the things I love about you" Dimitri whispered by my ear as he walked behind me and kissed the back of my head.

"Yeah yeah, tell me something I don't know" I smiled as we all walked away and gave the couple some privacy. As we walked away I wished that Ileana would get her happy ending because if anyone deserved it , it would be her.

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