lAN: I'm sorry if this is an over used idea, I just like it. Set before Naruto leaves to train, a chain of mysterious attacks on small undefended villages, causes the Konoha village to act. Hope you like it.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto I'm probably not even the first person to use this story line. All I am is a fan with too much time on their hands.

Chapter 1: Fire and Rain

The boy ran, too scared to look back. The buildings blurred by without him seeing them; the trees, splintered and twisted, rushed past him reaching out to trip him. To let them catch up.

He had always thought the stories of the Walkers were exciting, creatures that roamed the street searching for souls to drain. In the stories good would always win, they were great monsters. Until they were really there.

The three cloaked figures swirled along the street behind him, striding through the torrential rain without even noticing it. One raised his hand and a fine fog came from it, striking one of the houses on the side of the street. Timbers groaned, cracked, splintered; the house moaned and came crashing down.

Iho had never believed the stories. He hadn't believed a creature could be so heartless, even demons had hearts; but now he regretted his belief, he just wanted to run. His home would become like all the other villages that had been attacked, and he could do nothing, not even rubble would be left.

He ran past a guards outpost, frantically screaming for help, but none came. The outpost was guarded now only by skeletons, their flesh ripped from them by one of the three creatures disturbing powers. The roof of the outpost had been entirely destroyed by the same technique.

"There are more of these pitiful villagers over here." The voice was cold and emotionless. It barely sounded human, "We were to told to kill them all."

Another voice replied, using the same calm, inhuman tone. "Then do it. Don't just stand there talking. Chessokei search that way, Monotori you go that way, report what you find."

Suddenly the sky broke open with a surge of crimson lightening. Iho tripped and fell, crashing into the road, grazing his hands and knees; but he didn't have time to worry about that. The young boy scrambled on his hands and knees in an effort to escape. However before he could go anywhere one of the cloaked figures rose above him, flying on a carpet of storm clouds. Iho could feel the hideous creature searching, hunting him down, gazing through the blanket of rain to find his soul and drag it, kicking and screaming, out of the small child's body. Iho almost screamed, these creatures moved faster than he could have ever imagined, he couldn't outrun them; he was going to die. Iho was about to give up when someone grabbed him and began to drag him into a barn, to safety; but too late.

"There you are!"

Iho looked around him to see about twenty other children of varying ages huddled around him hiding from the monsters, some clutched weapons but most were defenseless; they would never stand a chance against the three Walkers.

The Walkers immediately gathered all three of them flitting out of the shadow to surround the barn. The largest growled.


The leader groaned. "I'm not killing children." The biggest sneered, Iho couldn't see it, but he was sure of it.

"I can kill children, easily. I for one am not going to lose my perfect steak of kills. if you weren't prepared to kill, why did you become an assassin."

The third creature stepped between them, "I will deal with them. I can get rid of them without killing them. I've been looking for a few new protégées to replace some I lost last mission." He grinned and raised his hand.

The clouds began to spin, whirl, merging together into one huge vortex in the sky. Red lightening spread out covering the sky.

The sky flashed and in the surge of energy. Iho saw with a wave of nausea, beneath the hood of the largest walker. There was no mouth, no nose, no ears; just a mask. A gas mask and two staring, soulless, hate filled, red eyes. Iho screamed and heard a deep voice; over powering the sound of rain, of thunder and of Iho's own terror. The voice consumed everything.

"Nusuma reta sora"

Then Iho's mind went blank.